o burst



2p’s react to s/o bursting into a room and asks to feel their freshly shaved legs

2p america: HOLY FU- , damn soft as a baby bottom.

2p canada: no I DoNNT WANT TO FEEL YOUR DAMn le- this feels nice.

2p england: Splendid! How did you get them so soft poppet?

2p france: *looks bored* nice. *silently to himself* mon dieu.

2p china: Kittin, any place else I have to feel hmm? ;)

2p russia: Yes very nice, now shoo, i need to work.

2p italy: CHE CAZZO RAGAZZA WHY THE HELL YOU BURS- mio dio *keeps petting your leg without saying anything*

2p germany: SCHEISSE- ohh. Might wanna wrap those legs around me so we both can enjoy them?

2p japan: *monotone voice* nice.

2p prussia: s-soft as a baby bird.

2p lovino: What cream did you use darling? The new one I bought you?

Glasses Fogged Up

Request: “Paladin’s reaction when they and their s/o are kissing- make out session is starting and s/o’s glasses starts to fog up from the heat? And after kissing a while s/o is like “babe I can’t see.. ”

“Hey I don’t remember if I sent this to you a while back or I just imagined it lolol. But I was wondering if you could do a fluffy scene with the paladins and their s/o like they are having a moment kissing but then their s/o just bursts out laughing?”

A/N: this is me…. my glasses fog up over everythingg

Their hands were in your hair, your lips moved in sync. Everything around you was gone, time stopped, and the world stood still. You felt your glasses sliding down your nose. You peeked out of one eye, and felt something build up in your chest. You pulled apart harshly, a series of giggles falling from your lips.

“Babe, I can’t see!”


  • He’s a little offended and very confused
  • Whyy are you laughing
  • When he sees that your glasses are fogged up, he starts laughing, too
  • And then you’re both just sitting there cackling
  • It’s pretty great


  • Very offended, very confused
  • He sees that your glasses are fogged up, and like the suave man he is, he pulls them off and goes right back to kissing you
  • It gets very ~interesting~


  • He’s not so offended, and he sees why almost immediately, so he’s not so confused
  • He starts laughing with you
  • And then he takes your glasses and puts them on and starts kissing you again
  • “How do you do this I don’t understand”


  • He’s so confused
  • Why are you laughing all of a sudden??
  • And then he sees your glasses
  • And everything is clear (lol i hate myself//punsss)
  • It’s very cute because he takes your glasses and wipes them off and gives them back to you
  • And then cute nose kisses


  • She thinks it’s funnier than you do
  • She is about to die from laughter
  • Will never let you live that down
  • “Hey guys one time when we were making out-”
  • “PIDGE”

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Your hcs are v good! Could you make a few for the sunmoon guys reacting to their s/o using cheesy pickup lines + when they use one? Please and thanks :)

a/n: cheesy pickup lines r my Aesthetic


when using one: it’d either be on accident or because someone told him it’d be a good idea. either way, he’d probably hide after he realized what he’s said.

when s/o uses one: he’d call them a “loser” or something but would be a blushing mess.


when using one: King of Pickup Lines. he uses them a lot, mainly when there’s a comfortable silence between the two of them. he’d be like “hey babe, did you know-” cue s/o hitting him with a pillow.

when s/o uses one: he’d be like “you know, that’s pretty good, i’ve taught you well, but i have a better one-”


when using one: he’d say it with such a straight face s/o would burst into laughter. kiawe’s internally strangling mallow for giving him such a stupid idea.

when s/o uses one: he’s like “thanks??” and would probably pat them on the head because he doesn’t know how to take a compliment.


when using one: he’s very smug when using one, usually doing it when his s/o is mad at him for something. usually ends up being hit or chased after that.

when s/o uses one: guzma snorts and is like “nice one, babe” while searching on his phone for one to one-up them.


when using one: he thinks they’re hilarious, but is unaware of how lame they are. would 10/10 use them unironically trying to be smooth.

when s/o uses one: hau would laugh, while also flipping whatever they said back on them, as a way of complimenting them in return.


when using one: would never be caught dead saying a cheesy pickup line.

when s/o uses one: would either groan or pretend he never heard it.

