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Genre: Angsty smut

Member: D.O (FINALLY)

Words: 1,309

A/N: This was supposed to be based on Shameless by The Weeknd but I changed my mind so it kind of is based on it. I’m tired af so I haven’t proofread😬

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Feli: I want to be there for you. You’re strong because you have so much responsibilities. You don’t have to keep holding back. You don’t have to tell me now what’s been hurting you, but I’ll listen to you whenever you’re ready. Okay?

Lud: O-okay..

(Finally something.)


A messy little comic where Yuri takes a chance (finally)

Part 8 / Part 1

That’s all for now fam. Hope you liked my dumb little comic ❤︎

hey look at this lance

thats all, i just found this lance and i had to share him cause hes beautiful