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Jamie Dornan as Tarzan; Felicity Jones as Jane Porter; John Cleese as Archimedes Q. Porter; Tom Hardy as John Clayton

Ruth Negga as Kala; Chiwetel Ejiofor as Kerchak; Danielle Brooks as Terk; Jason Segel as Tantor

Rose Leslie as Tarzan’s Mother; Clive Standen as Tarzan’s Father; Levi Miller as Young Tarzan

so i kinda checked out of DC’s comics-verse for a couple of years there (Batman in particular), cause there were other things i was interested in.  and then i check back in, catch up on reading and–

oh my god?? oH My gOD??????

Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain are back??

Kate Kane is back???


there are TWO NEW BATCHILDREN OH M Y  G O D   ?   ?????

like it was just the happiest moment of my life.  duke and harper are such cool characters and now i’m just…. like integrate them into everything IMMEDIATELY please.  we now have 8-9 batchildren.  EIGHT TO NINE OF THEM.  i’m in heaven, this is everything I’ve ever wanted out of life.  


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why is this so accurate

mewlicent replied to your post “whats some of your fave mendo moments from movies :o”

OkAY BUT YOU FORGOT Danny’s little bare ass, and HE DIES IN IDIOT BOX???

sanctuarytrin replied to your post “whats some of your fave mendo moments from movies :o”

omg I love that M.G. “everyone” moment too it’s so brilliant. (also BLESS for those ass shots)

mrsjadecurtiss replied to your post “whats some of your fave mendo moments from movies :o”

the austarlia and idiot box scenes are probably my fav from your selection :D

mrsjadecurtiss replied to your post “whats some of your fave mendo moments from movies :o”

i love that gif from kate…..

mrsjadecurtiss replied to your post “whats some of your fave mendo moments from movies :o”


ben-mendelsohn-trash replied to your post “whats some of your fave mendo moments from movies :o”

You forgot the one shot of his ass from bloodline!

@ben-mendelsohn-trash and @mewlicent :’D okaaayyyyy okay sorry, here you go:

also @mewlicent that’s just tomato sauce, he’s fine :DDDD

@jynnicsanctuary RIGHT????? It’s such a short little moment, but I just loooove how he played that.

@mrsjadecurtiss he’s too pretty for his own good in Kate. Also yaaass idiot box and sweet emmett dutton :’’D

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Top 5 Sansa Stark moments/quotes?

o m g bless u literally all of them okay hmm off the top of my head:


  • the whole “a pure world…i do not belong here” it’s gorgeous
  • “If I am ever a queen, I’ll make them love me.“ i just think it’s such a huge signal of her character, she prefers love to hate and fear and she’s just the best man
  • “My skin has turned to porcelain, to ivory, to steel.
  • “I never asked to play. The game was too dangerous. One slip and I am dead.”
  • ‘Be brave, she told herself. Be brave, like a lady in a song.”


  • 1x10 when joffrey torments her and the whole “Or maybe he’ll give me yours” bit i just wow
  • 2x04 idk where she maintains that she is loyal to joffrey even tho he’s humiliating and abusing her and she despises him and idk i love her and she’s so fucking strong
  • 4x01where she and tyrion are talking and she has her “I don’t pray anymore” moment i just wanna hug her
  • 4x07 where she rebuilds winterfell (excluding robin lmao let’s just,,not)
  • 6x05 with the whole “a monster has taken our home…” idk i just love her

ask my top 5 anything!!!

@starsxmemoriesinthesky || cont.

every moment he sees caitlin like this is painful, and her cold looks and tone of voice hurt even more, but he stays calm, eyes locked on hers. ‘ then do it.’ he challenges her. there’s not a doubt in his mind that if she wants to do it, she will, but a large part of him believes that she d o e s still care about him. you want me dead so bad, KILLER FROST? then kill me. i’m right here.  he takes a step forwards.  but if there’s a n y part of you left that still cares about me then i just want you to know one thing – i’m not giving up on you. i know this is a part of you, and it always will be – but that doesn’t mean it has to control your entire life. 

What the signs write in their diary

Aries: dear diary, today I found out this bitch was talkin shit about me so later on we’re gonna meet in the back of the park and fight. Talk shit, get hit😌👏🏽
P.s. I’m gonna bring my taser and brass knuckles just to make sure I win because…I always win.

Taurus: dear diary, today has just been horrible! I woke up with a craving for chocolate brownies, pizza, strawberry ice cream, carrot cake, chicken nuggets, and waffles but I don’t have any😭😩 why am I so poor!? Why don’t I have a job?! Why can’t I get paid for being chill asf and doing nothing like the Kardashians?!?

