Here’s a sneak peek of a photoshoot that Nyxiie and I did! This isn’t a shoot from the shoot, but a hall shot by John Jiao Photography. The concept is Stuped Kam’s ‘Fight Like a Girl and Curse Like a Sailor’. Basically it’s showing how a show might be if the girly characters who are supposed to be cute and pretty could actually fight and get beat up like in shows like DBZ.

So yeah!

  • stevie:It's like the retarded cousin you don't wanna take to prom
  • stevie:but you have to because no one asked you
  • stevie:and your mom makes you
  • stevie:and your friends are like, "who's your date?"
  • stevie:and he'll be like, "HEY GUYS I'M JEFFIE."
  • stevie:this'll be Jeffie, and this'll be Sally.
  • stevie:no, not Sally, Sally's a dumb name, and I hate it.
  • stevie:her name'll be Josephina.
  • stevie:and she had to take her retarded cousin to the prom on my head.
  • stevie:and the two in the back are twins.
  • stevie:one's cross-eyed, and the other is perfect.

So, today at the mall I saw this guy cosplaying Thor! And when I say cosplaying I mean legit movie quality costume cosplaying!!! D8

Part of me is wondering if he was hired to walk around and promote the new movie and if so, I so envy him! How do I get a job like that? lol

On a side not, totally applied to Sephora today so fingers crossed!! >w<