o! r u l8 2

Storyline of BTS albums
  • No More Dream: I don't have anything I wanna be when I grow up, I'll just do what I want. I have nothing to work for but I want sucess. #Rebel
  • O! R U L8 2?: Screw school, I still don't have any dreams. Whatever. Why we gotta work for nothing?!
  • Skool Luv Affair: Omg, I like this girl!! I suddenly want to go to school now, please accept my love.
  • HYYH Pt. 1: Crying because I miss her, I need her.
  • HYYH Pt. 2: Screw her, I'm gonna forget about her and do illegal stuff while I'm trying to convince myself I don't need her.
  • HYYH Epilogue: oH SHIZ, doing illegal stuff was bad, my friends are leaving (*cough* dying *cough*), wow I need her back...she's the only one who can save me from myself
  • WINGS: Hahaha, I'm over it all. I'm an adult, I can do adult-ing stuff and be SINgle.

Yoonmin Bingo 2.0 - Week 1

@widerhallen - Unrequited AU

@aiwyn​ - Exchange AU

@more-power-less-people​ - Sworn Enemies AU

@still-no-jams - Journalism AU

@parkjizzmin​ - Sworn Enemies AU

@aebaes​ - Fantasy AU

@yoongillest​  - Church AU

@shugamins​ - Fashion AU

@glossugagutsd​ - Missed Connection AU

@yoongii-trash​ - Church AU

@vainesst​ - Non-AU

@minjiminnie​ - Domestic AU

@the-nev​ - Tattoo AU

@jiminchii​ - Mistaken Identity AU

@the0therhand​ - Harry Potter AU

@qtaetae​ - Fantasy AU

@1xingjpg​ - Domestic AU

@namjucci​ - Carnival AU

@lovesoyabean​ - Fantasy AU

@kyungcool​ - Fantasy AU

@nightsburning​ - Tattoo AU

@silent-terrorx - Cafe/Bakery AU

@baetanscout​ - School AU

@valkyrie-88 - Neighbors AU

@storm-clouds81​ - Neighbors AU

Finally up! Remember to check out their blogs and support our contestants ❤️

Yoonmin Bingo 2.0 - Week 5

@aiwyn​ - Non AU

@more-power-less-people - Runaway AU

@still-no-jams​ has left the game

@parkjizzmin​ - Reincarnation AU

@aebaes​ - Exchange AU

@yoongillest​ - Voice Actor AU

@shugamins​ - Hotel AU

@glossugagutsd  - O! R U L8 2?

@yoongii-trash​ - Public Transit AU

@vainesst​ - School AU

@minjiminnie - Video Games AU

@the-nev - Journalism AU

@jiminchii​ - Kid AU

@the0therhand​ has left the game

@1xingjpg​ - Hospital AU

@namjucci​ - Detective AU

@lovesoyabean​ - Housesitting AU

@kyungcool​ - Voice Actor AU

@nightsburning​ - Art Student AU

@silent-terrorx​ has left the game

@valkyrie-88 - Soulmate AU

@storm-clouds81​ - Public Transit AU

Stay tuned! We’re crowning a winner next week ;)

Yoonmin Bingo 2.0 - Week 2

@widerhallen - Hotel AU

@aiwyn - Café/Bakery AU 

@more-power-less-people - Harry Potter AU

@still-no-jams - Theatre AU

@parkjizzmin - Exchange AU

@aebaes -  Café/Bakery AU

@yoongillest - Sworn Enemies AU

@shugamins - Sworn Enemies AU

@glossugagutsd - Blind Date AU

@yoongii-trash - Kid AU

@vainesst - Unrequited AU

@minjiminnie - Fashion AU

@the-nev - Church AU

@jiminchii - Space AU

@the0therhand - Detective AU

@qtaetae - Fake Dating AU

@1xingjpg - Radio Host AU

@namjucci - Space AU

@lovesoyabean - Tattoo AU

@kyungcool - Videogame AU

@nightsburning - Detective AU

@silent-terrorx - School AU

@valkyrie-88 - Mistaken Identity AU

@storm-clouds81​ - Harry Potter AU


kookie-time - Post Bangtan AU

artofennun - Suga Daddy AU

moo-geun - Childhood Friends AU

aebaes - Group Chat AU

park-jiasmin - Voice Actor AU

ringo-hime - College AU

namjooners - Detective AU

yoongisdad - Group Project AU

sugafreepotato - Time Travel AU

rainb0wprincess - Kid AU

arcuirli - Group Project AU

dangnamja - College AU

qtaetae - Crossdressing AU

barakook - Internet Friends AU

minjiminie - Youtubers AU

bangtangaku - Space Cadet AU

Couple late submissions this week so I’ll update this post when they’re done with their prompts! 

Yoonmin Bingo 2.0 - Week 6

@widerhallen - Gang AU

@aiwyn -  Journalism AU

@more-power-less-people - Tattoo AU

@parkjizzmin - Soulmate AU

@aebaes -  O! R U L8 2?

@yoongillest -  O! R U L8 2?

@shugamins -  O! R U L8 2?

@glossugagutsd -  O! R U L8 2?

@yoongii-trash - Non AU

@vainesst - Church AU

@leadermon - Missed Connection AU

@the-nev - Birthday AU

@jiminchii - Harry Potter AU

@1xingjpg - School AU

@namjucci - Group Project AU

@lovesoyabean - Art Student AU

@kyungcool -  O! R U L8 2?

@nightsburning - Hotel AU

@qtaetae - O! R U L8 2?

@valkyrie-88 - Hospital AU

@storm-clouds81 - Pirate AU

With the end of Week 6, we have reached the end of bingo!

We have 4 winners this time around : @lovesoyabean / @minjiminnie –> @leadermon / @park-jizzmin / @nightsburning . Although all of these contestants showed great competitive spirit and submitted excellent works, @lovesoyabean was the first to finish her Week 6 entry and is thus the ultimate winner of Yoonmin Bingo 2.0! 

Thanks to all the above tagged contestants as well as those that had to quit due to other commitments in life (@baetanscout​ / @still-no-jams​ / @the0therhand​ / @silent-terrorx​). 

Thanks for playing y’all! I hope you had fun while it lasted and made some friends along the way. See you next time maybe

Yoonmin Bingo 2.0 Master Posts: 

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kookie-time - Gamer AU

artofennun - Hospital AU

aebaesO! R U L8, 2?

park-jiasmin - College AU

namjooners -  Time Travel AU

licoricetheartist - Space Cadet AU

rainb0wprincess - Road Trip AU

parksugarO! R U L8, 2?

dangnamja -  O! R U L8, 2?

qtaetae - Detective AU

barakook - Soul Mate AU

minjiminie - Friends w Benefits AU

bangtangaku - Childhood Friends AU


[TRADUÇÃO] Intro: O! R U L8, 2?

Produzido por: Pdogg
Escrito por: Pdogg, Rap Monster

Nada dura para sempre,
Você só vive uma vez
Então viva sua vida, e não a vida de outra pessoa
Agarre oportunidades e nunca se arrependa, nunca
Nunca atrase o que você quer fazer agora
Pois em algum ponto de algum dia, tudo o que você fez
Será exatamente o que você será

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방탄소년단 Comeback trailer


Prévia de O! RUL8,2?