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Okay listen up losers I'm about to prove a fucking point.

So my presentation will be about proving season 3 Shiro is a clone and why DreamWorks made it too easy. I rewatched a crapton on episodes to make this, I need to sleep. 

If you guys didn’t notice the first thing Clone Shiro, umm wait imma call him Kuro Kuro looks at is his hand and a Galra symbol.

And that in and of itself is a big clue because there’s already a lot of meaning behind that since season 2. In which, Hunk and that team discussed how the arm can be used against them.

Memory is key! How could Galra have Shiro’s memories? The arm! Like Hunk said, if it could create memories than it’s pretty safe to say it can record them too.

Linking that with the shot of the Galra emblem is a huge deal in symbolism. Trust me I’m an English major, I deal with this shit all the time.

(I’m writing this on my laptop and phone at the same time, godspeed)

Speaking of symbolism, Ulaz made an appearance when Kuro was dazed

(Is that even Ulaz? I can’t tell I’m bad with faces)

This does two things. Reaffirm Kuro’s undying trust with his arm, and make a connection with Galra as a comrade. Lemme explain;

During Shiro’s ‘I can suddenly remember shit’ scene in season 2? He die-hard believes the memories are his and not a [insert dream here] from Galra, by showing him Ulaz they are trying to recreate that same feeling.

By showing him a Galra (regardless of being evil or not) you’re connecting the dots with trust.

That could be a good reason why the Galra decided to give Shiro a weaponized arm in the first place. Why would they power him up for shits and giggles? Haggard herself even said this:

(Bitch, no thanks.) They wouldn’t have given him a cool fighting arm just so he could be cooler in the arena. That’s fucking idiotic to arm a prisoner. (sorry)

This wouldn’t even be the first time Haggard had some evil version of Shiro

Remember this scene from season 1? Cuz I sure fucking do.

Speaking of that arm, why would they take it in the first place? Listen, it’s already pretty fishy they gave him a super arm but why would they take it at all? Dare I say, D N A ?

This leads me back to this scene here:

Why would Kuro hurt himself? A French term can explain this, ‘L’appel du vide’ translation: The call of the void. Basically, your brain is telling you to self-destruct in order to take control of a situation.  Now we already discussed how the Galra controls his brain sort of so that’s that.

Now I know what you’re saying: Oh! But that’s so he could close the wound!!

Listen, man, I did training with an Army doctor on quick fixes for medical emergencies. Now I’m not saying I’m an expert cuz I’m not, but if Kuro did that do it to heal himself up it wasn’t done correctly. Or at least done accurately…. Especially with an unknown power. This might be wrong, it was a brief training,  so don’t take this part too seriously.

Adding to this point:

If you’ve ever seen anyone wake up from a long coma, and I mean  l o n g  coma, they don’t have full feeling in their muscles and tend to fall because they do not have full control of their limbs. I’m assuming by the hair this hasn’t been up and about for enough time to get that effect.

Speaking of hair, yes guys, Kuro’s hair is WAY too long to be Shiro.

(Lmao, Shiro/Kuro w/ long hair; hit or miss??)

Kuro’s hair shows that he hasn’t cut it in at least 1 ½ years. There might not be much context of how long he was missing but I’m sure as hell it’s couldn’t be more than a few months since Keith was searching through the Glara rubble.

<Man, all these analytical essays are finally paying off>

This scene here:

Is a big clue. For real why would the Black Lion do that? Send him into more danger? That’s not right.

Well, guess what, she didn’t.

Remeber this gem? I sure fucking do.

She sent him with someone he trusts, Matt. This really makes sense cuz mATT JUST HASN’T SHOWED UP BUT IS OBVIOUSLY REALLY IMPORTANT *cough* sorry, I don’t know what came over me….

Not only does Shiro trust him but so does Pidge, and I know those two never really had a connection but they kinda all share a state of thought while forming Voltron…

So the Black Lion theoretically has seen Pidge’s thoughts and stuff. Theoretically Black has two reasons why to trust Matt.

The Black Lion has so many reasons to send Shiro to Matt and not some Galra base.

This can also help understand why the Black Lion didn’t trust Kuro.

From what I’ve seen (or remember seeing at 4 AM, I haven’t slept in 45ish hours guys, help) all of you guys think that Black knows that’s not Shiro from the Connection they have but that might not be it!

Kuro thinks he’s Shiro, he has the same memories, the same body, the same scar on the face! So the Connection can still be there, what he doesn’t have is Matt with him.

Which wouldn’t make sense because Black sent him there, so it’s ridiculous cuz “hey I sent you to be with your buddy? Why didn’t you bring him along to see his sister who has been searching for him like crazy???”

That could be why the Black Lion found Kuro and trusted that was the OG but then changed its mind and was like ‘no thanks’ when she saw Matt wasnt with him.

I mean look how….happy?? She looks when they find him!

Why would that change after the fact? The Connection had to be there in order to sense him in the first place. It just makes sense.

Also look at the symbolism here again:

Kuro is in a Galra ship, it’s so subtle you might not even catch it (unless you’re used to over analyzing everything in order to fit 3 more pages into a term paper like me)

Instead of animating Kuro getting physically off the fighter they show them apart, separated from Black. They show him in enemy weaponry.  

As an enemy kinda…

(I’m getting too into this…)

This is Kuro while he’s being cloned

This is Kuro after he’s ‘escaping’

Sounds like the plan was a success, but all that happened was Kuro getting away? I don’t know about you but prisoners stay locked up, unless they aren’t.

They even say Kuro’s is approved for Operation Kuron!

Also from that scene:

Kuro was given that codename ‘Subject Y0XT39′

But Shiro already had a codename, and it wasnt that.

Its ‘Prisoner 117-9875′

Subject and Prisoner are two different things and two different codes.

Kuron is already a huge fucking clue. I donno know if you seen this yet but,

Shiro’s name is literally White and the opposite is Black or Kuro which sounds a lot like Kuron

If you think that’s just a coincidence then try this:

Just try telling me this isn’t legit?

To add just a bit more, Kuro and Keith clashed a lot while both trying to lead Voltron.

He also made it so Keith looked like a weak leader, which he was not once he got more use to the role.

Appearance wise, Kuro is different from Shiro in a low key way. First off both haircuts he has where different from Shiro’s. They’re all horrible but that’s a different story.

His cloths is different too, it shows more skin. The sleeve shows his arm and he took off his glove. Symbolically this means he trying to be more open, more free, more approachable.

This would make it easier to give the wrong feeling of trust to the team, which is the plan Kuro was given

*searching through my notes* okay did I miss anything…? Ah Yes!!

When Shiro first meets those two freedom fighters the transmission radio picks of two things; something less important about Lotor and Voltron.

Which one was ignored and which one was heard?

Yes guys, Kuro didn’t even pay attention to Lotor cuz that’s not what he was told to do. He was told to find out about Voltron which, he did.

Also with those freedom fighters, we learn this:

It wouldn’t have been easy to escape injured and tired. When he escaped the first time it was with the help of Ulaz. They didn’t even try keeping him there, he wasn’t restrained and didn’t have any guards. The only thing trying to stop him were those androids they know Kuro/Shiro could easily defeat.

And last thing.

And I think this is the most important thing.

He didn’t finish that sentence.

He didn’t say he wasn’t a traitor.

He didn’t have too.

This concludes my presentation on ‘Proving That’s not Shiro but Kuro the Clone’

Thank you for your time.

For my next presentation, I will talk about why we should save Kuro and love him indefinitely

fluffy-cali  asked:

V from mysme in One punch man ? I don't have any pose, so do what you want ^^

Idk if this was what you had in mind and I’ve never seen the show either but here you go~ Thanks for the request! o/

