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I want to use the Hijaab. Not only is it beautiful, it’s also an icebreaker. Wearing the Hijaab makes it easier to get in touch with people. It shows that I belong to a religion which believes in a God, and then people can therefore assume from it, that that is a topic that interests me. If they also believe in God, then we automatically have something in common.”

❅ Envy ❅

my piece for @dancing-aqua ‘s art project; the Seven Deadly Sins! I chose to draw flora representing envy….this was really tiring fun! and just in time for Halloween hehe

inktober day 7: castiel + sunflowers. 🌻✨

(inspired by the beautiful flower arrangement i received as a birthday gift from @whelvenwings and @thebloggerbloggerfun 💕)

nnt week - day one (food) (click for full view bc tumblr likes to resize lol)

Q: who has the biggest sweet tooth within the sins?

A: merlin. she’s dependent on sweets when she is deep in thought.

Gratitude Ritual

You want to celebrate Thanksgiving but you want to keep your ideals and faith in check. How about a gratitude ritual? 

Things to consider to put on/around your Altar. 

  • A Candle (gold/green signifies abundance)
  • Basket of fruits/cornucopias
  • Symbols that are associated with what you’re thankful for

If your path requires you to cast a circle, please do so now. 

As you start, reflect on the year and the abundance (abundance doesn’t particularly mean material things, it can be friends, family, life etc). As you reflect, light the candle. If you have a specific deity/god/gods/goddesses you are holding this ritual/rite for this will be the time to call out to them. If not, the universe is listening. 

Your chant might go something like this:

O’ (DEITY) I call to you, and invite you to this ritual for thanks and gratitude. 

Usually, I will have another candle on my altar if I’m calling for a deity to join the ritual. As I say my words, I will light the candle and keep it lit until the end. I also make sure that the candle is color specific to the deity, because this is a Gratitude Ritual, deities that represent abundance might be associated with greens, golds, or silvers. If you don’t have access to this, then a plain candle with hand drawn symbols on it will be perfect as well. 

Now that that is done, begin thinking about what you are thankful for. Say them out loud so the deities/universe can hear. It might go something like this.

I am thankful for my family, for loving me unconditionally

I am thankful for my friends, for being there when I need them most

I am thankful for my pets, for knowing when I need them

I am thankful for my health, for allowing my to feel good

When done, take a few minutes and meditate of the Gratitude Candle that was lit at the beginning of the ritual. Reflect on everything that was just said, let those feeling wash onto you. Count those blessings.

Finished, blow out the Gratitude Candle (or you can keep it lit for a bit), close your circle if you cast one, and blow out the deity candle (if you lit/have one). 

Note: After doing this ritual, reach out to someone you’re grateful to have in your life. A sibling, friend, family, whoever. Send them a letter, call them. This ritual is all about realizing how blessed we are to have what we have. To be gracious and thankful for our lives, and the families and friends that we have to populate those lives. Because, unfortunately, they may not be there tomorrow. 

Blessed Be


Happy Thanksgiving and if you should have any questions pertaining to this ritual don’t hesitate to ask.


“I brought my sword back home and I brought my ears and I kind of sandwiched them in my copy of The Hobbit and I put it back on the shelf. One of these days I will pick it up again and I’m sure they’ll look pretty foul.”

“You should put them back on! Just wear them out!”

“I’ve got enough of those ears! [laughs]“

Ten Ways You Can Celebrate Earth Day

1: Honor the Land

Hold a ritual to honor the land, you can do this in your own backyard if you wish or a public park. Honor the land by giving offerings (ex: bread, fruit, vegetables, things that can decompose easily or be carried/ate by local wildlife, nothing damaging).

2: Get in Touch with Nature

Go hiking, canoeing, bird/wildlife watching etc… Leave your phone home, or in the car. Disconnect. Some (like myself) bring a plastic bag and a claw hand to pick up discarded rubbish that really shouldn't belong in parks and forests. 

¾: Clean Up

Recycle, or just do a massive clean that is good for the environment (including yourself). Do a neighborhood clean up with the community, make it fun for the kids and for yourself. 

Recycling Drive

5: Educate

The more people understand that we coexist with the Earth the more they will understand that we should be honoring it everyday and not once a year. Animals are becoming extinct almost everyday and pollution doesn't just affect us but our environment. So education if paramount (at least it should be).

6: Gardening

It doesn't have to be big, it can be really small. Gardening attracts bees (yes, I don’t like them but they are crucial to our existence, if they go we go), butterflies and other pollinating insects. Their are plants that are specifically designed to attract these insects, so maybe do your research and make it a family affair. 

7: Re-purpose, Reuse and Upcycle

Take those old shirts and make a blanket, or even a spiral rug. Make some shorts out of those tattered old jeans, or take them to Goodwill or some donation site that you know would get good use out of your old things. Pinterest has excellent ideas on upcycling and reusing your old things and making something pretty. 

8: Plant a Tree

Yes, I know that this is old news, but you’d be surprise how many people don’t. Many schools do this as a educational project (I know that mine did), or organizations and such. There are small villages (in India I believe) that plants a tree every time a girl is born. How insanely awesome is that? 

9: Take Ownership

Ever see those signs that say “Adopt a Highway”? Well, do you know you can adopt a stream? Or beach? Or trail? By partnering with your local wildlife preserve or foundation you can (some states don’t or only have the adopt a highway program, so be sure yours is one that you can). 

10: Commit to Making a Change

Yes, we make a deal out of Earth Day once a year. How about doing little things in your daily routine that will help.

  • Reusable Grocery Bags
  • Hang Dry your Clothes 
  • Using Both Sides of Paper
  • Stop Buying Wrapping Paper and Instead Use Old Newspaper, Old Maps, Brown Paper Bags…
  • No More Bottled Water. Get a Reusable, Durable, Water Bottle Instead.

This isn’t exclusively to Pagans/Wiccans, no, everybody can do these simple things.

Happy Earth Day (April 22nd)

Blessed Be


Poetry is the Art of Not Succeeding

Poetry is the art of not succeeding;
the art of making a little ritual
out of your own bad luck, lighting a little fire
made of leaves, reciting a prayer
in the ordinary dark.

It’s the art of those who didn’t make it
after all; who were lucky enough to be
left behind, while the winners ran on ahead
to wherever it is winners
go running to.

O blessed rainy day, glorious
as a paper bag. The kindom of poetry
is like this–quiet, anonymous,
a dab of sunlight on the back of your hand,
a view out the window just before dusk.

It’s an art more shadow than statue,
and has something to do with your dreams
running out–a bare branch darkening
on a winter sky, the week-old snow
frozen into something hard.

It’s an art as simple as drinking water
from a tin cup; of loving that moment
at the end of autumn, say, when the air
holds no more promises, and the days are short
and likely to be gray.

A bland light is best to see it in.
Middle age brings it to flower.
And there, just when you’re feeling your weakest,
it floods you completely,
leaving you weeping as you drive your car.

Joe SalernoOnly Here (Ars Poetica, 1998)


All four little intro clips from Spotify with English subtitles!

Ylvis says welcome [Norway]
Ylvis about Trucker’s Hitch [Norway]
Ylvis greets Sweden
Ylvis greets Demark