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He went for a morning jog before coffee. 

Anatomy practice ‘cause… reasons. 

Honey: So we have been here for a week now, even a bit longer-

Nyx: Aaand that means that we gotta go, but we still have some questions to answer.

Honey: Well, we can always answer then later. So, till then.

Nyx: Yeah! See ya later!


A Nyx Ulric fanfic but still set in my Kingsglaive AU where Nyx works as a bodyguard for Luna regularly unless ordered to battle.

Summary: Nyx is captured by a Nif officer and a battalion of MTs.

Author’s Note: I was trying to break my writer’s block and what I came up with was this, my first Nyx solo fic. Luna is mentioned though. I’m going back to write LuNyx as soon as my mood permits me. I’ve got some ideas from friends and I’ll try to whip a fic from those soon. This was just practice and warm up. 

Word Count: 1,143

Warnings: Just mentions of blood and a swear word

It was just bad luck, Nyx told himself.

His hands clenched at the sight of a fist that was coming for him fast. He didn’t do much, or rather, he couldn’t do much. He was forcibly restrained in a chair. Arms bounded by chains. Wounded, probably bleeding out from his side, his energy ebbing away every second. He was in a middle of an abandoned warehouse. Cold and alone.

Well, not exactly alone.

The hardened knuckles made contact on his face. The hit juggled his skull. The force was expected but a yelp was voiced out of him as his head took all of it. The blunt pain went into muscle and into bone. He winced with gritted teeth while he tasted blood.

“It pays to be the hero, don’t you think?”

Nyx forced his eyes open while the pain still lingered in his jaw. When he saw the man that stood before him, he chuckled. The man, who wore the Nif’s white uniform and metal armor, glared at the glaive’s small mockery. He was a ranked officer of Niflheim, no doubt. A rare adversary. Glaives didn’t always get to fight humans out there in the battlefield. They had always faced off with the Magitek and their soulless shells or the monstrous bunch that had been concocted from the Empire’s labs.

But today, a man, under the enemy’s payroll to lead a battalion of MTs, had been sent to attack the escorted Tenebraean princess while she travelled. Nyx had acted as decoy and led the battalion to himself while the others escaped with the princess. And by bad luck, the hero had been left unarmed and injured when they finally reached him. The MTs were too numerous to handle alone, of course. And when robots held him into submission, the man emerged and demanded their target. Naturally, the glaive sealed his lips. So they had strapped him in a chair and started the cruel interrogation while the MTs stood guard like a silent audience.

Five punches later, the man still asked.

“Where is the princess?”

Nyx spat the blood from his mouth and managed to grin with teeth showing.The man balled his fist again and landed another punch on the glaive. And the hostage, defiant as always, welcomed it like before.

“Where is she?” the man enunciated, emphasizing on each word as if the hostage was dumb enough to understand.

Despite seeing stars, Nyx smiled. “That question’s getting real old. How about you ask me my favorite color.”

He clenched his fists again, expecting another punch. But to his relief, the Nif officer just laughed at his sarcasm - copying the mocking chuckle that the glaive did just earlier.

“Are you asking for death?” the uniformed man taunted, crossing his arms.

“Probably.” Nyx grunted, still being unserious despite the situation.

“You don’t seem to understand, glaive.” the man flouted. “You’re surrounded by a battalion of Magitek soldiers. You have no weapons, you’re bleeding to death and you’re all alone.”

Nyx shrugged, it pained him so but it was worth it. “So?”

The Nif officer didn’t hesitate to make it clear for him - again as if Nyx was too dumb to comprehend. “You won’t last a day.”

The man threw another punch, almost unexpectedly for the receiving hostage. Nyx bounced back again with the undiminished will to endure the pain.

“Then I can do this all day.” the glaive declared in between pants.

The man walked slowly in a circle. “Still trying to be the hero. What a pity.”

Nyx remained composed and waited - either for a punch or a lame threat. He guessed that maybe the wound on his side wasn’t too deep, which could mean that his lightheadedness was the result of the punches. He knew it’s foolish to keep optimism alive but he couldn’t help it. Even though death was around the corner, he would still kick his way out of this somehow.

The man walked back into his view with a smug grin. “I don’t see the hero anymore. I see a lone wolf who is about to get slaughtered.”

A lone wolf. That’s a nice label, Nyx thought. With what’s left of his might, he straightened his back and eyed the enemy and his blank-faced army.

“Don’t you know?” the glaive uttered. “Wolves come in packs.”

And as if on cue a whistle was heard from above. The Nif officer looked up. Nyx did so too. The man looked in horror while the glaive smiled.

What they viewed was a group of dark figures, masked in metal and black hoods. They perched on the steel beams of the warehouse’s ceiling like ominous creatures born from the depths of night. They weren’t as numerous as the Magitek but the stares and the stances would make any enemy tremble.

The Kingsglaive. Forged to fight and to defend. Never leaving anyone behind. Right now, they were a pack of wolves who were ready to sink their fangs for the kill.

And without further hesitation, the assault rained down. Sparks of fire light up the dark warehouse. The glaives moved into the air and landed imposingly. MTs started to fall to their deaths. And the Nifleheim officer ran with cowardice.

Shortly, while chaos still surrounded, Nyx was freed of his chains. 

“What took you so long?” he jeered to the one who freed him which happened to be a fellow Galahdian.