Tmw Cheritz postpones your route - 


’ I can guarantee the closest shave you’ll ever know. ’
’ May the good Lord smile on you… until we meet again. ’
’ May the Lord have mercy on your soul. ’
’ At last! My arm is complete again! ’
’ How about a shave?  ’
’ Welcome to the grave… I will have vengeance. ’
’ In the meantime I’ll practice on less honorable throats… ’
’ I’m alive at last, and I’m full of joy! ’
’ Noooooo! Would no one have mercy on her/him? ’
’ Fifteen years sweating, and living hell, for a false charge. ’
’ Well, I can’t say the years have been particularly kind to you. ’
’ They all deserve to die. ’
’ For the rest of us death will be a relief. ’
’ Always had a fondness for you, I did. ’
’ That lad is drinking me out o’ house an’ home. ’
’ Oh yes… such practices. ’
’ I have them all here, drawings of them. Would you like to see? ’
’ I think there’s been some mistake. ’
’ I meant no harm. ’
’ Your meaning is immaterial. ’
’ If I see your face again on this street, you’ll rue the day you were born. ’
’ You’re barking mad! Killing a man/woman what done ya no harm! ’
’ Oh, well that’s a different matter then. ’
’ For a moment there I thought you lost your marbles. ’
’ Ugh! All that blood. Poor bugger. Oh well! ’
’ Oh, I’m sorry. Excuse me… ’
’ Oh, this is very romantic. ’
’ I don’t know anyone in London, you see. ’
’ I need somewhere safe to bring her/him. ’
’ ‘ey, don’t I know you, mister? ’
’ You’re in a merry mood today, _________. ’
’ All this running and shouting, what’s going on? ’
’ There, there, dear, calm down… ’
’ I had him/her! His/her throat was bare, beneath my hand! ’
’ His/her throat was there, and now he’ll/she’ll never come again! ’
’ What’s your rush? ’
’ Why did I wait? You told me to wait! ’
’ Easy now. Hush, love, hush. ’
’ There’s a hole in the world like a great black pit. ’
’ In these once familiar streets I feel shadows… everywhere… ’
’ My mind is far from easy. ’
’ And who may it be said is your intended, sir/ma'am? ’
’ The history of the world, my pet… ’
’ Is learn forgiveness and try to forget! ’
’ And life is for the alive, my dear, so let’s keep living it. ’
’ How seldom it is one meets a fellow spirit. ’
’ You have a room over the shop, don’t you? ’
’ If times are so hard, why don’t you rent it out? ’
’ People think it’s haunted. ’
’ You see, years ago, something happened up there. ’
‘ If I cannot fly, let me sing… ’
’ Here we are. Hot out of the oven. ’
’ You’ve been locked out of sight all these years. ’
’ It’s priest. Have a little priest… ’
’ Smoke! Smoke! Sign of the devil! Sign of the devil! City on fire! ’
’ Those crunching noises pervading the air! ’
’ For what’s the sound of the world out there? ’
’ What is that sound? ’
’ Then who are we to deny it in here? ’
’ A stylish trimming of the hair? A soothing skin massage? ’
’ Have charity towards the world, my pet. ’
’ We’ll take the customers that we can get. ’
’ We’ll not discriminate great from small. ’
’ No, we’ll serve anyone… ’
’ We could have a life we two, maybe not like you remember. ’
’ No, there’s no place like London. ’
’ You are young. Life has been kind to you. You will learn. ’
’ Oh, that was many years ago… ’
‘ If you hadn’t spotted me, I would be lost on the ocean still. ’
’ Smells like piss. ’
’ What is this? ’
’ I wouldn’t touch it if I was you, dear. ’
’ Save a lot of graves, does a lot of relatives favors. ’
’ Is those below serving those up above. ’
’ Everybody shaves, so there should be plenty of flavors. ’
’ That those above will serve those down below! ’
’ How gratifying for once to know… ’
’ Just the thought of it’s enough to make you sick. ’
’ I was only thinking of you! ’
’ You lied to me! ’
’ No, no, not lied at all! No, I never lied! ’
’ I’ve come home again… ’
’ I love you! Could that thing have cared for you like me? ’
’ There’s little point in dwelling on the past! ’
’ What’s dead is dead! ’
’ Can we still be married? ’
’ I’ll return with a coach in less than half an hour. ’
’ Don’t worry no one’ll recognize you. ’
’ Safe? So we run away and then all our dreams come true? ’
’ I’ve never had dreams. Only nightmares. ’
’ Do they think that walls can hide you? ’
’ Stubble, you say? Perhaps I am a little overhasty in the morning. ’
’ Everything I did I swear I thought was only for the best! ’
Diabolik lovers Lost Eden Shin Tsukinami (Vampire end) ~Translation/traducción~

this translation was made by @vampiretsuki~

*Vibora Castle*

Carla: …Come here.
Shin: Eh…..
Vibora Man A: O-Oi! Do you even know what is done in this place!?
Vibora Man B: Something like neglecting our “agreement” is….!
Zweig: …..But, wait. The First blood king must have a plan, right.
Vibora Man A: But….!
Zwein: I wouldn’t mind finishing the agreement later. Just remain silent.
Vibora Man B: …. I understand.
Carla: Shin …. hurry up.
Shin: ……?

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Jeremy is not so Missing

(-right after Jeremy leaves the auditorium after the prank. Christine runs after him and goes for Michael after she can’t find Jeremy.
-Yknow who’s scarier than Chloe when mad? Michael ‘I’ll beat your face in’ Mell)

‘He..wh a t?’
Michael grabbed Christine by her shoulders, the boy’s grip suddenly very solid. Christine could see Jenna and Brooke around the corner, but she quickly turned back to Michael.

‘He..he ran away. It-it was j-just suppose to be a harmless prank I didn’t know he’d take it that seriously-’ Michael let go slumped his face in his hands, his bushy hair spilling from the gaps of his sweaty fingers. ‘F*ck…you KNOW he takes these things to heart. Dammit Jeremy… I told him it was a scam…f*cking Rich.’ The taller boy turned his head towards Jenna and Brooke, whom swiftly ran back. Sighing, he stared down Christine, who was rubbing her shoulders.

‘We’re going to Mr.Heere. Now.’

Mr Heere slammed the phone down, making Christine and Michael jump from the couch.

‘Police said they could only start investing after 24 hours…a FULL DAY! I don’t have that time— my boy..he’s..he’s out there. God…’ Christine walked over to the elder man and grabbed his hand, assuring him that his son would be found. Michael smiled grimly, still unsure whether he’s still mad at the girl. Sure, she was his best friend’s crush, but she betrayed his trust. Sure, she conspired with the Kardashians of Middleborough, but she felt genuinely sorry and helped. Sure, she-—


‘I’ll get it.’ Michael walked to the door and turned the knob. He looked up to see Jake and the gang, with Rich’s hand in a hand-shake position. ‘Hey dude, sor-’ Michael slammed the door shut in the shorter boy’s face and stormed away.

‘Dude we’re SORRY. WE DELETED THE VIDEO OKAY?? We didn’t know he would run away.’ Jake’s voice slipped through the door. Michael pursed his lips in a tight line. Dang Jake Dillinger and his sexy voice.

Begrudgingly, he opened the door to let the popular kids in. Jake and Jenna quickly made his way to Christine, who was trying to give them the cold shoulder for pulling the prank, but quickly melted when Jenna hugged her and Jake started explaining the situation to Mr.Heere. Rich smiled a forced smiled and plopped down the couch, worry lines etched on his forehead and he shuddered under Michael’s sudden intense gaze. Brooke looked sad and flustered, though she kept her chin up whenever Chloe needed to vent. All in all, the atmosphere in the Heere Household was anything BUT light.


The trunk door opened and Jeremy spilled out, his cuffed arms scraping gravel. Eyes wide, mouth taped, he looked up wearily as his captors dragged him aside.

An abandoned building. Looked like it was half-way through demolishing. I..I’m on the way to New York… Jeremy tried to think properly, but his brain threatened to shut down. Tears started smarting his eyes, as the man who drove the truck let Jeremy down.

‘Stupid teens thinking they can run away…This is for your own good, kid. I’m only doing what I should have done.’ The man grunted as he made sure Jeremy was too weak to run away. He got up and started heading towards his truck. Jeremy peeked open his eyes.

His chance.

Willing adrenaline to finally give him one last kick, Jeremy pushed himself up against the cracking cement pillar so that he could stand up. The cement chunks ripped against Jeremy’s tender blue cardigan as the boy swore under the duck tape. Just..a bit…m o r e…

He leaned forward to catch himself before bolting. Jeremy breathed violently through his nose as he dashed his way through the abandoned level of the building. He spotted a crumbly opening, stairs painted with dust welcoming his exit. Jeremy picked up his pace.



‘Why do we even need to be here?’ Chloe muttered under her breathe. Brooke casted her a look. Valentine closed her eyes.

Truth be told, the prank was her idea. Yes, everyone knew she was the coldest and scariest. And, truth be told, she liked it. It made her the superior one, compared to the puppy eyes Brooke was capable of. She put her phone down as she spectated Jake and Rich having a heated debacle with the headphones kid.

‘…can track his phone maybe. He doesn’t need to call you, as long as you have an active phone number of his.’ Jake explained to a distressed glasses-wearing boy. Finally, Chloe decided to break the restlessness. ‘Look, if you guys can handle all of this, then Brooke and I can just go.’ She cocked her hips to one side before grabbing the knob-

Only to have Jake clamp his hands on them. ‘Hey cmon. We all caused this, we should all try to help.’ Michael laughed, his tone an empty and hollow feel. He walked to Chloe and grabbed her hand from Jake and turned the knob with it, letting the door burst open. Chloe backed up in disgust, her eyes wide as she wiped her hands on Brooke’s yellow cardigan (much to her dismay).

