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Hi! Can you do how the hosts first ask out their crush? Could you include haruhi, neckozowa (think I spelt it wrong) and Ristu? Thanks (: sorry if I'm annoying you O///O

lol yes bby it’s Nekozawa, you were close though!!:) and you’re not annoying me at all!!

Tamaki: Tamaki would wait for you outside of class, full-on suave standing in the doorway with his hand running through his hair. When you see him, he reaches a hand out to take yours. “My dear, I can’t imagine going another moment without you. Will you be mine?”

Kyoya: Also would wait for you outside of your class, but is standing against the window. He calls out your name to get your attention, and then considers himself for a moment before saying, “Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that the feelings I have for you might be mutual. Would you go out with me?”

Honey: Honey would find you at lunchtime, and would present you with a small cake with ‘Will you go out with me?’ written on it in icing. Asks, “Will you go out with me, ____-chan? Pretty please with icing on top?”

Mori: He would give you a slip of paper every day for a week, each with a set of scrambled letters on it for you to decode. On the last day, he’d meet you at lunch to ask if you’ve decoded it. You smile and present him with the paper you wrote your decodings down on, which has lots of scribbles and question marks, but written at the bottom, in big bold letters, is “W I L L Y O U G O O U T W I T H M E

Haruhi: Haruhi would invite you over for a study date, all with the disguised purpose of asking you out. She’d cook dinner and offer subtle compliments, but while you’re quizzing her with the notecards she gave you, you come across one that says “Would you like to go out with me?” to which Haruhi responds with a resounding “Absolutely.”

Hikaru: Hikaru would ask for your e-mail under the guise of sending you notes from the classes you missed while you were sick. He sends the notes, but attaches a cartoon that he made in Photoshop: A small animated version of your favorite animal holding up a sign that says “Will you go out with Hikaru?? For me?”

Kaoru: Completely on accident. You’re in the one class he doesn’t have with Hikaru, and when the time comes to pair up for a project, he jumps on the chance to ask you. Only problem is he asks you the other question at the forefront of his mind, “Will you go out with me?” He’ll blanch, then blush furiously and say, “I’m sorry, I meant to ask if you’d work on the project with me. But the offer is definitely up for grabs.”

Nekozawa: Passes you a note while you’re watching a video in class. It says, “I feel as though I’ve been bewitched, and there is but one cure: Will you be mine?”

Kasanoda: Please prepare to have a bouquet shoved into your face. Kasanoda finds you before school and offers you a bunch of flowers that he’s grown himself, pushed up in front of his face to hide that he’s blushing, and he’ll ask, trying to keep himself from yelling, “Will you please go out with me?”

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"Sherlock what are you doing here?" Mycroft asked when he arrived at work and found his little brother sitting at his desk. "It's national siblings day so I'm here to spend time with you," Sherlock explained. "I trust John is off seeing his sister," Mycroft replied. "Nope," John said from the doorway, "just getting coffee." "But you're not my sibling," Mycroft protested. "Yes he is," Sherlock said proudly displaying a wedding band, "we got married last night!"

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dem’ rainy fall eveningssss (briley and weston just take random pictures of each other and of random things okee) 

“autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower”