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Hiii i was looking through the nyuad tag on twitter and i saw you went to candidate weekend last year! I'm going to candidate weekend this year, and i was wondering what your experience was with it and if you were accepted later? If so, did you decide to go and why/why not?

hello!!! congrats on being invited to candidate weekend!!! CW was one of the most intense weekends of my life, but it was so much fun I met the coolest people and had some really wonderful conversations. It’s a very very busy few days, and everyone’s trying to impress everyone, but my main advice is just have fun with it, don’t overanalyse it, try to meet and engage with people as much as you can but don’t be afraid to take some me time if you need it, it can be pretty overwhelming The nyuad campus is beautiful, the admissions staff and faculty and students n everyone are really welcoming and friendly, don’t be afraid to ask if you need anything/have a dumb question.

I went to candidate weekend with nyuad as my second or third choice uni but I ended up accepting my offer n I’m really enjoying myself so far tbh!! The diversity of the people who attend, small class sizes, and study abroad were the main draws for me (also v generous scholarships). There’s flaws obviously, but for the most part I’m really happy here, academically it can be challenging but there’s a lot of opportunities to tailor ur experience to ur own interests, and the small class sizes are a blessing. I’ve always been prone to zoning out during lectures, but my biggest class this semester is 12 people, so discussion is very much the main mode of learning, which for me works really well. Also all my professors so far have been really supportive and understanding, almost all hold regular office hours and are happy to meet if you’re struggling with something. There is always the shitty prof here or there, but it depends usually on which department you’re in, I know the science and math profs are generally stricter but for the most part you’re far more likely to get a good prof than a terrible one. The community can feel a little confining sometimes bc it’s not a very big place, but there’s always events happening on campus to keep you busy n it’s also really cheap to take a cab into the city or to the beach if you really need a get away. Plus there’s study away options in sophomore n junior year.

Sorry I ended up just ranting for ages, but I genuinely rly love my uni, feel free to send me any more questions you have/want more specific info! (and if ur comfortable and want to come off anon you can pm, I’m v bad at checking my messages lol)
Good luck!

Candidate Weekend, Part 1

Three weeks ago I was in Abu Dhabi.  A really badly-arranged transit, coupled with a delayed flight meant that I literally was the last person onto my connecting flight to Abu Dhabi (this was in Sydney). Also this meant my luggage got left behind for 24 hours. But anyway. 24 hours of travelling later, I arrived at Abu Dhabi International Airport! My first thought was : HOT! Even though it was WINTER! it was around 22, 23 degrees celcius which is very hot. For me. This was around midnight local time (of the next day) which was 3pm in NZ, so I didn’t really feel sleepy.

Eithad Airways is great, by the way, with food - so much larger portions than Air NZ! And also they have a nice Sky-Shop.

Arrived at the hotel at around 4am, and made a call to my parents at home. My roommate, Ben from the Philippines, was fast asleep but I think I woke him up… oops. I slept for 1 hour, though I thought it was much longer because I felt so refreshed upon waking, and had to get ready for breakfast at 7am. Breakfast was great - talked a lot to Rabha from Abu Dhabi, who had one of the shortest trips here (…15 minutes by car) and Rebekah from California who had a long trip like me. Good food, too - but then we were kind of in a luxury hotel so I guess it would be “standard fare”.

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I’m sorry for going MIA, but I had my NYUAD candidate weekend and it was just so much more than I expected. I got to know the most incredible individuals I’ve ever met in my life and every single person was literally from opposite spectrums of the globe.

If the tour of the campus and talking to the faculty wasn’t enough to convince me, they flew in freaking GORDON BROWN to give us a speech and have dinner with us!

After a year of a lot of disappointments, I’m so happy that my interview went so well and I really really hope I get in. 

Early Decision 2 Update

Early Decision 2 results will be released on 14th February at Pre-Dawn hours (New York Time).

We are on deck to welcome the newest members of the NYU Class of 2018 this Friday, February 14.  Admission decisions will be sent via email, beginning in the pre-dawn hours (New York City time) on Friday.  We will continue to send decisions throughout the day, with all decisions released by Friday evening.

Admitted students will also be mailed a congratulatory packet of materials on Friday.  No admission decisions will be posted anywhere on our website – nor will students be able to check the status of their admission decision via their NYU Home account on our NYU Albert website. Admission decisions are only mailed via email.  If you do not receive your decision via email, you may call the Office of Undergraduate Admissions on Monday, February 17 and we will provide your admission decision over the phone.

Shawn Abbott

Dean of Admissions, New York University

Best of Luck! 

Five heads are better than one


What happens when 5 people start working on one project given a time constraint of two hours? Lots of ideas flowing around, but it’s hard to grasp the best one and pressure pressure pressure. 

Last class we were given an assignment to produce a poster for an open house of Art and Art History department. We had a very short brief, only given the name of the event, its date, time, and place. Everything else was left to our own interpretation. As Goffredo mentioned earlier that day, in any brief there is at least as much unspoken as spoken, which should never stop you and keep you hanging for further instructions. You have to either go back to the client and clarify everything or if not possible, interpret it to the best of your ability. 

We were a focus group of five - all from different backgrounds, with different ideas and levels of imagination, nevertheless, we managed to produce a product (2 minutes before the deadline) that we were satisfied with. I learnt that great ideas don’t come at once, they come during the creative process. 

We started off with the goal that we have to somehow combine art practice and art history, so we thought of iconic works of art and ways to make a modern interpretation out of them. Our team chose The Vetruvian Man, an iconic work of Leonardo da Vinci and then we put dripping paint on his arms, as if he himself just finished producing a masterpiece. 

After brainstorming we split into two groups, the first one editing the image and the second one working on the layout and text. At the end it saved us some time, because we didn’t put all the pressure on one person sitting in front of the screen. 

Also, we learnt that one of the most important parts of a designer’s job is presentation - both oral and visual. You have to be able to communicate your ideas clearly to convince the public that you’re idea is brilliant and you’re doing an amazing job (which, I think, I sucked at) and present your work not just as a flying sheet of paper, but something that is worth of paying attention (of either your client or your senior designer).