‘The F*CK is your problem??’ Michael sneered, officially done with being cordial and polite to the so-called queen bee. ‘The f*ck is YOUR problem? If you wanna leave, then GET OUT. You expect me to believe all of you guys suddenly care?? You guys treated Jeremy and I like sh*t since sophomore year, and now, after that great stunt you guys played, you expect me to believe you wanna help? Seriously? I bet half of you don’t even know me name!’ He blared out, his hair sticking to his tanned forehead from the sweat. Rich held his hands up and walked over to closed the door.

‘Michael, dude, we DO know your name,’ Rich says as he looks towards the girls. ‘…trust me, if anything happens to Jeremy, we will do everything in our power to stop it.’ The shorter boy placed a hand on Michael’s shoulder, calming him down. Chloe felt her face burn as Jenna and Jake quickly turned back into trying to track Jeremy’s phone, with Mr Heere in tow. His breath heavy, he turned towards Jeremy’s dad.

‘So..anything?’ The hope in his voice was thin, as it was dark outside. Mr Heere looked sick and sat down, Jenna helping him. Jake ran a hand through his hair, and sighed. ‘It’s…taking some time. Jeremy must be out of New Jersey. The signal is gonna take some time to track…I..don’t know how long it’ll be. How long it’ll take.’

Jake looked to towards Jenna, and she nodded. ‘Maybe let’s take a break? Clear our heads, have a nice drink?’ Jenna suggested, and the rest agreed— except Michael.

Furious, he forced himself to not move too much. ‘The F*CK? My BEST FRIEND might be DEAD— and you guys wanna go to PINKBERRY?’ Christine grabbed Michael, forcing the Filipino boy to stop moving.

‘Look Michael, we can’t tax everyone so much. Jeremy will be fine—’ Michael recoiled from her, making Christine bump into Rich. Chloe rolled her eyes and barred her way towards the flustered boy.

‘I think that’s enough for today. Really, you can go drive to New York to find Jeremy yourself— we can’t be cooped up in a room waiting for a bloody signal to come from an outdated phone. Brooke, let’s go.’ Chloe waited for Brooke to follow, only to have the blonde stare blankly at her. Michael noticed her gripping the sides of her cardigan tightly, her expression a million faces— sad, guilt, anger, regret, shame. Michael softened his gaze.

He knew that face. He’d done it a million times before.

‘Brooke?’ Chloe cocked an eyebrow towards the other girl, making Michael finally blow.

‘Yknow what Chloe? Maybe if you weren’t such a b*tch, people would actually LIKE YOU.’ The two were face to face, each of them glaring daggers. And knives. Swords. Chloe stood high on her heels as she faced Michael’s red hoodie and messy hair. ‘Maybe…maybe if you didn’t think that Jeremy’s feeling was some kind of sick game, he would still be here! God, who do you think you are?! You think I’m SCARED of you, Chloe?’ Michael stepped forward, his hands clenched to his sides. Chloe couldn’t hold her gaze and backed up towards Rich, who was ready to break the tension. For the first time, Chloe understood why Jeremy didn’t get beaten up as often when he was with Michael.

He can be scary. Very. Scary.

‘GOT IT. Jeremy’s phone…he’s here!’ Jake announced, using it to break the possible fight. Michael brushed past Christine and Jenna and grabbed the computer, his eyes widening at the coordinates. ‘I can drive there…I know a shortcut.’

Quickly exchanging nods with Mr Heere, he grabbed his car keys. ‘I’m gonna go drive there and get Jeremy.’ Chloe glanced to her side, obviously not wanting to get in his way. ‘Alone? What if he’s already dead? What if his captor has weapons?’ Michael stopped midway, and turned to Chloe.

‘He is NOT dead. I’m not allowing it. And as for going alone…no one’s gonna drive all the way there at this hour, and Mr Heere is tired enough. If you guys wanna leave, now’s a great time.’ Taking this as her cue, Chloe grabbed her bag, nodded, and walked out. ‘Brooke, cmon. Your mom will be home soon.’ The taller girl looked towards the blonde, expecting to see her in tow. Brooke got up.

And walked to Michael. ‘Let me help you find Jeremy. I have a crowbar in my mother’s car. We can use it for defense.’ Brooke said, ignoring Chloe’s jaw hitting the ground.


‘Chloe,’ Brooke looked wearily at her best friend. ‘I’m gonna go help Michael find Jeremy. He’s my friend. One of us has to help.’ she said, before grabbing Michael, and walking out of the house, the door slamming shut, the Heere Household shock in silence and Brooke Lohst and Michael Mell went to go find Jeremy.


The car drive was accompanied by creepy lamppost lights and the sound of gravel under running tires. Michael gripped the steering wheel tight as his phone told him where to go, with Brooke in shotgun, fiddling with her blue blouse. From the corner of his eyes, Michael felt a strong sense of…something. He didn’t like her, but she wasn’t as mean. In all honesty, if she didn’t always try to be Chloe’s shadow, Brooke would have been a nice person. Without Chloe, she seemed so…normal. Fiddling with her shirt, blushing at small compliments, giggling in a nervous manner. It made Michael think of Jeremy.

‘WATCH OUTTTT’ The car swerved to the side as Brooke saw the rogue bunny hop off the road. The pair exhaled inside the rickety cruiser, until Michael decided to break the silence.

‘So…you like Jeremy?’ he asked, his glasses shielding his eyes. Brooke looked down, her seat suddenly feeling as if it would swallow her up. ‘Yea. He’s..sensitive. And cute. I mean, I didn’t really notice him until Rich brought him up. Then I began to realize…that he wasn’t that bad. But like…Chloe thinks he’s a loser. So does Rich.’

Brooke cleared her throat, her voice suddenly much clearer. Does she sound this nice without Chloe around? ‘In hindsight…he kinda is, really.’ she giggled, before shutting up due to the bad vibes Michael could give off when Jeremy gets ridiculed.

The silence continued, with Brooke humming along the old tunes of Michael’s tapes. He calmed down since the fiasco with Chloe, and he tapped along the rhythm and he drummed on his steering wheel.

‘Y’know…maybe I DON’T like Jeremy…I..relate to him.’ Brooke said. Michael looked towards her, his expression looking as if he was talking to an old friend. ‘He always seems so nervous about how he looks…what people would say. He’s always overthinking things…kinda like me. I guess that’s where Chloe comes in…and you!’

Michael gagged. ‘Please, don’t equivalate me to that she-beast Ice Queen.’

Brooke smiled. ‘Yea… but unlike Chloe, Jeremy seems so much more…relaxed with you. You’re like his brother, just like Chloe is my sister. Except…y'know. She’s the pushy one.’ She twirled her blonde hair and looked unamused. ‘Did you know that my hair was originally brown? Chloe didn’t like that people were mixing us up, so she made me dye it blonde. I don’t even like it that much, it’s just cause everyone else does.’ Michael looked to her in surprise. He never paid much attention to her, but now that he could, her hair did look brown from the top. He turned back to the road.

‘You were a brunette huh?’ Brooke nodded hesitantly, as if she wasn’t sure what that meant. ‘Yea, I guess. I love Chloe— she’s my closest friend. But sometimes…’

‘Sometimes I don’t think she likes me. Like I’m not her favorite person.’

Michael slowed down. The radio hummed on, the song ‘The Night We Met’ slowly easing its way into the surroundings. Brooke relaxed and occasionally glanced at the GPS on Michael’s phone. ‘Sometimes…sometimes I do really dumb stuff. Like, I’d chug a whole cup of Pinkberry down my throat. Or wear a full bottle of perfume. Or like, go to McDonalds at 3 am. Sometimes I…I even keep pills in the bathroom.’

Michael caught his breath at Brooke’s sudden confessions. The girl coughed softly, eyes wide and sad. ‘Chloe’s like my impulse control…she makes me feel grown up, even though in reality I’m just a kid, to be honest.’ Brooke looked towards Michael, her lips in a small line. Michael nodded and chuckled lightly.

‘Don’t worry, your hair secret is safe with me. Besides,’ he picked up the pace as his GPS readout directions. ‘I chug down slushies all the time. McDonalds’ like, my second home dude. And…you’re not the only one who’s tried something stupid in a bathroom.’ Michael let out his breath, shoulders relaxing. For the first time since Jeremy went missing, he felt like the world wasn’t about to end.

‘..Michael STOP THE CAR’ Brooke shouted, the other boy screeching the pedals. Michael carefully picked up his phone and shut it off as Brooke opened the car door to the silent night around them. They locked worried eyes.

‘We’re here.’


‘Jeremy Heere, huh. That’s a fun name.’ The adult read out from Jeremy’s ID card. Carefully, he slipped the wallet back into the teen’s cardigan pocket. ‘Relax kid, I ain’t gonna kill ya or anything.’

