This is my mom’s cat Nyxie. She is a pure Norwegian Forest Cat who spent years living as the neighborhood stray. She adopted my mom during a snowstorm last month, and is so totally in love with my mom it’s adorable. I just want others to appreciate her glorious fluff. 


“Space Boyfriend” - Garrus Vakarian

“Space Girlfriend” - Vetra Nyx

I wonder how well Vetra will handle all that human affection. It’s… Interesting. 

Cross species attraction isn’t really something you consider until It’s too late, and then all of a sudden you’re in Love.

Mmm… now I feel all weird talking about it.

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Hi! I'm on anon bc I mainly worry about that sort of thing, heh. Besides this, I'm asking about, specifically, Sterek - in the sense that I don't really ship it myself, and I wanted to say that regardless of this, and that you do - your blog is brilliant. In general, your posts on the TW fandom and the various ships within are perfect and I agree 100%. Mainly, I'm asking about the sterek, or more specifically Stiles/Derek from actual canon tw, because I could never see anything other than (1/?)

Derek being physically aggressive towards the younger and weaker (in the sense of physical strength) human - a person in a position of power over another abusing that power. In a sense. Since, whenever I watch the show I can’t help but see that, I was hoping you could either explain in that great way you usually do that makes things make sense, or at least point me in the direction of posts that have already done so, how exactly their friendship developed(because, yes, I don’t think I could(2/?)

ever ship it romantically). Mainly I’d just like to see another’s less biased point of view/take on their dynamic, so as not to alienate a serious amount of my fanfic readers despite the fact that it’s probably gonna end up as Stalia(oh the horror, that gets like 0 reads ever)I don’t want to sideline any characters that are important, such as Derek, and when I watch the show I can never get his character and his dynamic with Stiles down in my head because it’s screaming at me not to like him 3/?

And I hate that, because I never like to despise a character without good reason to; I don’t want to misrepresent the dynamic, I have to repeat, when I get to later seasons. It’ll also help me understand him more, I think, and I hope you don’t mind this ridiculously long anon ask, oops. I’m on anon mainly bc of a worry of this being received negatively, as I’ve seen this sort of query being done in the past for related topics. Ehrm, that’s it, thanks for reading this even if you don’t answer.4/4

Derek is pretty violent with everyone, including Stiles, in the first two seasons. Fandom has taken this violence and projected sexual tension onto it to justify the ship, but if we’re going to count every instance of violence as belligerent sexual tension, then everyone on this show has foe-yay with everyone else.

The thing is, Derek was trying to do the right thing - he just didn’t really consider things like collateral damage or value of life in the process. When Scott was Bitten, Derek did try to help Scott learn to control his wolf…it’s just that he also lied to Scott about a potential cure for lycanthropy in order to manipulate Scott into helping him. Neither of these somehow negate or undermine the other.

Similarly, in Season 2, Derek felt responsible for the kanima, and thus wanted to kill it before it could kill anyone else. The problem is that he wasn’t considering the life of the human who was the kanima without knowing, and he was jumping to conclusions and nearly killed the wrong person (Lydia) because she might be the kanima. Derek wanted to build a pack, and ended up dragging three new teenagers into the mess, two of whom would still be alive if he hadn’t. But, they were also extremely isolated before they were in a pack, and never seemed to resent Derek for turning them, even when (in the case of Boyd, at least) it got them killed.

Derek tries all the time, and tries really damn hard. He also fails all the time, and fails really damn hard. Most of that failure all traces back to tunnel vision - he gets so focused on one problem or factor, he never really thought about anything else. Isaac called him out on this in Season 3A - Derek was wallowing about Cora’s life and Jennifer’s betrayal, which meant he was forgetting about all the other stuff going on that needed to be dealt with.

Derek also tended to presume to know best in the first two seasons and diving head first into problems. A lot of his development in Seasons 3 and 4 was taking a step back to think through the circumstances, and/or taking guidance from those around him. Whether he was the alpha and taking guidance from his betas (i.e. following Boyd’s plan against the alpha pack, listening to Isaac calling him out, etc.), or when he was a beta again but following others’ leads (following Scott as an alpha, taking proverbial marching orders from Allison in 3B, following the Sheriff’s lead and Braeden’s lead in Season 4, etc.), Derek always did better working with someone else instead of trying to lead on his own.

To put it another way: Derek really sucks at being King Arthur, but he makes for a fantastic Merlin.

Derek was a wonderfully supportive and empathic individual. Because he struggled with being an alpha, he was a confidante for Scott when he struggled to be a (true) alpha. Derek went from tunnel vision, brooding, and wallowing in the first few seasons, to learning how to use “human” self-defense mechanisms in Season 4 when he realized he wasn’t healing and seemed to be losing his lycanthropy (and his strength and senses with it). IIRC, he never just sat down and listened to someone pour their heart out on him in the first two seasons, yet Season 3 opens with him doing exactly that, and this is something he continues to do throughout the rest of his time on the show.

I’ve said before that “quiet” =/= shy or introverted. Derek is never the kind to talk a lot in the show. In the first two seasons, this manifested as him doing things without really telling anyone or talking to anyone about it. Later, this manifested as him listening to people. He didn’t have to change this part of who he is, he just learned to be more empathetic and productive about it.

