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Valentine's Day OverWatch Imagines

(This involves Genji, McCree, Hanzo, Reaper, Solider 76, Junkrat, Roadhog, Reinhardt, Lúcio, and Zenyatta)



•He goes out of his way to use his ninja skills to surprise you with quick kisses and small little candies

•He sneaks up on you, and pops into rooms, stealing a quick kiss, leaving his s/o flustered and speechless.

•Those events lead up to a big romantic dinner that Zenyatta helped Genji put together.

•Genji pulled out all the stops, three coarse meal, roses, chocolate, and of course a present for his adorable s/o.

•He bought is s/o a beautiful necklace with a emerald dragon charm.


•McCree used really corny pick up lines on his s/o, making them laugh uncontrollably.

•He’s constantly hitting on his s/o, calling you “darlin’” every chance he gets.

•McCree takes their s/o to a very nice restaurant, and treats them to a very romantic dinner.

•He then takes their s/o out to the movies to watch that really bad romcom, but he just makes out with his s/o instead of watching.


•He isn’t very emotional person, but he tries a bit harder.

•Hanzo wants to have a special night in with his s/o, and sets up his room at the base with candles and sakura peddles.

•It was a night full of romance and delicious Japanese food made by Hanzo himself. He made it with extra love just for his s/o.

•Hanzo then did something pretty far from his normal personality, he snuggled his s/o. He snuggled his s/o all night. And it was perfect.


•Despite being the really emo and edge-lord he normally is, today he was completely different. Well only for his s/o.

•He insisted he do EVERYTHING for his s/o, including making breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And he is an extremely good chef.

•Dinner is extra special, and romantic. Reaper covered the table with rose peddles, and even played violin music.

•After dinner, Reaper has a special bubble bath for him and his s/o, and it’s nothing short of completely romantic.

Soldier 76:

•Soldier 76 may be a little gruff, but he knows how to kick up the romance. He happily spoils his s/o all day.

•All his attention is on his s/o. No one else.

•He treats his s/o out to a movie and dinner, which he lets his s/o pick the movie.

•At the end of the night, he tops it off with a diamond necklace for his s/o.


•Not really a romantic, but more of a very passionate lover. An EXPLOSIVE lover.

•Knows how much his s/o likes bath bombs from Lush, and buys a bunch for his s/o. (He makes a few too, but those aren’t really… safe)

•Junkrat takes his s/o to their favorite cafe to grab some Boba Tea, and snack on some little cakes and such. It’s a secret, but Junkrat does love his Boba Tea and sweets.

•He rushes his s/o home so he can have an all out cuddle fest!


•He bought a bunch of plushies and sweets for his s/o, since he knows how much he and his s/I LOVE adorable things.

•Roadhog makes breakfast in bed for his s/o, which he made 100% with love.

•Creates the perfect movie night, with tons of blankets and pillows, and snacks all around. It’s the perfect way to spend the night with his s/o.

•Lets his s/o snuggle up on his belly, as they fall asleep. He loves to watch his s/o peacefully sleep.


•Extremely excited to spend all day with his lovely s/o. And when he says all day, he means all day.

•He spoils his s/o rotten. Making sure they don’t have to lift a finger all day. Including carrying them all around their house.

•Buys his s/o amazing German chocolate, which he really did get from Germany. And damn was it yummy.

•Feeds his s/o chocolate while they enjoy talking to one another about little things, just enjoying each other’s company.


•Makes a special mixtape for his s/o of all original songs that he wrote just for them.

•Plays another sexy music mix, and sets up a very romantic breakfast for his s/o. He sets the mood perfectly.

•After the very romantic breakfast, Lúcio takes his s/o to his Valentine’s Concert, and then surprises his s/o by taking them up on stage and serenade them.

•After the concert, he takes his s/o to a five star hotel, and rents out their biggest sweet, so they can have a rooftop view as they snuggle in the hot tub.


•Never really understood the holiday, but was happy to celebrate it for his s/o.

•He attempts to be romantic, but just ends up being adorable in every way, making his s/o giggle and cuddle their omnic lover.

•Tries to use cheesy pick up lines that Genji told him to say, making his s/o laugh a lot then kiss his metal forehead.

•Cuddles all night with his s/o, enjoying making them happy on this human holiday of love.

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12. “Bed. Now.”

In which Harry doesn’t deal with teasing very well.