Jeremy barely registered anything, even after he screamed and kicked and shouted. He was just so tired. So, so tired. The man slid the black pistol back into his construction jacket as Jeremy started sobbing quietly. Oh, all the things he should have done and said.
Maybe he should have taken the squid or whatever.
Maybe then, Rich wouldn’t have played the prank.
Maybe if Jeremy wasn’t such loser, he wouldn’t have ran from such a stupid thing. Maybe if he told someone how he felt, he would be home right now.
Maybe if he had Michael with him, they would be together playing Mario Kart.

Jeremy gulped hard, the duck tape straining his face and jaw. Michael this and Michael that. If only he had talked to him, if he listened to his best friend.

‘Kid cmon. I don’t even know if you’re awake sometimes, then suddenly you start bawling like mad.’

A sharp ringing tune illuminated the crumbly area, and Jeremy’s captor sighed.

‘See? Bet you parents are calling you right now. I’ll just go grab your phone, huh?’ Smiling eerily, the elder man jostled his jacket for truck keys, showing the glint of his pistol, before he strolled off to the stairs. Jeremy closed his eyes, which now felt swollen from cement dust and tears and sweat. He felt his body go limp and tired. Of all the moments to die so cliche like, Jeremy had not expected THIS.

Footsteps were walking towards him, and he internally groaned. Great, here’s the part where the captor ask for money or whatever sh*t from his dad, and all things are gonna go to hell. He rolled his head to the side to face Brooke.



Jeremy let out a muffled yelp as Brooke prayed to her fingernails and started untying his bonds. Behind her, he could make out a red blur holding something long, like a slender stick. Jeremy started freaking out, trying to tell the blonde to get the hell out, before the red blue transformed into Michael holding a crowbar.

‘He just got to the truck I think. How’d you know the ringtone would be loud enough?’ Michael asked Brooke, as she ripped off Jeremy’s duck tape. (You bet he screamed internally like those cliche movies) ‘I’ve heard his ringtone before. It’s really hard not to hear it.’ she said, before she hoisted Jeremy up with Michael’s help.

‘Jeremy, can you stand? Do you need help? Don’t worry, you’re not alone!’ Brooke said, her hair slightly frizzed. Jeremy smiled, before coughing. Michael ran to his side and helped him stand up and walk, only to have Jeremy lean on him. ‘Jerm..dude, we’ve gotta get out of here and we can’t do that if you don’t stand-’ his words stopped as he noticed the red patch on Jeremy’s right calf.

‘He…shot you behind the leg.’ Michael chocked out, the crowbar shaking in his hands. Brooke gasped, before rummaging through her bag. ‘I might have a handkerchief in here to wrap around it. The wound should be dry, so we just need to-’


Michael swivelled to the right, crowbar out in a fencing position, Jeremy and Brooke behind him. A few feet away, the old man held his pistol in his right hand, the other holding Jeremy’s phone. ‘I assume one of you called his phone, huh.’ he snarled, earning a squel from Brooke. Michael kept his gaze with the captor and stepped forward. ‘The f*ck are you? Just kidnapping kids like that?!? What do you want? Money? Drugs?’ his voice wavered as he glanced at Jeremy’s swollen right foot.

The old man threw his head back and laughed. ‘Don’t need that sh*t. I’m just doing what’s right. The kid’s trying to run away, you think I’m allowing that? It’s cause of a** holes like you guys that he probably gave up. I don’t need another running around without help.’ He said, walking towards the 3 teens. Jeremy sputtered, ‘I was just trying to get to my Aunt’s place in New York…I-I needed a break…’

Brooke and Michael encased Jeremy from the back and front. The nighttime lamppost barely touched the abandoned level, but he gave enough light to illuminate the captor’s old, wrinkled, and tired face.

‘…b-BUD??!?’ Michael nearly dropped his crowbar. Gulping, he adjusted his glasses to properly judge the man. His stomach dropped.

‘…you’re Jason Dean’s dad. The kid who…who blew up Westerburg High.’

Mr Dean laughed and hollow laugh. ‘Kid didn’t blow up the school, just the boiler room. And you know what? Westerburg didn’t do sh*t about my son. Not even that raunchy girlfriend he had.’ He advanceforward, gripping Jeremy’s phone tight. Jeremy tried to steadied himself. He had heard Michael talk about this JD guy. They met him in 7-11, and he had…problems. Jeremy shuddered just thinking about it. He was always in a trenchcoat, and looked like he kept a bajillion guns inside them. Maybe that’s why his dad was such a good shot.

‘I’m gonna assume you’re calling the cops on me, then? Cause I tried to save your friend there? Tch, teenagers these days. They think they know it all, huh? Don’t even talk about them secrets and problems and sh*t. Yknow why JD was so f*cked up??!? He blames it on his mom killing her self, and me causing it. Can you believe this sh*t??!?’

Bud was now 5 feet from the teens. Jeremy tried to point out to Brooke the quickest escape route, but he feared Michael would do something stupid.

‘Westerburg didn’t even do anything about my son. Said he was mentally ill, and that’s it. Figures, the kid made me stop this damn building’s demolishing project because of that woman.’ He kicked a loose piece of concrete as Michael slowly understood why they were brought here. ‘Look, Bud. We can help. Kidnapping Jeremy was-’ ‘I WAS HELPING YOU LITTLE SH*T’


Bud shot an air shot as Michael tackled the older guy. Jeremy took this as their cliche movie cue to bolt the f*ck out with Brooke. Grunting, Michael grabbed his crowbar and whacked Bud in the stomach, causing him to double over and drop Jeremy’s phone. Wresting for the gun, Michael kicked the phone away before putting his body weight into a swing of the crowbar. A sickening crack shattered Bud’s arm as he howled in pain before shoving Michael aside.

‘MIKEY!!’ Jeremy screamed, his voice hoarse. Michael looked up to Jeremy just in time as he rolled to the side, dodging Bud’s elbow. Jeremy screamed for his captor to stop, his weak arms and bloody legs trying to escape Brooke’s secure grip. ‘Michael…he’s gonna kill him!’ Jeremy gasped. The red-hooded boy grunted with effort as he grabbed his fallen crowbar and swung. It collided with Bud’s wrist holding the gun. It clattered to the ground as Mr.Dean fell backwards, Michael shoving him hard.

‘F*CK YOU’ he shouted as he swung his crowbar again, slamming the captor’s shoe. The old man wasn’t as mobile, so Michael had an edge. His vision went red for a moment, before he heard Jeremy calling his name. Grabbing the teen’s phone, Michael bolted to him and embraced Jeremy in a rushed hug.

‘Oh man… dude I thought you were dead. What the f*ck, Jerm…’ Michael chocked out, before Jeremy grinned and slumped towards Brooke. ‘Aww Mikey…I love you, player 1…’ Brooke nudged Michael as his face was slowly turning red.

‘Guys…the scary old guy has his gunnNNN WE HAVE TO GO NOW’

Steadying himself, Jeremy barely had time to duck as Michael stepped aside. Brooke let out a very unpleasant scream, and a hurling mass of a glass perfume bottle smashed into Bud’s head. Zipping her handbag, the teens bolted out of the half demolished building as the sound of a broken perfume bottle was accompanied by a copious amount of swearing. Tires screeching, the P.T cruised screamed to life under the midnight sky, as the 3 teens drove away, panting like hell.


‘That was a pretty sweet shot dude.’ Michael said as he sipped on his coke. Brooke grinned and swept her hair out of her face as she dugged into he McFlurry. ‘Chloe’s gonna be so proud of me. That perfume happened to be lemon scented too, so maybe it stung a lot.’ The pair laughed, before realizing they might have just killed a man.

‘… ehhhhh he would be fine. We didn’t KILL him— I mean, you’ve seen movies. They always come back. Thank GOD Westerburg is not in New Jersey.’ Michael said as he closed his eyes. Brooke placed a hand on his shoulder. ‘Jeremy will be fine. The nurse said his wound was already dry, they just need to clean it and sh*t. We’ll pick him up tomorrow.’ she said, then paused. ‘Uh, by that I mean, today. Since it IS 3 am, and we ARE in a McDonalds right next to the hospital.’

Michael chuckled as he continued sipping his coke. Jeremy wouldn’t be so happy that he was missing out on their 3 am McDonalds treat, though.

~~ Bros! @pandapizzaparty wrote an AU of my AU! Awesome!

This just occurred to me:

When Jungkook appeared on King Of Masked Singer, he appeared as Fencing Man. Unless the staff chooses the characters for their contestants, that would mean that he chose his character himself. So why Fencing Man?

