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lala my babe what are your unpopular opinions about the harry potter fandom?

omg. what aren’t they? nina, you know the right questions to ask. i’m literally so salty about everything in the books. tbh this is gonna turn more into an anti jkr post so if anyone is sensitive about rowling hate, scroll down.

  • jkr is such a terrible “feminist” as she calls herself, because she treats her female characters so poorly.
  • cho is just basically treated like shit because she’s soft and gentle? like, way to be a hypocrite, rowling (she called lewis a sexist for his treatment of susan and hasn’t even read the books and she’s literally doing the same exact shit).
  • she didn’t bat an eyelash when lavender brown, a explicitly described as black, was whitewashed in the films, it’s not like she treated lavender any better as she killed lavender off in the battle of hogwarts but there you go.
  • she hated and mistreated pansy just because she’s a nasty slytherin girl, like, that’s a child, have her grow up, have her learn from her mistakes, have her develop, who the hell hurt you so much that you can’t give a girl like pansy a redemption arc???
  • tonks deserved so much better but the fuck with that incest shit with her crushing on her cousin (in a pottermore story)?? like, damn, guess i know now where cc came up with her incest obsession.
  • the patil twins are basically ignored by rowling. they’re kind of there for woc brownie points but rowling couldn’t even be bothered to confirm whether the twins died or not at the end of the battle of hogwarts.
  • hermione is literally the worst. i hate hermione so much. she’s just so annoying and so high and mighty and it’s like, fuck off, nobody cares.
  • in the entire series there are about 15 poc characters (angelina johnson, alicia spinnet, bane the centaur, blaise zabini, cho, dean, duncan inglebee, fred weasley ii, gweong jones, kingsley shacklebolt, lavender brown, lee jordan, padma and parvati patil, and roxanne) and only a handful of them even have speaking lines. there are a total of 772 characters. only 15 have been worth being mentioned as poc, even less than that even have speaking roles. gonna let that speak for itself.
  • rowling literally fucking apologized for snape’s death and i’m like, the death of a white supremacist parallel, bullying, prejudiced, narrow-minded man who fucking hated kids that he worked with and didn’t give a damn about the child of the woman that he was fucking obsessed over (do not give me that “but he was james’s son so snape wasn’t obligated to like harry” bullshit, snape could totally have had harry close to him as his last tie to lily and could have tried to protect harry as that would have been lily’s wish). i understand that it’s tradition to apologize for some death on the anniversary of the war or whatever but maybe you should apologize for deaths of characters that weren’t such assholes???
  • also, the fact that rowling could give such a shitty guy a redemption arc (that a lot of people in the fandom fawn over!!!) yet draco, a child, was mistreated and straight up hated by rowling just because he grew up in a bigoted, close-minded household and didn’t know any better and ended up in slytherin and only continued to follow voldemort out of fear for voldie and his father and he’s such a great and three-dimensional character yet rowling constantly hates him for ????? being a slytherin???
  • which, like, what the fuck is up with rowling and hating on slytherins?? she acts like they’re terrible people yet gave us some pretty complex characters coming out of that house and it’s like, if your intent was to make us hate slytherin just because you do, it didn’t work.
  • the goblins are heavily coded as jewish and just the fact that literally the only jewish rep in the entire series are a bunch of goblins that work in banks just blows. my. fucking. mind. wow. as if jewish people haven’t experienced enough antisemitism in europe as it is now they’re gross and greedy goblins. yup. rowling is great.
  • how is it that draco, a child who is so very obviously suffering from depression, is seen as evil and terrible because of his mental illness (because his depression is what makes him “go crazy” and paranoia is a punchline to rowling) yet everyone who had to spend 12 years in azkaban (who all happen to be her favorite characters) and had to go through a shit ton of terrible crap somehow come out perfect and unaffected. like, not only is that a gross display of ableism but an insane lack of understanding of anything psychological. and, sirius, the only person who even displayed a small amount of mental instability was killed off so. ableism.
  • i am so mad about dumbledore. what the fuck, rowling, what the fuck? rowling is nowhere near being an ally as literally her only hp books character (i’ll talk about fantastic beasts in a mo) that’s confirmed as gay was confirmed so several years later in an interview (as if rita skeeter wouldn’t have figured that shit out asap??) and he’s an evil dude because of the fact that he’s gay and rowling explains his rejection of his homosexuality as being asexual and like, that’s not how it fucking works, rowling. first, you can’t turn off your sexuality like that, and second, asexuality isn’t just what you call being celibate or whatever.
  • the fact that werewolves are supposed to represent hiv+ gays. oh. my. g o d. wha t  t h e  f u ck???? what the fuck is that? oh my g o d. i can’t even handle this. i’m going to the next bullet point because the homophobia is destroying my soul.
  • gonna continue with the homophobia with the fact that rowling has a gay character in fantastic beasts that’s a fucking piece of shit and a total abuser and oh, look at that, played by an abuser. and little miss “i don’t support aggressors” literally supported an abuser playing the character. like. oh my god. look, i never gave a rat’s patootie about johnny depp or amber heard before the abuse allegations came out but olivia benson taught me better than to veer on the side of the alleged abuser just because he’s famous and the victim is bisexual and settled the court case with money.
  • eurocentrism is a real thing and rowling just seems to love to show that off. how the fuck are you gonna tell me that in the entire world there would be 11 wizarding schools and 3 of them would be in europe?? you know what, how the fuck are you gonna tell me that europe itself would have only 3 schools??? do you not understand that europe, the home of nationalism, would have almost one school per fucking country?? do you not understand that most of the european countries turn their nose in the air to each other because they all think that they’re better than each other and that they wouldn’t all totally have their own schools??? maybe benelux would share their own school, the uk would share their own school (although don’t doubt that the scottish would say a big fuck you to england and block all of the non-scottish kids out of hogwarts and force the rest of the uk to make their own new school at some point), and a few other places would share but literally do not tell me that spain, who cannot stand france, would share a fucking school with the french. like, i know a lot of hp fans are american but xenophobia in europe is a big thing. racism isn’t as big a deal as xenophobia (racism still exists, but it’s not a big an issue as it is in the u.s. as europe is predominately white unlike the u.s. which is super mixed)
  • but, on to the other wizarding schools. don’t tell me that latin america would have one fucking school for all of latin america. like, do you not understand that latin america is a mix of spanish, indigenous, african, and asian with different forms of ancient practices and brujeria that wouldn’t mix well with each other??? brazil doesn’t even fucking speak spanish!!!!!! brazil, with it’s large ass population of portuguese-speakers would need their own school while the caribbean would need their own school (if not two, because don’t tell me that a school full of cubans, puerto ricans, and dominicans wouldn’t be fucking insane and need to be divided), mexico would probably need their own school, and central and south american would need at least two other schools. and that’s just latin america. you can imagine how many schools asia would need what with most of southeast asia not being able to share a school (china and north korea would definitely have their own schools, don’t fight me), south asia having completely different practices than southeast, and the middle east would have to divide several schools between each other. and africa would need several schools. and australians??? jk never even mentioned them if i remember correctly????
  • eurocentrism mixed in with cultural appropriation and straight up racism is what i call ilvermorny. how the fuck are you gonna tell me that white racists are gonna be okay with sending their kids over to a school of native american magic. no, actually, how the fuck are you gonna tell me that native americans are gonna be okay with sharing their magic? magic that is so sacred and has so many rules and isn’t some fucking fictional fantasy to actual native americans but is complete reality to them??? and they’re going to be totally okay with a bunch of white people (people who’s ancestors committed mass genocides full of native americans because they wanted fucking land and power and gold and gave no fucks for the real human beings that were the natives because they weren’t apparently civilized and therefor weren’t real human beings) coming and putting a school where sacred native magic is taught in boston of all places??? rowling, you didn’t even try to research this shit.
  • boston wouldn’t even be where the new england wizarding school would be in. it would be in fucking salem, massachusetts. fight me if you disagree but i will fight back so hard on that shit. midwest would have its own school. the south would have one. texas would have its own school because fuck texas, nobody wants them. and florida would have its own school because where the fuck are we in?? the south?? north cuba?? who fucking knows. and let’s not forget louisianna would have its own school and the african americans in the north would have their own school too and asians in the u.s.??? their own schools. and the native americans would have a shit ton of smaller schools because there are different tribes with different histories and some wouldn’t be able to share a school because of those differences like in asia.
  • and canada would have two schools because fuck you if you think that french canadians (read: quebec) would willingly share a school with english canadians and don’t tell me that canada wouldn’t have tried pushing everyone into one school where the question of “what about french-speakers? what about us catholics? we’re magicians but we’re still good french catholics and we’re sure as hell not practicing protestantism”. and actually, i’m wrong. it would be three schools as indigenous people in canada fucking exist.
  • i’m done with the school shit (not done but at least on this post). like, okay, tell me how the fuck fantastic beasts takes place in harlem yet even the fucking extras are a bunch of crackers? i’m sorry jk, i didn’t realize that the jazz age wasn’t led by black people and that harlem hasn’t been hsitorically black. thank you, a white english woman, for teaching me that. thank you very much.
  • how the fuck is it that we have native american-based magic being used and yet not one single fucking native american in the entire movie? tell me. i want a good ass explanation for that shit because so far the only one i’m thinking of is that rowling just supports cultural appropriation.
  • how the fuck is it that newt schammander is seen as an angel when he literally was the one to begin werewolf oppression? oppression of the people that are supposed to be hiv+ gays??
  • an abuse victim is literally turned into a fucking monster and then killed. i cannot fathom this shit.
  • the film is supposed to be a parallel to racism yet cracker cast.

