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family means something different with us because it has to. it’s not about blood. it’s not even about who we like. it’s about who andrew’s willing to protect.

the remains of your kiss linger on my lips - MatildaSwan - Holby City [Archive of Our Own]
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Fandom: Holby City
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Relationships: Serena Campbell/Bernie Wolfe
Characters: Serena Campbell, Bernie Wolfe, Raf Di Lucca, Adrian “Fletch” Fletcher, Morven Digby, Ric Griffin
Additional Tags: pre-ship/pining Raf/Fletch, Pining, Feelings, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Denial of Feelings, Masturbation
Summary: Without the threat of secondment just how much longer could Serena have survived being Bernie’s friend?

thread wishlist:

  • more threads with investigation team members.
  • pre dungeon threads where naoto is bitter and hates the IT and they hate naoto and nobody is happy
  • p r e  e s t a b l i s h e d  r e l a t i o n s h i p s
  • Exam Study Hell
  • solving cases together
  • tv world ?? ?? 
  • king’s game … 
  • someone telling naoto a ghost story / making naoto watch a horror movie
  • silent conversations like y’know where you just kinda nod at each other once in a while then stare back at your book
  • friendship please give naoto friends
  • canon scenes, but, like, with Elaboration
  • idk more definitely
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Bonus no points if Bruce is Tony’s new best friend because “no one else understands him or science”

my soul just left my body. that’s it that’s my least fave “tony and friends” thing ever oh my god….o h m y g o o d n e s s RHODEY WENT TO MIT RHODEY HELPED TAKE TONY’S SUIT APART FOR THE MILITARY RHODEY IS AN INCREDIBLE PILOT AND IS VERY VERY SMART AND HAD BEEN TONY’S BEST FRIEND FOR DECADES RHODEY IS THE ORIGINAL SCIENCE BRO I’M GONNA YELL….RHODEY IS TONY’S #1 FAVE BESTIE i love tony and bruce’s friendship so much so so much but oh my god,,,,,,@ fandom stop acting like my beloved son rhodey isn’t important or needed because he IS, SO MUCH,,

Strung Out Photographs (A Billy Moran Fanfic)- Chapter 2


Chapter 1


I sat at the same table, a bit dumbfounded. Who was this girl? Why was she so intriguing?

The girl raised her hands, signing something way too quickly for me to understand with my limited knowledge of the language. I held my hand up to stop her.

“I o-n-l-y k-n-o-w t-h-e a-l-p-h-a-b-e-t.” I finger spelled. The girl smiled, I could tell she was surprised either way.

“O-n-e s-e-c.” said the girl, catching on to the only finger spelling. She turned to her computer, pulling up a word document.

“Hi! I’m Carver.” she typed, turning the computer to me. I laughed, she was smart.

“Nice to meet you, Carver.” I typed, pushing the computer back to her.

Carver looked the words I typed. Reaching her hand up, she pointed to each word, doing a sign after it.

“Is that how you sign ‘nice to meet you’?” I asked. She nodded. Gosh, she was really beautiful.

“Can I ask what you’re doing here? I’ve never seen you around before.” I said, typing again.

Reading the computer screen, Carver lifted her hands up, miming the action of taking a picture. Then it clicked, Chris was leaving early this weekend and Creation had given the choice on whom else to hire.

Before I could type anything else, a guy walked up behind her, tapping her on the shoulder before looking towards me.

“Sorry to interrupt.” said the guy, signing and speaking. Carver watched every move, so I assume he was her interpreter.

“Carver, Chris is here.” said the guy. He pointed to Chris standing by the door, he had just walked in. Carver turned and looked, nodding. She turned back to me.

“D-u-t-y c-a-l-l-s.” she finger spelled, signing with one hand and using the other to close her computer.

“Nice to meet you, B-i-l-l-y.” I recognized ‘nice to meet you’ by now.

“Nice to meet you, C-a-r-v-e-r.”

With another smile, she walked away.

“Earth to Billy?” I jumped, surprised at the sudden voice. I must have zoned out a bit too long. I looked up to see Richard standing above me, waving his hand in front of my face.

“Oh, hey Rich. What’s up?” I asked.

“You’ve been staring at your guitar pic for like 10 minutes.”

“Oh, have I?” I asked, not really paying attention. My eyes glazed over to Carver, she stood on the other side of the green room, talking to Chris. Rob and her, I assume, interpreter stood with her.

Richard followed my gaze.

“Why are you staring at Carver?” asked Rich.

“Wait, you know her?” I asked, slightly confused yet surprised.

“Dude, you don’t? You’ve known Rob longer than I have, hell I only ever met her the one time, but…” I gave him a confused head tilt. I’d known Rob for years and he never even mentioned someone named Carver.

“You really don’t know who she is? Dude, that’s Carver Benedict, Rob’s little sister.”

My eyes widened, shooting my head back over to her. Rob had another sister?


A/N: So I don’t have to type the interpreting anymore, whenever Carver is in a conversation with someone and she responds automatically, assume it’s because Danny is interpreting for her unless stated otherwise. Cool? Cool.

“Okay, so your job for now before I leave tomorrow afternoon is to shadow me, watch the routines of the photo opps and things like that. You following me?” asked Chris. Chris, Danny, and I were in the photo opp room, waiting for the day to begin.

I nodded at Chris.

“Whenever we’re not in here or you have free time, feel free to take pictures of whatever you want.”

“Cool, and again, I appreciate this opportunity Chris.” I said, signing back.

“No problem, I loved your portfolio. Can’t believe I didn’t make the connection that you’re Rob’s sister though! Guess talent runs in the family.”

I smiled at Chris slightly, a bit uncomfortable at the comment. Rob and I were nothing alike.

Chris turned, completing the set-up of his camera equipment. Apparently Rob’s photo opps were first, so we’ll see how this goes.

A/N: Never been to a convention, forgive me if I get the order of photo-opps wrong.


“How’s she doing?” asked Rob to Chris later in the afternoon. Chris had left Carver to handle the Kim and Briana photo opps for practice. Rob and him stood in the back of the room, watching Carver and Danny work.

“Dude, she’s fantastic. I’ve never seen anyone understand what to capture so easily, especially without having to be told. Danny’s barely done any interpreting.”

“Yeah, she’s always been like that. I’m pretty sure Danny’s only here for emergencies.” said Rob, staring at his little sister in awe.

Here’s the truth, Rob and Carver Benedict were nothing alike. Rob was 8 years old when Carver was born, so the age difference was hard enough.

But then it was discovered that Carver was deaf, and the Benedict family’s entire world changed.

Rob’s a musician; music had been his life for as long as he could remember. It was really hard for him to make a connection with someone, who he thought, couldn’t appreciate one of the things he loved.

If he was honest with himself, it took him years to finally buck down and learn American Sign Language. Years went by with communications being made with just a pencil and paper.

If he was honest with himself, he didn’t even realize Carver had moved to Los Angeles.

If he was honest with himself, there was a reason none of his band mates even knew she existed.

If he was honest with himself, Rob didn’t even know Carver had started a photography business.

But, if he was really honest with himself, he had no idea that a guitarist in a room on the other side of the convention hotel was using his free time to look up basic ASL lessons on YouTube. A musician that was willing to do all the things that Rob hadn’t.

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