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Tsukihina "Stop trying to cheer me up!"

“Stop trying to cheer me up!”

“Why not?” Tsukishima said with a small grin, holding up a meat bun to Hinata’s mouth. Hinata pouted at it, but then reached out only for Tsukishima to pull it away until he opened his mouth so he could feed him.

“If mph shoph tng wog,” Hinata mumbled, mouth stuffed with food. His cheeks were all puffed out and Tsukishima struggled not to squash his cute face in his hands and kiss him.

“What was that?”

“I said,” Hinata swallowed his food, “It doesn’t matter to you anyway, so you don’t have to make me feel better.”

“Yeah,” Tsukishima agreed, giving Hinata another bite and ruffling his hair, “I don’t care about you and the king’s stupid rivalry. But if you think I don’t care about you being upset, then you really are just as stupid as he says.”

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Can we please stop spreading the idea that Bob compared his relationship with Echo to his relationship with Octavia?

He said that Echo UNDERSTANDS something about his relationship to Octavia and there’s a part of her that he is drawn to.

He DIDN’T say she was LIKE his sister. This idea is spreading like wildfire and his words are getting twisted. I just don’t want people to be disappointed and confused when this statement turns out not to be true to canon.

Autumn ride together 🍂 Where are they going? 🍁

Happy Father’s Day!

they’re dressed as lions bc they’re the pride of the family

adding more to the tsukkiyama parent AU~


“Poor little queen…”

Since I love my wife, I had to draw her in my interpretation of what she’d wear in the Fateswap AU. I have a whole boatload of ideas for how it’d go, but that’s for later.

Some extra reference pics ✨

  • Hinata: I h a t e Kageyama
  • Yachi: Why? You're always together. If you're not playing volleyball, you're going out to ea-
  • Hinata: How do you know we go out to eat?
  • Yachi: Y-
  • Hinata: How much have you seen?
  • Yachi: A lot?
  • Hinata: KAGEYAMA!!!
  • Kageyama: What do you want du-
  • Hinata: S h e k n o w s
  • Kageyama: H o l y-
  • Yachi: You don't even hide it you idiots. Literally everyone on the team just assumes you're dating.
  • Hinata: c r a p
  • Kageyama: f u c k
  • Hinata: Don't cuss
  • Kageyama: Oh, I'm sorry *hugs Hinata*
  • Yachi: how the crap do you guys not expect us to think you're dating?
  • Kageyama and Hinata: h u h ?