i think i’m done for now. now excuse me as i go scream because i just can’t. fight me on anything but i swear to god i am pissed and i will not be kind. i am done with jk rowling’s horseshit. absolute horseshit.

Harry Potter AU

So everyone’s going crazy over Harry Potter AU right now and I remembered the cross over fic thing I kind of started, so what better a time than now to post it?

To say that Yuuri Katsuki didn’t understand the significance of being sorted into Slytherin house would have been an… understatement to say the least.

You see, Yuuri’s family didn’t know anything much about wizarding culture to begin with, much less British wizarding culture. They’d been surprised as anyone when they, by all standards a totally average Japanese family living in a small seaside town, received a letter scripted in English with green ink, explaining that their youngest child had been invited to learn magic. Since that letter had arrived three days after Yuuri’s eleventh birthday, extensive research had been made.

Regardless of the effort, most of the information the Katsuki’s had originated from a short note attached to the average acceptance letter. It had explained that the great wizarding school of Hogwarts had decided to accept a greater number of international muggle-borns, considering regional wizarding schools such as Mahoutokoro didn’t accept them, and that since there was such a significant surge of potential, Yuuri had been invited.

Despite the fact that Yuuri himself had had almost a year to prepare himself, his English was mediocre at best, and reading long wizarding terms for too long hurt his brain. He was sure though that it had not been mentioned anywhere in his books, and he did read them again afterwards, that ‘Slytherin’ was regarded as the elitist quarter of Hogwarts.

He found that fact out within maybe ten minutes of his sorting, when met with almost angry looks from most of the long table.

A few weeks later, when he better understood the culture, he realised why exactly a foreign muggle-born being sorted into Slytherin (pretty quickly, he should add) was such an oddity. And the cherry on top of it all? Yuuri wasn’t even particularly talented at magic.

Green quickly became Yuuri’s least favourite colour.

Yuuri’s favourite colour, in actuality, was blue. He even used it as an excuse from time to time, when Phichit had to shake him out of his gaze. It slipped off his tongue with ease; ‘I just really like the colours of the Ravenclaw robes’. Yuuri’s ability to lie so fast and easily was one of the very few Slytherin qualities in himself he’d discovered so far. It wasn’t a complete lie, exactly. The combination of bronze and blue was a favourite of his, reminding him of the telescopes in the astronomy tower, or the reflection of the sun in the great lake.

Of course, he actually preferred a silver and blue combination that had little to do with the robes, and a lot more to do with Viktor Nikiforov.

Another of Yuuri’s Slytherin qualities was his obsession with unsolvable mysteries. And the older boy was just that; an enigma. Not that Yuuri was a stalker or anything, but he did tend to spend the majority of his obligatory time in the Slytherin dungeons reading articles about the Ravenclaw. Amongst the articles, his favourite was the one about Viktor’s first Quidditch match as the Russian seeker, aged just sixteen. Within the article, there was a photograph of Viktor catching the snitch, waving at the crowd from his signature golden broomstick. That particular article made its home under Yuuri’s bed.

Yuuri wished he’d been sorted into Ravenclaw.

Phichit wished Yuuri had been sorted into Hufflepuff.

“I just don’t get it,” he said, looking over his shoulder briefly as some older students snickered at them. “They’re all so Slytherin, and you’re so not.”

Perhaps if he hadn’t just failed to create his Patronus charm yet again, Yuuri would have chastised Phichit for using ‘Slytherin’ as a dirty word. Instead he resigned himself to ending up hanging around in the kitchen corridor yet again, a tradition after four years, listening to his best friend rant about the Frog Choir (which Yuuri point blank refused to join) and their most recent Muggle Studies essay.

Yuuri liked Muggle Studies. He supposed he probably had the advantage, being the only muggle-born in the class. Regardless, he found it interesting. Wizarding ideas of muggle life and the reality of it were quite different, though Yuuri wasn’t about the ruin the illusion for them with a mundane reality. Also, it was guaranteed to be a simple ‘O’ when he sat his exams next year.

He was used to their familiar routine by now. Phichit would keep him company for a while, before eventually disappearing into the Hufflepuff common room to spend time with his house friends, and Yuuri would walk back to the dungeons alone. It wasn’t as if Yuuri didn’t get along with the other Hufflepuffs exactly; Guang Hong, Leo, and Emil were nice enough, but Yuuri just didn’t quite fit in with their group. It was better than his options in his own house, he supposed.

If the colour blue hadn’t sealed his fate already, there was no doubt that it had once Yuuri caught the sight of it out of the corner of his eye. His head betrayed him and turned as he read the blue banner. Though he was edging on fifteen years old and had lived in Scotland for most of his recent history, English sometimes betrayed him. It didn’t help that the one and only Viktor Nikiforov was standing underneath said banner, celestial and perfect, smiling brightly as he talked to a Gryiffindor first year.

“Hey, you want to sign up for lessons?”

At that moment, Yuuri regained the ability to English, and saw the words ‘tutoring’ in bronze script. He swallowed. Of course Viktor Nikiforov had no idea who he was. He probably thought he was just some thick-skulled Slytherin, either who needed to study because their parents had cut off their galleons due to bad grades, or else someone who was going to pay him to write scrolls. Did Yuuri look that incapable? Was his own mediocrity that obvious to the outside world?

Losing his nerve to say a word, Yuuri attempted to hold his head high and turned away once more, not daring once to look back.

Through events beyond his control, Yuuri ended up waiting patiently outside the grand door of the Ravenclaw Tower. It had been at his Defence Against The Dark Arts professor’s insistence that he signed up. The whole thing was absolutely humiliating. Everybody else in the class could cast it just fine, marvelling at their ethereal patronus charms. Even the Gryffindors had begun laughing at him, though he suspected that was more out of boredom than the genuine disdain his own house held for him.

Yuuri’s throat constricted as Viktor Nikiforov himself wandered through the door, casually whistling to himself.

“Ah, Yuuri Katsuki right? I’m going to be your tutor!”

His smile was pure sunshine and Yuuri’s mouth flew open. Nonononononono. This couldn’t be happening. Out of every Ravenclaw in the entire school, he had Viktor. Viktor Nikiforov! The Viktor Nikiforov had agreed to give Yuuri an hour of his undivided time every week until Christmas. Yuuri felt both ridiculous and unworthy.

“Yuuri? Are you okay?”

Yuuri blinked. “Hai! I mean, y-yeah?”

Surprisingly, Viktor laughed to himself. “So Yuuri, what is it you need my-” his gaze pierced into Yuuri’s “…assistance in?”

His mouth was drier than that one time Phichit had found fire whiskey. “I-I, uhm-“

“Hmm, communication skills? I can do that.”

Great, just great, way to play it cool, Katsuki!

“No!” Yuuri immediately realised how rude he’d sounded, and found himself bowing out of habit. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to snap. Professor Okukuwa thinks I need help in spell work.”

Viktor’s porcelain fingers began to play with his long hair, twirling and twisting it around. “And do you need help, Yuuri?”

Yuuri looked down. “I’ve struggled to produce my patronus.”

“Oh!” The older boy’s eyes crinkled and his mouth broke out into a heart shaped smile. Yuuri lamented internally about how unfair it was that he was in the presence of such perfection. “That’s all?”

His heart sunk. “I know it’s stupid.”