2p Allies&  2p Axis x (s/o):Mommy and Daddy

2p Allies:

2p America: “YOU LET THAT FUCKER IN OUR HOUSE?!”, Allen furiously threw stuff around as (s/o), his wife stood there crying.Their dead neighbor laid on the floor, his head had cracked open by a big hit they got on the head.That injury was made by Allen who threw his bat aside as he glared at (s/o).His wife, the women expecting his child. “ANSWER ME!”, he slammed a vase at the wall as (s/o) jumped a bit and looked down at the ground.He watch her breathe harshly, as his gaze slowly look down at her big tummy, his child was soon to be born.Only 7 months.He sighed as he pinch the tip of his nose. “Doll face, come over here”,when he spoke those words she  hesitated to come towards him as she was few inches from him.He grabbed her wrist and pulled her to a hug, she felt tears go down her face as she broke down. “Sssssssshhh I’m sorry doll.I didn’t mean to yell but you know when you’re trying to leave with someone.It’s just no good doll.”He rubbed her stomach as he grin to feel little kicks, causing (s/o) to stop crying and moan a bit by the kicks the little one was giving her. “Now let’s get you back to our room”,Allen carried her back upstairs, leading to their bedroom.His eyes trail to the chain that have been unlock, he tsk and laid her in bed as he grabbed the chain and locked it in her ankle as he look around to see the key, picking it up and looking at it. “….why”, he looked at (s/o) who had fear in her eyes. “Aww doll don’t look at me like that, you know how much I love you babe.”He put the key in his pocket as he lean towards her and gave her a kiss in the forehead. “You know babe, if I would of lost you I think I would have gone mad, but luckily I didn’t and now we will be a happy family.You my beautiful wife, and the best thing you could have gave me, being a dad.~”

2p England: “Oh deary, I made you another batch of cupcakes”, Oliver walked towards (s/o) who sat in a wheelchair.She was staring outside as she watch the wind blow the leaves of the tree. “Poppet, I know how you been craving for sweets, just try one dear”, he insisted as (s/o) didn’t move.She was in a frozen state.She felt pain in her back, as she found out she was soon to give birth to twin boys.Oliver placed the tray next to a small table, he was happy really.He never expected to have a family but (s/o) had gave him the best thing.He got to his knees as he laid his head on her legs as she slowly move her head. “P-please”, (s/o) trembled a bit as she wrap one of her hand in her stomach. “Take the c-cuffs of m-me”, he felt the tears drop on his face as he shook his head. “You know I can’t poppet, I need to keep you and the little ones safe. “Oliver pl- she was cut of by Oliver showing her a cupcake, he grin as he tried to move the conversation to another subject. “Eat up dear”, Oliver wanted her to eat, but she will not give in. “N-no….I-im not h-hungry”, she clutch on her stomach as Oliver insisted her more. “OLIVER!PLEASE!I DON’T LIKE IT HERE!I’M ALWAYS LOCKED UP AND ……..”, she cried as Oliver’s reaction didn’t change as he stood. He cupped her face as she flinched, by the touch of his soft cold hands.She knew what he can do and what he has done to people she love but she fear for hers and her children’s future. He smiled warmly “Poppet, I could never give you up easily, I’m a daddy now, and you’re a mommy, don’t deny it.We will be together forever, so (s/o).Thank you for making a daddy.~”

2p France: “I’m back….”, Francois came back from the store, he brought some milk, eggs and some cigarettes.He didn’t smoke much even if he had the desire too, he will smoke sometimes but he tried not to as he knew he will have a baby girl on the way and to his little boy. “I brought milk and eggs”, he sighed as he closed the door behind him.A little fire truck crash to his feet as he watch his 4 year old boy giggle and grab the little toy. “Papa”, they hug his leg as he ruffled his hair. “Mon petit garçon”,Francois spoke as the little boy smiled, he grasp his toy tight and  ran to the kitchen.Francois followed behind as placed the bad on the table, he looked towards the kitchen.Spotting (s/o) who was cooking but showed less emotions.He noticed that for a while.  “Maman maman”, her boy cried out as he touched her stomach. (S/o) smiled and turn around to let her boy touch her stomach, he wow at how big her stomach has gotten. “(S/o), mon amour…”, Francois wrapped his hand behind her as he snuggled his face into her neck.She tried to push him of, but their little was watching them. “Get of me now, you smell like cigarettes and I don’t want nothing from you”, she whispered as she gritted her teeth. “(S/o)…..”, Francois rubbed her stomach as she whimper. “S-stop”, she whimpered as their son tilted his head, he smiled and pounce at them. “Family hug!”, their son squealed as he hugged both of their legs.Francois smiled as (s/o) couldn’t help but smile.Francois kissed her jawline as he gaze at her  “I think I’m the happiest dad alive Mon amour.~”

