During our first Black Hack campaign, Angelo was a bratty thief, Nyxie was also thief and Angelo’s main crush. Nyxie had just gotten saved by Angelo because goblins were attacking our campsite and Angelo had a bow and arrows. After the battle ended, Nyxie was still a good distance away from Angelo.

Angelo: I make a heart with my hands towards Nyxie and wink, then mouth “my tent, tomorrow night”.

Nyxie: I return the heart sign for a second, but then I promptly rip the heart in half and flip Angelo off with both hands.

GM: Angelo, roll for initiative twice.

[Critical fail both rolls]

GM: Angelo, while you were standing there shocked that the girl of your dreams flipped you off and practically hates you, a large flying bird decided to drop a good-sized stone on your head.

[after calculating damage]

GM: If you were having a bad day before, now it’s terrible. A bird knocked you out. You are now unconscious.

lil picture of my Dungeons and Dragons character, Nyxi! She’s a kobold sorcerer

I was going to make her black, then i decided on gold, but then i realized i like this greyish blue a lot! so greyish blue it is

anyway she’s got big ol’ eyes n will steal ur heart

hopefully not literally since she doesn’t kill ppl

I've gotten some questions about Sterek in the Winter Wolves series.

To the overwhelming majority of wonderful readers asking about Sterek:

Originally posted by mrsmellarkwayland

Stiles will have a romantic and sexual relationship with Derek - but it’s not Stiles’ most important relationship in this fic, and it won’t be the most important relationship in his life.

These stories are ultimately focused on family - adopted, chosen, and otherwise. They are also focused heavily on friendship, platonic relationships that can be as deep, meaningful, and life-changing as romantic ones - or even moreso.

I also believe that things like trauma and age differences are valid concerns for a relationship like Stiles and Derek’s. Not deal-breakers, but legitimate issues that they have to deal with, because why make things easy when I can make things miserable? >:)

Originally posted by sarcasmismyonlydefencestuff

Stiles and Derek care about each other too much to be in a casual relationship with each other - but they also have too many other problems to be in a serious relationship with each other.

As for Derek, himself: he doesn’t have much to “do” right now, but he’ll be pretty important later on. His characterization is parallel to Bucky, as his story eventually will be. The bulk of his story will be in Teen Wolf’s Seasons 4 and 5 (and probably Season 6, though I don’t know for sure until I see it). He’ll also get his own story in between them, one which is tentatively titled “Agent Hale” for a reason. ;)

To the handful of readers concerned my usage of the Sterek tag:

Originally posted by seaquell

AO3 doesn’t really distinguish between primary pairing and background pairing, but that’s what Sterek is in the series. It’s a ‘background pairing’ as it has little impact on the story.

I understand that some people think background pairings shouldn’t be tagged in a fic. However, I think I’d upset even more people if I didn’t tag it, and then had Stiles/Derek in the story, anyway.

To the rude Sterek anons:

Originally posted by myteenwolfobsession88

Fuck you.

anonymous asked:

In your 'Winter Wolves' series (which is unbelievably amazing btw) are you planning on expanding on or developing Stiles' 'spark'? Because it is mentioned a few times on the show but never really explained and it could be interesting if you can tie it into the MCU. 🙂


(gifs not mine)

Am I just not as popular as I think I am? Or am I actually an abnormal fanfic author?

I’m not offended when I get comments asking for more right now, asking when I’ll update, or expressing disbelief that they’ll have to wait.

Maybe it’s because I don’t feel any sense of obligation to readers. I’ve definitely noticed some authors feel like they’re obligated to please every reader as much as possible, but up until recently this seemed like a fairly isolated phenomena.

The only thing I feel obligated to do is respond to every comment I get (even if it’s just with a smiley face or a copy-pasted “thank you”). Ironically enough, this is apparently the one thing contemporary fanfic authors don’t feel obligated to do, apparently.

Maybe it’s because I know my own attitudes on fanfic and even other professionally published or produced fiction. I know that I sometimes didn’t care for or even actively disdained fanfic I didn’t like - and I sure as hell didn’t want more of those. I only ever wanted more of things I loved, so if someone asks me for more, then it means they like my work. I’m not obligated to give them more, but I can still appreciate what they must be feeling.

Do other authors suddenly forget how much they stalked social media just for premiere dates when they get asked about their updating schedule? Do other fanfic authors forget how much they wanted to see the next episode or next season or next movie RIGHT NOW when they liked it or even loved it? Do other fanfic authors not remember how disappointed they were to see someone hadn’t updated a fanfic in a while?

Am I just weird because I also try to leave reviews on fics that I read, so I know what goes through my head when I review and thus what might be going through the heads of my own readers?

The only comments I’ve ever found irritating are excessively shippy comments, or comments bashing a character who I’m clearly not bashing - and even then, it was only because I felt like readers weren’t reading my fic if they were hung up on the shipping or character-bashing when I’m just not about either of those things and I’d like to think my writing is very clear on that.

These kinds of comments, I’ve never once seen any meta complaining about or griping against. I never see anyone feeling irritated that their readers keep asking about a ship when your fic is so clearly centered on a gen relationship. I’ve never seen any meta from fanfic authors getting upset that commenters are bashing a character who you like and write positively about in your fic. I’ve never seen meta from fanfic authors worried about how they feel like no matter what they do, their character and ship tags will mislead at least half their readers.