Viktor’s beam remained firmly intact. “I was going to suggest the library, but that doesn’t sound like the best idea.” He paused. “I know!” Without missing a beat, he took hold of Yuuri’s wrist and dragged him down the many stairs that lead up to the Ravenclaw tower. Yuuri, who had literally just suffered in walking up the entire thing, felt his lungs burn with effort.

Still, Yuuri followed regardless, wordlessly behind Viktor as they reached the seventh floor. To a bystander, it may have even looked like they were holding hands.

(hey if anyone thinks I should continue this at some point hit me up)

(also I’m really into Slytherin!Yuuri and Ravenclaw!Viktor and think I have good grounds as to why I’d sort them that way)

George Weasley || A Christmas To Remember

Summary: Fred invites Y/N to christmas at the burrow in hopes that George will finally admit his feelings but things go a bit pear shaped.

Words: 1901

Warnings: none

Y/N Y/S/N was one of the most popular girls in the whole of Hogwarts, she was a pure blooded Gryffindor whose mother was one of the largest wizard fashion designers in the whole of the wizard world. Y/N was also one of the most intelligent in her year and came top of the class in many of her lessons.

Y/N had been good friends with the Weasley twins since 1st year and now that they had finished school their friendship was tighter than ever. It was weird though because it was now their first Christmas that they wouldn’t be spending together as they had always spent it at Hogwarts; Y/N’s mother and father were always busy at Christmas with either fashion tours or ministry work (her father had always helped to make sure everything still ran smoothly through the holidays so she rarely saw him.)

It was December 20th when Y/N received an owl from her favourite gingers:

Dear Y/N,

We heard that you would be spending Christmas all alone and thought that that just wasn’t right and so we are proposing that you stay with us at the burrow, mum has always wanted to meet you as we (particularly George but don’t tell him I told you) have told her many good things about you. Plus you never know, maybe some mistletoe will hang above you and George ;) .

If so please owl back and arrive at the burrow on the 22nd of December roughly 2ish and you can stay until after New Year.

Love your favourite twin,

Y/N laughed at the letter and quickly sent a letter agreeing, she was very excited to go and see the Weasley’s but slightly pissed at the insinuations behind her and George. Fred knew that both Y/N and George liked each other but neither of them knew that he knew, it was the one thing that George had kept from his brother for the sole reason he thought Fred couldn’t keep his mouth shut.
When the 22nd rolled round Y/N woke up and packed all her stuff enough for the two weeks she had left of her Christmas holidays. At 2 o’ clock Y/N apparated to outside the burrow although she has met Mr. and Mrs. Weasley before but just fleetingly at Kings Cross however she was still very nervous.

As Y/N raised her hand to knock on the door, it flew open and she was suddenly on the floor laughing as she noticed that it was Fred who had tackled her to the floor.

“Y/N!!!!!!!!! It’s been way too long, c’mon

And so they headed inside and she was formally introduced to the rest of the family. She also said hello to Hermione and Harry who were also spending their Christmas with the Weasley’s however the one person she wanted to see the most was nowhere to be seen and although she tried not to show that she was slightly upset Fred knew straight away and smirked slightly as he had not told George that he had invited Y/N so that he would have a surprise.

“Hey mum, did you see where Fred went?”

“He’s in here love”

And then he entered the kitchen and instantly his eyes latched onto Y/N. Without hesitation George ran at Y/N picking her up, her legs wrapped around his waist as her arms were around his neck, his arms were around her waist and his head was tucked into the crook of her neck.

“What are you doing here?” George’s voice was slightly hoarse as he put her down and kissed her forehead, an action that had become more regular in the last year or so.

“Freddie here invited me but I assumed you knew.” Y/N’s voice was laced with confusion as she realised that George hadn’t invited her and in a way she almost seemed upset that he hadn’t wanted her there but then she remember how he had just held her in his arms and was instantly consoled.

“How long are you staying?”

“For the next two weeks.”

For the next 2 days Y/N and the twins spent every second of the day together, waking up very early and going to bed late and most nights George and her stayed up until the early hours of the morning talking about everything and anything.
On Christmas Eve George had asked to talk to her outside and Y/N longed for George to ask her to be something more but when the time came and they met outside under the stars it didn’t quite go how either wizard planned.

“So Y/N we’ve been friends now for ages and so I wanted to ask you something?” Y/N’s breath quickened and she thought that this is it, he was going to tell her that he wanted her them to be more.

This was it George thought, you just have to ask her to be your girlfriend. Simple.

“I really like someone and urmmm could you give me some advice to ask this girl I like to be my girlfriend?” instantly George thought that he messed this up but convinced himself he could turn it around.

But to Y/N she felt as though George had just roughly shoved her into the friendship zone.

“Well I suppose it depends on the girl… would you mind telling me who it is?”

“Katie Bell” the words came out of George’s mouth before he could stop it and the look on Y/N’s face made him instantly regret it and he wished he could take it back.

“Well maybe urm I’m sorry I really don’t have any advice, I’m really tried I’ll try and think of something for tomorrow. Goodnight” Y/N scrambled up placing a quick kiss on his cheek and running into the burrow and up into Ginny’s room.

George was left sitting outside as he ran his hands over his face hoping that somehow he could erase the memory of her face and somehow go back in time and just tell Y/N that he liked her and was very close to being in love with her.

The next morning was Christmas day and Ginny went round telling everyone that they had to get up because she wanted to open her presents. As they all hauled their bodies downstairs Fred helped Y/N bring down her presents for the family.

Once gathered into the living room presents were all shared and one by one people opened presents. Y/N’s presents were the last ones to be opened by others;
Mrs. Weasley adored her new knitting set, Mr. Weasley was fascinated by the muggle mobile Y/N had got a hold of, Ginny was amazed by the dress Y/N had made for her and Ron was elated to see the chudley cannons with the tickets Y/N had given him. When Fred opened his present to see a whole box full of interesting foreign products that could be used in more products for their shop. The only person left for her to give a present to was George and she was suddenly very nervous; as was George, he hoped that Y/N would be pleased with the present seeing as he thought it was the perfect gift but looking at it now it seemed ridiculous.

Presenting each other both with boxes wrapped in colourful paper contained an awkward atmosphere that no one else seemed to notice. Y/N’s present was help in a small box wrapped in red tissue paper finished with an extremely messy golden bow but Y/N didn’t mind. Carefully undoing the spellotape Y/N was presented with a small black box, it looked delicate and it was obvious to everyone that it contained jewellery. She glanced up at George who kept his gaze firmly on his holey socks. Y/N was hesitant to take the lid off as though one of his pranks might jump out at her although she knew that he wouldn’t have done that for they had a pact not to prank each other. There sitting on top a black foam block encased in black velvet sat a silver love heart locket, Y/N’s eyes welled up with tears and she quickly pries it open to see a photo of her stood next to Fred and George laughing and another of her and George where she was smiling at the camera and George was smiling at her.
Y/N launched herself off the sofa and onto the tall ginger boy sat opposite her, they were in the same position they had been when George had first seen her at the burrow. George smiled up at her, “I take it you liked it then?” His voice held uncertainty but his smirk showed the façade that he was completely sure that she had loved it.

“George I can’t believe you bought me such an incredible present. It must have cost so much. Oh George I love it but are you sure you want to give it to me? I mean you could give it to Ka-“ George’s lips cut her off bringing her into the kiss that she had been longing for. It truly was the perfect Christmas present. Fred whooped in the background of the kiss bringing the two out of the moment that they had been completely enveloped in.

“Shut up Fred!”

“Well it’s about time.”

George took a hold of Y/N’s present as well as extending his hand to her which she happily took still slightly confused at the situation. George led her outside to where their disastrous conversation had been the night before. The two of them sat down on the grass, George pulling Y/ N to be sitting in between his legs.

“So um you’re probably wondering why I just kissed you, well last night I was supposed to tell you that I had a massive crush on you and ask you to be my girlfriend but then I completely messed up and my mouth was moving faster than my brain was thinking. So basically what I am saying is that I really like you and I would be extremely honoured if you would be my girlfriend?” George had been fiddling with Y/N’s hands the whole way through his speech and only looked at her face after asking her the question.

“Of course Georgie I like you too, a lot.” And then she leaned in placing a soft kiss onto his lips, “But only if you hop to it and open my present.” George laughed and ripped away the wrapping paper where he was presented with a book on the front of which held the same photo of the trio that had been in her locket.

As George looked through all of the photos that were accompanied by little messages containing memories and mementos of their time together and as George flicked further into the book he started to well up. “I love it, thank you so much.” His voice was slightly hoarse as he leant in resting his forehead on hers before leaning in that tiny bit further and capturing her lips in passionate kiss. Her hands went to her hair as his settled on her waist with one sliding down towards her bum.

