Essential viewing, once you get past the overlong introduction. Lukas Litzsinger’s talk at last fall’s PRACTICE conference at the NYU Game Center. Simply the most interesting and detailed reflections on the design of Netrunner that exists anywhere. Watch it now.

Ending Takeaways from Ben Ruiz’s talk

Ben Ruiz’s talk on successful beat’em up mechanics was a master’s breakdown on the mechanics of a beat’em up. His background as an artist and animator informs his knowledge of the animation and the design of combat systems in beat’em ups games.

Important take-aways:

-Each Weapon in a beat’em up can be thought of as a character.

-Stack visual effects on your “strucked” enemy to give it a visceral/meaty feel

-Animation fundamentals like anticipation are integral to combat design.

        -Anticipation however, is at odds with game feel.

-Create a rhythm for your attack series.

-Decelerate the series’ rhythm of your combo in the end will give a lasting impact of the series

Question from the audience:

“Do you take knowledge from real life fighting?”

-Though he does not endorse starting a real life fight club, he does take stuff from real fighting, and used to train in boxing.


Indie Tech Talk #17 - Andy Hull

A really rare look into the tech under the hood in spelunky, and what it means to find the sweet spot in technology design. Andy does a great job of tackling a subject we all deal with, and yet I’ve somehow never seen covered before.