This is when I remembered that Jimin used to do some sort of fencing/swordsman sport. This is why when Jimin was asked (in an interview done in the US during their WINGS tour) what he would have been doing if he wasn’t a singer, Jungkook answered that sport for him, doing the action for added effect.

Did Jungkook choose to be Fencing Man because of Jimin? I’d like to think he did. ^^,

Of course, we have 13 as his favourite number and 58 (as other shippers have pointed out: 5+8=13, 58 is “o-pal” in Korean, Opal is the birthstone of October, Oct 13 = Jimin’s birthday) as his jersey number during that time he did that first pitch at a Japanese baseball game.

I’d like to think that nothing is ever a concidence when it comes to Jungkook anymore. He always has reasons for whatever he does or says.


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What would 2p England, 1p England, 1p France and 1p Greece look for in s/o?

I have done England Twice now, please go to the masterlist if you wish to read!


  • Oh lordy, this man needs a sweetheart! He would adore a S/o that is kind and sweet to others, plus they would be adorable together~
  • Someone who can deal with his clinginess. He is a cuddlier, his S/o would have to deal with him nearly suffocating them with huggles!
  • A S/o that is polite/well-mannered, he isn’t a big fan of swearing and vulgar language. He’d want his S/o to use proper etiquette.
  • If possible someone that likes/wears pastel clothing. He thinks it’s adorable when his S/o wears pastel! 
  • Someone who is willing to eat his food! He bakes quite a bit and would hate all of that food to go to waste~
  • A cutie pie if possible! Especially if they start blushing when he comments on how cute they are, it’s just so cute when they’re all red~


  • A S/o that smells good, especially if it’s a floral scent. It is even said in his bio “a faint, flowery scent could have him curled up in pleasure”!
  • Someone who is passionate! He truly adores people who are willing to do things for what they believe in, if his S/o was like this he’d be in awe!
  • Not important but if his S/o could sing he would be over the moon! He would practically cling to his S/o if they could.
  • Someone who can deal with his… flirty ways. He will constantly try to make his S/o melt with his words, his S/o better be able to handle it!
  • Travelers are needed! He loves to leave his own home to explore the world around him, having his S/o with him would make it twice as fun~
  • A chill person. He would love to have a S/o who he can just sit down and relax with, especially with a bottle of wine~


  • Cat lover, definitely. He loves his kitties and he hopes that his S/o does too, kitty love is the best love after all~
  • A person who is a deep thinker. He loves to go into long and deep discussions with his S/o about randoms things.
  • Someone who likes naps, pretty obvious right? He thinks napping is best when he has someone to cuddle with, particular his S/o.
  • If his S/o were a chill person he’d be head over heels for them! He loves to just relax and cuddle with his S/o pretty much anywhere!
  • Someone who is interested in history and philosophy, he would love to show his S/o the ruins and tell them tales of the past.
  • A cuddlier! He loves to snuggle up with his S/o pretty much anywhere at anytime! It always calms him to hold his S/o close where he knows they’re safe and warm~

Things me/my family have done/said

Hades: Whatever the dog tells you, don’t let him in

Nico: Oh no! I smell like O’Leary spit!

Grover: What the heck, man?

Magnus: It’s basically ‘Less is more’

Annabeth: Yeah but sometimes less isn’t more, it’s less. One of which is our grades

Leo: You guys want chili dogs?

Percy: YEAH!

Annabeth: Please don’t put chili on Mrs O’Leary

Jason: No give her a jacket instead.

Clarisse: I’m going to be a civilian for Halloween this year

Silena: But you’re retiring October 1st

Clarisse: … then I’ll be military for Halloween this year

Jason: In 3rd grade was when I became a class hero. Someone had jammed up the only stapler in the entire room, and since we were the only ‘learning’ class in that wing (it’s lonely being in room number 1) I sat myself down at the big desk and worked for what felt like 20 minutes. I managed to get the broken stapler working again, but the broken piece of stapler that had caused the jam went directly into my middle finger. Luckily, it didn’t pierce through my nail, which it was opposite of, but I am 100% sure that it actually never left my finger either. For weeks I had weird visions that one day the little piece of metal would make me something like a Human Stapler.

[Cashier: Can I get a name for your order]

Nico: Death

Percy: No

Percy: I enter almost every kahoot as Glazed Doughnut. But there was this one time I logged in as Annabeth instead and beat her

Annabeth: By ONLY 24 points

Chiron: Favourite Underdog tale?

Hazel: Monsters Inc!

Leo: Hunch Back of Notre Dame

Annabeth: Cinderella

Percy: Chicken Little

Jason: David and Goliath

Drew: Um no. Psyche and Eros

Nico: I got myself some gay skittles

Reyna: I’m just gonna go die of laughter

Sadie: Well I mean England did have the advantage

Walt: Yeah but America had the Scree of the Freedom Eagle as motivation

Thalia: We’re going to Walmart, want anything?

Hylla: Starbucks

Zeus: What do you do if you don’t have any money

Annabeth: Ask for a loan

Percy: Curl up in bed and hug my knees

Jason: What are you gonna be for Halloween

Thalia: Gay

Drew: When in doubt, make it gayer

I love your blog! It's my favorite! Could I please request a drabble about Glorfindel. The one requested before about the "what if he accidentally hurts you".

The point of his elbow flew into your face as he finally ripped the cloth. You let out a startled cry, immediately you felt your teeth cut into your lip inside your mouth. A irony taste flooded into your mouth as you hit the stone floor at a harsh speed. Your head hit the stone floor and you felt dizzy. Did he really just elbow you in the mouth?

You let out a pained groan, hand immediately going to press gently against your numb mouth. When you pulled it back blood was smeared on your palm.

“O… Ow…”

“Y/N!” He exclaimed, immediately falling to his knees in front of you, “I-I’m….” he looked completely helpless, staring at your mouth that was bloody the liquid was dripping on the floor.

“What have I done?” His eyes were glazed with complete shock at his clumsiness. “What do I do?”

Elrond whipped around moments earlier, grabbing gauze and handing it to Glorfindel. But the man in question was too busy staring at you, completely frozen. You grabbed the gauze yourself, hauling yourself up from the floor with the help of a stunned servant.

“Are you well, Y/N?” Elrond questioned, checking your head and taking hold of the soft medical cloth.

“Just dizzy…” you murmured.

Elrond switched his gaze to the floor behind you. “Glorfindel, stand up. They are alright. Nothing but a busted lip.”

Glorfindel stumbled to his feet as you watched him through the mirror behind Elrond. He was completely pale, jaw clenched and eyebrows furrowed.

“Honey, I’m alright, okay?” You said, your voice light and comforting, “It was merely an accident.”

“Here,” Elrond removed his hand from you going to grab a jar of some clear pasty stuff, “This should numb the area and heal it quickly.”

You nodded at him. “Thank you.”

You then turned to your groveling husband. He was still staring at you, no doubt mulling over what had just transpired. You ran your hand up his arm, trying to comfort him, but he just pulled away, walking away to the balcony.

He ran a hand through his silky hair, sighing. He was so clearly upset with himself. You felt bad for him as you walked to the mirror to check your injury. Your upper right lip was pretty swollen and discolored, blood was still dripping down from the cut inside. It was throbbing as well.

You sighed and walked over to him, hugging him from behind, laying your head between his shoulder blades. He tensed up, grabbing your hands, trying to pull them off him.

“No, no, no… you listen to me,” you said sternly, “You just injured my lip. I’m fine! Nothing else happened. It was an accident-”

“That’s not the point!” He snapped, quite uncharacteristically, running his hand through his hair again, “I…I am your protecter… I should not be hurting you as I did. It was completely…” his hands wrapped around the railing, knuckles white as he couldn’t finish his sentence.

“If you haven’t noticed, I’m significantly smaller than you, Glory.”

When he was silent, you finagled your way in between him and the railing, hugging him close, “Accidents are bound to happen. Now, my lip is throbbing and I’m still reeling from what happened. Can I have a hug?”

He continued to stare out over Imladris with his jaw set.

“Pleeeeeease?” You poked him and looked at him with big eyes.

He glanced down at you and looked back up, seemingly in pain.

“Glorfindel!” You hugged him close and hung off of him, being as much as a nuisance as you could be.

He abruptly wrapped his strong arms around you, hugging you closely, face buried in your hair.

“Ugh… maybe hug me a little lighter, you might break my spine.” You joked.

He winced and loosened his hold.

“Too early?” You questioned, gazing at his face.

“Too early.”

Surviving the Storm.

Dear Han,

A little idea for a story if you have a time and feel like writing it. I think there is a couple of “missing scenes” in the books, meaning that something crucial occures off-page. The two which lack sort of killed me is a conversation between Brianna and Jamie about William in “A Breath of Snow and Ashes” and reunion/mutual forgiveness between the father and daughter in “Drums of Autumn”. Since you have already written the former beautifully in “There is two of us now” (albeit in alternative universe), I would love to read your take on the latter. I mean, so many horrible things had been said by both of them, but no reconciliation? Hugs.

