Here’s a sneak peek of a photoshoot that Nyxiie and I did! This isn’t a shoot from the shoot, but a hall shot by John Jiao Photography. The concept is Stuped Kam’s ‘Fight Like a Girl and Curse Like a Sailor’. Basically it’s showing how a show might be if the girly characters who are supposed to be cute and pretty could actually fight and get beat up like in shows like DBZ.

So yeah!

  • stevie:It's like the retarded cousin you don't wanna take to prom
  • stevie:but you have to because no one asked you
  • stevie:and your mom makes you
  • stevie:and your friends are like, "who's your date?"
  • stevie:and he'll be like, "HEY GUYS I'M JEFFIE."
  • stevie:this'll be Jeffie, and this'll be Sally.
  • stevie:no, not Sally, Sally's a dumb name, and I hate it.
  • stevie:her name'll be Josephina.
  • stevie:and she had to take her retarded cousin to the prom on my head.
  • stevie:and the two in the back are twins.
  • stevie:one's cross-eyed, and the other is perfect.

So, today at the mall I saw this guy cosplaying Thor! And when I say cosplaying I mean legit movie quality costume cosplaying!!! D8

Part of me is wondering if he was hired to walk around and promote the new movie and if so, I so envy him! How do I get a job like that? lol

On a side not, totally applied to Sephora today so fingers crossed!! >w<

a couple nerds who are….technically half-brothers? the more I try to understand this family the worse it is.

nyxii still ended up being called “uncle” because he’s fucking ancient so “brother” would be sort of weirder.

this is also totally ongoing and has had some important color corrections and shit.

it’s a bit… hard bc i’ve been working on it since last year, but i’m trying to finish it bc i really like the concept of it.