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Ammiro chi resiste, chi ha fatto del verbo resistere carne, sudore, sangue, e ha dimostrato senza grandi gesti che è possibile vivere, e vivere in piedi anche nei momenti peggiori.
—  “Le Rose di Atacama”, Luis Sepúlveda.

bluetaildragon  asked:

You are aware that you havr 6k subscribers with only one video? And that one video has 2.5m veiws?

I posted that video back in April 2016, when I had 200 followers on Tumblr and literally no idea where I’m going art-wise. Also, the ‘Sans throws Error out’ was the only planned scene in the whole video; the rest was done randomly because this was my ‘meh’ side project for whenever I didn’t know what else to draw.

…I’m still surprised as heck, tbh…