It’s as easy as this:
just go out and do the things you say that you’re going to do. Don’t just think about them; go out and actually do them. Go to the aquarium, talk to the person you like at the coffee shop, explore nature, get a dog, get a cat, swim in the ocean, get heartbroken, jump off a plane!
Just live goddam it.
I believe you can do all those things and much more, so if I can believe in you, why can’t you?
—  g-p-j


Us: we need female spaces to escape the violence of males
Genderists: what the fuck??? Choke on a dick and die? Shove cocks laced with arsenic up your ass and die? I want you to die violently and in a sexual way involving male genitalia????

So that moment, the gut punch moment, it’s easy. It’s building. When a twist comes, it’s not that it’s surprising that is thrilling. It’s the fact that you go, ‘I should have seen it, I was told…’ And then the rug is pulled, it’s like you’ve been warning them for ages - We’re gonna pull this rug, we are. You aren’t paying attention but we are going to pull this rug. So when you fall over, you’ve got to think, 'I was told and I didn’t listen.’
—  Steven Moffat, SDCC