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If you wanna draw some Shad-E I won't stop you, but you should also draw some Shadow/Rouge because yeah. Romantic or platonic is up to you.

the strange thing abt shadouge is thhat even tho i ship knuxouge more, i actually like the dynamics behind shadouge more. the difference is just that i prefer prsonally to see shadow and rouge as more sibling types

but the thing is, i like to think rouge is very close to him over time. She’s seen things of him nobody else knows, like the above scene of him laughing. she’s his best friend, maybe they’ve thought about love before too.

but what keeps me from this ship romanticaly is probably just my personal headcanon that shadow needs someone less mature for romance, and a big sister osort of figure to help guide him. tho rouge can be playful and silly and very immature abt her gems, shes also more knowledgeable than shadow abt earth and how it works.

like idk i can definitely see it and ship it, and i do think rouge could be everything i said even if they were dating, but -


Y'know what fandom needs more OCs? Razia’s Shadow.

This is Nyx! Queen of the Dark, otherwise known as Pallis and Adakias’ mom. She’s most well known for killing her own father, the old king, cause he was just that awful. She lost her eye in that fight. If you look in the corner of the full pic, you will see @bonetiles has drawn that exact thing.

Nyx is terrifying, to be sure. But she’s known to be like, a decent person? She rules with an iron fist and maintains control, but she’s fundamentally a halfway-decent person. She treats her subjects fairly and without bias, and makes a point to visit them and learn about how everything’s going in her kingdom. I say she’s halfway-decent because if u try shit with her she might just kill you. So decent, but absolutely merciless.

She’s very protective of her sons. She worries about them a lot. She was like two seconds away from chasing Adakias herself and dragging him home by the ear, but Pallis convinced her that he could handle it. She had a kingdom to run, after all. Except we all know how that ends. Adakias’ death absolutely crushes her, and only serves to make her that much more overprotective of Pallis.

She could be telling someone to kneel in this pic, she could also be saying “children get your asses back here” or something along those lines. We just don’t know.

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Headcanons for the children of Nyx since there isn’t enough to satisfy my soul:

-Being children of the goddess everybody feared, even Zeus; the mother of Death and Deceit and Revenge and Distress and whatnot, they were usually feared and avoided. It just took people some time to realize they’re total cinnamon rolls (most of them).

-Their eyes would glow softly during the night.

-They’re most energetic during the night; most of their activities are during that time, which is why the other cabins can’t sleep properly, and they’d want to go and Nyx Cabin to complain or tell them off or something, but then they remember the harpies and decide to just use earplugs (the Hypnos Cabin doesn’t have a problem tho).

-They usually look like a bunch of Shadowhunters.

-They use shadow travel, but unlike children of Hades, whose shadow travel is full of crying ghosts and stuff, children of Nyx’s shadow travel is basically waves of the color midnight blue swirl around them with constellation shining all over the place.

-They’re good at using stars as navigation maps.

-They have night-vision.

-Their skin is really sensitive to the sun, which is why whenever a child of Nyx arrives at Camp, they’re provided with one.

-Children of Hermes, in fact, used this as a prank, sneaking stealthily into the Nyx Cabin and stealing all of their umbrellas and left one while the night demigods themselves have shadow traveled to the forest at night so that they wouldn’t be seen by the harpies. In the morning, the entire Nyx Cain had to huddle under one umbrella to reach the Dining Pavilion for breakfast, each one of them fighting the other for space.

-After hearing about Annabeth’s encounter with her cousin Magnus and his story, they decide they want to meet the guy called Blitzen and ask him for fashion advice so they can look stylish and avoid sunlight during the day.

-They mostly use Stygian iron swords, and sometimes silver ones.

-Their powers include umbrakinesis and lunakinesis.

-Besides manipulating darkness, Nyx’s children are capable of creating miniature stars with their fingertips (you need to be an older, more experinced demigod).

-Their cabin’s design is a small replica of the mansion of their mother, made out of black marble and encrusted all over the outer walls and the ceiling with white diamonds to represent constellations of stars that would glow whenever the moon’s light reflected off them.

-They have the ability to control dreams and enter other people’s dreams.

-They use this to try and make the demigods’ nightmares more tolerable.

-They also can explain complicated dreams and have a better understanding of the Oracle’s prophecies due to Nyx’s prophetic powers.

-They. Freaking. Hate. Hemera’s. Cabin.

-They’d always avoid them.

-But sometimes Nyx’s children would help a Hemera’s child who’s scared from the darkness of night or somehow got lost in the forest during the night and doesn’t want to get eaten by harpies.

-Also Hemera’s children would sometimes help a Nyx’s child who lost their umbrella.

-^both of these can be the beginning of a new realtionship between a child of Hemera and a child of Nyx, which would bewilder everyone, given the unstable relationship between Nyx and her daughter^

-Some of Nyx’s children would be able to merge into shadows, This power is usually discovered accidentally. Sometimes, the little kids who have this ability would panic and freak out when their hand or foot slowly becomes a shadow, but the older ones with the same ability would calm them down and help them get used to this power.

-Total fans of The House of Night series.

-Their motto/ favorite quotes: “Darkness does not always equate to evil, just as light does not always equate to good.” (basically their reply to whomever even tries to bullies them about being children of the goddess of “night and darkness representing evil” and stuff)+”Stars can’t shine without darkness.”

-Older demigods would sing a soothing lullaby for the younger children who can’t sleep during the night since they’re fully awake and energetic. Sometimes a child of Aphrodite will help to charm-speak them into sleep. (At some point they’ll need to sleep so they can survive the day)

-They grew poppies in front of their cabin with the help of the Demeter cabin.

-Demigod children of Nyx usually have very dark black hair and silver eyes that often look intimidating.

Shadows in the Garden - Part 2

To be continued…

(AU: time in between the Somnus scene and when Luna was kidnapped by Glauca)

Part 1


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artemis, girl of the mountains
girl of the night, girl who draws
the string. no hesitation.
goddess girl, lightning girl—
girl who never grows old.

you may have your place
among the twelve, written in the stars
and the history books.
but mortality, girl,
was always something you understood
(after all, who draws the blood? who strikes
the kill? who watches the light fade?)

who brings the dusk to
her brother’s dawn?
goddess girl, you are no selene, no nyx
but shadows follow where you step.
—  sister of mine, isn’t growing up hard? || k.w.