Harry’s been basically living at the studio for the past few days. He’s so close to finishing a new song, and he’s been working in overdrive. You, on the other hand, have been home, cuddled up on the couch, bundled in blankets and watching movies. But you’re getting bored.

You’re sure he’s busy, and he hasn’t replied at all, but you’ve been sending him texts for the past few hours. It’s just that the movies you’ve been watching are romances and are filled with sex scenes, ones that have you twisting in your seat and craving a body next to you. So, your texts have been a bit filthy, and maybe a little over-the-top. What you didn’t expect, though, was for Harry to come home and slam the front door behind him.

You jump from the couch, heart racing and limbs tingling with adrenaline at the sudden noise. He stalks into the living room, licking his lips as his eyes skim your body, clothed in your little tank top and sleep shorts.

“Harry, what are you-”

“Bed. Now.” He gives you a pointed look, shifting on his feet and drawing attention to the bulge in his jeans. Your mouth falls open, but he raises an eyebrow, daring you to speak.

You take the hint, casting your eyes downward and brushing past him on your way to the bedroom. You hear the TV click off in the living room and then you hear his footsteps as he follows behind you. You’ve barely climbed on the bed when you hear the zipper of his jeans.

“Strip,” he orders you shortly. You turn around to find him shedding his own clothes, dropping each article into a single pile.

“Never answered my texts,” you inform him, peeling your tank top up your torso to reveal your naked chest. His eyes are devouring you already, jaw set in a hard line.

“Yeh think you’re funny?” He reaches for you impatiently after he’s fully naked, cock hard against his abdomen, and yanks your shorts and panties down your legs. “Had t’ make up some rubbish excuse fo’ the band b’fore they saw me hard.” He grips your ankles when you’re bare and flips you over, settling you up on your knees, ass in the air and cheek pressed to the mattress. “’S not very nice o’ yeh t’ send me those things when I’m busy.”

“I was missing you.” A small gasp sounds from your lips when you feel his fingers swipe through your folds.

“Can tell,” he rasps. You hear the wet suckling of his mouth around his fingers and you pull your lip between your teeth. “All ready fo’ me.” There’s barely a moment before he’s pushing into you, hand gripping tightly at your hip to pull you back onto him.

“There w’go,” he mutters, sliding his other hand up your back. “Was doin’ really well at the studio,” he tells you as he pulls back and rocks into you again, stretching you around his girth. “Was almost finished, actually.”

You bury your face into the sheets and let out a cry when he gives another, much harder thrust. His fingers grab at a fistful of your hair, pulling it taut and yanking your face from the mattress.

“Ruined my flow, pet.” He fucks into you again, hips smacking against your bum, cock driving deep inside of you. “Thought I might ruin yeh, too.”

“Harry, I-” You shout when he slams forward again, sending your body up the bed.

“Hush, now. No talkin’.”

You press your lips together roughly, letting out whimpers as he continues to fuck into you. His hand yanks up on your hair again, pulling you up on your hands and straining your neck. His fingers are digging into the soft flesh of your hip and you can feel each thrust in the deepest depths of you.

“Need yeh t’ come fo’ me, yeh hear? Need yeh t’ come hard.”

You whine in response, pussy already fluttering around him. His hand falls from your hair to dip around your wait, finding your clit and rubbing at it with rough fingers. A heavy breath leaves your lungs as your face drops back down on the bed. Your hands scratch at the sheets, gathering up the material and squeezing it with clenched fists.

“Now, pet. Come fo’ me. C’mon.”

“Harry, Harry, Harry.” His name leaves your lips in a chant as your high washes over you. Stars burst behind your eyelids and you have to reach back to grab onto his wrist as a way to ground yourself in the moment.

Harry keeps fucking into you until he’s groaning and coming in hot spurts. He drops his sweaty forehead to your back, warm breath rolling over your skin. His hips jerk forward twice until he’s completely finished, but your body is still feeling waves of pleasure when he pulls out of you. You whine, fingers tightening around his wrist.

“Need t’ let go o’ me, darlin’,” he urges you with a chuckle, prying your fingers from him. “Let me get yeh cleaned up so I can get back t’ the studio.”

“You’re going back?” You demand in disbelief, head lifting up from the bed to look at him.

“’Course,” he answers with a smirk, setting his feet down on the floor. “Got some new inspiration.”

