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                    !♥!  !Casual Luna is here!  !♥!  

I thought I’d change it up a bit and try something out for Luna!
Big thanks to @sailor-mochi for helping me out with her outfit choices here—-
        I was kinda stumped on what to put her in this time,
        but we managed to come up with something together! 

       ~~~She’s totally beating Noctis and Prompto at Kings Knight  ♥  
      ~~~ After doing Prompto and NoctisThis is definitely a companion piece to them ♥


Final Fantasy 15 - Nyx Urlic

Nyx constantly makes my job just a tad bit harder. You can now see why I don’t really get my work done these days.


“The whispers are making more sense, I’m looking for static. It’s like an itch.”

Miles Upshur - Outlast: @nyxrising
Photo by: @zer0tucker

We built this cool mini set in our garage and I’ve been teaching B to use my camera. She’s pretty damn good at it, wouldn’t you say? This has got to be one of my favourite cosplays because I love Outlast so, so much (and it’s super comfy) and Miles is one of my favourite characters ever - excited to do more with this costume soon.

Hey ho it’s @nyxfears

Twitter doesn’t let me say what i wanna say so here’s what i wanted to say - i think your analysis is smart and it gets me thinking about everything i watch, even casually. it’s the sort of intelligent commentary i wish there was more of on youtube, not just ‘this movie is objectively bad and it’s funny because it’s bad!’ 

So, um, thanks for that.

Loved Regis and Luna’s dynamic in kingsglaive. It was both heartwarming and heartbreaking, so I redraw my fave interaction of them.