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Alexander? Meet Alexander.

Prompt: I was speaking with my best friend & partner in crime & A. Ham on this blog the other day, and we had this awesome idea. It is kinda based on the Van Gogh Doctor Who episode, it is my favorite…

Summary: Alexander Hamilton has somewhat escaped the duel and ended up…in 2015?

Word count: 1500

Warnings: none, maybe a swear word, I don’t remember. Y/N stands for your name, obviously. 

Disclaimer: I had to set it in 2015 so that: a. Lin was still Hamilton; and b. Duel anniversary. It is my first Hamilton/Lin x reader fic so I’m sorry if it sucks….I’m not really expecting much but I had this idea on the top of my head and I just had to write it down, because, well. I am not throwing away my shot!

I hope you like this!

-J. Laurens


Alexander was facing Aaron, probably for the last time. The two men were looking each other in the eyes, a look that seemed to say “I don’t want this, but it is the only way”. Aaron was determined not to die, his jaw was clenched. Alexander was strangely calm, his glasses on. He seemed old, the death of his son ruined him, the scandals he contributed to create didn’t help his family; Alexander was helpless. He had nothing to lose, not anymore. He was ready and willing to die. They silently turned, and started to count to ten while walking in position, then turned. It all happened so fast, Alexander saw all his life pass in front of him; he was willing to let it go, but then he saw Eliza, and felt a weird wind blow in his face, saw the world spin around him and felt like fainting. He was dying. Hell, he probably was dead.

“Sir? Sir, are you ok?” you said, nudging the body with a stick you found in the nearby. Alexander opened his eyes, he was alive! But who were you? Where was Burr? Why on earth were you dressed with PANTS? Alexander pointed his gun at you and you lifted your arms in surrender. “Dude, chill. I’m here to help you. By the way, you are kind of sleeping on a monument, so get up before the cops will come and get you.” You said, offering him a hand. He took it, then bowed and introduced himself “I’m Alexander Hamilton, at your service, m’lady.” Your first reaction was laugh. “Yeah, you are Alexander Hamilton, sure. Didn’t know they changed the actor.” You were fan of the musical, and you didn’t get this guy. Alexander Hamilton died 211 years ago, he couldn’t be standing in front of you. “I don’t know who you are, but I am Alexander Hamilton, I’m not an actor. I was dueling against- “He said, buy you rudely interrupted him saying: “-Aaron Burr, Burr shot you, he stroke right between you ribs, you died in the arms of Angelica and Eliza. I know. Everyone knows your story, you are like on Broadway and on the 10-dollar bill. Everyone knows your story. Now come on, before someone sees you with that gun.” You told him to disarm the gun and give it to you, then you took his hand and guided him to your apartment. You were unlocking the door when you heard him clear his throat “Yes?” you turned, looking at him “I don’t think this is appropriate, miss. I don’t even know who you are and where I am. Why should I enter your house?” he said, you froze and remembered you didn’t introduce yourself. “Oh, pardon. Sir. My name is [Y/N]. And we are in New York. Please, come in, have a glass of water.” You said, while unlocking the door and stepping inside. He looked the apartment and stepped in, unsure of what he had to do. He mirrored your actions and removed his boots, placing them neatly next to the door, then he lifted his gaze towards you, who briefly smiled at him and gestured to follow in your kitchen. “Have a seat.” You said, leaning against the sink. He asked for a glass of water, which you gave to him with a smile. “So, Mr. Hamilton. What happened? How did you arrive there?” You asked, plopping on a chair, your elbows on the table and your chin on your hands. “I was…shot, by Aaron Burr. My vision started to blur and it all started to spin and then you woke me up. I think it was the same spot of the duel. What day are we?” “July 12, 2015. It’s the anniversary of the duel, Mr. Hamilton.” You said, then excused yourself. You were friend with one of the swings of the Public Theatre, who offered you tickets if you wanted to see it, so you phoned her.

