this is, according to the wikipedia page on selective mutism, a method of treatment.
snatching items from a child, things that are special to them, and forcing them to do the thing their disability prevents them from doing in order to get it back, is seen as treatment. not ableism bordering on child abuse, it’s a method of treatment. or so im supposed to belive.
seriously FUCK you if you believe this is a good way to treat children with selective mutism

edit: please reblog if you can. i want people to know how awful this treatment is.

btw can inclusionists stop pretending that they don’t know the distinction between when we say “ace tumblr” and “aces in general”?

like when one of us says “i fucking hate ace tumblr” it’s not “i hate all people due to their lack of sexual attraction” it’s “i hate that this SPECIFIC group of people, on tumblr, and who are ace and have formed a community on tumblr specifically bc of that, have been homophobic, transphobic, racist, antisemitic, etc to us so many times that seeing them makes us angry/uncomfortable.”

you know full wellwhen we say “ace tumblr is homophobic” we don’t mean “not feeling sexual attraction is homophobic”

so like can you guys shut up lol


so yeah im still trying to figure stuff out with gender identity and a part of my brain is yelling dumb shit about how i cant possibly be trans or nb and its for the dumbest reasons
like “you can’t be trans! there’s already a trans boy And an nb person at your school! three trans kids in one school is excessive!!”
or “you can’t be a boy!! you have 3 brothers!! your parents shouldn’t have to have 4 boys!!”
its so ridiculous tbqh
also that same part of me tells me its just because 2 of my best friends are trans boys and im just trying to be like them hahahahaha fun life

i wish my parents had a better understanding of selective mutism and its treatment as i was growing up because i feel like they (and i) just assumed it’d go away eventually but it never did. and now all i can really do is use the non medication methods (systematic desensitization and stimulus fading) to talk to new people but ill never be able to talk to everyone. and because ive had it for so long, it feels like i wouldn’t be me without it. id just be an ordinary person who blends in too well. i would lose my uniqueness.

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I don't know why you would be a communist or support communist ideas but I mean I guess

communism is the only economic system that can allow all human beings to reach their full potential and control their own destiny. currently there is so much wealth in this world in the hands of such few idlers. this isn’t natural, stable, or just.

im gonna start ending my posts like they’re youtube videos

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