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Drabble #5

Nick: It’s Tuesday morning here on the radio 1 breakfast show and I’m here with my guests Harry Styles and his beautiful girlfriend Y/N Y/L/N

Harry: Good Morning

Y/N: Hello

Nick: Now, this was not a scheduled appearance on the radio this morning was it Harry?

Harry: It was not

Nick: Tell the people how you got here, because this started out as a date didn’t it?

Harry: I wouldn’t call it date

Y/N: Heyyy

Harry: *looks at Y/N* I would call it romantic morning ruined by grimmers

Y/N: H got me up early so that we could go out for a nice breakfast before we got to work for the day, and somehow, we ended up near the BBC and now we’re here

Nick: Harry and I planned this Y/N, you’ve been kidnapped, you’re never leaving these studios again

Harry: *chuckles* Geeze Grim, that’s a bit much

Nick: I’m joking, you’re free to leave any time you like Y/N

Y/N: Alright, bye *stands up to leave* *sits back down* I’m kidding, I’m not going anywhere, I don’t know where I am

Nick: Hopeless, should we go to a song now?

Harry: Sure

Nick: Any requests?


Nick: Alright, Harry would you like to introduce it?

Harry: Sure, I’m Harry Styles and this is my song Kiwi

Nick: That was kiwi, and Harry Styles is here, with his wonderful girlfriend Y/N

Harry & Y/N: Hello

Nick: So Y/N, are you having Harry’s baby?

Y/N: No, and I don’t enjoy cheap cigarettes either, nor do I have any intellect

Harry: Don’t put yourself down like that love

Nick: aww isn’t that sweet of you Harold.

Harry: *shrugs & smirks* 

Nick:  Now I figured since your both here we could play a game

Harry: Oh god

Nick: No it’s a good game, I’m going to quiz you on each other, So Y/N you will answer questions about Harry and Harry you will answer questions about Y/N and who ever gets the most right is the winner

Harry: What do we win?

Nick: The love and affection of your partner

Harry: I’ve already got that, I don’t need a quiz to prove it

Nick: Y/N you can go first since Harry is being a child

So, Y/N your first question, what does harry do every night before he goes to bed?

Y/N:*giggles* He sends himself an email with his schedule for the next day, then he has a cup of camomile tea while he gets himself ready for bed, because he’s a middle aged women

Nick: Harry, is that correct?

Harry: Yes, I do, do that

Nick: One point to Y/N, Your turn Harold, Are you ready?

Harry: *Prayer hands* hit me

Nick: How does Y/N take her coffee?

Harry: That’s a trick question, Y/N doesn’t drink coffee, it makes her anxious, she does enjoy a black tea though

Nick: Y/N?

Y/N: Yeah, I can’t drink coffee, but I drink a lot of tea

Nick: Excellent, that means you each have one point, we ready for round 2?

Y/N: Always

Nick: Alright Y/N,  How old was harry when he had his first kiss?

Y/N: Ooh I actually don’t know this, but I’m going to guess like 14

Harry: Good guess

Nick: Another point to Y/N, Harry, you have the same question, how old was Y/N when she had her first kiss

Harry: I don’t have to guess this *shoots glance at Y/N* I was there, she was 18

Nick: Really? That’s quite old

Y/N: Thanks nick

Harry: I don’t think its old

Y/N: Thanks H

Nick: We’re going to go to the news and when we come back we’ll have the deciding round

Nick: You’re listening to the radio one breakfast show on Tuesday morning, it’s 8 o’clock and I’m here with Harry Styles and his girlfriend, and we’re about to finish our quiz to see which one of them will win the love and affection of their partner. This round is the tie breaker, Y/N are you ready?

Y/N: I was born ready Grim

Nick: Alright, it’s a two parter so to get the point you need to get both parts right. Now you’re Australian, what does harry love most about your country and what does he hate?

Y/N: Ok he hates how far away it is and the time difference, he also hates the snakes, not that he’s ever seen one besides at the reptile park which doesn’t count

Harry: It does count! And yes, I hate all of those things,

Nick: And what does he love?

