nz govt

did I make a post about my WINZ meeting yet?

It’s such a fucking mess that i almost cant be bothered. but i knwo once i start it will all come out.

(I was right. I got so much energy writing this that i almost shat my pants from anger/excitement)

for the first half hour she was telling me that my medical cert had expired 3 days ago and I was telling her that i didnt get a letter teling me. so she decided to check why and it was because I didn’t actually have a certificate applied? like how does it expire if it isnt applied? How did I have a fucking benefit if it wasnt applied?!

the second thing is why I was getting less money. It’s because the lady that said she would get it all sorted out didnt. not only did she lie about my ed cert being applied and valid for 3 more months. she said that I wouldn’t have to fill out any extra forms for my accommodation or my disability allowance. So I didnt have those. I had 53 dollars that I wasnt getting. 
That same lady asked me if i was living at home. i think this is why she took the accommodation off. I said yes but i pay rent. and she said it doesnt matter. and i guess then decided to remove my accommodation allowance (my rent money)
and I fully intend to ask for it to be paid back so I can pay my father. who has been feeding and housing me and paying my bills, my doctors bills, my prescriptions, my pet food/bills/vet visits. out of his pocket. because the government is so fucking. useless.

They said they tried to contact me. and made an appointment but I didnt show up. I got no phone calls and no appointment letter. They said that even though i didnt show up they kept the benefit going because they knew i needed money. So there was literally absolutely no reason for me to have guessed that anything was wrong.
then they had the audacity to ask me why I hadn’t called them. to ask what was wrong.

Ont he notes it says that I was under a case manager named Tilly. so they got her and she said she’d never seen me before. and she was right. She wasnt my case manager and we had never ever talked before.

I also tried to tell her that i need more money. But i  didn’t want to be rude and ask for more money. I said I dont even get enough to pay my rent. and she said “no thats because its listed here as board” and yeah on the original agreement it said board. It also had a not next to it that was signed by me and the origin case worker that said that i twas actually rent and NOT board.

Either way I told her that i still didnt have enough money to pay for my stuff. my rent was set at 160, which was down 40 because they dont cover power. and i was getting 190. 30 extra to cover my 40 dollar power bill, my food, my phone bills, my internet, my bus/taxi charges, and my pet food and wellbeing. not to mention clothes and shit for me.

I kept telling her this and she kept asking “well what do you think the solution should be?

like bitch… I dont want to say it. But i clearly need you to give me more money. There isnt enough money for me to live. I need more money.

So I have to reapply for my medical certificate and my accommodation. I have to go to the Dr and the chemist/pharmacy to get receipts. I have to make another appointment. My dad has to re-write the rent agreement. I have to full in temporary additional support, disability allowance, and accommodation forms. and I have to go back to winz which is really out of my way.  actually my dad has to take me back. during his work hours.

and you know what. at the end. after we were there for 2 and a half hours. she said to me. “well we should really wrap up because this appointment was only supposed to be half an hour and I have another client waiting”


I cried three times. once when i was waiting an dreading it. once when the lady kept telling my me cert was expired and also telling me that it was never applied. and then just like a solid almost cry for the whole time i was realizing how fucking useless and stupid and messed up they are.

The people are literally dealing with peoples livelihoods. peoples sole income comes from these people. like. people who are too ill to work. or are otherwise unemployable. and have no means to make money themselves. have to rely on htese people. imagine a mentally ill person trying to deal with this. imagine pensioners trying to deal with this. I read a letter in the herald about a lady who’s husband had dementia and she had to look after all of the benefits. then she had a major stroke. and theyre so difficult for her to deal with. and they literally either dont care or are too thick to understand that people are suffering.
they get bonuses for pushing people off of benefits and shoving them into work, even if ht person is unfit and loses the job within weeks. and that really sums it up for me. like. the incentive is to screw people up as much and give as little money as possible. and it doesnt help that most of the people working there are complete idiots who are totally incapable of comprehending the most obvious issues and concerns and understanding what you’re trying to say.. liek how can you not get from “i dont have enough money to live” that i need more money…??!!