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Children of the Gods: Nyx, Greek goddess of the night

Born to the personification of night, to a goddess who even Zeus feared, Nyx’s children hold the same possibility of power. With clothes of silken darkness, they glide by with the whisper of a sigh; ghosts in the night, engulfed in the realm of their mother. Creatures of the night call to them, and their fingers trail ribbons of black, influencing others from the shadows.

“Well…hey there, Sunshine..”
“I missed you too, Nyx.”

I commissioned the absolutely lovely @nippaaah for this adorable art of the ridiculously pretty Nyx Ulric and my ffxv oc, Liv– the smol Archivist in the Royal Library. I loved seeing its progress and I cannot recommend working with Maria enough. She’s wonderful and watching these two come to life has made my week. :3 

Mother’s Day is, like, a really, really good day. It’s important to celebrate the importance a mother can have on a person’s life, and to commemorate the hard effort all Moms put into raising their children.

And there’s one particular Mom I’d like to commemorate here…

Nyx, the Mother of All Shadows!

Nyx is a shining example of a wonderful mother, and has all the qualities of an amazing caretaker! She’s active in the lives of her children, strong, willing, independent, intelligent, and most importantly, is the personification of death itself! Just like all great moms should be!

So here’s to you, Nyx!

Thanks for doing your best all these years!


eveyone haveing great time hunting for eggs and stuff
ever one in the vampire clan has wear bunny ears happy easter too all

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Tips for meditation and grounding

Oh um wow. I’ve never done a post like this before. But for anyone else out there who meditates or needs help grounding, these are my favorite techniques.

Castle Interior Design:

I use this when I’m stressed. Imagine a Disney-esque castle. It’s huge, in the middle of a serene environment. Imagine stepping inside. Paint a picture of the first room you see. Go on and go down the halls, up the stairs, outside…. Just keep imagining what’s inside this place.

Circle Elements:

So when I cast a circle, this is my order: Water, Earth, Air, Fire, Spirit. Imagine creating a pillar for the first four out of what you see when you think of this element. For spirit, imagine a shield going around you and your pillars to connect them.

Water Help:

So almost all of my prayers are done in water, whether it’s a bath, the ocean, a lake… So for me it’s just natural to do a sea themed grounding technique. Just focus on an imaginary beach. There’s no one there. Just you staring out at the ocean. I find it’s really stimulating.

That’s all I have. I hope this helps any other beginners out there ^w^

Okay but actor beauty guru Au with Yoongi convincing Taehyung to do a “My Boyfriend Does My Voice Over” video.

The video starts off with Yoongi waving to the camera and making some funny faces and maybe doing a flower pose while Taehyung’s voice is pretty much being the fluffiest boyfriend ever. 

“Hello everyone welcome back to Suga’s channel! Today we’re going to do this bomb ass fuck glittery moon prince cut crease makeup look man look at that beauty right there.” Yoongi laughs and blushes as Taehyung continues. “Have you ever seen someone look so good bare faced before i’m shook!”

Yoongi begins priming his face and showing off all the bottles of foundation and concealer he’s using while Taehyung is basically lost as fuck but still being the greasy boyfriend he is.

“So first we’re using this expensive bottle of clear stuff man look at how hot this cutie is.”  It makes Yoongi roll his eyes lovingly but also laugh and smile so fucking big.  “Oh right we can’t forget foundation and the stuff that hides the bags you have because your boyfriend kept you up all night with some body loving.”

As Yoongi begins working on the base colors Taehyung just legit starts rambling. 

“Really though this babe doesn’t even need all this makeup but whatever look at him go! Go boyfriend that’s my boyfriend using some NYX shadow yass Yoongi yass!” 

Poor Yoongi has to literally take a break because he’s laughing so hard at everything Taehyung is saying. 

“Alright now we need some high light or what i call the glazed donuts stuff yass Yoongi go my little Krispy cream donuts shine.” 

When they FINALLY make it to the end, a.k.a the lip color, Yoongi pulls out his signature dark deep red color and he already knows Taehyung is gonna be extra about it but he does count on Taehyung letting out a loud sigh and smirking. 

“Finally you need to pop out that lip stuff ya know matte and looks good on your boyfriend’s neck next to his tattoos!” Yoongi blushes again. “Make sure it’s a pretty red that looks like a hickey just because it’s pretty!” 

 They end the video with them sharing a kiss and Yoongi winks as the camera cuts off. (it’s totally his most popular video too and has the most likes and comments from fans)

“Do this one thing for me, Livia. Please.”

That was one of the last things he’d said to her before the signing.

He’d cupped her face with his hands, bending down just enough so that his blue eyes met her brown ones. His thumbs rubbed that place near her ears, swiping away rogue tears she couldn’t seem to stop.

“Don’t ask me to do this, Nyx. Not alone. Come with me.” Her voice wavered with every word, and she hated how childish she sounded. More words bubbled there, threatening to spill from her lips every second he stood in front of her. Maybe he knew. Gods, of course he knew. He knew her, after all.

There was never just one question with Liv. Never just one sentence that didn’t lead into at least five more.

Yet she stifled every one of them.

“Protected by Nyx”

If you read my blog description you guys will know I’m a devotee of Nyx. I’ve been trying to make a simple yet powerful sigil for myself and my connection to Nyx and here it is :) feel free to use it however you like.

✨I TAKE SIGIL REQUESTS ✨ send them in to @thatgayguywitch so I have something to do while I’m bored at work 😂❤️😂

Shadows in the Garden - Part 2

To be continued…

(AU: time in between the Somnus scene and when Luna was kidnapped by Glauca)

Part 1