I have to admit that I don’t have my copy of DoA at the moment and have not actually read it in about 8 years so my memory of Bree and Jamie fighting is sketchy. One dreadful scene I do remember is Jamie trying to prove to Bree that the rape is not her fault by physically over-powering her himself. Now this is going to be a controversial one, but personally it is one of the moments in the series where I flinched like, “Oh God! Jamie, Noooo! Don’t do that!” and I can’t remember how DG had that particular moment resolve itself. So here is my take on it. As with any fics surrounding the various rapes in the Outlander series, this fic comes with a potential *trigger warning*. Much love, Han xx  

Despite the cold of the water, Jamie could still feel the press of her fingers against his arm. He closed his eyes lightly, shutting out the gurgling brook and the swish of pine branches overhead, and forced himself to hear again her grunts and struggles, and then her gasp of pain as the cold, brutal logic that overcame his own misgivings as he forced her down, her wrist bend to breaking behind her back.

Had it been Marsali or even Jenny, he could have stopped there, with her on her knees before him. They would have understood their position, would have accepted their blamelessness, but not Brianna. Not his daughter. She was trying to claw his bollocks off or bite his arm to the bone even then, even as he overpowered her and crushed the air from her lungs. She would not believe the rape was not her fault unless he proved it to her without a doubt.

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i’m gonna take this midnight hour to say what i have always thought:

a/b/o bullshit is not only transphobic as hell, but it also perpetuates the awful top/bottom (or, to harken back to a bygone era, seme/uke) dynamic that paints one man as hyper-feminine and one man as hyper-masculine in a gay relationship. 

mlm don’t have a biological imperative to form relationships that mirror heterosexuality and they never will! i don’t care how hot you think it is, it’s gross!!

it’s also transphobic as hell. wanna write about male pregnancy? write a fucking trans man and be done with it. i’m Tired

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Is it cause your a runt and a half & halfEvan? Man that make you /worse/ than Jared. But hey now you freaks have someone to relate to.

E: L-look I’d…I would rather not talk about my origins or how I was treated o-or any of that thanks so maybe uhm…maybe you should back off? A-and just leave.

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DO YOU LIKE ANGST CAUSE I SURE DO. A scenario of deku having to break up with his s/o bc he knows that's he is never there for them and can't even begin to realize how lonely they are. He still loves them but he wants them to live and have a person to actually be there for them since he is alway busy being a hero.

I like me a good angst scenario here and there. Anyways, I hope this is what you wanted and that it was angsty (idk man) enough for you. Thank you for requesting! <3

Izuku Midoriya knew what needed to be done, though it broke his heart knowing it was going to cause the person he loved pain. He always wanted nothing but happiness for you and knew this was the only way to ensure that you would truly be happy. The more he thought about what he had to do, the more it seemed like the right thing to do. He still loved you, and he probably always would, but knowing that he was only causing you pain by leaving you alone all the time made the decision much easier. So with a heavy heart, Izuku walked over in your direction ready to end things.

“Um (Y/n)?” he called out as he stopped in front of you.

You looked up from your phone with a smile on your face, one that would soon disappear. This was the first time you were able to see him in almost a week, “Izuku!”

You got up and hugged him, and he awkwardly returned the gesture before he realized that this would be the last time he’d be able to hug you. With that in mind, he hugged you tighter, wishing things could be different.

You had planned to end the hug but Izuku wouldn’t let go, so you stayed in that position for a few minutes. Neither saying a single word. The only thing being heard was the sound of soft breathing and some quiet instrumental music from your phone in the background. You figured something was wrong and felt like something was going to happen, something that would change everything.

With a deep breath and quiet voice, you spoke up, “Izuku? Is everything okay?”

You heard him gulp, like he was trying to swallow the words that he had to voice, the words that would soon break you. He stopped hugging you and took a step back. He looked up to see your smiling face, a face he would miss greatly, “(Y/n) I,” he paused trying to find a way to get the words out. Your smile faltering as he continued, “I think we should break up.”

The smile that once brought Izuku warm feelings completely disappeared, replaced by a gaping mouth trying to think of what to say. You opened your mouth but nothing would come out. Thoughts flooded your mind and your breathing became shallow. You couldn’t understand. Yeah you guys had grown distant and you spent most of the time by yourself, but you couldn’t imagine not being with him. You couldn’t imagine ending things with him.

“Why?” you tried to sound normal but it came out in a weak whisper, but he heard. He heard the way your voice sounded and it broke him.

He looked away knowing he wouldn’t be able to say what he had to if he continued looking at you, “It’s for the best. I’m sorry (Y/n) but we never have time for each other. Both of us are always so busy. Staying together would only bring us pain.”

“But we- we could make time. I can ask for more vacation time and you can-” your pleads were cut off.

“It wouldn’t work,” he whispered having already thought of other possible choices.

“How are you so sure? We haven’t even tried!” you cried out, tears threatening to spill.

“I’ve thought it all through. All this relationship is doing is bringing you loneliness. You’re here alone while I’m off being a hero. I’m causing you nothing but pain. You deserve to be with someone else, someone that can give you their time and everything else you deserve. You need someone that can really make you happy,” he looked at you and you stared at his eyes, the tears now flowing down your cheeks.

You loved him, he was everything to you and you were sure it was the same for him, so why? Why was he saying that to you? Did he know how much it was hurting you? How much it was breaking you? Did he know that your heart was shattering as you stood there trying to comprehend where he was coming from? A part of you knew he was probably right, but you couldn’t even think about your life without him, especially about a life with someone else.

“Who’d understand me the way you do? Take care of me the way you do? Love me the way you do?” your voice came out in a broken whisper. He stared at you before squeezing his eyes shut, god he was trying so hard to keep himself together.

He took a deep breath and gulped once again before speaking, “You’ll find someone that will do those things much better than I did, I promise.”

With those words, he started walking out before he broke down himself. As he neared the door he stopped as tears started staining his freckled cheeks, “I’m so sorry (Y/n).”

With that, he was gone. For good. You fell on your knees and held onto your chest, as if trying to keep your heart together only to fail. The sobs that escaped your body were proof of that. Your heart was broken, you were broken, and you’d never be the same again.

next week on orphan black
  • mrs s: what have you done to that poor mouse, chicken?
  • kira: it's okay, the mouse is immortal
  • the mouse, spontaneously regerating flesh, emanating unearthly light and hovering several feet in the air: F O O L S... I AM P. T. WESTMORELAND

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Headcanons of Kacchan and Kiri getting a matching tattoo with their s/o!

I’m here for this, even if realistically they probably wouldn’t get them given the Japanese attitude towards tattoos that is the same reason my mom refused to let me get one of my own; bless the newest ending theme for giving us a tatted up Kacchan, though, because ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Katsuki Bakugou

Originally posted by lawlu

+ it probably wasn’t his idea; he saw his s/o doodling designs and became intrigued by their interest in body art

+ he let them doodle a design on him, and he liked it so much that he decided fuck it, let’s get em

+ there are very few physical things that Katsuki Bakugou is afraid of, but a tattoo needle gun is one of those for him he’s lucky his s/o didn’t go for a traditional style of tattooing called tebori

+ he gets his done first, it’s the same design his s/o initially created for him, and it goes on his upper left arm so he can show it off while wearing tank tops as he often does, including in his hero costume. he really loved the design and how it looked when he moved around in front of the mirror at home, and it was created by his s/o so it has a sentimental value

+ this hurts way more than that ink pen you used, y/n, fucking hell

+ He’s trying to laugh through the pain of getting it done, but it’s obvious that it’s an uncomfortable experience for him

+ when it’s over, he gets to see the final product; he’s amazed, the artist had done it freehand by just looking at his s/o’s design for a few minutes, and it came out perfectly.

+ you see that shit? that looks sick!

+ if his s/o is having a hard time with their tattoo, he tries to comfort them, will hold their hand if he can, gives them constant updates on how it’s looking as the artist works, cracks jokes, talks about how rad his tattoo is.

+ once they’re both done, they admire each others tattoos and go to show them off to their friends because how fucking cool is this shit!?

Eijiro Kirishima

+ whoa, you like tattoos?! that’s so cool, y/n!

+ he asks his s/o to design one for him, since they’re already thinking about designs for themselves

+ like Bakugou, he likes it so much he decides to get it, but he was originally much more open to the idea than his best friend would be

+ unlike Bakugou, he wants to get it tebori style because that’s fucking manly and he can show off how tough he is

+ his s/o will not be getting theirs using tebori, nope nope nope too intense

+ he’s super excited about it as they wait for their appointments to start

+ It’s gonna be so cool, babe! I won’t even flinch, just you watch! A little stick isn’t gonna hurt this guy.