2p Canada: “Fresh air will relax”, Matt held his wife’s hand as he they were walking in the woods he knew.He knew a trail and he’s been there a lot so he thought it’ll be a great idea for (s/o) and the baby to breathe some fresh air.She had one arm behind her back as she tried to walk calmly. Matt hold a arm around her waist, not losing his grip on her.  “I wonder if the little guy will like hockey?”,Matt rubbed his chin as (s/o) shot a glare at him.Her to give birth to a baby boy but she didn’t want him to be the father.He looked at her as he noticed her glare, “What’s wrong?” “What’s wrong?! You, that’s what’s wrong! You force me! You did things to the ones I love!”, (s/o) was bursting out of tears as Matt just stared. “I want to go home!”,she cried out as Matt rubbed her back with his other hand. “You’re already home”, Matt cooed at her as she grew furious and smack his hand away from her and stepped away from him. “Don’t touch me!”,she backed away as she held her stomach. “Stay away from me!”, Matt had enough and walked towards her and cupped her face roughly.She yelped and whimpered as they look at each other eye to eye.He pounces at her, he started kissing her roughly.Their tongues fought together but he overpowers her as he explored her mouth, making her whimper.She struggles for air as he finally pulled away, leaving saliva falling out of her mouth. “(S/o) I’m your husband, the father of the child, it’s better if we stick together because you need as I need you too.~”

2p Russia: “Where is my wife and child?”, Viktor gaze at the nurse, who jump a bit by his seriousness. “Ah M-mr. Viktor, your  w-wife  ga-ave birth t-to your little b-boy we were going to call you but you already c-came”, they smiled nervously as Ivan looked at their bedroom.There stood the doctor waiting for him , he ignored the nurse and walked up the doctor. “Oh Mr. Viktor, congratulation s-sir, it’s a boy”, the doctor pushed the door open to reveal (s/o) tired and holding her baby boy in a blanket. “Sunflower…..”, he walked towards beside the bed as he looked at the newborn baby boy.The little newborn had his eyes and his mother’s hair, Viktor couldn’t stop smiling, the child just brings him to tears a bit. “(S/o)~”, he tried to caress her face but she flinches and looks away, “(s/o)…..”She didn’t respond to him and he grew serious. “Leave us alone.”, he demanded as the doctor and nurse nodded and close the door behind them. “Please look at me (s/o)”, she shook her head Viktor asked her over and over again. “Please I love you (s/o), I love you sunflower and our little boy”, he kissed the forehead of his baby boy.The baby boy moved around and wrap his tiny hand around one of Viktor’s fingers. “There no us Viktor, only me and my child”, (s/o) spoke up as she looked at him with disgust. Viktor smiled and shook his head, “No my dear, you’re just tired and grumpy, you don’t know what you’re talking about but you gave me a child and now I’m a Father.~”

2p China: “What are you doing?”, Zao stood there looking at (s/o) who was holding a phone. “I I w-was …….”, she was trembling with fear as she watches him walk towards her, he snatched the phone and looked at it.She tried dialing 911, she tried to get away from him the hard way and this was unacceptable. “YOU TRIED CALLING THE DAMN POLICE ON ME?!ME?!”, Zao threw the phone against the wall as (s/o) scream in horror as she wrapped her arms around her stomach protectively. “I-im s-s-sorry”, she stood still not knowing what he will do to her. There was nothing but silence.She looked up to see him grinning.He laughed a bit as he walks towards her and hugged her.He rubbed her back gently “what a funny joke  you did to me (s/o).”He kissed her forehead gently as he brushed her hair. “What a funny joke right, ha ha ha ha, but let’s not mess around like that.Now let’s see, oh did you tried to take off your chains”, he looked at the keys that were thrown around. “Silly you, you’re safe here, we don’t need no one (s/o)”, he picked the keys back and put them in his pocket. “Let’s get you to bed, you must be tired , remember the baby”, he smiled as he push her gently to the bed. (S/o) knew she was lucky that he didn’t hit his breaking point. “ Z-zao you c-can’t k-keep me l-lock up p-please”, Zao shook his head as he giggled by her protest. “You know (s/o)~”, he brushed her cheek as he blushed, “You look cute like this.I think it’s better for us to be together, after all I’m a daddy now.~”