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jefferson headcannons?

i have so many

•he is really smooth and quick-witted. 
•smo o th southern accent hol y (he uses that to his advantage)
•so many nicknames for his s/o
- Darlin’
- Baby girl/ Baby / Baby boy
- Doll
- Angel
- Prince/Princess
- Dear
- Doll-face
- Kitten (I’m not sorry)
• there’s more but it would take hours to list
•he uses them literally all the time??
• he gets pretty anxious when it comes big crowds or people he doesn’t know too well.
• loves to spoil.
- his s/o? spoil
- his children? S P O I L
- siblings? also spoil
- he’d probably spoil his friends too
•S M I L E
- holy shit it’s like literal sunshine
• crowds are a big n o
•rich family with old southern/Christian values
- his parents are the sweetest things??
- very accepting and loving
- his siblings are the sweetest and his baby siblings are so cute and adorable and he cherishes them and his family
• very very strong family values.
• he’s really gentle but a wise ass
• not many things piss him off?? with the exception of Alexander
• he gets jealous though
• he makes good $$$
• violin all the time. he’s got like six
• piano
• his voice
- singing voice is amazing holy
- his morning voice is literally the best
• him

“Oh Father: Part 2”

Chibs Telford x OC
(GIF isn’t mine)

The next morning you and the rest of the girls were all headed to the courts to support your fellow sister in her tournament. You had just arrived and taken your seats, when a rumbling of a motorcycle caught your attention. Out in the parking lot you spotted the same bike that had ousted you from your parking spot yesterday. You glared down the lot towards the man on the bike only to discover it was none other than Sara’s dad, and of course your anger over losing your parking spot faded considerably. Suddenly his attire last night made a little more sense, dark blues and blacks with a leather jacket on top of it all and boots. The Scottish hottie was a biker too, good lord your ovaries were exploding.

You watched him as he sauntered up to the bleachers, teasing you with his sexy strut.

“Mind if I sit with ye, girls?” he asked as he approached you all on the home side of the bleachers. Everyone nodded and he took a seat beside you. Of course he sat by me, you thought, just to ruin my day.

The teams were doing great, Sarah had just gone up against one of the best in the nation and won so you all were cheering and yelling and having a great time, Filip next to you was hooping and hollering like a true fan of the game, and naturally being sexy as hell, as you stood and excused yourself to the restroom.

You were returning from the facilities on your way back up to join your friends when you rounded the corner smack into a rock hard chest and you bounced back, stammering an apology as you looked up at the person you had nearly trampled.

“S'alright love,” Filip looked down at you with a smile which caused you to blush and look down at your feet. You were trying really hard to keep your promise but if he didn’t stop being so attractive you didn’t know if you would be able to.

“You know,” he spoke with a chuckle, “When I saw ye at the mall yesterday mornin’ I didn’t think ye’d be this shy. Ye seemed to be on top o’ yer game, darlin’.”

Your head shot up to look at him as he licked his lips and stared at you.

“Yes I remember ye, love,” he let out another amused scoff as he patted your shoulder and passed you by, heading into the men’s room down the hall as you stood still, shocked, in the same spot he left you. He was making this whole ‘obey Sara’s wishes’ plan very difficult.

You decided to excuse yourself from the Tennis tournament altogether to head home, knowing you needed to separate yourself from this beautiful man to keep from jumping him in public at this point. You changed into sweatpants and a hoodie before plopping down on the couch to chill, wondering if anyone thought your leaving early was strange. Tennis wasn’t really your thing anyway and Sara didn’t have any more matches until the following day so you figured you could take some time alone and cool down. 
Your plan would’ve worked, except that a half hour after you turned on the downstairs TV you heard a motorcycle outside the house. Your heart began to pound in your chest, maybe the girls were back too and his bike engine had just drowned the car engine noises out. Somehow you knew he was alone as you tried to steady your heart rate and act casual when the front door opened and in walked a lone Scotsman.

“Hello love,” he spoke as he walked in and saw you in the living room.

“H-hey,” you hesitated, looking at him as he stood at the threshold.

“Was just headed back to the hotel but the lasses said ye left early an I was hopin it wasn’t cause o’ me. Wanted to look in on you and see if you were okay?” The fatherly tone in his voice had taken over and he looked at you with genuine concern.

“I’m fine,” you gave a small laugh, “tennis just isn’t my thing I guess.”

He gave you a knowing look but said nothing, smiling instead and taking a deep breath, “Alright then, I better be off before Sara finds out she’s let you alone with me,” he winked and your gasp at his revelation was audible. That bitch had told her dad that you liked him!? You were going to die of embarrassment.

