Mountain Biking Attempt – Take Two

Upon returning from Idaho, I knew that I wanted to try and incorporate a bit more mountain biking into my road riding schedule, and thanks to a spectacular series here in New York, the New York State Mountain Bike Series, I was able to find a race nearby – the SOS MTB Challenge – that they said was ‘beginner-ish friendly.’ So, I borrowed a mountain bike and headed up with my husband, our fluffy pooch, and one of my teammates, Meg, and her BF Dan (who also decided he would race).

A detailed race report is forthcoming…but needless to say it was (a) a RAINY and MUDDY day on the bike – it rained the ENTIRE time we were out there, (b) I had an absolute blast, and © somehow I managed to win the dang thing (for my category – Cat 3 Women 12-34 y/o). My husband captured a spectacular before and after shot…I was a mess!

Stay tuned for a full race report…and seriously people…if I can do it, you can do it! Give MTB'ing a try…so much fun!