It’s just authors getting upset that when a reader loves their fic, they want more of it. Leaving readers looking forward to the next chapter is the point of having chapters, why would I get upset when they express it? I know the only completed fanfics I’ve wanted to see more of were ones with great writing, why would I be offended to see a reader feels that way about me and my writing?

Sure, they’re not my favorite comments, in that I love speculative or questioning or otherwise engaging comments way more. But I’m hardly upset with these kinds of reviews, either.

Am I really that unusual?

I found a bunch of old notes for (a?) Star Trek 2009 fanfic.

I can’t tell if they were supposed to be one, single fic, or an anthology, or a bunch of separate fics.

It included, in no certain order:

  • Kirk being surprised he isn’t going to prison after committing mutiny and taking over a ship he wasn’t even supposed to be on
  • And this only happened because he predicted as much to his crew, who then told Starfleet they would all resign if the Federation tried to use Jim as a scapegoat
  • Uhura mourning Gaila, who was her best friend and was like the McCoy or Kirk to her Spock
  • Chekov feeling disconnected from kids his own age after the Battle of Vulcan, and hating the dichotomy of treatment he gets between “war hero” and “underage/still a child" (which I think was a reaction to all the jailbait jokes in AOS fic?)
  • The Enterprise crew deeply resenting getting medals for that Battle
  • But they manage to get rid of the medals in the most respectful way possible so Starfleet can’t force them to take on new ones
  • The Bridge crew all screwing each other in various permutations for increasingly unhealthy reasons because apparently I like compounding angst
  • Typical AOS Tarsus IV shenanigans shocking Spock Prime, which leads to:
  • Lots of Spock Prime running headfirst into realizing this crew are not his crew, this Jim isn’t his Jim, etc. etc.
  • I think I was trying to plot out a Pon Farr orgy?

Yeah, don’t ask me, I have no clue what the fuck I was thinking.

i had 4 dafts yesterday,

you know how many i have now?


anonymous asked:

will Steve meet Derek in frost bite?

Preview of Chapter 6:

“Gee, what would I know about losing everyone you love?” Steve snapped, crossing his arms. “It’s not like I spent seventy years in a coma and woke up to find nearly everyone I knew or cared about dead and almost my entire world as I knew it gone. Why would I know anything about loss-”

“At least your loss wasn’t your fault!” Derek snapped. “You were a hero, Captain. Losing everyone was something you could do nothing about, that you did nothing about. My family’s death was my fault.”

He looked like he was one step away from putting a hole through the wall with his fist. Then again, it’s not like that would be difficult - even Stiles could probably do it. The remains of the Hale House were only barely standing, and Steve had no doubt that all it would take is one vicious storm for the whole thing to come tumbling down.

Just like Derek was already doing right before Steve’s eyes.

so. i counted active threads / verses etc.

and last i estimated ( without ever counting before ) i was like ‘its definitely over 100′ which was apparently impressive? so i eyeballed it now by recalling just from memory how many i have with each person ( for people like kenz & nyx and all that i didn’t bother i was just like ‘its at least 5′ so i put 5. )

i’m laughing so hard right now holy shit.

holy shit you guys.


i have 223 active threads.

this is also my way of apologizing for / explaining me being slow

I've been posting a lot of non-fandom content, lately.

I’m going to try and limit that by redirecting some of my non-fandom content over to my new blog, lady-grayhat (hyperlink, not @-mention, as the blog is so new I can’t use that feature, yet).

I’ll be reblogging this post every few hours for a few days, to make sure as many of my followers as possible see it. If you’ve already seen this and don’t want to see it again, blacklist #nyxie will delete this.

As I will be sharing that blog with people who I don’t necessarily want digging into my fandom life, these posts will eventually be deleted, and I’ll be maintaining a certain level of separation between that blog and this one (though there will probably be lots of reblogging of each other).

Why are people so obsessed with peanut butter?

Originally posted by l0ve-kitten-s

(Disclaimer: GIF has no relation to this post except that it was literally the first thing that popped up when I searched for ‘peanut butter’. Why can’t that cat’s hovercraft bed be a regular ol’ jelly sandwich?)

It’s hit the point where “no peanuts, please” or “no peanut-butter, please”, automatically translates to 'allergy’ in people’s minds. Which they then forget, and accuse you of lying to them when it turns out you don’t have that allergy, despite the fact you never once said or even implied an allergy.

Because clearly, it’s impossible for anyone to just dislike them. Nooo, if someone ever asks for those ingredients to be withheld from a food order, it has to be due to an allergy.

I am, in fact, allowed to find them disgusting without having to be allergic to them. I am well-aware a lot of people are allergic to them, love the taste, and would kill to be able to eat them. I fail to see how that obligates me to eat a food I hate.

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

I'mma try my hand at fanvidding

I was originally going to start with an Allison-centric one about how she’s still helping out her pack even after death, but it was set to Fight Song, and as much as I love Hillary Clinton, the DNC has been abusing that song so I think I’ll hold off on that. Also, it relied heavily on footage from the last three episodes of Season 5 of Teen Wolf, which are also the only 3 episodes I can’t get good copies of and thus may not be able to make clips or gifs out of, anyway. :(

Instead, I’ll start with a Stilinski Family Feels one, because apparently family feels is becoming my niche so why the fuck not.