NZOA Announce their funding decisions for November at 1pm today.

Almost every month for the last 2 or so years I have applied for funding, and never gotten it for my music. I feel like our chances are higher this time around so I hope we get it… I will be heartbroken if we don’t D:

But I will still keep on applying every month lol

Fingers crossed people! I would love to record some more music and videos in the future and with a band full of students we need a little bit of help to live our dream!! 



Making Tracks is a new single-track funding scheme which provides funding of up to $4,000 towards the recording of a single, and $6,000 towards the costs of a music video to back up the single, with a further $2,000 contribution towards the music video required from the applicant.

This month, as I do about once a year, I sat on the panel alongside

Jason Winstanley [Classic Hits; Auckland], Jasmin Ziedan [Base FM, Auckland], Phoebe Spiers [C4 Music Television; Auckland], Graham Reid [Music Writer,; Auckland], Scott Kara [NZ Herald Time Out; Auckland], Dale Cotton [Audio Workshop; Dunedin]

You can view the list of acts we funded for singles and videos by CLICKING HERE

Congrats to those who made it though, condolences to those who didn’t. And regardless, remember, there is always next time.


Ladi6 - Like Water 

deserves a grammy!  

Just found out we got our first grant from NZ On Air ever! So appropriate considering I’m currently hanging out at the place we recorded the track! The song is called Bright Eyes but today is more like Panda Eyes as I have cried all my make up off!!! So happy and in my new @biffy_clyro shirt! #ashei #nzoa #biffyclyro #vscocam #loosestones