2p Axis:

2p Italy: “Bella I’m back~!”, Luciano held bags of gifts as he saw (s/o) sitting on the sofa as the servants gave her tea. “Here miss to relieve the pain”, the servant smiled s (s/o) accepted the tea and took a sip of it. “My little princess and my dear wife”, Luciano chuckled as a little girl playing with another servant with toys looked up and smiled. “Daddy!”, the 4 year old girl stood up and ran to Luciano and hugged him. “Hello princess, I got you a gift”, he handed her a gift bag as her eyes grew in excitement. “Thank you daddy”, she open the gift to reveal a new doll, she squealed and went back to show the servant her doll. Luciano chuckled and looked at (s/o), 5 months pregnant with his kid and it’s a boy this time. “Bella, how much I missed you~”, he lean to kiss her but she toss the cup of tea to his face.The servant next to her looked shock, even the one playing with their daughter.Their daughter looked confused and worried. “Take the kid to her room now”, Luciano didn’t took his glare of (s/o) as the two servant took their daughter to her room.Until they were left alone. “Look (s/o) I love you but you can’t keep denying our love”, Luciano brushed his hair back as he grabbed some tissues and tried to wipe some of the tea of. “Love.There is no love.”, (s/o) looked at the chain that was  in her ankle but it was being covered by her long dress he got her. “You must be moody”, Luciano smiled and sat down right beside her, he brushed her hair as he stared at her big stomach knowing he will get a son sooner. “Don’t touch me, I h-hate you”, (s/o) mumbled as she felt two hand massaged her stomach. “Gah! What are yo-st-top it!”, (s/o) was frightened by his action. “Sssssssh”, Luciano laid his head against her belly and listened, “he’s moving around how cute.”Luciano looked at (s/o), he smiled and rubbed her stomach , “You gave me the best thing (s/o), to be a father and your husband.~”

2p Germany:

“We’re back!”, Lutz yell with happiness as his 7 year old boy held a new toy. “Mommy I got a new toy!”, the little boy ran to his mother who was in a rocking chair. “That’s nice sweety…”, (s/o) smiled a bit as she rock back and forth.Lutz walked towards her and got on his knees and stared at her stomach and cooed. “How’s my little strong boy”,Lutz kissed her stomach sweetly as he chuckled to feel little kicks. (S/o) stared as tears started falling out of her eyes slowly.She hiccuped and covered her eyes with her hands, Lutz looked at her and smiled. “I know baby you’re so happy aren’t you~”, Lutz tried to pull away her hands from her eyes as their boy watch both of them. “What’s wrong daddy?”, the little one question but Lutz looked at his boy and smiled. Mommy is tired , let’s take her to bed.”Lut’s grabbed (s/o) gently and lifted her up bridal style, their little boy smile and giggled as he ran upstairs.Lutz chuckled as he went upstairs and went to their bedroom.He kissed her cheek as he whipped her tears of her face, he laid her on the bed as their boy laid next to her. “Aren’t we such a big happy family”, Lutz brushed her hair as she stared in horror as he had his eyes half open. “You (s/o) as my wife and me the daddy.~”

2p Japan:

