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I am a good Zenyatta. As Zen, I have more carry potential than a lot of healers, I can save my team in a teamfight, I can take care of myself, and I can strike fear into the hearts of lesser foes.

But I can only carry so much with my tiny robot arms. And when I break the Reinhardt shield, someone else needs to be hitting the called out discorded Mercy with me, or shit will hit the fan when y’all noodles waste your ults on a target only to have it come back to life again.

literally all of these screenshots came from losses ffs

Chelsea Manning

Freedom is the absolute, inalienable right to

a.  define yourself on your own terms, in your own language

b.  to express your identity and your perspectives openly, regardless of the consequences, and

c.  to live and die as a Human being, whether or not you are recognized or treated as one

Sent to The Freedom Cards from Chelsea Manning while in prison.  

me: i won’t act too affectionate
also me: im going to tousle their hair and try and hold their hand and im going to sit so obnoxiously close to them so i can put my head close to their chest and hear their heartbeat and i’m going to stare at them admiringly for way too long and i’ll fling my arms around them at random times without any explanation whatsoever haha i love being affectionate