o chapman

Most of the sketches with heavy abuse were Graham’s and mine, anything that started with a slow pan across countryside and impressive music was Mike and Terry’s, and anything that got utterly involved with words and disappeared up any personal orifice was Eric’s

- John Cleese

Send me the name/s of OitNB characters to tell me what you think of me. Anon or not:

Alex: I think you’re hot.

Piper: I think you’re pretty.

Sophia: I think you’re gorgeous. 

Red: I think you’re awesome.

Suzanne: I want to be your friend.

Taystee: I think you’re funny.

Pennsatucky: I think you’re crazy. 

Larry: I think you’re annoying.

Vee: I hate you.

Daya: I think you’re nice.

Morello: I would date you.

Nicky: I would shag you.

Flaca: I would kiss you.

Maritza: I have a crush on you. 

Poussey: I think you’re the best person ever.

Fără iubire, munţii devin de neescaladat, mările şi deşerturile de netrecut, iar chinurile, o permanenţă.
—  Gary Chapman