“What a lovely dress”, the servants fixed her hair as (s/o) stood there with no words.She looked at her stomach, now pregnant with a baby boy, the father , Kuro. “Where is my wife bring me to her”, a demanding voice echoed the home as the servant back away as Kuro entered. The servant bowed as he signaled them to leave.They were left alone.Kuro slowly walked up to her and brushed her hair, gently taking some of it to his nose and smelling her hair, he smiled. “Beautiful, you’re everything I treasured my dear”,Kuro slowly place his hand on her stomach. “Better too I will have a child and my own wife”, he brushed his finger at the fabric of her dress. He lean with a smirk on his face, “How about we enjoy the moment, yes?”He kissed her lips slowly as he moved his hands around her back.(S/o) slowly was awakening of what was happening, she wasn’t in that frozen state she was, she was full of fear.She whimpered and push him of, “NO!”She breathe heavily, “Y-you t-took everything from me !E-every-ything.” Kuro shook his head, “(s/o) no need to get mad dear, remember it’s bad for the baby.”He tried to touch her shoulder to calm her but she yanked away. “D-don’t touch m-me!I wa-ant to go home, I w-want to see my friends and family!”Kuro stood silently and tsk , “(s/o) there is no home for you know, this is your new home, we are family now, I love you!”(S/o) shook her head as she threw herself at the door trying to open it but Kuro followed “(S/o) stop.”She didn’t stop she kept trying as Kuro was getting furious, “(s/o) stop, stop now.”She cried out of fear for help as mumbles were heard out of the room, the servants were hearing. Kuro burst out of anger, “(S/O)! I SAID STOP GOD DAMMIT!STOP GET OVER HERE!”,(s/o) froze she was frighten by the burst and didn’t hesitated. She slowly walked toward him and had her head hanging down. “(S/o) I don’t like it when I yell at you”, he sighed and wrapped his hand around her. “Please, aren’t you happy you will be a mother and I will be a father a big happy family.~”

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your ask gave me so much motivation

What the Chocobros, Cor and Nyx would do at the Moogle-Chocobo Carnival with their S/O

Requests are open!

Noctis would want to take home as many of the fishing prizes as possible, his s/o would have the patience and time to sit with him and take notes on the catches that he’d made. Not to mention when actually wandering around the carnival it’s completely up to his s/o to protect him from the daemon known as Kenny Crow - he’s not exactly happy when his s/o just bursts into laughter instead when a supposed Kenny statue is actually a person and scares Noct.

You can guarantee that Prompto would want to find the hidden moogles with their s/o, dragging them around the whole of Altissia in order to find them and win the prize, you can also know that he’d pride himself on taking as many photos of his s/o enjoy themselves and cooing over all the baby chocobos.

Gladiolus would insist on trying to win his s/o as many cute plushies as they want, it’s kind of a pride thing when it turns out that whack-a-cactuar is the one game that he can’t win against and spends most of the day demanding to beat it so he can win that prize of a cute yet giant chocobo plush for his s/o or Iris.

If you think that Ignis wouldn’t try all the different carnival food, you’re wrong, his s/o would be stuffed silly after spending the day at the different food stalls and restaurants, he’d definitely be coming up with plenty of new recipes with his s/o after their trip.

Cor would be dragged to the carnival by their s/o, you can tell that he’d be avoiding participating in literally anything that would be out of his comfort zone… But when he’s caught by the mascots, he does dance with his s/o, despite being all embarrassed by it.

Finally, Nyx would definitely want to find all the medallions in order to get as many prizes as possible with their s/o, there’s a slight amount of bragging rights he wants since he set up a versus match on who gets the most prizes between him and Libertus. Spending the night in the luxury hotel and seeing the fireworks with his s/o make it all worth it in the end.

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IDW wtarsream, jazz, mtmte rung, Megatron, drift, and swerve reaction to their bot s/o being turned into a sparkling. And every time they leave the room , go somewhere their s/o can't see them or hands over to someone else their s/o burst into to tears and won't stop wailing unless they are carrying them even then there would still be some tears

Starscream is Frazzled. He’s one of those stressed-out single parents who have so much to do and no time to do it, and the baby is crying, and the phone is ringing off the hook, and oh no the soup is bUBBLING OVER-! He calls for Wheeljack to please figure out a way to get you back to normal. There’s really no one he trusts enough to hand you off to so you’re on his hip for the entire day. You owe him once you’re back to normal!

Jazz figures out he can keep you from crying with his music. He plays the radio for you on the way to the nearest medic. He’s good with kids, so it’s not hard for him to take care of you, but he can’t hide how scared he is that you might be stuck like this. He’s shaky and dotes over you until he finds a cure. When you’re back to adulthood he falls over in relief- and for a nap. 