+ oh, but it really does hurt

+ and he does flinch a bit, but he keeps his cool and doesn’t yelp in pain or anything

+ his s/o is super impressed that he chose such a manly way to get a tattoo done, and that he’s really going through with it after having seen the stick because holy shit what the actual fuck you could kill a man with that thing if you wanted to

+ watches his s/o getting their tattoo done and is super excited to see the final product

+ when his is done, he spends approximately 15 minutes just rambling about how cool it is, and showing it off to everyone that’ll look at it in the shop. takes like 20 selfies to spam the group chat with because guys look at this badass tattoo I just got with y/n

+ after the fact, he helps make sure his s/o is taking proper care of their healing tattoo, and he’s so, so happy with his.

+ maybe we should get more later, that was definitely an experience!

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So this is for my friend who absolutely loves Kisame, you know that giant mountain of a shark man but she's 4'9 so could I please have some SFW/NSFW (if you can think of any NSFW) of Kisame with a smol S/O

Kisame with a Smol S/O

Originally posted by mangekyorasengan


• Being the love of his love doesn’t excuse your head from being his personal arm rest, and he won’t ever be sorry about it. He imagines the top of your head being an on/off switch – where when you’re lecturing him on something he has done, or in most cases what he hasn’t done, he places a hand on top of you and casual ruffles your hair, practically dismissing you. It isn’t until you reach up and drag him to your level by the scruff of his neck is when you’ll take you serious. ‘Scary…’

• He develops these urges to carrying you, making jokes that you’re pocket sized and he want to take you everywhere – which he is mostly serious unbeknownst to you. He grows inflated with the height difference, though he would never openly admit it outside of his satire. Sometimes he’ll take the jokes a little to far, but it’s nothing a display of strength and pulling him down by whatever means won’t fix. It’ll usually keeps him in line for a while.


• Kisame will always manhandle you; not as strongly compared to someone who’s taller, but he’s not going to discriminate. That being said he loves hoisting you up and having your legs rest on his shoulders while his face has full view of your sex. Mind you he’s still standing while doing this. Once at the finale he drops you onto the bed while still going at it, so you better hold on!

• There’s also times where he wants to sit back and have you ride him just so he can gawk over the size difference, becoming more aroused by the thought of you trying to handle all he’s packing. He’ll never finish that way unless you implore him, oh no. Instead he’ll flip you over and have you writhing below as you try to grasp onto him – he loves seeing that much more.

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(I wanna sin but I have no idea what to request about it ;-; so...) May I request some headcanons with Dazai, Chuuya and Kunikida (if it's not too much) with an over-emotional s/o who cries at any movie or disney (sad and really happy moments ?) and I life in general ^^' If it's not done yet obviously ^^' I hope everything is better with this new blog ! GL and ily ♥♥



• Your range of emotions are one of the reasons Dazai loves being around you. For a man who doesn’t exactly have many waves of happiness Dazai loves the feeling he gets when you’re in a super happy mood because it just seems to radiate onto him and make life ten times better. At first he thought maybe you were doing something similar to what he does, the acting and over-dramatizing to keep people fooled, but once he realized you were just a natural ball of emotion he began watching you more and more as time went on.

• Dazai loves how excited you get about little things, and finds your surprise/excited face heart-wrenchingly cute. He’s often surprising you with small gifts or an impromptu date in the middle of the day just to put that sparkle in your eyes when you’re happy about something. Though, the first time he notices that extra shine and smile when you wake up next to him his heart flutters into his throat. Knowing he makes you that happy just by being there brings a very old feeling of acceptance back to him—a feeling he only got around Odasaku all those years ago.

• On the reverse your heavy emotions when anything a little sad happens throws Dazai for a loop. He’s not entirely sure how to handle extreme crying over a movie or something sad you read online—and when his go-to moves to make you laugh don’t work he gets frustrated. Usually he pulls you into a tight hug and cuddles you until you’ve stopped crying, but if you’re in a real mess of a crying spout he tries soothing you with distractions and tries to ‘kiss your sadness away’.

• Child-like wonderment isn’t something Dazai ever experienced himself, and so he decides to live it vicariously through you. He’s often throwing you in situations that will invite that extreme high. He watches your interaction with whatever thing he’s taken you too—a theme park, a brand new exhibit in an art gallery, a concert, the ballet—even if he isn’t enjoying what’s happening around him he’s completely addicted to watching your reactions.


• Chuuya understands bursts of negative emotions, like anger, but he’s completely thrown off when you break down over something that happened in a movie. At first he thinks something is seriously wrong or that you’ve been holding back from telling him about a problem and he instantly dives into protection mode and starts asking whose ass he needs to kick. Once he gets a solid answer from you he’s a bit perplexed but nonetheless pulls you into his arms and tells you there’s no reason to get so worked up over a movie.

• Little spur of the moment gifts are Chuuya’s style, and he’s even more inclined to give you little things for no reason just to watch your face light up. Watching you ignites a horde of butterflies in his stomach, even if he just brought home a bouquet of roses on his way home.  Knowing you really love how he treats you makes Chuuya’s pride soar as a boyfriend, and some days when he needs a pick-me-up from a rough day he gets you a box of your favorite chocolates or a new pair of earrings (depending on how shitty his day really was) just so he can revel in your smile and adoration of him when he gives it to you.

• When you get overwhelmed Chuuya gets a bit worrisome because he knows stress can elevate you’re already high-risk emotions. Despite how well you handle your own life and issues Chuuya tries to lift any extra strain off you whether it’s hiring someone to come clean the penthouse, taking over finances by paying everything for you (if he isn’t already), and anything else that could be causing you stress. The last thing he wants is for you to break down crying over something he can manage without a hassle, but if you do he scoops you up in his arms for a nap while humming your favorite song to help calm you down.

• Chuuya loves that you jump in his arms when you get excited or happy about something, especially in public. He’ll swing you around if he’s been away on a mission for a while and you jump on him right when he gets home, or if you’re out somewhere and he wins you a silly stuffed animal from a shooting game he squeezes you tight and peppers kisses on your neck. Hearing you laugh and making you smile from ear to ear is one of Chuuya’s favorite things to do, and it makes him feel a little more normal.


• Kunikida is very in control of his emotions (most of the time, unless Dazai is there fucking shit up) and to have you be all over the place is a bit frustrating at first. He doesn’t understand the reaction therefore it’s hard for him to react properly, and at first he feels a bit intimidated by the outbursts whether they’re good or bad. He doesn’t want to stop you from being who you are or hurt your feelings and it takes him a while before he’s used to the consistent range of emotions.

• Once he catches on to the things that trigger crying or feelings of sadness Kunikida tries his best to avoid every single thing. He constantly coaxes you out of watching shows or movies where something tragic happens or ‘accidentally’ changes the channel when the news is covering something tragic. It’s not that he doesn’t want to deal with your reactions he just really hates to see you upset about anything, especially if he can’t do anything to change the situation.

• If he ever does anything to warrant the extreme happiness flowing through your veins he tries not to act like he eats it up inside. Doing something as simple as laundry or buying a little keychain he saw that reminded him of you while he was out of town on a mission doesn’t warrant such a brilliantly happy reaction, but Kunikida loves it anyways. His rational thinking tells him its unnecessary, but the part that loves the way you kiss him deeply for something so trivial kicks that way of thinking right in the ass. Why not enjoy the affection?

• Kunikida knows it’s hard for you when he leaves, but in situations where he’s going to be gone for a few days the lead up is agonizing. He keeps picturing the hurt look on your face when he tells you, the sad sniffles in the other room when he’s packing, and the tears falling when he goes to leave. He’s a nervous wreck before he even tells you and it breaks his heart every time even if he knows you understand that he has to go for work. 

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What would ut/uf sans and us/sf paps reaction to their S/o slapping some sense to the genocide child. They made them reset then as the non murdering child comes out of the ruins, s/o pops out of nowhere and breaks the reset button. The s/o looks at their man and say "ur stuck with me now bone boy" (I was very tempted to type bone daddy... many thanks)

UT! Sans: do you have any idea what you’ve just done? You just made all the bad things go away. You’re an angel. He’s gonna break down and start sobbing uncontrollably, while clinging to you and sobbing out things like “i want to be stuck with you!” and a bunch of “i love you”s. You are literally his savior. He can’t breathe right, and it’s concerning. He’ll teleport you to his bed and claim you that night if he hadn’t already.

UF! Sans: at first, he’s frozen. He isn’t moving, and it doesn’t even look like he’s breathing. Grab his face so he realizes he isn’t dreaming. He refuses to break down in front of Frisk, so he teleports you to his house, where he holds you tightly and slides down the wall so you’re sitting in his lap, and he sobs, loudly. It’s finally over. You’re really all his now. He doesn’t have to worry about you forgetting anymore.

