By early this morning, the last day of my Contagion seminar at NYUAD, fully half the class had emailed me saying they’d come down with something. Fitting, I thought. Then, not too long after our discussion started, the missing students all staggered through the door in zombie makeup: hollow eyes, bleeding noses. Best last day of class ever.

Kim Gordon! 

Kim Gordon is the bassist for alternative rock band Sonic Youth, but also a singer, visual artist, and fashion designer. In the late 1980s, she served as a frontrunner for women in no wave and experimental music and art and demonstrated the power and worth of women in these areas. In addition, she influenced many great female musicians later, such as Courtney Love and Kathleen Hanna, and the director Sofia Coppola. 

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& check out Sonic Youth.


-Emily <3 <3

Touring the NYU Abu Dhabi Campus

NYU is so much more than just NYC. Obviously. Its two other degree-granting campuses — in Abu Dhabi and Shanghai — are incredibly different than its NYC counterpart. For one thing, they have actual campuses. (Although, those of us at NYC like to think of WSP as our own sometimes.)

This September marked the second year that NYUAD students arrived on their new campus on Saadiyat Island. But unless you’re an NYUAD student or planning to study away there, the campus itself is pretty much a mystery. Good thing we’re here to give you a quick peek of the beautiful campus in all its glory.

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The Uncomfortable Nature Of NYU Abu Dhabi
This dude graduated from NYU and worked at NYU Abu Dhabi for a year. His post here is very general, but nevertheless important as a testimony from the inside. I really despise how he repeatedly says that he’s not trying to dis those working there and how he still “hopes much” of this abusive project. 
This university is clearly a failure when it functions under heavy censorship and with professors getting shit loads of money to teach for very short time and leave. These students cannot learn much from their ‘western’ professors who are not interested in the mission of educating and conversing with them. Those highly-paid professors are certainly responsible too for the plight of migrant workers building their new campus and for whitewashing UAE’s oppression and violations of freedom of speech. 
All these outsourced American universities in the Gulf (and other places) are nothing but corporations. Qatar and the UAE are heavily invested in getting as many of them as possible to prevent their financially-capable citizens from studying abroad and possibly becoming political. They want everything to function under their control.

yes, i went to NYU AD and am now working in a grooming salon.

let me be clear: i am at my healthiest mental and emotional state that i ever remember being in. my job at the salon means that i am only making art that i 1000% stand behind. and working with dogs all day is something i am really good at, and honestly, i didn’t ever think that grooming could be a career, and i love that i’ve found it as an option.

now i am in a place where i am happy at my job, making art that i love, and interacting with puppies.

one thing NYU AD taught me was to learn how to make healthy choices, mainly because they were so challenging to make in the middle of a school that privileged PR and being prestigious.

so am i soaked and smell like wet dog when i finish my shifts? yes.

am i happy? yes.

am i making art? yes.

good use of a degree, in my opinion.

How does one HackNYU?

Three global sites, three days, hundreds of students, and mentors from the world’s top tech institutions. This year’s HackNYU was the biggest NYU has ever seen, happening simultaneously across Abu Dhabi, Shanghai, and New York. At each site, students and alumni from all over the world came together to create the next big thing. Although we can’t access these winning creations yet, hopefully we can try them soon.

Got-It (Shanghai – 3rd Place)

You’re in class, your professor is racing through their lecture, and you have no idea what they just said. Imagine if you could ask the professor to clarify, without having to awkwardly stick up your hand. Got-It is a classroom communication system that lets you anonymously request further explanation. Now there’s no excuse for not understanding your lectures!

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Itinerary for the perfect desert safari:

1. Desert dunes

2. Camel ride

3. Henna

4. Middle Eastern BBQ

5. Belly dancing (which, for the record, I did partake in)

6. Shisha under the stars

7. The opportunity to meet new, amazing people

fear-vs-fate  asked:

So NYU Abu Dhabi? That is so cool, first of all. :) I'm thinking about applying this fall, where did you live before and what kind of things did you do in high school? What do you think they look for in prospective students? I lived in Saudi for a while before moving to Idaho, and this is really intriguing! Thanks!

haha thank you :3 it’s no problem at all, i’m happy to answer any questions you’ve got.

i was born & raised in the OC, where i went to a really nerdy magnet high school.  This school kinda forced us to take the hardest AP classes (passing 5 of them was required for graduation) – overall, i took 9 & got 5’s on most of them.  Occasionally, i tutored underclassmen for extra pocket cash. ^-^“ I was only involved in 1 club, which was formed to teach members how to use Adobe Photoshop / Google Sketch-up / etc., & i had been an officer for the last 3 years of high school.  I had taught myself how to use Photoshop in middle school & was volunteering to design promotional stuff for underground bands / DJs / music production labels / models in the local Southern California scene.  In return for free concert tickets. :P

i wasn’t involved in school sports’ teams because martial arts was my one true love. (; My parents enrolled me in Aikido at the age of 4, then I chose to additionally join Bujinkan when i was 9, Shintou-Musou at 11, & Tenshin Shin'yo at 13.  Each of the 4 schools had very different styles, & i chose them because i wanted a well-rounded martial education.  I also picked up hip hop dance during my sophomore year, but it was more of a fun hobby than anything serious (: a few classes, a few camps, that’s it.

during my high school years i was also training at a piano academy to be a competitive performer, & i got a job there as a keyboard theory teacher – i was student & teacher at the same time. :P I was also in a Noh & Kabuki theatre troupe that delivered performances during annual holidays – it was here that i learned to play traditional Asian instruments, to dance the dances, & on the side, i learned ikebana.  We never had to pay for floral decorators after that, i just thought it was the coolest thing to do :3

so as you can tell, i was really involved in a lot. >w< & that’s the kind of personality NYUAD caters to, they look for students who aren’t just ambitious academically, but in every aspect of their lives.  They would rather accept someone with a lower GPA, but who has made significant contributions in the world outside of their school.  Some of my classmates had already created their own business, or started their own charities, or made bank off the sales of their own albums.  Hermetical nerds with 5.0 GPAs aren’t very kindly looked upon because NYUAD wants people who actually had social lives in high school, but productive social lives.  Make sense? :)