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1.SuperCorp- Supergirl

2.Spashley- South of Nowhere

3.Shoot- Person of Interest

4.Bruce x Natasha- Avengers

5.Wayhaught- Wynonna Earp

6.Nyssa x Sara- Arrow

7.Mick x Amaya- Legends of tomorrow

8.Brittana- Glee

9.Cophine- Orphan Black

10.Emaya- Pretty Little Liars 


Television women loving women appreciation week | Day Five - Favourite wlw kiss(es) 
↳ All of them. Brittana (Glee), Sanvers (Supergirl), Evalise (How To Get Away With Murder), Wayhaught (Wynonna Earp), Zasha (Degrassi), Ruby Slippers (Once Upon A Time), Shoot (Person of Interest), Nyssara (Arrow), Clexa (The 100), Emaya (Pretty Little Liars). “We should kiss the girls we wanna kiss.”

30 Days of Doctor Who

Day thirteen: Who would be your ideal Team TARDIS?

Romana, Zoe, Nyssa, and Liz, who then proceed to ignore the Doctor and get 1000 times as much science done. And I kind of want to stick them with an early bouncy Eight.

They probably go against the Rani a lot.

And if they then abandon the Doctor to go around with the Rani instead, well, you wouldn’t see me complaining.


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so, a while ago (incidentally when I was at coh2, aka the most amazing weekend ever), I hit 1k followers, but I was too busy with exams to have time to do anything for it. now I’m free, though, I thought I should do a follow forever :D

first off I want to pimp the shiny new laurel blog that I’m a part of, @theworldneedslaurellance, which the wondrous ched/@wondertwinc (my soulmate) cooked up and that verity/@canarycassidy (my mind-melding twin) and jenna/@wouldyousingalong are also members of.

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it’s been a rough year, but I would like to thank all of the above people for being wonderful, for keeping everything tagged and for reblogging/producing amazing content that I enjoy immensely. to my mutuals, thank you for sticking with me with all my (sort of) jumping ship and all my whining about green batman, lolol.

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