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Can you elaborate on what you mean by “Post Season 2 Sterek” and “Stiles/Derek” vs “Sterek”? I’ve not seen much TW, though I read a fair bit of fic, and am not sure what distinction you’re trying to make, unless you’re talking about the characters present. As for tagging, I think that using the ampersand tags (Scott & Stiles) is really all you should need to do. If you feel like going farther, start adding ‘This is a Scott-friendly fic’ or something to the notes.

After Season 2, Sterek fandom developed its own narrative of the show, one which was only loosely based on canon at best, and basically rewrote the first two seasons to put Stiles - and often-times Derek - on a pedestal, at the expense of basically everyone else in the show. This narrative/pairing grew so popular that Season 3A started to actually lean towards this pairing, but because it ‘only’ leaned - and didn’t retcon half the scenes of the first two seasons in order to follow the fanon narrative - the Sterek fandom very loudly stopped watching the show.

Unfortunately, the fans who stopped watching the show tend to not mention it until you ask them, so you often have no idea that the version of Teen Wolf they’re thinking of isn’t the actual show, until you’re halfway through their fanfic, or realize they think the manipulated scene from a gifset is what actually happened in canon.

“Stiles/Derek” is the shipping of Stiles Stilinski and Derek Hale from the actual show. That’s what I do, and that’s what my fics are. “Sterek” means the fandom narrative, the one whose characters share names and faces with the characters of the show, but little else. Fanon Stiles absorbs all of Scott’s nurturing tendencies and Derek’s pack parentalism, Fanon Derek is a woobie who’s never really hurt anyone and has only made mistakes but needs to be cured by the power of Stiles’ healng dick or healing love, whichever comes first. Meanwhile Fanon Scott’s mistakes are the signs of a secret narcissistic personality disorder, and every instance of him helping people, or attempting to give them the space they needed, was actually just him attempting to manipulate people.

The double-standards listed in the original post are a pretty good summary of the issues which make Sterek fandom proudly proclaim themselves as “not Teen Wolf”. (They also summarize why I don’t ship Sterek, even though I ship Stiles/Derek).

The version of Teen Wolf implied to have happened in the background of most Sterek fic is really, really unrelated to canon. Sterek fic tends to: 1.) portray Stiles as a nurturing person (he’s protective, not nurturing - Scott is the nurturing one, followed by Derek); 2.) portray Erica, Isaac, Boyd, and Derek as woobies (apparently, the harassment, victim-blaming, and borderline abuse they engaged in for the first half of Season 2 never happened); 3.) Scott as being a neglectful friend (because of an instance in which he literally had no idea that Stiles was in danger, and thus ignored Stiles’ phone-call because he, himself, was in danger); 4.) Scott tries to make Stiles choose between himself and Derek (not only did nothing like this ever happen in Season 2, but Season 3 clearly demonstrated that Stiles was very close to Derek, without it affecting his friendship with Scott); among many other, smaller problems.

I’ve got a draft of a much-longer meta explaining how/why I ship Stiles/Derek but not Sterek, and I’ll drop you a line when I post it. I will admit, I wasn’t expecting to need it so soon, given how hard on the Stalia and Stydia buttons Season 6 is slamming on. o.O

And here’s the problem with the tags on my fic: that “Scott & Stiles” tag is already there. That’s why the comments bothered me so much - Scott hate has become so normalized in Sterek fandom that even though my tags and the content of my fic very clearly cast Scott as a positive character in Stiles’ life, some readers still expected Scott to be bashed in the story, because there also happens to be Stiles/Derek in it.

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I don't know if this helps your view of 6A, but I never thought while watching the season that Lydia was upset simply because of Stiles. For three months she knows something is true and everyone around her, even the fabric of reality tells her she wrong, she's crazy, she unbalanced. Her story was about a girl who was essentially gaslighted by the entire universe, fighting against that manipulation, finding clues and eventually proving to herself and others she was right.

That’s an interesting perspective, and I do get where you’re coming from. “Gaslighted by the universe” is an extremely apt description of how the Ghost Riders/the Wild Hunt works.

The thing is, though, she’s been through psychological trauma, brainwashing, and even gaslighting before, and yes, she’s broken down crying before - but those were always mere moments, in the process of her continuing to be herself and dominate her surroundings.

In Season 2, she had a mental breakdown and was publicly humiliated (due to her naked, 3-day run in the woods), but strode into school with her head held high. In Season 3, someone strangled her and she refused to hide the bruises. In Season 4, with her grandmother’s house going up for sale and her powers wreaking havoc with her perception of reality, she never became this melodramatic. In Season 5, when she was catatonic and trapped in her own mind, we also see her fighting her circumstances, learning how to utilize her powers, and it was Malia being in danger that brought her out of her catatonia.