They were so involved in the moment that they didn’t notice the rest of the family staring out the window cheering and high-fiving.

“I told you inviting her here would make it happen, you owe me 2 galleons.”

so i read the cursed child


A full list of my thoughts while reading The Cursed Child: 

i’m ready, witches and bitches

  • “don’t stop and don’t be scared you’ll crash into it. best to do it at a run if you’re nervous” juST FUCK ME UP
  • ron doing a lame trick and everyone loving its lameness is something i didn’t know i needed
  • “mum! i can’t give a professor love!” obviously rose hasn’t read much fanfiction
  • scorpius sings, and then realizes singing was a mistake….my precious smol bean, the smolest of beans
  • “the rumor is that he’s voldemort’s son, albus…it’s probably rubbish, I mean, look, you’ve got a nose” i don’t even know what to say i just
  • i’m on page 18 and albus and scorpius are gay
  • “Albus Potter, the Slytherin squib” alright I’m ready to fucking throw down and fight, you talk shit about me and you talk shit about my house but DOn”T TALK SHIT ABOUT MY SON
  • “just cast a spell, dad, and change me into what you want me to be, okay? it’ll work better for both of us” this book just started how am I already suffering this much
  • “I didn’t choose, you know that? I didn’t choose to be his son” be my son please
  • wait did I read something wrong or are harry and ginny on a no sugar diet
  • wtf boy you killed the dark lord and you think a little sugar is going to hurt you? eat that toffee, bitch
  • “How many people have died for the Boy Who Lived? I’m asking you to save one of them.” …….well shit
  • lily is a pure angel and her fairy wings are the cutest, how did they do that on stage i must see this play
  • “The poor orphan who went on to save us all. So may I say– on behalf of wizarding kind– how grateful we are for your heroism. Should we bow now or will a curtsy do?” wow albus is a salty little shit, isn’t he? my parents would never let me
  • “well there are times I wish you weren’t my son” OH SHIT OH SHIT OH SHIT WADDUP
  • his scar had not pained him for 19 years, all was well BITCH YOU THOUGHT
  • why is scorpius rambling about how rose smells like bread on the hogwarts express, this boy is so socially awkward
  • oh hi hello middle school rose and scorpius feels
  • albus hugs his friend. with fierceness. they hold for a beat. it’s page 51 and albus and scorpius are gay
  • “okay. hello. um. have we hugged before? do we hug?” they are so gay ?? like ?? so so gay
  • why are two fourteen year old gay boys trying to time travel to save someone they have never met just because one fourteen year old gay boy is angsty towards his father, what is this plot, i love it, but what is this plot
  • what the fuck. the trolley witch. what the fuck.
  • hello draco, nice seeing you again, still a little shit i see
  • “nothing scares me, apart from mum” same ron, same
  • how the fuck do they do this on stage
  • “I don’t care what you did or who you saved, you are a constant curse on my family, Harry Potter.” I mean he’s not wrong.
  • is it still casual incest if pollyjuice potion is involved
  • this is like a really interesting really well written fanfiction
  • wait where is teddy
  • of all the people they could bring back to life they chose cedric? no offense to cedric, but….really?
  • where is teddy
  • what the hap is fuckening
  • harry james potter scorpius is a smol bean child why can’t you see thatalbus is a bad influence on scorpius not the other way around SMH MY HEAD
  • he’s going to use the map to spy on albus?? he’s going to force albus into gryffindor?? he’s keeping him away from his boyfriend??  WHAT THE FUCK WHY IS HARRY BEING SUCH A BAD DAD
  • oh. oh. oh albus is actually in gryffindor. okay so harry is slightly less of a bad dad
  • but still a bad dad
  • it’s page 121 and albus and scorpius are gay
  • w h e r e   i s   t e d d y
  • “but you’re not this mean” “and that’s 20 points from gryffindor to assure albus potter that i am this mean” #teachinggoals
  • “I don’t want to hurt you, Draco” “How interesting, because I do want to hurt you” GOOD SHIT GOOD SHIT RIGHT HERE THIS IS GOOD SHIT
  • “you two– you belong together” even characters in-book ship this okay
  • “We’re losers. True and total losers.” #same why is this book so relatable
  • oh how did i not realize that this entire scene takes place with scorpius and albus wrestling on the ground okay
  • maybe the real cursed child was the friends we made along the way
  • oh man i just hate it when i upset the dementors and interrupt voldemort day :///
  • honestly though it makes sense Voldemort is team valor.
  • the scorpion king, the blood ball, oh potter, this is too much
  • f o r   v o l d e m o r t    a n d   v a l o r
  • “she made being brave very easy, your mother” aw draco
  • draco defied his father for love I cannot
  • and to think I thought I would get through this book without having to see snape, fucking hell
  • “Cedric Diggory killed only one wizard and not a significant one– Neville Longbottom”
  • IF NEVILLE HADN’T BEEN NEVILLE HARRY POTTER WOULD NOT HAVE WON, NEVILLE WAS THE MOST IMPORTANT, MOST SIGNIFICANT, if I accept one thing from Voldemort Day™ world, it is this canon recognition of Neville’s importance goodbye
  • “I’m a wanted man” “less wanted” SAVAGE
  • scorpius watches as hermione and ron have their souls sucked from them after finally realizing they are in love, okay, yes, i am fine
  • I still hate Snape
  • okay wait it just sunk in that cedric became a death eater and ?? no ?? I don’t like this or approve of it ? that just destroyed his character? cedric would never okay
  • okay if we’ve had the conflict and the resolution and we still have 100 pages…what comes next…
  • “What did I miss?” “It is considered polite to knock when entering a room, Hermione Granger, maybe you missed that.” I fucking love McGonagall okay, I havent’ said that enough in this liveblog
  • “bravery doesn’t forgive stupidity” A LITTLE LOUDER FOR THE GRYFFINDORS IN THE BACK
  • okay well at least they acknowledged that Slytherin!Albus wasn’t the reason for all their problems
  • oh yeah voldemort i forgot about him
  • glad to see the moldy voldy nickname has caught on
  • seriously though why has no one mentioned teddy lupin this entire play does he not exist anymore
  • who the fuck is polly chapman
  • “It’s time that time-turning became a thing of the past” I love this boy with all of my heart
  • who the fuck is craig bowker jr
  • hello delphi, fancy seeing you again, i still don’t care about you
  • wait delphi is the book’s main villain ?? that feels anticlimactic
  • ron and neville are drinking buddies
  • “Your niece” “I don’t have a niece” oh shit, the plot thickens m8, too bad i still don’t care about delphi
  • she’s torturing scorpius to get to albus i am both sad and also happy, i love this trope but i want to protect my sons
  • it’s page 229 and albus and scorpius are gay
  • craig bower jr is dead, and i am so broken and sad, he was my favorite character, i am so emotionally attached, after how much we’ve all gotten to know him, oh no, what a shame wow.
  • “but if the prophecy is inevitable why are we here trying to influence it?” fucking finally
  • how is she flying without a broom do they ever actually explain this
  • how do they do all of this on stage i am still wondering
  • I won’t accept this
  • what the hap is fuckening
  • “I didn’t know much about it so can’t take responsibility– and I’m pretty sure my kids had nothing to do with it– but if this lot are standing up here then so am I.” I love you Ronald Weasley, until the day I die
  • where is teddy lupin
  • why are they saying albus fancied delphi, they had no chemistry and this appeared nowhere else in the story
  • are we going to get to see lily and james potter because if we are all is forgiven
  • “wow. squeak. my geekiness is a-quivering” I love scorpius malfoy my smol bean son
  • a young, attractive couple leave a house with a baby in a pushchair
  • carve that onto my tombstone
  • “Go. Leave. I don’t want you here. I don’t need you. You were absent every time it really counted. I fought him three times without you. I’ll face him again, if needs be– alone.” FUCKING FINALLY
  • the boy finally admits dumbledore was a shitty father figure, my day has finally come
  • the boy finally calls dumbledore out on his bullshit for leaving him in an abusive home !! I have !! waited !! years for this !!
  • “it isn’t true that I never complained” we know, harry, we know. you could have been renamed “the boy who whines”
  • “What did you want to do?” “…Mainly I wanted to be happy.” be still my beating yet aching heart….draco…my son…my boy…my precious child…
  • the ministry’s time turners were too vanilla for lucius malfoy
  • “secretly I think he preferred a world without voldemort” thank you jk rowling this was all i really needed to hear
  • “It is exceptionally lonely, being draco malfoy” oh god, my sweet boy
  • “I would sell my soul for another minute with astoria” WHY IS THIS SCENE GIVING ME SUCH EXTREME FEELS
  • why do i feel like this is the beginning of a drarry hurt/comfort fic on ffn
  • draco and harry bonding over parenting is my aesthetic
  • “as pleasurable as it will be to hide in a hole for the next forty years…” their relationship is written in such a way that I’m still not sure if he’s being sarcastic or not
  • “if I had to choose a companion to be at the return of eternal darkness with, it’s you”
  • draco has a ponytail
  • but how are they going to get back to their own time again, time turners don’t allow for that i don’t
  • #savevoldemort81
  • ron is the most chilled out
  • I bet ron does weed i’m calling it now
  • so is delphi immune to the five minute rule on this time turner because it seems like this is a plothole
  • “I’m being bossed around by Hermione Granger…and I mildly enjoy it” dramione fans everywhere are shitting their pants I’m sure
  • but when did they have the time
  • “Are you crawling away from me?” She seems surprised. Obviously she didn’t read the first seven books.
  • “I’ve never fought alone, and I never will” FUCK YEAH
  • is jkr really making harry witness his parents murder?? this is so fucked up
  • HAGRID !!!!!!!!! <3 <3 3 <3
  • scorpius asked out rose which on one hand brings back so many middle school scorpius/rose memories, but also angers me because for 300 pages albus and scorpius have been incredibly gay
  • what is this forced heterosexuality bullshit
  • “Your dad used to love to do this smoke ring thing with you” i’m so happy i’m so happy
  • aw harry is afraid of the dark
  • i accept claustrophobic harry as canon
  • but pigeons ?? really ??
  • who the fuck is craig
  • “not ALL slytherins” “your right, scorpius and albus would NEVER”
  • time to rewrite all my middle school next-gen fanfiction

