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So I know Nyx is considered a jealous Goddess. So, would it be wrong to worship other Goddesses as well if I'm already worshipping her?

With only my experience to add to this question, I’ve found that, although jealous, Nyx is still loving. She is a mother with a temper if you will. I really only pray to her, but I’m sure it would be fine working with other goddesses, so long as you don’t just lump her in with them. Maybe do something special for her afterwards if you really feel worried about it. She might be a little petty and not talk to you for a little bit (I’ve learned that the hard way, hence I usually only pray to and worship her) but after some apologies and even the smallest offering of some sort (I aim for dark chocolate and usually only try and find poppies if I really messed up.)

But she’s still a kick-ass goddess to work with, and she’s shown me considerable kindness over the past 6 years.

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Nyx Nocturne forever. @d20burlesque forever. Cthulhu forever.

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Hello, while I was in high school/middle school I read a serious of books in which the main group of characters worshiped the goddess Nyx and her consort, Erebus. Though it is a fictional book, I feel a connection to the goddess they describe and the way the utilize the casting of circles connected to the elements to worship her, closely related to Native American beliefs. I was wondering if you could shed some light on the goddess, or guide me to where to begin my research. Peace be with you

This is going to turn into a lot of word vomit because I have so many things to say about this. If you’re referencing the House of Night books then let me tell you a little something:

That’s exactly where I got my start worshipping Nyx.

When it comes to the practice of calling to the elements and casting circles and such, I say go for it. Research what the different elements can stand for, apply them to spells, etc. But do NOT appropriate any Native practices you may find in the books if you are not of that Native tribe i.e. You can smoke cleanse, but don’t call it smudging; you can research any native practices without actually putting them into practice. I believe some Native cultures allow practice if you make the effort to go learn from an actual Native teacher and adhere to their rules about their religions. But that’s some, not all and I may be mistaken.

When it comes to Nyx, there’s not a lot to read on her. As much as I enjoyed the HoN books when I was in high school (although I do like the first few over the last few) they don’t paint Nyx in the most accurate light. Sure she’s a loving goddess, but she is also a jealous goddess, a powerful goddess. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve mentioned that even Zeus dared not upset her because he feared her.

Working with Nyx (and even Erebus, though I have less of a relationship with him) can be a little tricky. In my personal experience, she likes it to be made obvious that you need her help. Sometimes I’ll just outright say “Okay, I really need some help here. I don’t have much to offer but I’ll leave a dark chocolate Godiva bar on the altar” because sometimes that’s all you can do.

The elemental worship factor is nice, especially because if I’m feeling like getting a different kind of help (other than that the night and darkness provide) I’ll call on the elements. I’ve gone with lots of the cliche affiliations, like wind for messages, fire for passion, water for change, earth for grounding, and spirit for strengthening myself personally. Even casting a circle and calling all the elements for their abstract combined power, just to give your spells or rituals or anything else a little boost. But respect the powers you are asking for help, whether they be deities or other powers found in nature.

If you have any more specific questions, or fi you want to talk about the book series (because I’m always down for that) you can message me on my pagan blog :)

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I only follow one deity, have since I was 15. He doesn't want me to follow any others which I've respected, but he's okay with me naming my new kitten Nyx. I did name her after the goddess because I got a great feeling about it. Do you think Nyx sees this as an annoyance since I don't follow her or is it a pretty meaningless thing ?

Without many public resources on her, Nyx is a hard goddess to make a general consensus about. Much of what is shared, not only on this blog, but among others, delves solely from personal experience working with the Goddess. I personally doubt she would find it an annoyance that you’ve named your cat after her. There’s an entire makeup company named after her, and if it were me, I would be honored, if not simply pleased.

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Do you have any tips and/or ideas for worshipping and setting up an altar for Nyx? (It took me a while to find the right Goddess that fit me to worship and I want to do it right :))


Sorry, I get super excited when I hear others say they worship her. Nyx and I have a very close relationship, at least I’d like to think so. She’s a powerful and loving goddess, and me being the night owl I am, I was drawn to her.

When it comes to worshipping her, I’ve got a few things. As a college student with a job, it’s hard to find time in the day to do things to worship Nyx. I usually say a prayer at night, I incorporate moons and stars into my clothes, and I enjoy just talking to her when I’ve got the time.

For more detailed worship, I always try and do something special for her on the new and full moons. So twice a month you’ll catch me baking something like a spice cake, or even just some brownies. I place the finished dessert in an airtight tupperware container (considering I leave it out at night) and place it on my altar. I also say a prayer, thanking her for the good things in my life and asking her for nothing more than a good life.

My altar is small. My bedside table has a black cloth over it with a moonstone, my triple moon necklace, a scrying mirror, and a prayer to the goddess that I wrote. I have an athame that I haven’t yet used, but I prefer it over a wand.

This isn’t a set of rules to worshipping her, as we’re all different and connect to the gods and goddesses differently, but this is what I do. I’m not always strict about the guidelines I’ve set for myself, but Nyx and I seem to get on just fine anyway.

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As Wix said there are no strict guidelines when it comes to worhshipping Nyx. Here is a link to an article I wrote a while back which has some information about her and some UPG when it comes to what I use in offerings. 


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