Y/N: Me? I don’t actually know, probably something cliché like the weather or the beaches, or the scenery

Nick: Harry?

Harry: It’s a beautiful place, especially where you grew up, and you, that’s probably the thing I love most

Nick: Awwwwww well done Y/N, you got the point, pressure’s on now Harry

Harry: *Takes breath* Lets do it

Nick: Alright, it’s also a two parter, What was Y/N’s first job and why did she quit?

Harry: She worked at McDonald’s or “Maccas” to use her native tongue, and she quit because her boss made her cry

Nick: Y/N, is that correct?

Y/N: Yeah, my boss was a dick, and I hated smelling like nuggets all the time so I quit

Nick: Well that means it’s a tie! You both know each other very well, you can go back to your breakfast date now, because that’s all we have time for on the show

Harry: Thanks for having us

Nick: Should we leave them with Sign of the Times?

Harry: Yeah!

Nick: You’re listening to radio one and this is Sign of the Times by ….  

Harry: Harry Styles

@youngbouquettragedy you requested something like this a few days ago, and I’ve finally had a chance to write it, so I hope you enjoy it! 

I really enjoy writing these interview scenarios, so please send in requests if you have any! 


[ENG TRANS] What are you doing V App - Nayeon’s welcome

Jungyeon literally just enters the V App and immediately Nayeon calls her. This is seriously the cutest conversation ever and totally #couplegoals. Look at the sounds they make on the phone!

JY: *smiles* Oh, NY-unnie is calling me! Haha, what is it?? Everyone, I will answer it~
JY: Yes, hello. I’m doing V App *laughs*
NY: *whines* I’m bored~~~~
JY: *laughs* Why? You’re bored?? *imitates her*
nyanyanyanya. I bet you’re looking at us having fun~
NY: Not really.. not really fun. The others kept on drawing for I don’t know how many minutes
JY: Ha! That’s why I came (on V App)
NY: *whines* When are you gonna finish :/
JY: I’m done already!
NY: Hurry come (back home)
JY: Alright, I’ll come back with mina
NY: *groans* ughmmm.
JY: Mmm!
NY: mm…
(They talk about the “Handphone Case” briefly because Nayeon stole Momo’s phone on another V App. Jungyeon doesn’t know what’s going on and just reads the comments.)
NY: Alright, you know (you can’t give spoilers about the Handphone case), bye~
JY: Yes~
NY: Mmm!
JY: *brightly* Bye! :)
NY: Bye!!! :)
JY: Even though I don’t know why she called but… *smiles and continues dancing*

Because she misses you, stupid!

Trans: only2yeon

Imagine being Peter’s childhood friend, and after moving to London, you come back to NY

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“Alright, class, we have a new student.” the teacher says as you walk in. “This is Miss Y/N Y/L/N, and she’s joining us from London, England.”

The room of teenagers stares blankly back at you. All except for one. In the back of the room, you see someone lift their head, and look at you. “Peter.” you whisper.

“What was that?” the teacher asks.

“Oh, nothing.” you reply, flashing them a smile. “I think I’ll go sit down now, so you can continue with your class.” She nods, and you walk to the back, taking the empty seat next to the boy, who stares at you the entire time. “Hey.” 

He remains silent, and you look over at him, eyebrwos raised. “Oh, you’re talking to me?” he whispers back. 

“Who else would I be talking to, Peter?” you ask. “You’re the only one I know.”

“I didn’t think you remembered me.” He sits up a little straighter, smiling at you. “So how are you?”

“I’m great.” you reply. “It’s really so nice to be back home. I just-”

“Miss Y/L/N. Mr Parker.” the teacher interrupts. "Is there an issue?”

“No, I was just asking him what page we were on.” you reply sweetly. She nods curtly at you, and you shoot a look at Pater, causing him to chuckle.

“Looks like you haven’t changed at all.”


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So let's see. Louis "randomly" comes to NY for a couple of days - IG pic by Calvin "exposes" their hotel. Two weeks later, Harry also "randomly" comes to NY for a couple of days - stays at the same hotel, has dinner and take pics with real estate firm workers (?). A real state agent from the same firm as the women from the restaurant favorites tweets about Larry buying a penthouse in NY. Alright... Later, he tweeted Harry himself. Cool.