Season 6 undermines a lot of that. She talks about Stiles to the other banshee, who has no reason to know who he is, and at a point where bringing him up in the conversation was almost nonsensical and definitely unnecessary. Contrasted with the fact Malia and Scott were drowning in the basement, it was particularly jarring - and this was the episode in which we saw the least melodrama from Lydia. Ranging from a truly, unnecessarily excessive number of crying scenes, to the way her voice seems to always crack when she’s talking about Stiles as if she’s about to cry, the entire Stydia arc in Season 6A was extremely melodramatic - which is frustrating, given that snarky banter “normal”/human/non-superpowered badassery has always been among the defining hallmarks of their relationship.

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I want to be the mirror that reminds you to love yourself. 
I want to be the air in your lungs that reminds you to breathe.
When the walls come down, when the thunder rumbles, when nobody else is home, hold my hand, and I promise I won’t let go. x

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I think people don't want to acknowledge Scott's intelligence b/c they feel it is the one thing the show left as Stiles' niche. In s1 and s2 Stiles was the "brain" and Scott the "brawn" but their positions were more fluid and Stiles had instances of physical heroics too. In 3A (and sort of 4) they split them into 2 story lines, which allowed Scott to be shown as a thinker but increasing put Stiles as only being the guy that "figured things out" as Stiles other functions were given to others.

That would explain a lot.

Still ridiculous, though.

A corollary of “anti” culture is the idea that someone must be perfect and absolutely superior to everyone and everything else to be “good” (as the mirror to the idea that if someone is less than perfect, they are terrible people, must be hated or derided, useless, etc.)

The entire point of multiple intelligences that different people are good at different things, and you can’t measure people based on only one metric.

Saying Scott is smart doesn’t mean Stiles is stupid, or useless.

Shit, man, Lydia is hands down smarter than all the rest of the cast combined, no one seems to be suggesting that making Stiles smart is diminishing her intelligence. And on the flip side, for all of Lydia’s intelligence, there is only so much it helps her with supernatural problems - because so often, the supernatural involves things she simply does not know or understand, or even defies things that she does know (i.e. a free-floating Einstein-Rosen bridge).

The entire point of a pack, and one of the central themes of the series, is that everyone has different skills and strengths that they can bring together - and this includes different kinds of intelligence, different kinds of smarts, and different kinds of thinking.

I’ve said before that Scott is a strategist while Stiles is a tactician. Guess what? To win a war, you need both. That’s why Scott and Stiles make such a great team together - they balance each other out. Stiles and Scott are both smart, just in different ways.

All the characters are smart, just in different ways.

Even Malia. She’s missing almost half her entire education, and she’s still mostly keeping up with her own age group - does anyone realize just how impressive that is? If she’d never been coyote-ified and remained in school throughout her educational career, she’d probably be like Lydia, graduating high school with half her college credits already taken care of! We see time and again that she is incredibly perceptive, and when she’s analyzing problems that don’t rely heavily on a formal education, but merely understanding the immediate circumstances, she’s smart as a whip.

Take a look at Allison - we see her rapidly making plans on the fly throughout Seasons 2 and 3, she’s an expert combatant, and went from not even recognizing Archaic Latin in Season 2, to being able to skim a document written entirely in the dead language un 3B. She’d also been held back a year because she was struggling so much in school due to all the moving around, and in her own words was outright failing a class in 3B.

And is anyone going to try and call Kira stupid for effectively having supernatural dyslexia? She’s barely maintaining a passing grade in English in 5A, yet back in 3B, she’d overheard a few moments of conversation was able to provide really important information about stages of life and death to the pack off the top of her head, and did a tremendous amount of research in one night to try and help them out even more.

Derek was portrayed as an arrogant jock as a kid, a brute as an adult, and half the time has the emotional intelligence of a rock. He also casually rattled off contemporary literary analysis when he was chatting with an English teacher, and regularly rattles off information like a walking, talking supernatural encyclopedia. When his judgment isn’t clouded by anger or fear, he also shows tremendous emotional intelligence - from picking out the kids in BHHS who needed a pack the most (Erica, Isaac, and Boyd all being isolated and alone and the most in need of one), to finally understanding and being able to help Scott in Seasons 3 and 4.

One character doesn’t have to be stupid for another one to be smart.

All of them have several skills and strengths to bring to the table. The fact that there’s some overlap between these strengths doesn’t negate them, or negate anyone’s “role” in the pack.

