New Zealand's Queer & Trans 101 comic book guide
A colourful comic book guide to the various sexualities and gender identities possible has been launched in New Zealand, aiming to help queer and gender diverse youth feel valued, recognised and supported in their local communities.

Produced by the Rainbow Youth with funding from the Auckland Council along with LGBTI heath network the NZ AIDS Foundation and ANZ, the Gender & Sexuality 101 comic and posters are being distributed free to community groups and centres, high schools, medical centres, hospitals and libraries.

Want to see more? You can download the posters or comic book here from their local website. 


I am exhausted, but had an awesome weekend at Wellington Armageddon/NZ Comic Con. Thanks to all those who came and chatted about Borderlands (and there wer several other BL cosplayers at the con too! <3)

Here’s a couple of wonderful shots of my Nisha and Tim cosplays (along with @potato-gal as Moxxi and our ugly child Claptrap) taken by the very lovely and talented Capturing Heartbeats Photography!