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If you’re a supporter of O.llie or J.ordan I will have no problem asking you to stop reblogging my resources and psa’s! I don’t need that garbage in my life and most of all you don’t deserve any of my resources!

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I'm making a comparison that no matter who it is they dont deserve to be doxxed. Just because he's slightly more bad than Cee doesn't mean you can justify it in one case and not in another. You are a hypocrite and I hate the fact I followed you.

||: let’s recap here.

so, r.ape and assault and manipulation is only slightly more bad than someone taking a screenshot of writing and making fun of it? one set of these is illegal and one is just rude.

i’ve already said that i never condoned o.llie being doxxed but that i just didn’t care about whether or not he felt safe on tumblr. because, you forget nonniepoo, i’m one of the people he attacked and threatened.

and lastly, i hate the fact that you followed me, too :/
there’s an unfollow button. make use of it.  

Shit!” Oliver cursed as he turned a corner with a huge stack of official documents, only to crash into somebody, causing a small hurricane of paper to go flying. He wasn’t usually this flustered, but after a meeting with the Royal Council (of assholes, he added mentally), Oliver did not have the energy to be the composed guy he was. Without looking to see who it was, he raked his hands through his already ruffled hair before kneeling to pick up everything he was supposed to take to the princess, who, coincidentally, was his best friend. 

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Anyways you and Brogen are disgusting for calling young children rapists and excusing someone like Cee for being shitty and I honestly hope you choke or get run over. If you aren't going to care that a child could be in danger I won't care if you are. Be ashamed.

||: okay, o.llie
hey, @sagalion . we’ve got a ton of love here. 

1) not a young child. literal r.apist. he admitted it himself.

2) no one excused cee’s behavior, but okay jan.

3) i have nothing to be ashamed of. but you should. you and your veiled death threats.

enjoy being a piece of shit