“Come lock up behind me? You really shouldn’ be in here alone with the doors unlocked anyway lass.” There was that fatherly tone again. You could almost hear yourself calling him daddy while he… You shook the thought from your head as you stood up to follow him out.

When he got to the door, with you in tow, he opened it and turned back around to face you, his sexy smolder making your cheeks heat up as he placed his hand on the door.

“Ye sure yer alright?” he asked again, a shit eating grin on his face because you knew he already knew the answer but you nodded anyway adding an 'mhmm’ for effect.

“Well, I’ll be around tomorrow for the next match, see you then?” he asked as he leaned in towards you and you held your breath as he kissed you on the cheek before winking at you again and exiting your home.

You shut and locked the door as he strode down the steps towards his motorcycle and leaned against the inside, letting out the breath you had held and closing your eyes. You could still feel his lips on your cheek and your stomach was in knots, your heart was pounding out of your chest.

You fell back onto the couch again, planning to resume watching the FRIENDS rerun that was playing. You shoved your hands in your hoodie pockets out of habit and felt something… A piece of paper.

You pulled it out and examined it; how did a gas station receipt get in your pocket?

3 gallons of gas and a pack of cigarettes - totaling $14.33 - and definitely not yours.

Weird, you thought, where could this have come from?

You flipped it over, looking for a clue, and had your answer…

“Mariott on University St. Rm 308
No pressure”

“Holy mother fuck,” you cussed out loud, not noticing that Erin had come home to check on you and had just walked in the door.

“Holy mother fuck, what?” she asked as she approached the couch and you stuffed the receipt in your pockets quickly.

“Gas is almost $3 a gallon,” you lied and Erin looked at you with an eyebrow raised.

“Okay strange one,” she scoffed, “we decided after you left that we all wanted to go to dinner tonight and afterwards see that new Ryan Reynolds movie. Wanna join?”

This was perfect, you thought. While they were at the movies you could be at the Marriott getting cozy with Filip.

“Eh, not feeling like going out to be honest,” you groaned a little, acting as if you were in a bad mood and hoping she bought your lie.

“Okay…” she trailed off, searching your face for answers to your behavior but apparently finding nothing as she perked up after a moment or two, “Well have fun sitting around alone and being a bum!” she cheered to you as she turned around and ran up the stairs to her room.

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Hello love! Glad there's more overwatch imagines blogs, cause they're my life! Can I get Hanzo, genji, mccree, reaper, 76 where they get home from a mission to see their s/o lying on the couch watching tv and can I get lots of cute fluff where they just come in and flop on top of them and cuddle them cause they're tired? I would love you if you do❤️

thank you!!! omg I love the fluff

Hanzo: Having been away for some time from a mission Hanzo is looking forward to seeing his s/o. When he arrives home and sees his s/o on the couch he can’t resist the opportunity. He sneaks around the back of the couch, keeping his footsteps as quiet as possible. Hanzo leans over the back of the couch and pulls his s/o up into his arms. They, of course, squeal and look up at him with the biggest smile and wrap their arms around his neck and tells him how much they missed him. 

Genji: He sees his s/o on the couch and knows exactly what he’s going to do. Genji sneaks around the back of the couch, moving like a cat to be crouched behind it, before completely jumping over the couch and landing on top of his s/o and holding them close. It becomes the cutest cuddle session ever.

McCree: McCree doesn’t even bother sneaking up. He just runs over to the couch and bounces down on it and pull his s/o close yelling “Hey darlin’! Guess who’s home?” It may further result in making out while they snuggle on the couch and McCree’s s/o makes him tell them all about the mission and how much he missed them while he was gone.

Reaper: He shifts into his wraith form behind the couch watching tv and as he shifts back into solid form he yells, in the most ridiculous voice possible, “Death comes!” just to amuse them. It works, and the smile on their place as they jump from the couch to embrace him is priceless. 

Soldier 76: He thinks he’s being sneaky as he moves behind the couch, but his s/o just sits up and looks at him with a smirk and says “I’ve got you in my sights.” They laugh and cuddle on the couch watching tv and he tells them as much about the mission as he can without worrying them. 

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Do you think you can write something for Genji, McCree and Hanzo about an s/o that really hates their smile? Like they cover their mouth when they laugh and smile a lot? Cause I have a gummy smile and it sucks =_= Thank you!