Planet Pizza - Monroe, NY

Alright guys, I’ve been putting off writing up this review for over a week now. Words can not describe how utterly disgusted I was as a result of my recent stop at Pizza Planet. I had gone with Sean to a show at The Elephant Graveyard in Chester, NY and we were looking to scope out some local cuisine after the show before we headed back to the Jerz. All the locals hyped the fuck out of Planet Pizza to the point where I felt as if I would be a fool NOT to check it out. I have no idea what any of these people were thinking. Pizza Planet was an utter waste of time, money, and happiness.

External image

Honestly, I was pretty pumped walking into Planet Pizza. Like, that sign alone got me kinda excited, as well as the fact that they still had a buffalo chicken slice out, even though they were closing in 15 minutes. I grabbed that and a plain and eagerly awaited my slices. Little did I know what awaited. First off, the buffalo slice had tomato sauce on it, which as we all know is a sacrilege to pizza. Instantly put off, I decided to open with the plain and see where it took me. After only one bite though, the end result was clear; I’d be forcing this pizza down if I wanted to finish it. I doused it in just about whatever they had to offer (roasted red pepper, oregano, garlic powder) and still had trouble eating this garbage. The sauce was beyond gross. I’ve tried to block this slice from my memory, so I unfortunately don’t have anything else to add. I think Sean said it best, “it had an Ellio’s vibe.” I wouldn’t be caught dead eating that shit.

External image

Now on to the buffalo. Wow, I didn’t know you could do this type of damage to buffalo chicken. First off, that gobbed on bleu cheese absolutely ruined any potential this slice had. It tasted funny (it kind of had the fabled suntan lotion vibe) and was just overbearing, blocking out any other tastes from making it through. This may be hard to believe, but I could not finish either slice. I do my best to finish any food I get, so when I can’t finish a slice of pizza, you know there is more than one thing wrong with that slice. Please, save yourself the agony, and avoid Planet Pizza at all costs. There pizza is definitely from another world; one completely inhabited by pizza clowns.

External image


External image
Chapter 51: Comes Death


“God I’ve missed you!” A voice called out holding their arms up to embrace me with a hug.

“Who are you?” I mumble confused looking around a dimly lit room with two other people sitting around a long dining table and another in the corner shadows holding on to something rocking it back and forth.

“I know it’s been … what? 7 something years but have you really forgotten your FABULOUS mother?” She asked pulling the sheer silk from around her face. Their she stood looking gorgeous as ever. I silently cried watching the two other people from the table stand up and embrace me.

“Mama? Daddy? Kat?” I whispered into my father’s chest as they all surrounded me. I couldn’t help but to look at the other dark figure in the corner. Their eyes were deep brown beautiful pools that held hurt in them. The eyes looked so familiar and the jacket that sat neatly folded in his arms looked familiar but my thoughts were clouded by my family stand before me.

“How yah been baby girl?” My father chuckled sitting across from me.

“Lucas shut up … we know exactly how she’s been AND I for one don’t like it!” My mother said waving her finger towards me causing her and my father to argue like the good times.

“Am I dead?” I blurted out still in shock. I really didn’t know where I was or what happened to me or if I was just dreaming. I was truly scared for my life and my unborn baby.

“Your in between darlin’ …you had an accident.” Kat whispered slowly.

“In between? What happened? Is Aug okay. What about my baby?” I questioned looking at everyone’s face scared to death.

“It’ll all be okay.” My mother assured me rubbing my hair gently. I really couldn’t understand any of this. I truly don’t remember anything but going to sleep last night. What happened to me? Who hurt me? I sat and talked to everyone keeping a close eye on the shadow in the dark. I could see him rocking the sweater and holding it close to his chest which only terrified me.

My mother told me how she’s always been with me since her death. I finally had the chance to tell my father that I never stopped loving him and told Kat she made me a better person. I missed my family and I wish I still had them around me.