in conclusion: somehow despite it all I still loved it


akutagawahakuryuunosuke said:Hello can i request Prince! Taeil who falls in love with witch who sleeping for a hundred years because shes been waiting for the love of her life waking her up, Taeil accidentally woke her up with singing sweetly for her and after that is up to you^^ thank you~♡♡ hope my plot doesnt confuse you heheh

hello!! i’m sorry if this took so long, i hope you’ll like it:-) and uhh i hope you don’t mind of i do this in bulletpoints/head canons, do request if you want me to redo it❤ and i switched it up a little omg i really hope you’ll like it

Originally posted by xehunted

  • omg asdfghjkl
  • im so sorry this took so long ;-;
  • i had a really big writer’s block for taeil IDK WHY MY BRAIN LOVES JENO
  • ok anyways
  • leggo
  • so
  • youre currently 16 years old hehe
  • 16 y/o y/n
  • ok you’re a witch but it aint any of those yknow
  • uh
  • evil ones
  • you were one of those that casted spells for those that needed genuine help
  • ok and woah you were one of the more popular and powerful ones the younger witches and wizards practically worship you
  • anyway
  • one fine day prince!moontae visits you
  • because his younger sister was down w leukemia :((
  • and like it was super duper serious and no medicine could cure her
  • the royal family didn’t believe in witches except for taeil
  • so he went to your lil cottage house
  • and practically begged you and you were like
  • “omg your highness why are you here? shouldn’t you be doing your prince duties instead of being in this godforsaken place?”
  • ok a lil background story here
  • you and prince!taeil were acquaintances
  • bc your mom brought you along to his 5th birthday party or smth
  • and you two just became friends instantly
  • thanks to your mom’s spells
  • but you guys weren’t exactly the closest bc uk prince duties
  • but you guys would play in the palace garden sometimes
  • and he would come to visit you when he was bored
  • ok
  • back to the story
  • “my sister’s down with leukemia, pls save her i beg you y/n!!
  • you were so shookt that taeil would burst into your tiny cottage to ask for help
  • “I don’t know,, im not really experienced in this area–”
  • “wait what”
  • that’s when taeil finally realises what he was saying,, and he was like
  • “let me take that back,, i was supposed to tell you that after you cured my sister”
  • and you were shookt pt2
  • because 1. you and taeil were just friends-acquaintances
  • 2. he’s from the freaking royal family that doesn’t even know that you’re a witch
  • but you still go to the royal school bc well,, witches arent exactly as poor as they seem
  • and you’re just ok whatever let me cure his sister and never think of what he said again
  • so you casted some spell on a medicine bottle with some healing concoction
  • bibbity bobboty boo
  • and you’re like
  • “here take this, your sister will get better.”
  • taeil literally hugs you n you drop your cornical flask in shock
  • “thank you so much y/n, i really appreciate it”
  • “no worries, just make sure she eats well after that okay!”
  • before taeil left he’s like
  • “just saying, i really meant it when i said “i love you” *winks*”
  • there goes your weak heart
  • the next day, taeil sees you in the royal school and he literally backhugged you
  • and you’re trying to get out of his grasp
  • “what are you doing moon taeil— you’re not supposed to do this”
  • btw he rlly likes it when you call him by his full name
  • “i love you y/n~”
  • “nO nononononono let’s just get to history in peace pls”
  • gif:

Originally posted by kookjunsu

  • “you’re so cute omg”
  • ya’ll are so cute smh
  • and also do bongsoon and ahn minhyuk are rs goals af
  • and one of the royal tutors saw
  • and reported it to the royal family
  • well the king wasn’t really pleased that taeil has fallen for “normal” people
  • so he set taeil up with another royalty
  • taeil didn’t know that until he came back from school and his father was like
  • “so i heard you have a girlfriend”
  • “w-what girlfriend—oh”
  • “break up with her this instant, i found a wife for you.”
  • “no, i love her”
  • at this point taeil couldn’t take it and says
  • “she treated your daughter, how could you say that to her!”
  • “what?”
  • “she’s a witch, father, don’t you understand?”
  • and that only made the king more angry
  • “i’m giving you 1 day to break up with her or else you’re banished from this palace and the royal family.”
  • that left taeil with no choice but to go to your lil cottage and tell you the not so good news
  • “y/n,, im so sorry we have to break up”
  • “why?”
  • “i’m getting married”
  • your weak heart couldn’t process anything again and you’re just like
  • “okay…i wish you all the best.”
  • and you weakly pushed taeil out of your cottage and locked the door
  • your tears fell out without warning and you were like
  • sobbing so so so hard
  • taeil could hear from the other side of the door
  • but he had no choice so he left
  • and your irrational mind takes over
  • you remember your sister telling you that if you drank this purple concoction
  • to mend your broken heart or smth
  • but you didnt know what was its aftereffects so you just drank it
  • ok
  • your sister came back home and saw you lying on the ground
  • she PANICKT
  • and she told your mom and she panickt too
  • until she saw that bottle of purple concoction on the floor
  • “sigh why is she so foolish”
  • naturally the next day you didnt report to school and taeil was so worried
  • so he asked your fellow wizard rowoon

Originally posted by neweraidols

  • ya’ll blame carmen for this ok
  • okok i gotta blame myself too cause rowoon’s so cute ugh
  • anyway
  • “uhh why is y/n not in school today?”
  • rowoon sighed
  • “she took this purple concoction thingy that’s gonna make her sleep for a hundred years,, it seems like she got rejected by someone or smth”
  • taeil knows its him so he just kept quiet
  • “how do you even wake her up?”
  • rowoon shrugged,
  • “i don’t know honestly, only her family knows how cause they’re the best at it”
  • taeil genuinely felt so bad he wasn’t even doing his school assignments properly
  • fast-forward to the day he’s getting married
  • he went missing
  • and his fam was super worried cause how in the world can a wedding take place when the groom isnt even here
  • he went to visit your lil cottage
  • and he saw you lying on the couch
  • his heart shattered
  • he held your smol hands in his and he cried omg
  • “why are you so foolish y/n??? do you know how much i love you???”
  • and all of a sudden he starts singing Without You
  • because he literally can’t live without you
  • and bAM YOU WOKE UP
  • i mean not like shoot up wake up
  • like slowly opened your eyes
  • ya’ll i can make lameass puns rn but i’m not gonna be a joykill
  • and you’re like
  • “!!! what are you doing here?? arent you supposed to get married??”
  • “yeah i am, getting married to you”
  • and he kneels down and proposes to you there and then
  • “will you be my wife, y/n?”
  • ofc you said yes
  • and ofc its a happily ever after
  • im so sorry if this is crap omg
  • esp rowoon
  • ok
  • i really hope you like it<3
Comparing MBTI and Ilvermorny

I’ve seen a lot of people try to compare Ilvermorny and Hogwarts, and most of these frankly don’t stack up. Rowling has told us before that Hogwarts and Ilvermorny aren’t meant to be on a one-to-one ratio, they’re meant to be two sides of a person. She didn’t mention, however, that Ilvermorny wasn’t meant to match up to MBTI.