“Hey Lily. It’s me [Y/N]” you said. “[Y/N], hey! How are you?” “I’m good, thanks. Do you think you could make me a favour? Get me two tickets for Hamilton for like, tonight?” you said, hoping for a yes. You really had to speak with Lin-Manuel. You loved the man and thought that maybe, letting him meet Alexander was a great idea. “Yes, of course I can! But I’ll expect you backstage, you and your companion…” She said, you could practically hear her smirk. “Thanks! You’re my saviour! See you later!” “Later!”

A moment later you were back at Alexander, you told him to go and take a shower, you had to explain how to use one because he didn’t know, same with the toilet, and then gave him some clothes that belonged to some previous boyfriend and took him out to shop for some clothes that would fit him better and that would be appropriate for the play. Alexander almost died when he saw his face on the $10 bill.

You two made your way back to your apartment and you both got dressed in your fancy clothes. Almost half an hour before the play begun, you two were already in front of the Public Theatre, let inside by the security guy who had your name and a “plus one”. You two took your seats and waited for the play to begin. Alexander didn’t understand why his name was all around the place, and you just hoped for having took the good decision. You were lost in your train of thoughts when the familiar tune of the opening started to play. You felt yourself smiling and clapping along. It was the first time you were seeing it, with your work at the Natural History Museum and the lectures at NYU you really didn’t have found the time to go and see it; but Lily had managed to make you listen to it and make you become obsessed.

Soon, there was the break and you turned to Alexander, who was shocked and was crying. “This…I…” he managed to say “Shhh, everything is fine, Mr. Hamilton, everything is fine.” You said, awkwardly patting his arm in sign of support.

Act two began and you found yourself humming and singing along. Alexander sometimes muttered things like “this is not really what happened” or “She was already married”, but most of the time you found him smiling and keeping the beat with his shoe against the floor. When “Say No To This” came up, he blushed, feeling a bit of shame for what he did. Then Philip died and he was crying, as if his son was dying for a second time. During “It’s Quiet Uptown” he cried again, begging Eliza for forgiveness.

When the musical ended and the actors bowed, he stood up and cheered louder than the others; he turned towards you and thanked you, you just lowered your head and smiled a shy smile, then took his hand and went backstage, where Lily was waiting for you.

“Lily!” You said, hugging your friend, “Hey [Y/N]! How are you! Did you like it?” she asked hugging you back “I loved it! It is even more beautiful, if possible. This is Alexander,” you said, introducing the Man himself to your friend. He smiled and took her hand, then kissed it. Lily blushed and bowed. “I’m Lily, nice to meet you. Come with me, the cast would like to meet you! I told Lin so much about you-“ “You did what?!” you said, but before she could reply, Lin himself appeared in front of you. “Lin! I was coming to see you! This is my friend, [Y/N]. And that’s her friend Alexander.” Lily said, you two shook hands with Lin and Lily went away, leaving you three alone. “Mr Miranda, sorry to bother you but I really had to come and see you,” you started. “Please, call me Lin. And why exactly?” He said, crossing his arms. “I am Alexander Hamilton. And I would like to thank you, sir. For remembering me.” Alexander said. Lin looked like as if he had just seen a ghost. Alexander was crying and thanking Lin, who was crying as well and hugging the Founding Father. “Sir, I believe in destiny, and I say that it is destiny that made this thing happen. Thank you so much sir.” Lin said. They were talking about Hamilton’s own life, and for once, you knew you had done the right thing.

After the big talk, you returned at home with Alexander, you two hugged as if you were old friends and went to sleep, you offered him your spare room. The morning after, though, the man was gone. He had written you a letter. It wasn’t a dream, but a sort of short time spell-time travel. He had returned to his time and nothing had changed, except the fact that he had mentioned him in his will, and Eliza had remembered you as the angel who saved him.

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Nonpowered!AU - Tony's cat often sneaks using the emergency stairs to the apartment below and Tony's been feeling kinda jealous here, so he attaches a message on her collar to whoever's been bribing his cat with expensive cat treat. To his surprise, he got a reply and he began corresponding with the guy who turned out to be interesting and smart. One day there's a knock on his door and it's the mystery guy with his cat and an invitation to dinner. (and maybe there's kittens?)