(I had a pretty bad day in game…but I guess I did get my first team kill…eh. This helped me unwind)


He’s a very observant man, so he’ll pick up on his s/o’s hesitance to smile quickly. They try to hold their laugh back, but even when it slips through, they cover their face and try to squelch it.

“Your smile. Why hide it?” he would ask one day.

No matter what stammering, self conscious response his partner gives him, he’d say, “A smile can change so much. It can lift a person’s spirits, change a heart. No matter what it form it takes, it is a beautiful thing…especially yours, so do not hide it.”


It’d take longer for Jesse to pick up on it. Once he would, though, he’d reach out and try to remove their hand that’s blocking their smile.

“J-Jesse!” his s/o would protest.

“C’mon, darlin’, let’s see that smile,” he’d wink.

“N-no!” they protest again, this time wiping the grin off their face entirely.

Wrong choice since McCree would instantly take the tickle offense until they were a laughing mess, too hysterical to even think of covering their face. When they try explaining their insecurity, he would just chuckle and tickle their chin.

“Hon, there ain’t nothin’ wrong with your smile,” he’d tell them, “I just saw it pretty close up, so I’d know. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with ya, darlin’.”


Hanzo is so stoic himself that he scarcely picks up on emotions, that and he’s also dense to begin with. So because of that, it would take even longer for him to notice his lover covering their laugh. After questioning them extensively about it and at last getting the truth out of him, he would sigh and give a faint smile himself.

“I wish you would show your smile more often, love,” he’d tell them as he stroked their cheek, “I hardly do so myself, so to see you laugh is so uplifting. Besides, you need to smile for the both of us.”

Hanzo would hold them there, smiling down at them until they smiled back themselves. Cue kiss!

Jackie Kay - Welcome Wee One

O ma darlin wee one
At last you are here in the wurld
And wi’ aa your wisdom
Your een bricht as the stars,
You’ve filled this hoose with licht,
Yer trusty wee haun, your globe o’ a heid,
My cherished yin, my hert’s ain!

O my darlin wee one
The hale wurld welcomes ye:
The mune glowes; the hearth wairms.
Let your life hae luck, health, charm,
Ye are my bonny blessed bairn,
My small miraculous gift.
I never kent luve like this.

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Could you do a scenario between you and Vernon where you just started dating and he finally introduced you to his members but feels like a couple of them are a little TOO friendly with you. o(^▽^)o Thank you

hey darlin! Hope this is what you had in mind xxx

Title: Vernon is your Boyfriend and Wants to Introduce you to the Rest of Seventeen 

Pairing: Vernon x Reader

Genre: Fluffy Bunny

Word Count: 2578

Originally posted by the8ght

“What if they don’t like me?” You whine, looking into the mirror and brushing your hair. 

Your boyfriend comes up behind you and wraps his arms around your stomach. “Babe, they’re going to love you.”

“But what if they don’t?”

Vernon chuckles. “I love you, therefore they will love you. End of discussion.”

You pout, but your heart warms at his words. Vernon loves you and that’s all that matters. He’d been wanting to introduce you to the rest of Seventeen for a while now, but you had been too shy and hadn’t wanted to do it. But, since you guys were coming up on your six month anniversary, you had finally given in and decided it was time to get the approval of his friends and bandmates. 

You finished doing your makeup, Vernon just standing behind you and watching the whole time, occasionally giving you pointers (because his makeup was honestly better than yours sometimes). 

You take a deep breath and turn so that you are now facing him, his arms now around your lower back. You throw your arms over his shoulders and connect your fingers behind his neck. “Okay, I think I’m ready. Sort of. Do we really need to do this?” You ask nervously and cover your face with your hands.

Vernon pulls your hands away from your face and holds them in his hands against his chest. “Yes. It’ll be okay, I promise. C’mon, let’s head over there.” He kisses your hands and then presses his lips to your forehead.

Once you gather your things, you get in the car and drive over to the group house that all thirteen boys of Seventeen share. On the drive, your hands keep clenching and unclenching thanks to your nervousness. Vernon notices this and grabs one of your hands, holding it in his own, and rubbing little soft circles over your thumb with his thumb. This small gesture comforts you and you start to relax a bit. 

Twenty minutes later you guys pull into the driveway of the gorgeous house they share. Not only was the house beautiful, but the day itself was extremely nice. The sun was shining and it was fairly warm out, but not so hot that it was unbearable. You were sweating, but you weren’t sure if that was from the heat of the sun or from your nerves. 

