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a soft and beautiful man and the sharp asshole that lives in his house

Angry Omega Headcanons

-When an Omega is mad at their Alpha they will hide away in their nest because they know the Alpha wouldn’t dare approach the nest when they are not at all welcome in or even near it, so the Alpha will sit out in the hallway and try to calm the Omega from there

-Omegas are probably quicker to anger than Alphas because they are more sensitive

-If a mother Omega’s pups are threatened the Omega will become a raging mess until they feel sure that the pups are no longer in any danger

-Omegas get angry when their intelligence is insulted, because Omegas are literally known for their intelligence and they become so frustrated when an Alpha only compliments their looks

-Angry Omegas tend to pour all of their aggressive energy into thoroughly scrubbing and rearranging their home, which is fine until they are eight months pregnant and their mate is freaking out because “You are going to fall and hurt yourself and oh my god! You get off that ladder right now the dusting can wait!”

-Unmated Omegas growling at Alphas who refuse to take no for an answer, in some cases an Omega’s growl can be scarier than an Alpha’s

-Omegas are very possessive so if they see other Omegas blatantly flirting with their Alpha they will become livid and drag their Alpha home with a growl…this usually ends up with rough fucking on whatever surface the Omega settles on first

-Pregnant Omegas get mad easily if their Alpha is coddling them too much and they end up snapping frequently until their Alpha figures out that they need to tone it down a bit

-If an Omega is mad at their Alpha they will be extra attentive and coy and try very hard to make sure that their Alpha is extremely turned on…then they’ll get up and walk away and leave their mate sitting there trying to figure out what the hell they did wrong this time

-Omegas get very annoyed when people are around their nest, or even if their Alpha goes digging around where they store their nesting materials and sometimes they act really petty and give their Alpha the silent treatment because of it

{What If} Templar Jacob Frye x S/O

{For some reason I cannot stop thinking about ‘what if’ with Jacob Frye being a Templar and being the one in control of London with his sister and not Starrick, and all the crap he’d try to do just to make his s/o happy—using his 40 y/o self for the thought as it would make more sense for this mindless brief drabble before bed.}

“I would give you everything you ask for and more,” insisted Jacob, grabbing at his lover’s arms as he held her tightly in place there against the wall of the corridor she was so intent to try and leave him by. “I have that power to grant you anything you desire.”

She shook her head, moving his hand away from her face with a discontent wrinkle of her brow. “It is not power that can give me the love I truly want, Mr. Frye,” she whispered, her tone harboring on heartbreak. “All I want is for you to love me without the aid of control and trinkets that you wish to give me.”

“I do love you!” Jacob’s words escaped through his clenched teeth as he desperately held her hands close to his chest. “Soon, the Piece of Eden will be mine, and I can—!”

“Again with that,” she interrupted with a heavy sigh, moving his touch from her own and trying to escape his grasp only to have him grip upon her upper arm to keep her still. “Jacob, you just don’t understand…it isn’t that which will make me happy!”

“What do you wish of me to give then?” Jacob questioned, nearly on his knees begging as he hated seeing her so unsatisfied with everything he had tried to do to make her happy. “I gave you freedom from the streets of London, and I trained you well in terms of weaponry…” He sighed, shaking his head. “What have I done to make you resent me so?”

She pulled her hands back from his touch, backing up slowly with a regretful look. “You became as this: a man…obsessed with power and trying to feed it upon others in hopes they will love and admire you…” She hated to say these words out in the open, and her lips quivered as she did so. “You force it down my throat in hopes I will see you as the god of my world, and Jacob Frye…you were once that until you climbed higher upon this ladder of madness.”

When she spoke such honesty, Jacob recoiled—bowing his head in regret at that confession from the woman he adored.

“When you’ve regained your true self, Mr. Frye,” she began, tears beginning to scar her cheeks upon their pathway down to her chin, “you will know where to find me, but until then, I—.” She paused, swallowed harshly to try and prevent her sadness from damning her choice of words. “—I cannot bother to be near you right now.”

Alpha Parent Headcanons

-Alphas holding their newborn pups bundled against their chest and crooning softly

-Wrestling with their Alpha children and playing dolls with their Omega children

-Having a weird fascination with watching their Omega feed their newborns

-Helping coach their Omega child’s sports team as an excuse to be close by to help them if something happens

-Thoroughly scenting both their Omega and their pups before taking them out in public because they feel extra protective/possessive for the first few months

-Being very protective when it comes to the kind of friends their Omega children make

-Alpha parents being very weak to their pup’s tears no matter the dynamic

-Big powerful Alphas being made to sit still as their pup’s tie ribbons in their hair, ignoring the smirk on their mate’s face as they watch and agree that “yes, daddy does look very pretty”

-Being most content when all their pup’s somehow end up tucked in bed between them and their mate, having all the Alphas most precious people in one warm and secure place

-Sulking and brooding once their Omega children are old enough to start considering potential Alphas and being extremely intimidating when introduced to them

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Hi may I request a sceniro where Dazai and his future S/o are riding the train and they fall asleep on his shoulder and Dazai is suddenly struck with the realization that he loves them

The train bumped around, bobbing her head left and right playfully, before finally letting it rest on his shoulder. He looked down to face her, a smirk in his face as his mind filled with plans of teasing the poor victim later, until something pulled onto his heart.

The way she looked so peaceful and yet so beautiful even unconscious, the way her (s/o/h/c)-hair flowed down so naturally down her shoulders, the way-

Ah, this must be love.

He never thought he’d ever feel this kind of emotion, but here it was, residing in his heart and refusing to get out.

He looked away from her, the smirk on his lips now turned into a gentle smile, though his shoulder didn’t flinch even the slightest, careful not to wake the sleeping beauty.

Redraw | Rahkeid Dragneel - Chapter 494

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matt tears up whenever he types “ily” g od matts so sweet and good ahdbsdbsjbdhdbvvjfhbd guys im so in love

hERES ZARYA with roses n chrysanthemums (тбх я поорала когда увидела эти хризантемы они идеальны для неё)

ALSO FUN FACT ABT THE BG COLOR: i once had a dream that ended in a phrase “honey, thats a lesbian color” n since then i wanted to draw zarya with it