nyx shadow


Children of the Gods: Nyx, Greek goddess of the night

Born to the personification of night, to a goddess who even Zeus feared, Nyx’s children hold the same possibility of power. With clothes of silken darkness, they glide by with the whisper of a sigh; ghosts in the night, engulfed in the realm of their mother. Creatures of the night call to them, and their fingers trail ribbons of black, influencing others from the shadows.

Tips for meditation and grounding

Oh um wow. I’ve never done a post like this before. But for anyone else out there who meditates or needs help grounding, these are my favorite techniques.

Castle Interior Design:

I use this when I’m stressed. Imagine a Disney-esque castle. It’s huge, in the middle of a serene environment. Imagine stepping inside. Paint a picture of the first room you see. Go on and go down the halls, up the stairs, outside…. Just keep imagining what’s inside this place.

Circle Elements:

So when I cast a circle, this is my order: Water, Earth, Air, Fire, Spirit. Imagine creating a pillar for the first four out of what you see when you think of this element. For spirit, imagine a shield going around you and your pillars to connect them.

Water Help:

So almost all of my prayers are done in water, whether it’s a bath, the ocean, a lake… So for me it’s just natural to do a sea themed grounding technique. Just focus on an imaginary beach. There’s no one there. Just you staring out at the ocean. I find it’s really stimulating.

That’s all I have. I hope this helps any other beginners out there ^w^


Shelob from Shadow of War is the closest visual representation of what I imagine the goddess Nyx would look like. As soon as I came across her in-game, I immediately thought of the goddess of night.

Y'know, besides the whole ‘turning into a huge ass spider’ thing.

Photos are property of WB. Will cite the source when I get to a computer.

Mother’s Day is, like, a really, really good day. It’s important to celebrate the importance a mother can have on a person’s life, and to commemorate the hard effort all Moms put into raising their children.

And there’s one particular Mom I’d like to commemorate here…

Nyx, the Mother of All Shadows!

Nyx is a shining example of a wonderful mother, and has all the qualities of an amazing caretaker! She’s active in the lives of her children, strong, willing, independent, intelligent, and most importantly, is the personification of death itself! Just like all great moms should be!

So here’s to you, Nyx!

Thanks for doing your best all these years!