When Vernon comes around the front of the car and opens your door, he reaches his hand down to help you out. You grab it and stand up, standing in front of him and taking deep breaths.

“Babe, breathe, you’re going to be okay!”

You smile at him. He was right. There was no reason to be freaking out about this so much. “Let’s go.”

He smiles a toothy smile at you and leads you into the house. You slip off your shoes once you’re inside, as you take in your surroundings. “Vernon, this place is amazing.”

He laughs. “Yeah, it’s not too shabby.”

Not too shabby? It was one of the biggest and nicest houses you’ve seen. There was a carpeted staircase to your left that spiraled up to a second story. The ceilings were very high and lots of windows were around you, letting in a lot of sunlight, giving the place a very bright and soothing feel. 

You heard laughter and yelling coming from the other room and your stomach clenched in anxiety. You must have squeezed your hand too, which would have squished his hand since it was in yours, because Vernon leaned over and kissed your cheek. “Ready?”

You nodded and he leads you around the corner into the living room. There were a few different couches and chairs, and all of them looked extremely soft and comfortable. A few guys were sitting on the various seats and some were sitting on the floor.

S.Coups, Jun, Dino, Hoshi, and Seungkwan were the ones sitting on the floor, video game remotes in their hands. The rest of the guys were sitting on the couches surrounding them and were cheering them on as they played their game. None of them even turned to look at you and Vernon. 

“Let’s go, S.Coups, beat him!” Jeonghan yelled from his place on the couch. He was leaning forward and he tucked a strand of his luscious long hair behind his ear. 

“Shut up, Jeonghan!” Jun yelled.

They must have reached the end of the game because Jun threw down his remote and all the guys let out a “Ooohhh”. 

“Aw, don’t be a sore loser, Jun,” S.Coups cooed at him, a cocky smirk on his face. 

“That was for sure rigged,” Seungkwan chimed in. 

“Hi guys,” Vernon finally spoke and all the guys turned their heads towards you.
At first none of them seemed to register that you were there and then they all stared at you. You leaned a little closer to Vernon. “Why are they all staring at me?”

Vernon snapped his fingers. “Guys, snap out of it.”

S.Coups jumped up from his seat on the ground and stood in front of you, then grabbed your free hand and pressed a kiss to it. “Hi, I’m S.Coups.”

You were surprised at his action, but laughed. Out of the corner of your eye, you saw Vernon glare at S.Coups.  “Nice to meet you, I’m Y/N.”

“Vernon, you told us you had a girlfriend, but you never said she was hot,” Jun said from his spot on the floor. You blushed and then laughed. Vernon, however, did not laugh, he turned his glare from S.Coups to Jun  and pulled you closer to him. 

“Hi, Y/N, I’m Woozi,” Woozi spoke and waved at you, breaking the awkward silence, from his spot next to DK on the couch. 

Everyone introduced themselves, and all smiled and seemed very friendly. You felt that ball of nervousness in the pit of your stomach unravel and you let out a sigh of relief. 

“Guys,” Dino said, an excited smile forming on his face. “You know what we should do?”

When no one responded, Mingyu laughed and said excitedly, “What should we do, Dino?”

“Since it’s warm outside, we should have a water balloon fight.”

All the guys look around at each other and then over at me. They all had a gleam in their eyes, which you can’t help but smile at. 

“I’m down,” you say and look over at Vernon. “How about you?”

“If you want to, so do I,” he smiles at you and then looks evilly out at S.Coups and Jun. “Some of you better watch out though.”

“Oh no, I’m so scared,” S.Coups says in mock fear. 

“You should be,” Vernon says as he releases you from his side and launches himself at S.Coups. 

They start wrestling on the floor and all the other guys cheer them on and some of the them jump in and soon they are all rolling around on the floor. Boys, you think to yourself, shaking your head and smiling. 

As they continue to yell and laugh, you look around the living room and the house. Your eyes land on a bag of balloons lying on a table. Since the boys are preoccupied, you decide to grab the balloons and try to find the kitchen, to start filling up the balloons and get ready for the fight. 

You walk out of the living room and into what appears to be the den. There is another tv and a pool table, along with an air hockey table. This was literally a dream house. 

You passed through the den and through a door into what is luckily the kitchen. You swerve around the dinner table and then around the island that is set up in the middle of the room, making your way to the sink. You break open the package of balloons, but then realize that you’re going to need something to put the water-filled balloons in. Bending down, you open the cabinets that are under the sink.