Whoops, that got away from me a bit.

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i think stiles and lydia connection is not because of how well they work together, but they work well together because of their connection. i don’t know how to explain it, but it’s on a spiritual level kind of thing, related with their souls. Said connection, or at least what i get from what the writers try to tell, was there since the beginning, it’s what drawn them together.

Disclaimer: I hate the entire concept of soulmates and think it is nothing more than a cop-out to cover up the lack of a decent relationship. So, like, if you love soulmates, stop reading now.

“Soulmates” and “spiritual connections” are exactly what I hate about Season 6A Stydia. We lost the real Stydia in exchange for this bullshit soulmates narrative. They erased the actual relationship between these characters for the sake of what a “romantic” relationship is supposed to be.

Over the course of 5 seasons (7 if you count the half seasons), we got to see these two amazing, nuanced characters slowly develop from practical strangers into a deep and genuine friendship, and even move towards what would’ve been an engaging relationships. And then all of that was undermined, undone, and basically erased in one season, 6A, and in some ways undermined in one episode.

And that’s before getting into this idea of Stiles and Lydia somehow being “drawn together”. Lydia was also drawn to Allison and to Jordan, and Stiles was drawn to Malia - so why aren’t they “soulmates”? And if being “soulmates” somehow suddenly make ~Deep Soulful Gazing~ more important to your relationship than how you interact with each other, what you do for each other and with each other, and how you have made each other grow into better people, then honey, I hope ya’ll have your pre-nups signed and sealed, because you are going to need them.

tl;dr - Fuck soulmates, and fuck 6A for ruining Stydia.


❝ i want somebody with a sharp intellect & a heart from hell. somebody with eyes like starfire & a mouth with a kiss like a bottomless well. but mostly I just want someone who will love me, even when I do not know how to love myself. somebody like you. ❞ // indie veronica lodge & archie andrews from cw’s riverdale. as told by nyxie & torie. 

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It's been too long since I asked you question right ? So I have question for you :) first: BIG HUG, My question is: We don't know much about Scott's family, like his grandparents or where his family come from really so do you have any headcanons for his family ? ( and are you going to develop it in frost bite ? ) BIG HUG.

Years and years ago, my mother sat my ass down and made me watch some weird romantic dramedy about a hotel maid in Manhattan, creatively titled Maid in Manhattan. Among other things, there was a requisite Cute Kid who drove most of the plot, who was the son of the titular maid. Who was this kid you might ask?


Bb!Tyler’s character, named Ty, often hung out in the hotel while his mom worked. This made it easy for him to run into a Senatorial candidate, who he wanted to interview for a school project. He tracked down his mom to ask for permission to help the guy walk his dog and interview him for the project - except due to a series of shenanigans, she gets mistaken for a rich socialite instead, and she and the politician hit it off. Of course, the truth eventually comes out, weird drama happens in the middle, and in the end, bb!Tyler eventually reunites her with the candidate.

Among other things, there was a subplot in which Ty actually dreads having to give the presentation for his school project, because he’s got a fear of public speaking. Turns out the candidate also hates public speaking, and the way he copes with his career being centered around it involves always holding a paperclip when he’s giving speeches, because he imagines it’s a channel by which all his speaking anxiety leaves him. The way bb!Tyler reunites the two characters involves crashing a press conference and very cutely asking some questions that makes the grown-ups realize their true feelings.

Of course, he was only able to do so because he was holding a paperclip - and it turns out he’s not the only one.

Incidentally, though, that candidate’s played Ralph Fiennes - aka M from some James Bond movies…and Voldemort from the Harry Potter movies. >:) He also played secret agent John Steed in the 1998 movie The Avengers, which was an adaptation of the British TV series of the same name, with absolutely no connection to the superhero team, or Marvel in general. ;)

Now, another fun fact: I’m a huge West Wing fan. Imagine my shock when I was watching Teen Wolf and President Santos’ assistant and campaign staffer, Bram Howard, showed up in Teen Wolf. Who is Bram Howard? Glad you didn’t ask!

Bram Howard was played by Matthew Del Negro, the guy who plays Agent McCall in Teen Wolf. In The West Wing, he was a campaign staffer for Congressman Santos, the guy who ultimately became the new President of the United States in the finale of the show - making Bram Howard a White House staffer.

External image

But how would this work with Rafael’s current job with the FBI? Well, I’m glad you didn’t ask that, either, because guess who was in the West Wing before the first Iron Man movie even came out, pre-dating the entire MCU?

Years before anyone came up with an ascended fanboy SHIELD agent in the MCU, Clark Gregg was playing an FBI agent in The West Wing. So clearly, there’s some precedent for FBI operations in politics (and/or SHIELD going undercover with the FBI somehow).