Libertus pulled his hood to reveal a scowl. “Quit complaining and get your ass over to the medic.”

Another glaive approached. It was Crowe. “You idiot! You left these behind!” she scolded shoving a pair of cased kukris to Nyx’s grip. “And he’s right you need a medic.”

Nyx clasped on the wound but he didn’t want to leave just yet. His old stubbornness brewed, urging him to seize the battle with his friends. Among the littered combat of glaives against MTs was a fleeing man no longer proud of the white clothes and the decorated armor. The coward even ordered with him a group of the robots for his self preservation. Which made him all the more easier for Nyx to spot.

“Want to catch a Nif?” Nyx offered while he looked back at the two.

Libertus sighed. “You’re bleeding and you still want to fight. Typical.” Nevertheless, he pulled down his hood and took out his blade knowing that he can’t stop his friend from it.

“And after this, I’m gonna drag your ass to the medic.” Crowe pressed before doing the same.

And then, together they chased after their kill, like wolves in the night’s hunt. The hero was amongst comrades, an alpha of his pack. Yet ranks or titles didn’t matter. When one fell behind, they waited. When one charged ahead, they followed. It was always them, as brothers, into the fray. Them, as one, into the fight.

Spell for a happy family gathering

Items needed-

Red flowers (poinsettias are popular this time of year)

Cinnamon (sticks or ground)

sage (any variety, whole or ground)


black pen

white or yellow candle


Have a clear intention of what you want the spell to do. In my family there’s lots of disagreements around this time of year because of the high stress. Think about the “why” of the spell, and change the wording of the spell to fit your needs.

Gather your items in one place.

Light the candle

place the sage in the bowl


“Sage brings cleansing, may it cleanse my family’s souls”

place the red flower in the bowl

“red is the color of love, may it make us see the love we have for each other”

sprinkle or place the cinnamon in the bowl and say

“Cinnamon brings love, happiness and health to my family”

Write your intent on the paper  “the family get together on this date will be peaceful, loving, kind and happy”

put the paper in the bowl and say

“I call the spirits one by one to help this goal come to pass”

drip the wax that has melted from the candle on to the contents of the bowl

“the wax of this candle will bind us together”

meditate over it for a few minutes. visualize in your mind your family getting together and having a good time.

Extinguish the candle

you can bring the items to a river, lake or pond and put them in there


you can burn the contents outside at nighttime

and say

“Now is the time of Nyx’s Three,
This spell is bound with harm to none, so mote it be“


Beta Baby: Bright Orange Lips and Dark Lids 

Are you ready for super dark lids and a bright orange lip?

The eye look is pretty much a solid black, with hints of chocolate around the edges, and that orange is REALLY orange, so it’s not for you if you aren’t ready for strong makeup!

But of course, feel free to switch out the lip color for any other bright shade you like!

It WILL work for girls with glasses, because your frames and lenses make it a lot less dramatic looking, so technically you can get away with a LOT more eye makeup, since subtle looks are not very noticeable. Just take it easy on the mascara so your lashes don’t push up against your glasses too much. (The look is so dark you won’t need big lashes anyway.)

Products used:

  • Base: Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector All-in-1 Perfecting Cream SPF 21 (testing this one out; it’s great for oilier skins!)
  • Concealer: Make Up Store Cover All Mix
  • Powder: ClearLast powder in Matte Ochre
  • Blush: NYX Cinnamon blush
  • Eye Kajal: Shahnaz Hussain Kajal (I bought this stick kajal off eBay from India. Try VDL’s Eye Bomb Mega Smoky Pencil or a kajal from Bourjois. That, or even black gel liner from a pot!)
  • 2 Dark brown shadows in one cool and one warm tone: NARS Duo Eyeshadow in Cordura
  • Mascara: Maybelline Great Lash in Blackest Black
  • Orange lipcolor: OCC Lip Tar in Beta

Last tip: If you have oily lids, pack a matte black shadow over the black portions of the lid so your kajal doesn’t smudge or crease.

Kingsglaive High School AU Chapter 2!!

Wow, nearly 13k words for this chapter alone, it’s hella long. 

I think I stomped on every single high school AU trope there is. I am not sorry. 

Warning, some scenes in this chapter are NSFW. 


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By Khami

FACE: NYX Matte Bronzer in “Medium”, NYX Blush in “Cinnamon”, Urban Decay eyeshadow in “Sin” as a highlighter
BROWS: Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow & Brow Powder in “Granite”
EYES: Lid highlight from Maybelline “The Blushed Nudes” palette, Colourpop Super Shock Eyeshadow in “Game Face”, Urban Decay eyeshadow in “Smog”
LASHES: Ifullash falsies in “#218”, Voluminous  Miss Manga Rock Mascara
LIPS: NYX Matte Lip Cream in “London”, NYX Butter Gloss in “Madeleine"


Tribal Nyx. 

My very early gift for @fabulanova-ffxv on her birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! *HUGS*. I’m supposed to post this much later but I finished too early. And I’m an impatient person OTL

This was the birth of our many discussions about a hypothetical Galahdian Tribe and Nyx being a part of it. 

At work, I had to use my graphics tab for the design job I gotta do and I was like “should I sneak in a Nyx sketch?” and then 3 seconds later I was like “HECK YEAH.” 

That was my opportunity to do a breather and I took it lol. And I miss drawing Nyx. I miss drawing in general. I am buried under a pile of paperwork right noW.