A/N: Didn’t get the kittens, but I hope you still enjoy! - Taylor

You can also read this on Ao3!

“Jarvis!” Tony rattles the cat bell again and strides into the kitchen. “Here, kitty, kitty!” The expected jingle of Jarvis’s collar and the light click of his nails over the tile floor doesn’t come, and Tony’s frown deepens. It seems his cat’s snuck off yet again.

Resigned, Tony crosses to the east wall of his condo and heaves one of the windows open to reveal the fire escape. “Jarvis!” He calls again. For another moment, there’s no reply.

Then the metal stairs creak lightly and Tony grins at the sight of his cat trotting up them. “Hey bud,” he says as Jarvis jumps gracefully back into the apartment. “You’re giving me a complex here. I spend tens of dollars on cat toys and it’s still not good enough for you? What does that dude have that I don’t?”

Jarvis sniffs gracefully and proceeds to ignore Tony in favor of curling up in a patch of carpet warmed by the sun. Tony rolls his eyes and sits down at his drafting table. Rent’s not going to pay itself, after all.

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I go to sleep and I’m so happy. You know why? I know I’m living what I’m talking about. I go to sleep and I’m like, nyah. On my bean bag like nyah. I’m making history and I’m living it and I’m honest. It feels so good to be honest. Honest as we can be. Nyah. Honesty, integrity, loyalty, passion, friendship. For real, man, that’s real
—  Lil’ B (NYU Lecture)

Lil B’s lecture at NYU last year. This is the video which actually had me interested in his music. I only like a couple of his tracks though


Vote for Lil B to Perform at the Grammys


Lil B NYU Lecture

Preference 13 - Different Schools

Derek – Your intimate relationships class seemed to take forever on the breezy Friday. Sat next to your roommate, the seconds ticked by too slowly for you to even want to pay attention to the professor at the front of the NYU lecture hall. You had a long weekend, Monday off for some random holiday that no one really cares about and you were itching to just get back to your dorm to call your boyfriend since back in Beacon Hills the clock would be tolling 10 AM and Derek would just be getting out of the shower after his morning workout routine.

Your foot was tapping away annoyingly against the linoleum tiles of the room, causing your friend to nudge you harshly in the arm.

“Ow!” You hissed out shooting her a glare that didn’t quite do anything but make her smile.

“Hakuna your tatas, we’ll be out of here in 40 minuets.”

You pouted like a petulant child who didn’t get their way and sat back in your chair, crossing your arms.

The professor placed his hands on th table and looked at the class, “Alright, I can see it on all your faces you don’t want to be he, and to be honest neither do I, so go ahead and enjoy your long weekend…and try to remember it!”

You quickly put your laptop away and started for the door, your roommate to the right of you as your other friend came to your left and began to fill you two in on the gossip she collected during this class.

“Did you hear? There’s some guy parked outside the building just watching it. Apparently he’s so hot he makes fire look cold.”

You three laughed, remembering how your roommate used those exact words to describe your boyfriend when he first met them.

When you pushed open the doors to the building you practically tripped down the stairs when you saw the guys standing in front, it was Derek there leaning against his black Camaro black leather jacket and all and you couldn’t breathe.

“You just gonna stand there or are you going to come over and say hello?”

His smile was huge as he saw you race down the stairs and into his arms. You breathed in deeply and hugged him tighter, making sure he was actually there not a figure of your imagination.

You pulled away, “What are you doing here?”

Threading his fingers through your hair he leaned down to kiss you slowly, lingering on your lips, reacquainting himself with them after so long. When you two came up for air there wasn’t much room between you, your lips still brushed together sending tingles down your spine.

He rubbed his nose against yours, “I’m here to see you, I missed you.”

You smiled up at him, eyes brighter than ever, “I missed you, god did I miss you.”

Scott – It wasn’t like you had moved out of the state, your mom just transferred to a different headquarters, 2 towns over and 4 hours away causing you to go to a private school – an all girls private school, not that your boyfriend had a problem with it. Scott trusted you and you were happy with him so it didn’t really do anything, it was a weird change to just see girls everywhere except for the handful of male teachers in the school.

