Fic: A Classic Game


~1000 words, PG-13ish, part competition and part dumbasses in love.

“Since when do we own board games?” Blaine asked from across the living room. They were unpacking their last few boxes, happily back in New York and ready to conquer the world.

“Since Dad told me that some of the best nights of his life were spent playing board games with my mom during power outages, and he wanted us to be prepared,” Kurt replied, turning away from the bookshelf he was organizing. “I didn’t actually see what he got us, what’s in there?”

“Life…Monopoly…Trivial Pursuit….ooooh, Twister!” Blaine said, holding up the white box with a giddy smile. “This was the one game I could always beat Cooper at, not to mention the rest of the Warblers.”

“Oh, really?” Kurt asked, arching an eyebrow. “Then it might interest you to know that I once beat both Mike and Brittany when we had a New Directions Twister Tournament sophomore year.”

“Was that a challenge, babe?” Blaine said, getting that saucy, confident look on his face that always got Kurt a little aroused.

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