o 8

As onze regras Satanicas da Terra
1- Nao de opinioes ou avisos a nao ser que seja solicitado
2- Nao fale seus problemas pessoais a outras pessoaa a nao ser que tenha certeza de que queiram ouvir.
3- Quando for convidado em algum lugar, mostre respeito ao anfitrião, caso contrário não vá ate la.
4- Se um convidado em tua casa te desrespeitar, trate-lhe com crueldade e sem piedade.
5- Nao faça avanços sexuais se nao foi lhe dado um sinal.
6- Nao se aposse de posses de outra pessoa, a nao ser que isso seja um fardo e ela implore para que aliviem.
7- Reconheça o poder da magia que voce usou para obter tudo que voce desejava. Se voce negar o poder da magia que foi solicitada, ira perder tudo o que conquistou.
8- Nao se queixe daquilo na qual voce nao esta sujeito.
9- Nao machuque crianças.
10- Nao mate animais nao humanos, a nao ser que voce seja atacado ou para se alimentar.
11- Quando estiver andando em territorio aberto, nao mexa com ninguem. Se alguem mexer com voce, peça-o para parar, se ele nao parar, destrua-o

Random DA:O Thoughts - Part 8.
  • I just thought about when Alistair tells you about his birth right, you can say: “Are you sure? You’re not hiding anything else?” and he says (which I memorised lol): “Besides my unholy love of fine cheeses and a minor obsession with my hair? No, that’s it. Just the Prince thing.” :D I just love the way he delivers it too hehe.
  • Zevran is flirting with me already haha. Hey man, Alistair is just right over from you. He can hear you!
  • Leliana complimented my hair - how sweet. ^_^ Then she told me a weird story about a lady who fastened live birds to her hair, who then pooped all over her. I was like “um okay?” also, poor birds!!
  • Lol I’ve spent prob half an hour to 45 minutes talking to Al then loading so I could watch them again…
  • On the way to Redcliffe we got attacked by a bunch of darkspawn dudes, then Wynne went all super saiyan and summoned the demon within her to protect us! These ambush fights are always soooo hard. They totally waste my party. Then I’m left running away trying to get in some spells while I drink a million potions. This game seems a lot harder than ME.
  • In Redcliffe now. Things that I could do with a higher level and persuasion that couldn’t last time: convince the revered mother to give the knights amulets, convince the elf spy to tell me what he was doing there and join the fight, convince the little boy to tell me what he was doing and give me a sword, convince Dwyn to join the fight without having to give him 1 gold, convince the tavern guy to join the fight (kinda hope he dies so the girl can take over the tavern haha).
  • I also bought the men in the pub free drinks. That bastard tavern owner wouldn’t give them free drinks.
  • With the little boy sword thing, I promised I would give them money or talk to the Sister about it. She wants 5 gold what the? Don’t have a ton of money really. Will see what happens after the fight.
  • I like how Ser Perth talks. Very polite and eloquent. Also he is handsome.
  • When I gave Ser Perth the amulets, Leliana disapproved by 5. So I loaded and changed her for Morrigan. No lost points. :D
  • Going to try the battle now…
  • Can I just say how much I HATE this fight! It’s so hard to keep everyone alive. They’re all running around like headless chooks. Too much to look at and focus on! I don’t think I’m going to be able to save all of them :/ or even that many of them. Maybe if I just try to keep Ser Perth alive, cause I like him. From what I read online it’s pretty hard for first time players to do. It sucks though cause I always tried to save everyone in these types of situations.
  • Tried again, heaps of them died AGAIN. So I loaded… AGAIN! I hate this fucking mission!
  • Did the first part and more survived. Think I’ll go with that and see how I do. Two Knights died, like the npc Knights. Survivors: Dwyn and his thugs, Ser Perth, the Elve spy, and two knights.
  • Doing the second part now. Okay so they all got totally annihilated! Oops. Time to load again. :D
  • Have loaded 4 times now… aaaaarrggggghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!
  • Maker’s breath! I realised one of my spells was contributing to them dying so quick. Yikes!
  • So the second half was annoying but I managed to have Murdoch and Tomas live. Plus a few random militia men. I cant even remember who Tomas is. So yeah I cant be bothered trying to do it better lol. Oh yeah Tomas was the first guy I met. Well good then.
  • Also that gross idiot tavern guy died so wooo! He was icky!
  • I decided to give 5 gold to Bella so she can start a new life. In return she just had to promise not to go back into the same situation. Aww she was cute and I’m glad I could help her. So who’s going to run the tavern now? lol
  • I gave the sword back to the kid and his sister (forgot their names), so now they’re going to try to sell the sword to start a new life. Okay I need to confess. I did that on purpose cause I didn’t want her to marry Teagan Guerrin cause I find him attractive… ahaha. For real! We had some nice flirting ;) Why do I want to romance everyone in this game? Also I wanted the boy to become an adventurer. That’s one spoiler I found out. I think cause I wasn’t sure whether to give her 5 gold.
  • I spoke to Alistair about the grey wardens. He told me about a guy with a big fuzzy beard who could drink everyone under the table haha. Was funny. Then Alistair was sad thinking of Duncan. Awww, poor Al. I miss Duncan. He was so cool and handsome. Had a larger than life presence. I hope I can find something of his to give to Alistair to ease his mind. I just want to give him lots of hugs!
  • I’m glad Dwyn survived cause he cracks me up!
  • Did a few little side quests. One was quite interesting. The trickster demon I summoned in the Mage Tower somehow escaped and was causing havoc. I killed him :D Another one I found lots of dead guys. Then tons of wolves attacked us, and a giant bear. The bear was carrying chainmail armour lol. It’s the in thing for bears, don’t ya know.

poc potter week day 6: next gen - 3/5 rose granger-weasley

hp poc fancast: renee mittelstaadt as rose granger-weasley

Spends every Saturday playing quidditch, brings her homework to the Three Broomsticks on Hogsmeade weekends and hands it in covered in butterbeer, insists on applying to muggle universities ‘just in case’ despite getting 8 O.W.L.s, levitates her cat onto Hugo’s head when he’s feeling down just to get him to smile, meets up with Scorpius on the edge of the black lake to give him advice on how to ask out Albus, gets exasperated sighs from Professor McGonagall when she’s given a detention for talking back to a professor, manages to splinch open her shoes during her first apparition test, reads a lot when she’s at school but abandons all of her assignments and books for Netflix at home, argues with her mother about why divination is a perfectly valid N.E.W.T to take, advocates that more students should embrace muggle inventions even if they’re pure blood, starts up S.P.E.W again in her third year although most people still believe that house elves shouldn’t be freed.

  • Victor: Yuri?
  • Yuri: Yeah?
  • Victor: *Kisses Yuri's Cheek*
  • Yurio: *laying his head down on Otabek's lap* Wtf guys you are so disgusting
  • Yuri: Literally not even five minutes ago you were literally staring into Otabeks eyes like he was the best pork cutlet bowl on earth
  • Yurio: *Looks at Otabek*
  • Otabek: *Nods*
  • Yurio: You're still disgusting