Derek’s story also plays into one of the central themes of the show. The werewolf symbol of revenge is the spiral, but here’s the thing about spirals: if they aren’t stopped, then they’ll go on forever. Derek could’ve kept pursuing vengeance for his family, but chose not to, and came out better for it. This is highlighted by the nogitsune in 3B, when Derek is infected by one of the flies. Yes, Kate was already dead, but Kate was one person and his family was way more than that. He could’ve kept going, he could’ve murdered Allison and Chris just because they were Kate’s family (the same way his family died just for being werewolves/in a werewolf pack), and the nogitsune nearly pushed him to do that. But instead, Derek ended the spiral of vengeance, recognizing that Allison and Chris had nothing to do with Kate’s murder, and how different they were from Kate (regretting their own participation in Hunter psychosis, trying to change the family motto and M.O., etc.)

Derek’s story is very much one of someone grieving tremendously and suffering from horrific trauma. But, it’s also one that shows that one’s own trauma can end up hurting those around them (the fact that Derek was traumatized and suffering for the first two seasons doesn’t change the fact he engaged in a lot of manipulative and abusive behavior at the time). And, Derek’s story is the process of recovering from grief and trauma, and learning to let go of anger in pursuit of one’s own well-being.

How this relates to Sterek in particular, I’ve written about here and here, and feel free to ask if you have any more questions on it. :)

And here are some fics which capture Derek’s character really well:

See You on the Other Side - Derek doesn’t swoop in and save the day - but he does help Stiles, and he learns to share with Stiles and take help from others.

The Nightmare of My Choice - Long-distance relationship FTW.

Starts with “F”, Ends With “U” - Fantastic way of Derek using his own experiences to help Stiles with his current abuse, and a great exploration of Derek’s trauma that doesn’t tokenize it or reduce his abuse to stereoptyes of what abuse actually entails.


A new arrival! I was originally planning for a space/nebula paint job for her, but in person I really, really like the pink resin, so I’m going to find a new look for her and just order a different one in the future (in that sparkly dark purple) for my space bat.

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I don't know if this helps your view of 6A, but I never thought while watching the season that Lydia was upset simply because of Stiles. For three months she knows something is true and everyone around her, even the fabric of reality tells her she wrong, she's crazy, she unbalanced. Her story was about a girl who was essentially gaslighted by the entire universe, fighting against that manipulation, finding clues and eventually proving to herself and others she was right.

That’s an interesting perspective, and I do get where you’re coming from. “Gaslighted by the universe” is an extremely apt description of how the Ghost Riders/the Wild Hunt works.

The thing is, though, she’s been through psychological trauma, brainwashing, and even gaslighting before, and yes, she’s broken down crying before - but those were always mere moments, in the process of her continuing to be herself and dominate her surroundings.

In Season 2, she had a mental breakdown and was publicly humiliated (due to her naked, 3-day run in the woods), but strode into school with her head held high. In Season 3, someone strangled her and she refused to hide the bruises. In Season 4, with her grandmother’s house going up for sale and her powers wreaking havoc with her perception of reality, she never became this melodramatic. In Season 5, when she was catatonic and trapped in her own mind, we also see her fighting her circumstances, learning how to utilize her powers, and it was Malia being in danger that brought her out of her catatonia.

Season 6 undermines a lot of that. She talks about Stiles to the other banshee, who has no reason to know who he is, and at a point where bringing him up in the conversation was almost nonsensical and definitely unnecessary. Contrasted with the fact Malia and Scott were drowning in the basement, it was particularly jarring - and this was the episode in which we saw the least melodrama from Lydia. Ranging from a truly, unnecessarily excessive number of crying scenes, to the way her voice seems to always crack when she’s talking about Stiles as if she’s about to cry, the entire Stydia arc in Season 6A was extremely melodramatic - which is frustrating, given that snarky banter “normal”/human/non-superpowered badassery has always been among the defining hallmarks of their relationship.

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Does anyone else ever think about how weird it is

that after over 5 seasons (because let’s be real, Season 3 was two seasons masquerading as one) of these two

constantly stealing the show

and remembering their dead family member

and watching tension build between father and son

and Stiles’ trauma taking center stage

and watching the Sheriff

nearly lose his son

in the worst way imaginable

and watching Stiles develop

from this

to this

and of both Stilinskis being terrified

of losing each other…

Does anyone else

ever think

about how weird it is

that after







This particular gif always kills me. Not because of Scott flinching away from Stiles, but the moment right after. The way his eyes fly open as he realizes he’s scared of his best friend, his brother, the one he always counted on.

Scott already knew he was disappointed in Stiles for murdering someone, pissed that Stiles didn’t tell him directly, devastated by what Stiles has become.

But this is the moment Scott realizes he’s not just scared for Stiles, but scared of him.

(GIF from @connorwolsh)

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What do you think of nyxies opinion that TP is a better actor than DOB?

I think that she is entitled to that opinion. 

And I think that a growing list of producers, directors, casting agents, fellow actors, other various entertainment industry professionals and the media are entitled to the opposite opinion.