US! Paps: he never cries in front of people, but you’re an exception. He doesn’t wanna cry in front of Chara, so he’ll throw you over his shoulder and take you into the woods where he finally starts to sob and thank you, holding you against him. You have no idea how much anxiety you just made disappear. He’s free to actually live his life now.

SF! Paps: he starts laughing. It’s loud and genuine laughter that quickly turns to choked up and broken sobs. It was that easy? No way. Hold him while he cries please, and then let him finally move on from this bullshit. He’s so tired of living this over and over again. Your new nickname is Angel, and he’s so happy to be stuck with you.

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Hey! Could you write something about McCree, Symmetra, and DVa coming home after a long day and surprised by their s/o who cooked up a huge meal for dinner? (note: the s/o is not the best cook but is trying really hard)


Jesse sighed as he entered the worn apartment and hung his signature cowboy hat on the coat rack - same with his serape. He was so tired from the day, he barely even recognized the smell of home-made cooking that entered his nose. When he did come to his senses enough to notice, he raised a curious brow.

“[Name]?” he called into the kitchen, leaning on the doorframe. There was no answer, only a noise of dishes clattering. He leaned down to remove his boots before entering the room. “[Name]?” he repeated, softer now.

He was surprised to find his s/o standing by a set table, an apron over their clothes as they greeted Jesse with a smile. A remnant of soap from washing dishes was attached to their cheek, but they didn’t seem to notice.

“Welcome home,” they said happily as they pulled back a chair, signing for Jesse to sit down.

It took a moment for Jesse to take it all in. His s/o had cooked dinner for them both while he was away, clearly. The strange part was that his s/o didn’t actually know how to cook. As he looked at the table, though, it was clear they had put in a lot of effort.

It was only when Jesse noticed the silence seemed to be getting to his s/o that he spoke.

“Well darlin’, if I woulda known what kind'ov'a treat was waitin’ for me here, I woulda come home sooner,” he stated with his mouth drawn into a smirk as he approached the chair. He stopped before he would sit down, and smoothly brushed the speck of soap off from his s/o’s cheek with his thumb. “I didn’t know you cooked.”

As Jesse sank into his chair, his s/o tried not to blush madly at the cowboy’s antics as they circled to the other side of the table. Their thoughts were a mess now, and it showed as they tried to speak.

“Ahh, erm, I don’t… That is, I don’t usually,” they started, trying to gather themself mid-explanation, “but I thought I should start, since you’re the one who always has to cook.” They fumbled with their fork for a moment, and Jesse watched, endeared.

“Ya don’t hav'ta, darlin’, but you should know it’s appreciated,” he beamed as he grabbed his own fork and knife, looking down at the well cooked steak his partner had made. Jesse was starving, and it smelled really good.

“The food’s not just a decoration, you know,” his s/o reminded with a smile. Jesse didn’t need to be told twice, and he started cutting down the meat. Though he didn’t really think about it, there seemed to be a tad of nervousness on his lover’s features.

As he bit into it, chewed, then swallowed, it quickly became clear why his s/o had been nervous. There really wasn’t as much of a taste to the food as one would wish – it was apparent they’d been overly careful with any spices. Yet, Jesse lifted his gaze to meet theirs, grinning widely.

“Well, if I’d known that you’d learn to cook when we were goin’ out the first time, I woulda married ya on the spot, Sugar~” he teased, earning a crimson blush from his lover as soon as that was said. They stuttered something that couldn’t be made out, eyes firmly on the table, before coming up with a coherent response.

“…It, err, it’s not too plain, is it?” they said, wishing to redirect the conversation. Damn this man and his Southern charm.

“Honey, I’d eat anything you cooked me,” came the eased response in between bites. His s/o sighed and looked up, remnants of a blush still there.

“So it is.”

“Still eatin’ it, though,” the man grinned. He was never the one to turn up his nose to a dinner made for him. Especially one made by someone as adorable as his s/o.

“I’ll make it spicier next time,” they soon responded, some of Jesse’s smile catching onto them, too.


She knew something was going on when her s/o texted her during work.

Don’t stay overtime, I have a surprise for you!

Satya disliked surprises, so she was naturally worried upon receiving the text. Luckily she could make an educated guess on what the surprise was about. Her s/o had done the same thing several times now.

As she returned to their apartment, she left het coat and shoes in the closet, making sure there was no dirt on the floor with a quick glance. Then she proceeded farther, nearly running into her s/o as they met in the hallway.

“Welcome home – your surprise is in the kitchen!” her s/o greeted, stepping aside and waiting for Satya to pass them. She did, with a slight smile and a roll of her eyes.

“Don’t tell me, you’ve been cooking again,” she guessed easily, and her s/o let out a short chuckle.

“You’ll see in the kitchen, won’t you?” they reminded, following their lover until they reached the room.

Satya immediately noticed the dimmed lights and the candles all around the room, some of them giving off a fresh scent. They were all neatly positioned on the table and any other counter available, illuminating the dishes of food her s/o had made.

“Surprise!” they exclaimed happily.

“It’s not much of a surprise if I know to expect it,” Satya mused in response, then placed a kiss to the corner of her s/o’s mouth. “Let me go wash my hands first.”

A couple minutes later both of them were seated at the table, and Satya was staring at her plate. Her s/o was slightly impatient, glancing between their lover and their own food.

“It took me a while to make,” they said, filling the empty air. Satya gave a soft hum in response. The food looked suspiciously attractive – it was constructed beautifully, unlike anything her s/o had done before.

She took a bite of it, only to find out what she’d feared. Her s/o had completely sacrificed the taste for a beautiful appearance. She swallowed slowly, seeing that her lover was staring.

“You’ve gotten better?” she offered kindly. Her s/o sighed and showed a brief smirk.

“I ordered something from your favorite restaurant just incase,” they said as they got up to take something out of the fridge. “It appears I still need a lot of practise.”

“Hmm, I can help you, as long as you promise not to make a mess,” Satya chuckled, not arguing about having something else.


There was a note on the door of her bedroom. It was a pink post-it note, and someone had written on it with a blue marker:

Come to the backyard!

It was strange to find such a note, and Hana couldn’t exactly recognize the handwriting. However, she complied, dropping her bag into her room before following the note’s directions.

When she reached their backyard, she instantly saw that her s/o was sitting near the pool. There was a cloth under them, separating them from the grass, and all kinds of food laid all around it. Hana’s lips twisted into a wide grin, and she waved to her s/o.

“[Name]! A surprise picnic? No way!” she exclaimed excitedly as she made her way to the blanket, seating herself down onto the empty spot. Her s/o’s smile matched hers.

“I knew you’d be back from training at this time, so I thought I’d surprise you,” they immediately explained, surprised when Hana leaned in for a brief kiss and almost cut them off.

“You are the best,” she stated before grabbing a sandwich and instantly taking a bite. This was exactly what she needed after a long day. But as she kept eating it, she noticed there seemed to be something wrong with it. “Umm, [Name]? How much mayo is in this?”

“Ahh, crap! Did I put in too much?” they cursed, rubbing the back of their head regretfully. “I’m still new to this cooking thing.”

It wasn’t hard to guess everything else on the blanket was of the same quality, and Hana paused to look at it all, thoughtful. She looked back up at her s/o, seeing that this was getting them down. That wasn’t acceptable, of course.

“You know what? One sandwich is not enough!” she said as she picked up another, finishing her current one as quickly as she could. Her s/o was surprised yet again.

“Hana, stop, don’t eat it…!” they chuckled, trying to steal the yet-to-be-eaten sandwich from her hands, only to have her dodge. “If it’s bad, we can just get pizza,” they reasoned.

“No! I want to eat absolutely everything you’ve cooked, all the way from the sandwiches to that cake! And I bet I’ll enjoy it all,” she stated firmly, a coy smile on her lips as she bit into the bread.

After a moment of disbelief, her s/o released a sigh. They were still smiling, just like her.

“Alright, you win. But if you get food poisoning or something, it’ll be your own fault,” they argued weakly, only causing Hana to eat in a more rapid pace.

“I know you wouldn’t poison me~” she sang, winking as she picked up a cupcake into her free hand.

–Mod Evie

Anonymous said: Hello! Oh gosh, did you read the upd8 yet? What did you think about it and would you ever consider doing the draw of Dave hugging Dirk because I am not over it i am crying holy shIT! ;3;;;
Anonymous said: could you draw the upd8 where the striders r hugging? bc i love your arts so much 

Super late to the party but I just had to doodle a little something for it. This must have been one of my favourite upd8s this year ahhh ;o;