One of the easiest seen correlations is that those who have a dominant Te or Ti are often described as “scholars”. Due to having a natural thirst for knowledge, Horned Serpents wish to know as much about the world (and everything within it) as they possibly can because of this, they are seen as the minds of all wizards. Seeing as they crave knowledge they tend to want things in an orderly manner to keep things organized making them be seen as perfectionists.
Dominant Te/Ti Users: ENTJ, ESTJ, INTP, ISTP
Auxiliary Te/Ti Users: ENTP, ESTP, INTJ, ISTJ


Another obvious connection, those who use Fe/Fi care, whether it be only those they are close to or everyone in the entire world. Pukwudgie truly are the heart of a wizard, using their hearts to make most of their decisions. Although not all go into the medical aspect of healing, many love giving advice and healing another’s emotional pains. Since they are known as the “hearts” they tend to understand the feelings of others easier than others.
Dominant Fe/Fi Users: ENFJ, ESFJ, INFP, ISFP
Auxiliary Fe/Fi Users: ENFP. ESFP, INFJ, ISFJ


When you get down to their core, many Intuitive users can easily be seen as Thunderbirds. They are often spontaneous adventurers who are up for anything as long as it promises to be exciting. Due to being adventurous they tend to love the thought and feeling of freedom. Ne/Ni users most often use their gut feeling, or their soul, when making a decision. They are often seen as optimistic and hopeful.
Dominat Ne/Ni users: ENFP, ENTP, INFJ, INTJ
Auxiliary Ne/Ni users: ENFJ, ENTJ, INFP, INTP


This one can be the hardest to see, simply because these two functions are almost polar opposites, but just like the others, the connection between Se/Si users and Wampus exists. Se/Si users tend to make decisions based on their senses, or what information their body gives them. Se users are known for living in the moment, and they can easily be seen as the Warriors since their catch phrase is YOLO. Si users often focus on the past, sometimes being able to vividly remember a past event, which makes them similar to the body of a wizard.
Dominant Se/Si users: ESFP, ESTP, ISFJ, ISTJ
Auxiliary Se/Si users: ESFJ, ESTJ, ISFP, ISTP

Now I know that this won’t work for everyone, but there is no denying that there is a connection of some sort between the two. Feel free to add on to this!

sparklefreeze  asked:

Hello again! This time I'm looking for sexy, accomplished Draco fics because I like my Draco snarky and confident rather than defeated and ruined like in so many Drarry fics I've read.. 😔 Thanks so much for your help! I would be swimming lost at sea over at AO3 otherwise because frankly this fandom is HUGE!

Hey sweetie! I love bitchy and prat Draco (if i understood you correctly, if not I am sorry!)! So I’ve got a few fanfictions for you! 

And Yes, this fandom is huge (I was there when there was at least 3 o 4 sites full of drarry fanfiction, and let me tell you I cried for days everytime that I lost a fanfiction xD)

  • Dancing Devils in His Eyes, by furiosity ( X ): Harry and Draco are forced to work together on an assignment. Draco’s been pursuing Harry for a while, but Harry has too little respect for Draco to take him seriously. Could anything in the world change that?
  • Dapper, by writcraft (NC 17): Draco starts wearing Muggle suits and Harry’s definitely losing his mind.
  • Draco, the Magic Dragon, by eluereh (NC 17): Come to the fair! Draco’s granting wishes, Harry’s investigating a mystery, and Luna’s giving away pants. Crystal balls and kissing, dirty talk and candy floss – and that’s just the beginning.
  • Every Little Means Trust, by ChannelTheFlannel (PG 13):Draco and Harry meet for the first time after the war in a wizarding veterinary office. A few spoiled pets, a few nosy friends, and a few surprise meetings at work make them realize they’ve a lot more in common than they had originally thought.
  • Like a Shag on a Rock, by jamie2109 (NC 17): Despite going to the other side of the world, sometimes you can’t escape from your past.
  • Make Me a Headline (I Want to be That Bold), by dicta_contrion (Explicit): Draco never expected to see Harry doing that again. Especially with someone else, in a grainy photograph that’s landed on his desk one Monday morning.
  • Matchmaking, by frostywonder (PG 13): When Hermione rushes off to the Amazon, Ron is left to handle their brooding third wheel but he’s never been especially good with emotional problems. Somehow, he drags Malfoy into the mix and the stupid Ferret steals the show.
  • Painting Potter’s Portrait, by Yo_mama (Explicit): When a painting of Harry and Malfoy doing the ‘afternoon delight’ makes an appearance at the Ministry. Harry makes it his personal duty to chase down the artist who drew this…disgusting…piece of art. Enter Draco Malfoy who also sees the painting as a personal affront and decides to join Harry in search of the painting and it’s artist.
  • Post-war Reconciliations, by Faithwood and Marguerite_26 (Explicit): Harry needs to make a speech about post-war reconciliations. Unfortunately, he’s a bit distracted.
  • Some Luck Lies, by fantasyfiend09 (PG 13):Draco planned to go to the Auror Academy to get his man back. Draco may have changed since the war, but the success rate of his plans has not.
  • The Boy and the Sleeping Prince, by phoenixacid and Writcraft (Explicit): Harry is miserable and tired of being an Auror, coasting through life until he’s forced to make some changes. Spurred on by his passion for drawing and working with best-selling author Draco Malfoy, Harry develops a charm which gives children a magical, interactive reading experience. But when it’s time to test the spell, the two men find themselves trapped in a nightmarish fairy tale world. Can they escape unscathed, or is Draco right in his assertions that there is no such thing as a happily ever after?
  • The If Sieve, by c'est what (PG 13):An If Sieve lets you see how things would have unfolded if somebody had made a different decision at a particular time.
  • The Secret Diary of Draco Malfoy: Aristocrat, Ne'er do Well, Rampant Homosexual, by croatoan60000 ( R ): Draco is the bitchy gay wizard equivalent to Bridget Jones. And he has a massive crush on a certain Boy Wonder…
  • The Shining Sun Is Up, by lettered (PG 13):  Someone at the Ministry has it in for former Death Eaters. Draco Malfoy launches his political career as a rebel. Harry thinks it’s all a laugh.
  • Unhook the Stars, by jad (Porn?): “Love is like a Rubix Cube: there are countless wrong twists and turns, but once you get it right, it’s perfect no matter how you look at it.” Seventy-thousand words of pornographic discourse between two boys-turned-men that still haven’t learned how to communicate like normal people — with words.Guest appearances by Pansy Parkinson, Neville Longbottom, Hermione Granger, Blaise Zabini, Teddy Lupin, Gregory Goyle, the Weird Sisters, ex-wives, several Weasleys, a Boggart, and a Honey Badger.
  • Unknown, by SilverDragon161 (Not Rated): At age 21 Draco has found himself in the oddest position, you see he’s just met the cutest guy in the world and he doesn’t even know who he is but the guy knows him. Now Harry is set upon winning the dragon’s heart, and he won’t stop till he gets it.

Thank you for your request, honey! Have a wonderful day <3

Silent Night/The 7 O' Clock News

“Turn it up, turn it up, for fuck’s sake Moony.”

“No, it’s a shite song,” Remus says, “For fuck’s sake Padfoot, leave it. It’s a ridiculous song, I have better taste in music, you need to stop.”

“Nyeh, nyeh,” Sirius reaches for the dial and Remus bats his hand away, “Stop being such an adult, Merlin’s sake. James tell him.”

“Sorry Pads, Moony has a point, it’s a rubbish song,” says James, frowning at the recipe for Christmas pudding, “Is this much a teaspoon, d’you think?”

“It’s too much James, d’you want to burn our insides out?”

“That’s barely a pinch, Merlin you’re such a drama queen –“

Sirius places a hand over James’ mouth, “Not important, the song is important.”

Remus turns the dial on the radio, searching for another radio station, “the song is disgusting is what it is and you’re a disgrace to the Marauders with your weird disco fetish –“

“It’s not weird, YMCA is a great song, the best song,” Sirius tackles Remus and the two struggle with each other for the radio, till Remus, using the advantage of his height and his sharp elbows, manages to shove Sirius out of the way and tunes into WWN.