Suddenly, you hear the door to the kitchen swing open and the sound of boys coming through it. You don’t get up, still searching for paper bags or something to hold the balloons in. You hear a whistle behind you and that causes you to stand up and try to find the source. However, when you stand up, all you see is an angry Vernon punching Jun in the arm. Ah, so Jun had whistled. You laugh at your boyfriend’s reaction and the fact that Jun had whistled at you.

As Vernon continues to hurt Jun, Woozi walks over to you and smiles. “Do you want any help with this?”

“Um, I think I’m okay on the filling up part, but do you have something we can put the water balloons in?”

“Yeah, one sec,” he says and walks out of the kitchen. 

You turn your attention back to the boys and see them arguing over something. Vernon catches your eye and smiles that smile at you, the one that has made you melt since the day you first met him. You smile back at him and he gives you a wink which makes you laugh.

Woozi walks back into the kitchen, carrying a plastic bin. “Will this work?”

“That’s perfect! Thanks, Woozi,” you say, taking it from him and placing it on the counter.

He smiles at you and then goes back over to where the boys are and sits in a seat. 

You fill up all of the balloons that were in the bag, and by the time you are done, the bin is filled to the rim with wet balloons. 

You turn around. “Who’s ready to get wet?” As soon as he words leave your lips you realize how sexual that sounds, but you can’t take it back so you just burst out in laughter and soon everyone is cracking up. “Oops,” you say, smiling.

Wonwoo and Mingyu grab the bin with the balloons and lead the way to the backyard. 

The fight starts off with Mingyu grabbing a balloon and throwing it at Wonwoo, who then gets upset and throws one back, but Mingyu ducks at the last second and it hits an unsuspecting Joshua. Then all hell breaks loose. Balloons are flying everywhere and splashing on the ground, on the boys, and on you. 

You squeal as you see S.Coups running towards you, water balloon in his hand and an evil grin on his face. 

“S.Coups, no!” You scream and try to get away, but it’s no use. He wraps an arm around your waist and smashes the water balloon on your head. It bursts and the water pours over you, soaking your hair and your shirt. 

You look over your shoulder at him, mouth open in surprise. “S.Coups!”

He smirks at you and winks. “Oops, my bad.”

“You better get your arm off my girlfriend or else this is going right to your face.” You turn to see Vernon standing to the left of you, throwing a water balloon up and down in his hand, an annoyed look on his face. 

S.Coups released you and puts up his hands in surrender. “Chill, man.”

Vernon looked at you and winked and you realized what he was about to do, right as his hand came up. You screamed and jumped out of the way as the water balloon flew from his hand and hit S.Coups right in the chest, completely soaking him. 

Just as he was about to take revenge, he lurched forward and all you heard was “ha ha ha ha” and then saw Jeonghan bent over, cracking up. Now, not only was S.Coups front side soaked, but now his backside was too. 

“What the–Jeonghan, come here!” Suddenly, forgetting that Vernon and you even existed, he chased after a still laughing Jeonghan.

You laugh at the chaos that is happening in the backyard, and at the fact that you are soaked, from head to the toe. You look over at Vernon, who is also drenched. He smiles at you and walks over, wrapping his arms around your back and pulling you into him. 

“You are extremely wet,” he says with a smirk and then presses his lips to yours. You gasp as you feel him take your lip in his teeth and suck on it.
You feel his arm shift a little behind you and then a cold sensation spreads across your back. You pull back. “Did you just distract me so you could pop a balloon on my back?” You say incredulously. 

Vernon smiles at you. “I might have.”

You smack him lightly in the shoulder. “That wasn’t nice!”

He pulls you close and squeezes you, giving you a big hug. “I’m sorry baby, I didn’t mean it!”

You pout but eventually give in after he gives you tons of kisses all over your face until you smile. 

The water balloon fight continues for another 15 minutes but then you guys run out of balloons and decide to head inside. Since everyone is soaked, they all go into their separate rooms to get changed. You walk with Vernon into the room he and Joshua share. You lay down on Vernon’s chair as Joshua grabs his clothes and then walks out. 

“Hey!” You say as something hits you in the stomach. You reach down and pick up sweats and a flannel, then look over at Vernon. 

He smiles at you. “Put those on, I’ll be right back.” He leaves the room with a change of clothes in his hand. 

