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hey I'm new to kpop and suju seems to be my fave new group. even though it's tragic with 5members not being there atm. can you rec some active suju blogs? preferably who post all of them (or members specific blogs idc) and tell me important things

Hello sweetie! and welcome to our crazy, happy family! ^^  ♡

You chose the right group to stan! (or maybe not XDDD)

Here you go: ^^












@ zhoumiblr

@rurouneko​, @superandyy​, @tokkiteuk​,@ monkeilii, @nyu-in-wonderland  [ They are not active anymore ;; but i think you should check them too ^^ ]

And my lovely, beautiful friends: @eunhae-holic, @stillhyuk, @skulltoki, @plincess-cho, @ortaleunhae