Rung is calm. Taking care of sparklings isn’t hard, and there’s plenty of weird science on this ship to get you back to normal. He takes you to both Brainstorm and Perceptor, then takes you back to his habsuite to give them time to work. While the cure is being made he shows you his ships and plays patty-cake with you until you’re tuckered out. Then he feeds you and puts you down for a nap. Later, after you’ve been cured, he brings up having sparklings with you. 

Megatron is a mixture of worried/holy slag/tired of everything. The whole time he’s protective of you and won’t let anyone else hold you. He even keeps you in his lap while Ratchet checks you over. No one messes with him while he’s this on-edge, and a cure is made as quickly as possible. The whole crew sighs in relief when you’re back to normal. 

Drift doesn’t know how to take care of sparklings. Why are you crying? Are you hungry? Tired? He can’t even hold you right. Ratchet pretty much has to stay beside him all day because Drift is clueless but doesn’t want to leave you alone. Eventually he kind of enjoys baby you. Your giggles are adorable and look- you’re trying to put your pede in your mouth! How cute! After Brainstorm fixes you up Drift immediately brings up having a family. You tell him you’ll discuss it later- after you both get a shower and a nap.

Swerve has seen this one movie where the exact thing happened and it was awesome- oh. Oh no no no, don’t cry! He panics and runs to the medbay. He is now also crying. Help, his s/o is a baby what does he do?? Until you’re cured he’s doting mother hen- and even afterward he still hovers a bit. 

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Could I request a continuation to the cheating hc you did previously?

Of course you can sweet soul 💕 I’m happy you liked it!

For everyone else, Nonnie is referring to this post 😉 If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it

Bakugou Katsuki

  • He finally stops screaming the moment his s/o is slapping his face with all their might and his head flies to the side. In his blood-red anger, he didn’t even see s/o approaching him
  • Bakugou is silent for a moment, taking in a sharp breath and clenching his jaw
  • His vision is still tunneled, but he eventually realizes his s/o standing in front of him with a flood of tears running down their cheeks and for the first time this day, he is confused
  • “Why are you crying fucker? I should be the one crying here, but you are honestly not worth a single tear”, he says while he still hasn’t realized what is going on
  • His s/o gives him the most heartbroken look ever, explaining their situation in a tiny, silent voice, showing him a disappointed face. S/o thought he trusts them and they are actually afraid of him now
  • When his anger starts to ease and all the little pieces are falling together he’s ashamed of himself and his heart is shattered. He said all those horrible things to them
  • Balling his hand into a fist, he turns around and leaves without a single word, he knows he fucked up and that a simple apology is far from being enough, if this ever can be fixed again

Todoroki Shouto

  • The moment he sees the guilt flashing behind his s/o’s eyes, he thinks he hit the nail right at the top
  • However, his mind can’t really comprehend when they flash him that defenseless, lost look “So this is why you were making all those strange remarks?” and their body shivers a little more with every word
  • The atmosphere at that moment is so tense, one could cut it with a knife and his whole body starts trembling when his s/o tells him the truth and adds that they are disappointed because Todoroki didn’t talk to them instead
  • He can see now that they are hurt and he realizes he’s the one being guilty and not his partner. A wave of self-disgust shakes his entire being, while thinking about all the emotional pressure he put onto his s/o and he suddenly sees a stunning resemblance to his father in himself
  • After that Todoroki would shut himself in his room for some time, trying to recollect what happened and asking himself how he could turn out like this. The guilt he is feeling is unbelievable and he wonders if he is really fit for a relationship

Shinsou Hitoshi  

  • Shinsou waits till his s/o is a bitter puddle in front of his feet, until he strikes the final conversation
  • When his s/o is all confused, burst into tears he will grab their chin and will tell them with a sly grin that this is what they get for cheating on him
  • The moment it clicks in s/o’s head and their gears start turning, their eyes grow wide before they slap him straight into his too close face
  • S/o will tell them how disgusted and disappointed they are by his behavior. They always defended him when someone said anything about his quirk, but know they believe that he’s more of a villain than he, himself, might know. Tears still spilling from their eyes, they will tell him that it’s over and he shouldn’t dare to face them ever again
  • Seeing his s/o walking away and fading into the horizon he realizes what big of a mistake he made. Falling to his knees, clutching his hand onto the ground he, for the first time in his life, thinks that all the voices calling him a villain were right. Considering his actions, he feels like he has no right to call himself a hero any longer
NDRV3 Boys- S/O being murdered in the killing game

