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Hello there! your blog and writing are simply perfect (˘◡˘). Might i request relationship headcanons for Midoriya, Todoroki, and Iida with a super short and shy fem!s/o? someone around 4'8? im just that short ;; sorry if this has been done before. Thank you in advance!

I’m glad you think so! Welcome to my blog then, hope you’re enjoying yourself with all the content. :] ❤️ I hope this is alright for you, and you’re okay. - Mod Dabi.

Izuku Midoriya

  • Izuku is a tad taller than s'o (5'5). It isn’t much of a hassle since they both won’t have an issue trying to kiss each other without tiptoeing.
  • Izuku would lend a helping hand by boosting his s'o with his quirk, whether they need help in getting something. He does boost himself up to.
  • His classmates labeled the both of them as the cute couples because of their height and their shyness.
  • He might have a hard time seeing s'o in amidst of crowds because of their tiny height. So he’s activated into his panicking mode until s'o finds their way back again.

Iida Tenya

  • Iida might treat his s'o like a child sometimes, their petite height is almost impossible not to squeal in adoration.
  • He also gives them a piggyback ride and zooms away to places. He enjoys feeling like the taller one in this relationship.
  • Always, always holds s'o hands while they are gathered by the crowds. He’s afraid of letting them get trampled.
  • Iida will defend s'o height at all cost, sure they may be short but there’s not way he’s going to let a joke slide from someone. That’s a no no. He never teases.

Todoroki Shouto

  • Todoroki is much, much taller (6'0) than his s'o. He really doesn’t mind if they use him as a ladder if they ever need something.
  • He sometimes accidentally lifts them off the ground while hugging. It wasn’t his intention to do that. He is much taller and he needs to get down to their level to hug.
  • “Have you seen s/o…?” Theyre so tiny that he had a hard time finding them in various places. It’s difficult for Shouto sometimes. They don’t understand, he thought it’d be easy.
  • Todoroki never jokes about their height in his life, he’s a little dense so it wouldn’t be troublesome s'o dealing with him. He does treat them more, like his own little (insert title).
Dacă ai de gând să pleci, pleacă.
Dacă ai de gând să rămâi am o singură rugăminte. Nu mă răni aşa cum au făcut-o toți.
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