“It’s weird,” says Peter, as he carefully counts out the candied oranges for the pudding, “It’s really weird Padfoot. Disco is weird. That song is weird.”

“Guys, the pudding – the merits of prog wrock over disco is literally the least important thing we have to worry about.”

“No, humans are for a moment, music is forever,” says Sirius wisely, snatching the radio back, “Lily doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things.”

“Ooh, that’s rude Padfoot. Shall I spank him James?”

James throws eggs at the two of them, “You're appalling. Both of you. Dunno why McG and Dumbles made you prefect.”

“It’s his eyes. Large doe-eyes,” says Sirius, examining his jumper.

Remus tackles him.

“Anyway,” says Peter, after Sirius and Remus have cleaned themselves up and settled all their differences, “Don’t you think it’s irreverent?”

“What’s irreverent?” Sirius asks him, pinching a piece of candied orange before Peter can smack his hands away.

“Mucking around. Arguing about a stupid song on the radio –“

“It’s not stupid, Merlin’s beard –“

“Irrelevant,” says Peter, “You’re completely missing the point. The joking around’s fine and all, but it feels so strange, joking around while a bunch of terrorist arseholes tear up the countryside ‘cos they’re losing their droit de seigneurs or whatever. It feels irreverent.”

“What would you suggest then, Worms?”

“I don’t know,” Peter says, after a moment, “I wish I did, but I don’t. We’re already fighting, so I don’t know what else we could do.”

“I dunno Wormtail,” James rubs his chin thoughtfully, “Don’t you think that serious times need cheer and goodwill even more'n others?”

“’Course,” he replies, “I feel like there’s a difference between cheer and goodwill and arguing about an insignificant pop song – even if it’s all a lark. Y’know?”

“We could always sing Happy Christmas War is Over if that makes you happy Wormtail,” says Remus, putting the pudding into the oven, “Sit around in a circle and light candles and talk about world peace and other hippie shite, if that makes you happy.”

“I’m just saying –“

“We get what you’re saying Worms,” Sirius says kindly, “We’ve been fighting on the frontlines. We’ve seen shit that we shouldn’t have, not by eighteen. We know this isn’t a bloody joke. No one’s trying to be irreverent or treat this like a game.”

“It’s a weapon as much as our wands,” James says, unexpectedly, “We can’t carry all the burdens of the world on our shoulders. We’d give up.”

“Can’t help but feel like we should try –“

“Merlin’s beard, Worms, you can’t carry all the weight of the world on your shoulders, it’s impossible, you’d go balmy – this is just Britain; what about the rest of the –“

“Shhh,” says Remus, suddenly, “Is that the news on the wireless?”

“Don’t be daft. It’s not the time for the news –“

“Turn it up,” James’ expression is dead serious all of a sudden.

The Bones family was found murdered this morning in their family home in the wizarding village of Pen Rhionydd, better known as Helga’s Hollow. Edgar Bones, along with his wife Alexis Bones and his two sons – aged 10 and 11 – and his daughter – age 6 – were found by their neighbour, Eugenia Boothe when she went over to wish them in the morning. The exact details of the murders are unknown at the moment, though the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement has confirmed that they were murdered by members of the terrorist group who call themselves the Death Eaters –

James sinks to the floor, his shoulders shaking and Sirius looks as though he’s about to throw up.

Remus switches off the radio and turns to Peter.

“Merry fucking Christmas, Peter,” he says quietly, “I hope you’re satisfied,” and then leaves the room.

“Fuck,” whispers Peter to himself, “Fuck.”

(For almostsaurus. Pen Rhionydd being Helga’s Hollow is a headcanon of thelethifoldwitch.)

First pregnancy- George Weasley x Reader

* 7 months prior*
“George calm down. It’s going to be fine I’m going to a muggle doctor. I can perfectly well handle going alone.” George felt immensely guilty. Fred and George were pulling over time at Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes for a promotional sale. He wanted to go see this muggle ‘Ultrasound’ thing Y/N talked about. Where he could see his baby. He thought she must be mistaken because that sounded like magic to him. “ Maybe I can find someone to replace me or I could bribe Freddie.” Y/N smiled brushing her H/C locks out of her face into a messy bun. “ I’ll be alright. We agreed we’d wait to announce the pregnancy to everyone over tonight’s dinner. You can come the next time I promise you. Do we want to find out the gender of the baby? Because I bloody well do.” He chuckled at his wife. She looked so excited and determined. “ Yes my love. I’ll see you at the burrow tonight seven sharp?” He asked kissing her goodbye. “ I will. Don’t blow anything up whilst i’m gone!” “No promises!”

Seven o’clock rolled around. Y/N was so excited to share the news of her pregnancy with her husband’s family. She clutched the ultrasound picture close to her chest. She opened the door. “ Hello everybody!” After greeting all the Weasley children in the living room she went to the kitchen to see Mrs Weasley trying her best to manage all the cooking. “ Oh hello Y/N darling. How was your day? Glad you could make it.” Y/N smiled. “I’m great Molly. Do you mind if I talk to the family after dinner?” Molly laughed. “If you can get them all in one place without food for a moment I will be impressed, Love.” Y/N heard the front door open. She heard the familiar comforting voice of her husband. “ Mum! Your two favourite sons have arrived!” Fred and George chimed together. “ Just in time to eat and not to help I see!” George caught Y/N’s eye. He winked at her. He was excited to hear his family’s reaction to hearing he was soon going to be a father.

Dinner was finished. Before anyone even had the chance to leave Y/N shot up from her seat beside George . “ Everybody!” She said without thinking. The whole family looked at the usually quiet wife of George. “ Yes what is it Love?” Mrs Weasley said with a smile. George stood up beside her. “ Do the honours will ya?” Y/N whisper yelled to her husband suddenly shy because of all the attention. George cleared his throat. “ Well the thing is…oh to hell with it! I’m going to be a dad!” George yelled practically beaming with pride. The whole family erupted into a mash of questions and excitement. Mrs Weasley screamed the loudest on the verge of tears. “ I knew you guys were busy but, damn.” Fred said laughing in disbelief. Ginny was cheering. “ Oh my goodness I’m going to be an aunt!” Y/N piped up.” I have more exciting news!”.Y/N said her bright E/C eyes beaming. George looked down confused at his wife by his side.Y/N held up the picture. “ I would like to introduce the new and improved…Weasley twins!” Sure enough on the little picture two little babies could be seen. George and Fred’s jaws almost fell off they were opened so wide. The room cheer with congratulations. George couldn’t stop smiling. “ If you all calm down I can tell you the genders.” Y/N said in a sing song voice. The room quieted with anticipation. “ Baby number one.” Y/N pointed to the left side of the screen. “ is a baby boy!” A son. George’s heart swelled with pride. “ Baby number two.” Pointing to the right side of the screen. “ is a baby girl!” Ginny and Mrs Weasley were practically beside themselves at the prospect of a Weasley girl. The stream of hugs seemed endless. Weasley after Weasley came and were offering help and best wishes.

*One month ago*
George helped Y/N into their bed. George looked at their tiny apartment near Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes. They were already outgrowing it and the twins hadn’t even arrived. George laid on the queen size bed beside his wife who was reading a book intensely. He looked at her stomach which seemed to be getting bigger and bigger everyday. He touched his wife gently not wanting to disturbed Her reading . He put his ear against her stomach to see if he could hear anything. He heard the two quiet and constant heart beats of the babies. It comforted him greatly. Y/N smiled an looked down at her husband. “ What are you doing George?” She touched his messy red hair. “Listening to the babies. I can’t wait till I can tell them stories.” Y/N giggled. “ This book i’m reading says that a baby can hear your voices. They recognize their parents voices before birth.” George was intrigued. Tracing his hand over what felt like a baby’s elbow. “ Well than, I will tell you both. Daddy used to play pranks on Mummy all the time. He didn’t know how to tell her he liked her. Mummy would always get mad and yell at me but, one day Mummy decided to try to prank Daddy and uncle Fred. She failed miserably trying to dump paint on our head. It back fire and drenched Mummy in blue paint. She couldn’t get her hair right for weeks! She’s a terrible prankster you know. Hopefully you get Daddy’s genes because she’s just horrid at it-” Y/N whacked George’s arm.” Oh hush you! I tried my best to impress you.” She pouted and crossed her arms. George laughed. He felt the babies move under his hand. George smiled “ We’re very lucky to have Mummy you know. If we didn’t I don’t think I would be as happy as I am right now.” Y/N expression softened. She kissed her husband.