Gemini: dear diary, you are NOT going to believe what I heard today. So I heard from Lisa who heard from Brad who heard from Ashley who heard form Kendall who heard for Mikey who heard from Sandra who heard from Nathan who heard from Barbara that Casey, who’s cousins with Giana, cheated on her fourth boyfriend Dave with Ben and Dave found out from his friend Jake and then he told Barbara and then Barbara told Nathan who told Sandra who told Mikey who told Kendall who told Ashley who told Brad who told Lisa and then Lisa told me. And now I’m telling you.😊

Cancer: dear diary, today was a good day till I found out the love of my life haS A GIRLFRIEND💔😭 I’m just gonna cry myself to sleep in this little corner with my chocolate Hershey’s kisses…sINCE I WILL NEVER GET REAL KISSES FROM HIM FML. NOBODY LOVES ME AND I’LL NEVER BE ‘RELATIONSHIP GOALS’ AND ILL NEVER BE MARRIED AND I’LL NEVER BE ABLE TO GIVE MY MOM GRANDKIDS LIKE SHES ALWAYS DREAMED *more loud wailing from the little corner*

Leo: dear diary, wowowowowoWOW!!! Today I wore those nice expensive jeans to school today and I got SOOOOO MANY COMPLIMENTS ON MY ASS. “Oh Leo, have you been doing squats?” “Leo your butt looks ahmazing!” On the outside I was all like “aw really?☺️ thanks guys” but on the inside I was like I KNOW IT DOES FUCKERS THAAANKSSS. Damn why did God bless me with these divine aesthetics? Thanks to him I have no one to compete with because I’m the best💁 how unfortunate for me.

Virgo: dear diary, I cannot take one more fucking day at the hell hole I call school. The lunch is disgusting—lunch ladies trying to give me salmonella—, the teachers are as annoying as the zoo animal students, and don’t even get me sTARTED WITH THE OVERALL CLEANLINESS. THE DAMN SCHOOL IS FILTHY. I CATCH HERPES BY JUST BREATHING IN THE AIR EW EVEN THE NURSE’S OFFICE NEEDS TO BE QUARANTINED

Libra: dear diary, today I had freaking detention because I was late to school. But it wasn’t really my fault! You see, I had my outfit all planned out but then I saw my blue shirt and I thought ‘hm that would look really nice with my outfit’ but the red shirt I originally picked out looked good too so I kept thinking blue…or red? Blue…or red. Blue? Red? Blue? Red? Blue? Red? Blue? Red? Blue? Red? So…47 minutes later, I decided to go with purple, and that’s why I was late. So, it wasn’t really my fault at all! It was the colors fault! But whatever. At least I looked good sitting in detention.

Scorpio: dear diary, for a while now I’ve been pretty paranoid about this chick in my English class who’s been eyeing me down all suspicious. And, when I really thought about it, she started looking at me like that the day after I did that unspeakable thing in my room in the pitch black darkness. I think she climbed my tree and watched me with binoculars through my window. And she’s been texting me like things like “hey” “hey Scorpio” “hello” “Scorpio”. She obviously knows something. She’s on to me

Oh wait. 😅Haha she just texted me saying that she’s been trying to contact me about our project in English. Guess I was wrong, haha.

She still can’t be trusted.

Sagittarius: dear diary, last night I threw a wild party! So the night started out with me all alone until I decided, hey why not throw a party? I mean it was Tuesday and you know how the club goes up on Tuesdays so why can’t my house? Anyways I just invited everyone on my contacts list and walked a few blocks yelling out “COME TO MY HOUSE PARTY” and what do you know? Everyone did😏 Even that old hobo Phil came and partied with us. I mean he may have brought some illegal drugs but what’s it matter? The guys is just trying to have fun! And I don’t blame him; even if the drugs did get us shut down by the cops. Even if it got me arrested and thrown into jail. Even if I’ll be here for who knows how long with this annoying guy playing his harmonica. Even if my parents visited me and said I’m grounded for 41 years. Cause I mean, on the bright side, it was an amazing ass party.

Capricorn: dear diary, I’m going to work myself to death tonight with homework. I swear my heart is going to stop beating in the middle of me solving a calculus problem. I’m miserable, but I’m going to suck it up because I was born to be successful and successful is what I’ll be. So tonight, in all, I have to do calc homework, English homework, physics homework, business homework, health homework, and home decor oMG HOME DECOR😖 I HAVE A B+! I AM A FAILURE AT LIFE, A WASTE OF SPERM! HOW DO I EXPECT TO BE THE BEST DOCTOR IN THE UNIVERSE WITH A B+ IN HOME DECOR😭 IM GONNA BE A HOBO IN THE STREET BEGGING FOR PENNIES

Aquarius: dear diary, you are my first diary. I never thought I’d have a diary but here I am…haha. What do I even write about in this thing? Um so I guess I’m gonna use you confess my deepest feelings since I can’t even whisper them without feeling like the world knows that I am a vulnerable weakling. It would be nice to get them out of my head and onto paper, so here goes
*Aquarius gets mental constipation because he starts to analyze his feelings and gets confused because does he really feel this way? Are feelings real? What even are feelings? He also realizes that not even paper can be trusted with his feelings. He puts the pen down, closes the diary, and burns it because no soul should ever find out that he tried to write out his….*shivers* emotions. Yuck*

Pisces: dear diary, O M G! me and my crush TOTES had a moment! He said my name!! EEP! I ‘accidentally’ bumped into him and he was all like “oh, sorry, Pisces.” I almost PISSED MYSELF! We held eye contact for like .000037393 seconds and I think he’s in love with me because, you know, love at first sight. And in his beautiful eyes, I saw our future. We’re going to get married right by the ocean, live in a beach house castle and have 5 kids. I’ll be the perfect princess and he’ll be my perfect prince, and sigh…we’ll have the perfect life. Now all I have to do, is make it real by getting him to look .00062828 more seconds into my eyes. That way I’ll know that it’s true love. Like in the movies.❤️❤️

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New York Book Clutch

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Jean Mine glittered acrylic box clutch

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