o god i love his style

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( hi just here to tell my light son that he is an honest to god sweetheart who has an amazing writing style!!! sorry, light mum doesn't make the rules here they're just stating the facts--- )

( aHHHHH OH MY GOSH;;; l i G h T M U M;;; do you even know what you’re saying ???? aaHhhhhHhHHHhh

( ;w; hey @@everyone you should know right now that this light mum is the best and only light mum you will e v e r need and that she gives s o m u c h love to A L L her light children;;;; writes such beautiful works of art in literary form you will feel your soul become one with the universe

( gentle reminder that light son believes in the luminous matriarchal authority and in turn speaks nothing but the truth 8’)

i l u light mum

Hi! I heard that today was Ink’s birthday, so I drew something for him!:D

I didn’t know what to draw, so I drew Ink with Sans and Dans from my AU, DoppelTale!(ㆁωㆁ)

Look at that precious smile on his face!(≧▽≦)
Such a cute cinnamon roll(๑´ڡ`๑)
You’re a cinnamon roll too, Comyet!٩(๑´3`๑)۶

Hope you like it!❤(*´ω`*)

OOOOOH YES OH MY GOD I ALWAYS LOVED YOUR ART IM SOOOO SO GLAD TO SEE THAT YOU DREW INK AGAIN <3333 Especially in your adorable style and with such cute baes!! GOSH YOUR DANS I HANDSOME O///A////O //touches

Thank you alot, really, you’re so sweet! And most importantly, YOU’RE THE CINNAMON ROLL!! Q//v//Q <3333 //smooches

My favorite thing about chicken wrapped in Parma ham is that every time without fail, when Louis is asked what the most romantic thing he has ever done he says that he cooked that meal, and it’s probably not even true. We all know Louis is a sap and god only knows all the sweet romantic things he’s done that we don’t get to see. I mean he could easily say that he’s taken his s/o on lavish vacations or bought them expensive or thoughtful things, but no. What means the most to him is that one time he tried to make Harry Styles dinner because that’s something Louis just doesn’t do but he wanted to try for Harry once upon a time when they were young and as stupidly in love as they are now. And to top it all off, Louis is like SO rich (extremely nonsensically mouth wateringly rich) but still the chicken wrapped in Parma ham stuffed with mozzarella and side of home made mash is the most romantic gift he’s ever given because it’s one of those things that money can’t buy because it’s a gift that genuinely comes wholly from the heart and yeah. Louis is a sap.