The all boys private school was your “brother school” according to your principle and she encouraged all of you to cheer them on as they played their sporting event. You didn’t care much about their team, your heart still rooted for the Beacon Hills Cyclones but your friends were all going to the warm up and scrimmage after and were practically begging you to come with them. It was suspicious but you let it go figuring it had something to do with the fact that after school you always went straight home and didn’t hang out with them much over the weekend.

You fixed your pleated skirt before going for your phone to see if maybe Scott answered you now, but no such luck and it got you worried causing your mind to automatically go to the worst case scenario. You chewed at your lip and started tapping away at your screen to send him a message asking if he was okay.

Eyes still locked on your screen, “How long will this game take?”

One of your friends shrugged, a sly smile on her face,  “No idea, why got a hot date? Not too sure your boyfriend would be happy about that.”

“Ha ha, very funny. No I wanted to call him before it got too late.”

“You’ll be able to call him, don’t worry. Now put your damn phone away and watch the beautiful boys of the visiting lacrosse team warming up.”

Sighing you looked at your phone longingly for a moment longer before putting it back in your bag. Zipping up the little inside pocket you asked another question, “Who is the visiting team anyway?”

“Crappy team with a horrible name, who even names their team the ‘Cyclones’? They could’ve been a lot more creative.”

Your head snapped up at the new voice, specifically a male voice that you knew better than your own. Eyes wide and unbelieving, “Scott?”

His smile was huge, walking closer to you but stopping when he saw you running towards him, his arms instinctively wrapped around your waist as your bodies collided. He laughed, burying his face into the soft skin of your neck, “Hey Y/N.”

Your arms around his neck tightened, “Holy crap, I’ve missed you! Is this why you haven’t answered me?”

“Yeah, I didn’t think I would be able to keep it a surprise if I did.”

You smiled and pulled away only for Scott to cup your cheeks and pull you back in for a sweet kiss. From behind you heard a few whoops from his team and Stiles yell, “Get it Sottie!”

Together you turned to look at him standing next to a clapping Liam, your blush match Scott’s but he didn’t care. Entwining your fingers he walked you over to say hi to everyone else, your friends trailing behind. Not once did Scott let you go until he absolutely had to.

Stiles – It sucked being so far away from Beacon Hills, different town, different state, different time zone, different everything. What sucked most about the move was the fact that it was in the middle of junior year, the single most important year for your future and your parents decided to uproot you from your childhood home and bring you to Florida, forcing you to leave your friends and family and boyfriend and try to make new ones, to say you were upset was a damn understatement, but you took it in stride and tried your hardest to make the best of it.

It was the Friday before the start of spring break and you were walking to the cafeteria for lunch with your cell phone pressed to your ear while you spoke to Stiles.

“Why didn’t you answer me earlier?”

“What? You’re breaking up.”

You scoffed and flipped your hair over your shoulder as you switched ears, “I said, why didn’t you answer me earlier, we usually speak during my study hall and now I’m on my way to lunch. Are you cheating on me?”

“What gave me away?”

“You smell like her perfume.”

“I thought I washed it all off in the shower.”

You laughed when you heard Scott in the background laughing too, “I miss you guys.”

“We miss you too!” You heard Kira shout from somewhere else in the car.

You sighed, the giddiness you felt just moments ago seeming to dissipate by the second as you realized you were in Florida while everyone else was back in Beacon Hills, quickly you distracted yourself, “So what are you guys doing for spring break?”

“Uh just going to the beach, hanging out, you know the norm. I mean what else we would do?”

“Why are you acting weird-well weirder than usual.”

“I’m not acting weird, why would you think that?”

You heard a bunch of chatter coming from Stiles side of the phone, “You just – “

Someone rammed in your shoulder, turning quickly to apologize they stopped short, “Wait you’re Y/N, right?”

You nodded hesitantly, looking at her skeptically as she smiled brightly at you, “You have to head to the main office.”

You groaned, hopping down the stairs and turning the corner to head to the front office when you stopped short.

“I told you I missed you.”