I’m so excited for this I love writing angst im PUMPED - Mod Rantarou

“*After reading some of these* I love you but I hate you.” - Mod Kaito

Saihara Shuuichi:

  • He was on his way to the dining hall with Korekiyo, when he stopped.
  • Something smelled funny, and suspiciously familiar…
  • He immediately recognizes it: blood.
  • He almost runs to the door, wondering who it could have been, wincing slightly when he thinks about how you would be forced to go through another trial you hated.
  • Except when he opens the door, he realizes that you wouldn’t be attending this trial.
  • Your body is sprawled on the floor, a mess of skin and blood, and he doesn’t know if he’s breathing or not.
  • Korekiyo was the one to tell everyone, and they try to pull Shuuichi away but he refuses. 
  • He’s shaking and it hurts to breathe but he forces himself to look through everything for clues, to find who did this.
  • Who did this to you. You. You.
  • Your name is a constant repeat on his lips, and, while he misses you so much,
  • he tries his best to live and help everyone with solving the murder, because deep down he knows that that is what you would have wanted.

Rantarou Amami:

  • The body announcement played, and he closed his eyes for a few seconds.
  • While he did hate this, all the murder and torture that was going on, he can’t help but tell himself to get used to this, as this was only going to continue.
  • It was only him, Kaede and Ouma, so they followed the sound of ruckus down the hall.
  • There were the usual sobs and pale faces, but what he wasn’t expecting were people looking at him, with pain etched across their features.
  • Confused, he looked for you to give you an explanation, but
  • you weren’t there.
  • A sinking feeling gathered in his stomach, but he couldn’t explain why.
  • After all, you weren’t in there. You weren’t. You were with him and the other two just a couple of hours ago, before you left to do some reading. You were probably still reading, right? Or maybe you fell asleep and didn’t hear the announcement?
  • He pushed through the people, and reached towards the door and
  • there you were, markings spattered all over your body, eyes empty.
  • He can faintly feel their hands pushing him away, the voices speaking to him sounding so far away, but all he knows is that
  • he’s alive
  • and you aren’t.

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anonymous asked:

Ok- i need this and hope you awnser but what would mccree's reaction be to while he is smoking a cigar his S/O burst in and says "MCCREE! IS THAT A WEED?" and before he has a chance to respond they yell "IM CALLING THE POLICE" and type 911 into the microwave-

Vine mentioned is here.

McCree took a puff of his cigar, revelling in the earthy taste and you burst into the room. You took a double look at the cigar in his hand, before gasping with surprise.

“McCree!” you cried and he gave a jolt, “Is that a weed?!”

“No,” he said, “It’s a cig…”

“I’m calling the police,” you marched to the microwave, beeping in 911.

“That won’t wo…” he said before he heard the microwave speak.

“911 what’s your emergency.”

He looked at the cigar in his hand before starting to question if it is weed.

guzma & nanu drunk hc’s

ask: anon: “What kind of drunks do you think guzma and Nanu would be?”

a/n: okay since i have no experience w drinking bc i am 17 don’t judge too hard lmao


  • it only takes him a few drinks to get drunk, much to everyone’s surprise. 
  • he’s a crier. he’d lean on his s/o’s shoulder in tears, everything seeming to set him off. he’s basically a big baby when he’s drunk.
       + “why are you crying now, guz?”
          “ekans don’t have any arms, [name].” he’d nuzzle his face into their neck, his tears staining your shirt.
  • it’s almost impossible to get away from him when he’s drunk, he’s clinging to his s/o’s clothes, trying to hide his face.


  • it takes a lot to get nanu drunk. more often then not, he’s the one taking his s/o home as they stumble down the street. but on the rare occasion he does, his s/o would see a different side of him.
  • he’s a happy drunk!! nanu would be laughing at everything, even stupid puns from his s/o would make him burst into a fit of giggles.
       + take a picture, because this is one of the rare occasions where [name] will get an genuine smile out of him. 
  • he’ll probably show pda too… like, he’ll kiss his s/o all over the face sloppily before passing out.