Now, Melissa Ponzio - the actress for Melissa McCall - also has a pretty interesting filmography. The Teen Wolf writers really passed up a great opportunity by making Melissa basically a damsel in distress for Season 6A. Given the Ponzio already has some experience playing a BAMF as Karen in The Walking Dead, they could’ve done SO FUCKING MUCH with a Hunter/badass Melissa in Teen Wolf.

However, this is more recent (in fact, I believe this happened after Ponzio started playing Melissa McCall). And, more importantly, if Melissa were able to handle a gun that well, would she really have ever worked as a maid? Probably not. But, let’s say that there was a period of time in her life where she really needed money. What might a young Melissa might’ve done, that she would’ve hated doing and absolutely been willing to leave to become a maid? Well, maybe she played the kind of character Ponzio played in Life as We Know It: a stripper.

As for Teen Wolf itself:

While I suspect this is mostly down to really shitty writing and lack of production communication, the fact is that we never really see any family photos or indications of an extended family in the McCall home. We never really saw any in the Stilinski family home, either - and we now know that at least from the Sheriff’s side, this is because of severe daddy issues leading to the Sheriff trying to keep his own father away from his family as much as possible. What if he’s not the only one?

Also, I can tell you from personal experience that - while not all of them - a lot of women will often stay with really shitty husbands because that’s the sort of thing they grew up with. Their fathers were shitty husbands to their mothers (ranging from philandering to drinking to abuse, all of which we’ve seen at least hints of with Agent McCall), and so many don’t leave their own husbands because they think it’s normal (or they know it’s not, but it is what they’re used to - and better the devil you know than the devil you don’t).

Also, I won’t speak for everyone, but I do know that divorce is often a process, and there can be periods of time where your parents are separated but not divorced, and that when one of your parents finally leaves the other, it’s often long, long overdue.

So here’s my headcanon for the McCall family background in general (at least until it’s jossed in 6B):

  1. Melissa’s family was really, really shitty, and she left as soon as she could. She worked part-time as a hotel maid in San Francisco, and moonlighted as a stripper, because she’s hot af.
  2. This was when and how she met a young, up-and-coming FBI agent named Rafael McCall, when he was working undercover as a campaign staffer for a shady politician who was spending some time in the hotel she cleaned up for (and who once threw a party involving strippers, including herself).
  3. After the guy was busted for whatever the FBI was investigating him for, Melissa and Rafael hooked up, Rafael got her pregnant, and they got married. They moved out to a small town nearby, which was small enough to support their suburban family ‘happily ever after’ dreams (though also had enough crime that Rafael could find plenty of investigative work in town - dude, this is Beacon Hills).
  4. However, Rafael was neither an ideal husband (the philandering we hear about from Grandpa Stilinski in 6A) nor an ideal father (the drinking stated outright by Melissa in 3B, and the multiple vague implications of abusive behavior). Melissa starts nursing school in large part to get out of the house and away from Rafael (and with the vague hope that once she’s a nurse, she will be able to support herself and her son, and can leave Rafael if needs be).
  5. The Staircase Incident happens, and she finally kicks Rafael out of the house. He leaves quietly, because the reality is that if Melissa wanted to, she could at best end his career and at worse get him imprisoned for hurting and nearly killing his own child.
  6. (I also like to headcanon that the Staircase Incident is actually why Scott’s jaw is off-center. Rafael doesn’t know because Scott was too concussed at the time to express pain, and by the time Scott and Melissa realized his jaw was broken, Rafael was gone and Melissa had no desire to reach out to him over this.)
  7. Since Melissa was only just finishing up nursing school/just starting out as a nurse at this point, she got her old job at the hotel back for a little while to help support herself and Scott, now that they didn’t have Rafael anymore to rely on.
  8. Of course, that politician whose campaign was how she and Rafael met swings by, and now he’s running for Senate. He initially hits it off with Scott and Melissa both, even letting bb!Scott interview him for a school project and giving him some public speaking pointers. Unfortunately, he quickly revealed himself to be a racist (benevolent racist, maybe, but still racist), which is why Stiles called him Voldemort from then on. :P

For Winter Wolves in particular:

  • The politician in question was actually under HYDRA’s thumb, which is why even with an FBI agent undercover in his staff, no one was ever able to find anything on him.
  • Rafael McCall and Phil Coulson had crossed paths a few times in the past during Phil’s undercover stint with the FBI.

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Just to let you know, I’ve decided that the dark violet Luna is going to be donated to Doll Akon.
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