*Due date*
Last night was the scariest night of Y/N life. The Order of the Phoenix had gone to get Harry Potter from Privet Drive. Y/N tried her best to talk George out of going. He wanted to do his part to help Harry. She finally agreed to let him go when she heard her father would be accompanying him. She trusted her father and knew he was a great wizard she could trust her husband’s life in his hands.Y/N begged her father Remus Lupin to stay with George and to protect one another. “ I promise Darling we will both be home in one piece.” Her father promised as she said her last goodbyes to George. “ Please be safe. For me and the twins.” She said choking back tears. George smiled and kissed her forehead. “ I’ll be home before you know it and all in one piece my love. I promise.” Y/N walked into the burrow o sit with her best friend Angelina Black. Fred’s Pregnant fiancée. She was just as nervous as she was. “ They’ll be alright. I know my boys and they are made of strong stuff.” Mrs Weasley said with a weak smile. Hours passed. Y/N stomach hurt. Was it nerves or was it the babies? She didn’t know anymore.She went upstairs to fetch her slippers. She heard commotion coming from downstairs. She made her way down faster when she heard Mrs Weasley’s gasp in horror. She looked to see George on the couch. Hair all bloody he was unconscious. Y/N rushed over to his side. “George.” Y/N said breathlessly. Ginny grabbed her arm before she could get any closer to her husband. Ginny sat her down. “ What happened?” Y/N said still in shock silent tears running down her cheeks. “ He was hit by a curse…his ear is gone.” Ginny said calmly. Y/N saw George’s eyes flicked open.George looked up at the closest person to him. His twin brother Fred. “ How are you feeling?” Fred said looking concerned. “ Saint like…i’m holey. You get it? Holey.” Fred chuckled a little. “ With the whole wide world of ear-related humour, you go for ‘I’m holey’. Pathetic.“ George smiled weakly. “ I bet I’m still better looking than you.” Y/N rushed to help Mrs Weasley dress George’s wounds. “ Sit down deary. You’re about ready to pop! Sit down.” Mrs Weasley said taking the gauze away from Y/N shaking hands. She sat beside George. She took his hand. “ You promised you’d come back in one piece.” Y/N said her eyes glistening with tears. “ I mean I’m only missing an ear. With all the crazy pranks I’ve done I’m surprised I haven’t lost an eye or at least a finger.” Y/N tried to smile. She placed his hand on her cheek feeling his warm hand made her feel better.. “ I love you George.” George smiled widely like he always did. “ I love you too, Y/N.”

The next morning Mrs Weasley walked past with her morning brew of tea. Y/N was on her hands and knees cleaning the living room floor. That was odd. “ Y/N dear what are you doing?” Fred walked down the stairs with a basket of quaze leftover from dressing George’s ear. “ Ya Y/N keeping yourself busy eh?” Fred joked.Y/N continued to scrub. “ No my water broke so, I thought I should clean it before it stained anything.” “ oh that’s nice of you.” Mrs Weasley said. Fred dropped the basket of gauze before Mrs Weasley came to her senses. “ Y/N! You’re in labour! Don’t worry about cleaning I can do that! Fred get George!” Fred panicked yelling up the staircase. “George! Come down to the living room!” George yelled back rather annoyed. “ I’ll be down in five minutes!” Fred yelled louder. “ The babies are coming now!” Feverishly fast footsteps were heard coming down the stairs. Followed by loud thuds. George had fallen down the stairs in his excitement. Y/N screamed seeing her husband falling. “I’m okay!” George yelled laying at Fred’s feet. “My balance isn’t the best without my ear.” George said wiping dirt off his shirt as he stood up. He turned to Y/N. “ Fred, George get Y/N up into bed whilst I call the doctor.” Molly said to her two sons. They nodded helping her up the stairs slowly. Stopping for each contraction.

George helped get Y/N comfortable…well as comfortable as one can be whilst in labour. When the time came to push Y/N panicked. “ I don’t know if I can do this George. I’m not strong enough.” She said through tears in her eyes. “ You are the strongest woman I know. If anyone can give birth to two healthy babies in one go it’s you. I will be here and won’t leave your side. I promise my love.” 20 minutes of pushing and the first baby arrived. Their son. A loud tiny cry heard throughout the burrow.“ He’s got a healthy set of lungs that one does.” George said jokingly holding back tears. Y/N smiled a little. 20 minutes of pushing. Baby number two was harder than expected.Y/N was tired. Really tired. She felt so tired she just wanted to close her eyes.”Mrs Weasley you need to push and stay awake this is important.” The doctor said loudly to Y/N whose eyes fluttered open and shut. The doctor gave a look of panic to George. “Keep her awake!” The doctor firmly instructed. George’s heart sank. Something was wrong he could feel it. “ Y/N my love. You need to stay awake and push for me okay? She’s almost out. You can’t sleep now.” Y/N nodded slowly. She pushed with all her might. Five minutes later baby number two was out. Deafening silence. There was no loud cry like with their son. Y/N hand shook as the doctor looked the baby over. “ George.” Y/N said voice shaking with tears. George was about to pass out with worry gripping onto Y/N hand. The doctor did something. A loud cry could be heard higher pitch than her brother’s. Y/N let out a thankful sigh of relief. They were okay.

At 9:00 and at 9: 25 pm on Monday July 28th, 1997 Remus Fred Weasley and Amelia Angelina Weasley were born to the proudest parents. Amelia looked like her mother with her mother’s beautiful E/C eyes but, with the signature red coloured hair like her father. Remus was the spitting image of George. Beautiful big chocolate brown eyes that would melt your heart and with bright red hair. Y/N giggled looking at George hold their two new babies. “ I’m starting to feel left out. I should probably dye my hair red to match with you guys.” George laughed. “How the hell did I help create the two most beautiful babies I’ve ever seen?” Y/N smiled. “ I was thinking the same exact thing.” The first visitors were Mr and Mrs Weasley who were proud to be grandparents. “ They are beautiful.” Mrs Weasley said through tears holding Amelia. Mr Weasley held his grandson close. “ They are going to be great wizards.” Y/N giggled as she saw her husband’s chest buff out like a proud bird. “ Of course they will be. They have the better half of the Weasley twins and Y/N as parents. They are going to carry on my legacy as pranksters.” Mrs Weasley turned to Y/N. “ My condolences dear.” Y/N and Mrs Weasley bursted into piles of laughter. “ Hey I wasn’t that bad!” George yelled which only made the two woman laugh harder.

Fred and Angelina came in. Molly and Arthur left. “What are these little angels named?” Angelina said holding Amelia whilst her fiancée held Remus. George and Y/N named smiled at one another. “ I would like you to meet Amelia Angelina Weasley.” Y/N said to her best friend. George smiled at his brother. “ This little man is Remus Fred Weasley.” Fred and Y/N looked down in disbelief at the child in their arms. “ A-are you sure?” Fred said looking at the parents. “ Of course we are. It wasn’t even a question. You guys are their auntie and uncle and proud godparents as well.” Angelina immediately started to cry. Even Fred was teary eyed. “ Hey little fella. I’m your uncle Freddie. I’m going to spoil ya rotten and teach ya how to annoy your dad.” George rolled his eyes. Angelina wiped the tears from her cheek. “ Thank you guys. This means a lot to me.” George patted her back. “It’s fine we’re family.”

Y/N laid the babies beside her on the bed while George was downstairs recounting the birth to his siblings. The door swung open. Her father Remus was standing there. Trying to catch his breath. She could tell he had been running. “I’m so sorry I wasn’t here Darling.” Y/N smiled. “ Daddy it’s alright. I had George with me.” Remus sat down beside Y/N. “ Still. It was a big moment in your life. I should have been there. I’m still your father.” Y/N pulled her father into a hug. “ It’s alright. Now come on meet your grandchildren.” Remus smiled. Remus picked up Amelia in his right arm and Remus in the left arm. “ I would like you to meet Amelia Angelina Weasley and Remus Fred Weasley.” Remus’s eyes grew twice the size. Amelia was Y/N mother’s name. “ Y/N… This is too much.” Y/N smiled. “ You and Mom are my heroes. Mom died for her friends and what she believed in. You raised me all on your own. You gave me everything not thinking about yourself. You’re a wonderful man and if my son is half the man you are he’ll do great things in this world.” Silent tears ran down Remus’s cheeks. Just like they always did Y/N put her forehead onto her father’s. “ I love you Darling.” “ I love you too Daddy.”


Altered Card Yu Gi Oh made by me.

Set of Lands …Full art

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