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Thoughts on Chanbaek haters (or just ship hater overall)

So I was scrolling through the Baekyeol Thread thing, and I saw some person ranting (in a negative way) saying things like they are just friends and Baek don’t pay any attention to Chanyeol and that it’s stupid and hilarious for people to think that they are in ‘love’. Oh and I think that somewhere in that really mean message was something like Chanbaek is fan service.

I was like “………….um………what?” 

So I know that there are going to be people who hate on our (or just mine) ships, but please, don’t say we are stupid for just believing, cuz if we believe it’s real, and you think were aren’t sane, that’s pretty much us saying you are insane for not believing it’s real, it’s the same thing, so don’t put that comment on a thread thing literally dedicated all to the ship we love. 

But…seriously Chanbaek is just fan service. Nu uh, no no no no no. Please what they do is not fan service, even if it meant to be fan service, it is still all genuine. Oh wait, also the ‘fan service’ that they do, is nothing up to the actual fan service standards. Like they laugh with each other, they hi five, and they stare at each other, smiles… I think I’m getting a bit off topic. LOL

Actually no I ain’t, let me show you, let me show you what I see. (although it’s through my delusional fangirl eyes)

First let me talk about selfies, selfies are pictures you take usually with someone you like (and not forced to take pictures with people you hate) because selfies means that you are in control. *Mwahahahaha* and you guys may think that this is fan service something cute they decided to do because they want to please their fans, but it my eyes, it reminds me of another moment.

Just a selfie back in like 2012, when they went to Los angeles (hence the white guy in the background. 

And please not that picture was not on stage, although as you can tell, Chanyeol was much more touchy. But that’s the thing! If they wanted to do a fan service thing, wouldn’t they have wrapped their arms around each other or something? (but Baekhyun resting his head on Chanyeol’s shoulder is good enough for me ^_^

(I know I know a 2014 moment, something a bit too old for you because 205 is ending) But still they are having so much fun, it’s a sweet genuine ‘fan service’

And then another moment from the same era.

…to be honest this has nothing to do with my fan service rant, just a submissive Baek…maybe I just wanted to add this…oh well. Moving on.

Oh wait this may be a bit hard to see.

I guess it’s a bit better, but his hand if you’ve seen let’s-talk-baekyeol sunbae’s post about the hand sign, you’ll understand but if not, then here’s an explanation. 

Back in like 2012, they did this before, so it makes it sweeter. Oops sorry sorry, I’ll actually explain it, or the picture will…

“I love you” in sign language, and if you have seen the whole thing, you’ll see that Chanyeol only did that to Baek, then the smile, and the gentle way Baek held Chan’s wrist and… *dies*

Ok ok sorry I’m fine now, now moving along (again) I’m gunna talk about the emotional Chanbaek.

Baekhyun seems to know how to cheer Chanyeol up…if you guys are confused, Chanyeol was crying because I think he was overwhelmed and touched by the support of the fans (I’m sorry if I’m wrong) and if it’s not obvious, this ain’t fan service, but just a sweet gesture that Baekhyun (alone, to be exact) did out of care. He legit walked all the way over to Chanyeol, on the other side of the stage. 

A much more recent moment, the other was like in 2014, but this was in 2015 (mind you) I know the other members were comforting the poor boy, but the way they did it was a bit different, they were you know the pat on he back, while  occasionally looking at the fans, (I saw the video ok, I’m not making this up! Don’t believe? Just look up ‘Baekhyun crying’ or something) but then there’s Chanyeol, his full attention on Baekhyun, even angling his head to look at him better, and then rubbing the nape of his neck. Sound familiar? Yup, the place where Chanyeol would tease because he knows it’s Baekhyun’s weak spot, which reminds me, Baekhyun teases Chanyeol about his ears, so why not that be the place to also comfort them with? Of course comforting a sad member isn’t exactly fan service, wouldn’t even be considered at all fan service unless that member was acting. But this shows they really care (the other members care too, but these too always seem to be supporting each other)

Lol Chan making fun of Baekhyun. Naughty naughty~


Ok now about the part of Baekhyun not paying attention to Chanyeol. -___-

Alright I will admit that Chanyeol is the one who usually tries to get attention from Baekhyun, and there are times where Baek will ignore him (like when Chanyeol threw confetti at Baek but Baekhyun legit just ignored him. How mean XD ). But they are just teasing. But Baekhyun does, definitely pay attention to Chanyeol on stage (they pay attention to each other more at like airports and commercial things and stuff like that but I ain’t gunna talk about that here)

Remember this? Channel had followed Baekhyun over there like a puppy how cute.

Chan wants attention from the bucket head Baek.

Success! (I think lol)

When Chanyeol was trying to startle Baek by attempting to push Baekhyun (just a reason to touch him) but Baek look happy his smile, it’s not annoyed or anything, he’s not trying to push Chan away, so good job Chan. There was another time Chanyeol had done something similar to this, but instead Chan was trying to bite him and Baek was startled out of his pants, then he kicked Chnayeol in the butt. Lol

Closer picture…>///<

Baekhyun be staring instead of Chan.

Eye contact, it looks like this would make a really good angst scene. Oooohhh~

Baekhyun this time made the first move going up to Chanyeol, and of course with no hesitation Chan wraps his arm around Baekhyun, as if he’s done this like tons of times (which he does) pulling him closer… help…

Never noticed that Baek’s hand was around Chan like that. O….my….dear….lawd…. this is so beautiful. Why do they look so adorable together? Possibly the height difference. Hahaha.

Lastly, the adorable I love you by Byun Baekhyun

Look at his face, so cute and so mischievous makes you wonder if this was really the fan service that they are trying to portray it as. Hmmm… Plus how he says ‘saranghayo’ (I love you in Korean) afterwards, as if trying to really get the message across, and Chanyeol’s flustered face after…very suspicious indeed. (Did you just confess publicly Baekhyun?)

Info: Aishiteru-yo is ‘I love you’ in Japanese. Also there is another way to say ‘I love you’ in japanese, but it’s a much milder version, Dai suki, like expressing you affection (usually something like ‘I like you’) but aishiteru is even stronger way to express your love…hmm…hehehehe. 

Since this was supposed to be a rant (but became a freakin analysis thingy, I’ll end it with a rant). People have no right to call us stupid or delusional for believing in something that they believe is fake. Because we believe it’s real so what’s so bad about that? Don’t call us stupid and insane for liking something you people for some reason seem to hate. Understand that I’m not trying to make you ship what I ship, because to be honest I don’t care about what you ship, I don’t even care if you will ever even ship this ship, because all that matters is that there are people who do ship it, and won’t stop shipping it just because you say that we shouldn’t. So if you don’t like this ship, don’t look at any pictures of it, read any analysis’s about them or any videos, and just go ship another ship. Stay in this fandom, but don’t hate on other fans, just go to a different part of this huge and amazing fandom, because what we say should not at all affect you because it’s our opinion so just deal with it. And let me just say (not saying people do…I think) if you ever leave this amazing group called Exo, just because we, the people you other people think is stupid and stuff, then this fandom just ain’t right for you I guess, because we will obviously like different things, like the songs they sing, our bias’ and ships, but in the end we are still Exo-L’s and we need to act like true fans.

*deep breath* Oh my god, that was way too long. How did this start from a rant, to some random analysis to a rant again? Oh well I guess that’s my charm :D. This blog/rant/thing literally went all over the place didn’t it?


Thanks for reading!

(PS, have any questions about this ship? I’ll try my best to answer! *wink* jeez this was way too long, I’m winded hahahahaha)