Your brain wasn’t quiet functioning because there standing at the doors of your school’s front office was your boyfriend in your favorite plaid shirt and a pair of jeans smiling from ear to ear. He hung up and opened his arms and that when you broke out of your trance and threw yourself into his arms burrowing your face into the side of his neck.

“This is real, right?”

You felt his laugh rumble through your body, “Yeah, its real. We’re here until Sunday.”


“Yeah, everyone is out in the cars. Your mom called you in for a half day, I’m here to pick you up.”

You hugged him tighter, then quickly reach up and kissed him, “You are amazing.”

He smiled brightly, running the pads of his thumbs over your cheeks, “I know.”

Liam – It When you had walked into school the Monday after Liam’s incident with coach’s car it wasn’t the same, it never would be he was your best friend and now he was going to a different school. You had the same group of friends but none of them connected to you like Liam did, he knew every one of your dirty little secrets and you knew his. You had missed both the scrimmage and game between Devenford and Beacon Hills due to being sick and having to tutor someone in algebra.

You talked everyday though, texting all day through school and a phone call 3 times a week at night, sometimes those turned into videochats and while it was good it wasn’t the same as being able to hug him or fall into his chest when you cried or snuggle into his side when you fell asleep during a movie night. It wasn’t like he was hours away, but you both had full schedules that kept you busy so the fact that you two could easily see each other but didn’t have the time was bittersweet.

Closing your locker you turned to Brett, “Still tutoring you after practice today right?”

A charming smile, that worked wonders on most girls but did nothing for you, made its way across his lips, “Yes ma’am.”

You nodded and began walking to the bus, Brett following close behind giving his hellos and high-fives to friends and fellow teammates. Turning your head to the left you asked him over your shoulder, “What are we working on tonight?”

“Uh, biology I have a test in two days that I need to pass.”

Quickly you jotted that down, looking up just in time to see him holding the door open for you, “Thank you.”

“No problem babe.”

You rolled your eyes, but the blush still spread across your cheeks. You didn’t like him as more than a friend, you liked Liam that way, but still the flirting and the name ‘babe’ was new to you.

“Okay, so you can come over around 4:30ish. Sound good?”

“Yeah, I ca-“

“Not even gone a month and already you’re replacing me.”

You both whipped around at the sound of Liam walking up to you two, he gave a nod to Brett who returned it and when his eyes landed on you a large smile curled his lips showing off his perfectly straight, white teeth that sent you heart into a frenzy.

Schooling your features you popped your hip and shifted your books to one side, freeing up your right hand so you could place it on Brett’s arm, “I think the Liam 2.0 may be the best upgrade since iOS 7.”

Your smile was playful as Liam’s expression changed to a frown that didn’t reach his eyes. Chuckling you threw your arms around Liam and pulled him into a hug, burrowing your face into his chest, he in turn wrapped his arms around your shoulders, bringing you in closer. Liam looked over your shoulder to lock eyes with Brett, silently thanking him for following through with his request to watch out for you while he was at Beacon Hills. You didn’t know that both Liam and Brett were werewolves, he was planning on telling you soon he just didn’t know how, which is why he had Scott and Stiles drive him today to see you and to help explain what he is.

“I figured you would have lacrosse practice to day.”

Moving back to give Liam a questioning look you saw him shrug, “Greenberg threw up on Coach in the locker room and he called off practice so he could ‘get away from the people who crush his hopes and dreams everyday.’”

You laughed, “I really want to meet him one day.”

“That’ll be an interesting interaction. Now, c’mon let’s get you home I have a few friends I want you to meet.”

You perked up, “Who?”

Shifting to stand next to you, taking your bookbag to carry and sliding his arm around your shoulder he tucked you into his side and began to lead you to a powder blue Jeep parked along the sidewalk.

“Hey, Y/N?”

You looked up at him, soft smile resting on your lips, “Yeah Li?”

“I’ve missed you, a lot.”

You smile grew as you wound your arm around his middle and rested your head on his shoulder, “I’ve missed you too Liam, so much.”

A/N: This was fun to write, and Stiles’ preference is dedicated to and based off of my beautiful, smart, and simply wonderful cousin and best friend elgortobrien I love you so much!!