You slide off of his bed and smile as you take off your wet clothes and slide on his sweats. As you put on his flannel, you’re immediately engulfed by his scent and it makes you feel instantly more relaxed. For some reason, his smell always did that for you.

You hear a knock on the door and then Vernon pops his head around the door with a hand covering his eyes. “Are you decent?”

You laugh at the way he chose to ask if you were naked or not. “Yes, I’m fully clothed babe.”

He peeks through his fingers and smiles a huge smile when he sees you, dressed in his clothes. Vernon walks into the room and closes the door behind him. Then he makes his way over to you, a big toothy smile on his face.

He grabs the part of the flannel that is over your stomach and pulls you towards him. “You look so cute in my clothes. Especially this flannel.” 

You look down at the flannel, and at the way his hands are holding the fabric. “I like wearing your flannel. It smells like you.”

Vernon laughs. “Do I smell good?”

“Very,” you say and look up into his eyes. 

He smiles sweetly at you then gives you a kiss on your nose, then on either cheek, and then presses his lips to your forehead, and finally kissing you on the lips. It’s a sweet and drawn out kiss, the kind of kiss that you lose yourself in.
Vernon pulls back slightly and presses his forehead to yours, sliding his hands behind your back and pulling you into him, your hands going to his chest. “I told you they’d love you. But not as much as me of course, because I love you to Jupiter and back.”

Of course he wouldn’t say moon and back, that was too cliché, you think to yourself as you close your eyes and kiss him once again, happier than you’ve ever been.


Hope you people out in the tumblrverse enjoyed ^.^ xx

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Junkrat and Mccree when they're preg s/o is in danger

Author’s Note: okay, I’m not too familiar with pregnant characters, but I’m gonna try my best!

Junkrat freezes up and his throat closes in on itself. He stutters out something unintelligible and sprints to his S/O. If someone or something is in the way, he blows it to hell without a second though. Jamie can barely feel his hands when he finds his S/O, but he is still able to fire bombs at whatever is harming them. He checks them over ten times, asking questions at the speed of light. “Are you okay? Does anything hurt? Is the baby okay? Can you still feel them kicking? I’m sorry I was there for you! Do you need Mercy?”

McCree does not freeze. His first reaction is to take off towards whatever is putting his S/O in danger and tear it a new one. If it’s a person, he uses Deadeye. It may be overkill, but how dare anyone try to hurt his precious S/O and their baby! Once the situation is under control, Jesse guides his S/O to sit down and wait for Mercy. It doesn’t matter if they’re not hurt, he still wants to be safe. He starts talking endlessly, but it’s more to comfort himself than his S/O. “I’m sorry, darlin’. Shoulda kept a better eye on you ‘n the lil’ one. Yer fine, yer gon’ be a-okay. Don’ you worry.”

Você era a primeira coisa que eu pensava ao acordar, era só abrir os olhos e lá vinha você dominar meus pensamentos, lembrava de você assistindo aos filmes românticos e também as músicas, até andando na rua eu sempre achava que podia te encontrar. Mas o problema mesmo vinha na hora de dormir, aquele pesadelo que eu acordava e podia contar com você pra me acalmar, aí é que me doía no peito, ao lembrar que eu não tinha mais você ali e logo você que era minha primeira alternativa, doía porque você era o primeiro em tudo na minha vida e nem na sua eu estava, o sofrimento de saber que fui esquecida e que nada aliviava a minha dor. Depois de tanto tempo, tantos dias acordando dedicando o primeiro pensamento do dia a você, hoje eu posso dizer com a cara mais lavada “lamento mas o primeiro está ocupado, pode tentar o segundo.”
—  Darlin’ I will be lovin’ you.
excellent pet names to call ur s/o
  • babe
  • spaghetti sweetie
  • pissangel 
  • meme loving fuck
  • gold bond ultimate cutie (with aloe)
Eu não escolhi gostar de você, aliás eu era contra gostar de você, porque você tem esse jeitinho romântico que faz todos se apaixonarem, mas aconteceu e embora eu saiba que isso nunca vai ser recíproco eu continuo aqui presa às noites de insônia e fadada a dor de não poder experimentar o seu amor.
—  Darlin’ I will be lovin’ you.
Eu poderia te chamar agora pra dizer o quanto eu sinto sua falta, mas é uma pena que isso não vá fazer você sentir o mesmo.
—  Darlin’ I will be lovin’ you.