“Darlin’ it’s time.” My mother said stroking my hair once more. I knew exactly what she meant. I watched everyone’s face and i could feel the tears stream down my cheek.

“I love you.” I said looking towards them all. I watched the dark figure rock the blood stained hoodie back and forth. The letters across it read ‘Def Jam’.

What the hell was going on?


“Look I need to be back wit my girl!” I growled attempting to break free from these fuck ass metal bracelets.

“Mr. Alsina you are aware of your crim-”

“Fuck that!! My girl is in a ducking coma! I shot a bitch cuz he tried to attack me and my girl! FUCK YALL!!!” I screamed kicking shit over in the holding cell.

“Mr. Alsina please calm down!” A older guard called out jiggling keys in front of me.

“Fuck no! I need to be with my girlfriend! I’m arrested but a motha fucka tried to harm my pregnant girlfriend?” I couldn’t contain myself. To be honest I hope that pussy ass niggah was dead. I got his ass right in the face. I wasn’t tryna spare his feelings or his life this fuckin time. I was worried about Ren though. I’ve never seen her like that. I couldn’t even face reality at this point. The images of her life less body sunk into my thoughts. What if she dies … I can’t lose her too.

“Getcha ass up!” A white country ass motha fucka said chewing on a donut as he held the gate open knocking me out of my train of thought. “You’ve been released… thought we was gon have us a pretty boy to rough up.” He chuckled.

I wanted to punch him right then and there but the voices of Trey and Chris stopped me.

“The hell YALL doing?” I asked snatching my belongings away from the desk.

“Well damn… uh guards you can take his ass back and I need a full refund!” Chris chuckled snapping at the fat ass white dude.

“Man shut up! What yall doing?” I mumbled shivering as the cold air hit my lanky arms.

“Mike called us … we had to bail the homie out.” Trey chuckled searching for his keys.

“Thank you but niggah can you blast the heat?” I growled impatient. As he drove heading to the hospital.

“Where the hell yo clothes at niggah? Out hea in a wife beater shaking like a stripper.” Chris cracked. I knew he didn’t mean nun by it but that shit still hurt. I hand to give up my hoodie to save her life but deep down I know I failed her.


I could hear the heart monitor buzzing and soon after a gasp coming from her like her spirit had just came back to her.

“AUUUUGUST!?” She yelled as the monitor roared.

“Ren? … yall she’s up! Tae go get the nurse.” I yelled towards Kae, Ny and Tae.

“Where am I?” She whispered snatching the breathing tube from her nostrils.

“Calm dow-” Kae whispered.

“No! Where’s August? Where’s the twins? Is my baby okay?” She growled ripping the IVs from her arm.

“It’ll be alright.” Ny cooed attempting to calm her.

“Stop FUCKING lying! Why am I here!” She cried finally breaking down.

“The doctors coming.” Tae said out of breath from running to the desk for help.

“Where is he?” She whispered through tears.

“He’s coming … He… He got locked up. Trey and Chris went to bail him out.” I finally spoke hugging her tightly.

“What did he d-”

“Hello Mrs. Burke … how are you feeling?” A older white lady came in holding a clipboard.

“That isn’t my fucking name!” Ren spat through tears.

“Well that’s what your husband said before he was taken into surgery.” She announced.

“Trey’s in surgery?” She mumbled.

I could tell she was confused and hurt by everything. I knew AirRen’s story and no one should go through all this shit. She was breaking down even more. She whipped her face with the thin hospital blanket and rolled over to her side facing away from us.

“Can one of you follow me to get her real information.” The sweet old nurse asked. Nyla knew Ren better than any of us so she decided to go. “Her nurse will be in shortly.” She smiled walking away.

Ren fell asleep as we all sat in silence thinking on ways to tell her what happened.

“Hello Miss-” Before her high pitched voice could finish our eyes met. I was beyond livid. She was one of the main reasons Ren was going through this whole scandal. I pulled her by the white coat into a secluded hallway.

“Why are you here?” I snapped whispering so no one could here me.

“Apparently I’m her nurse.” She chuckled rolling her eyes.

“You know you telling her TODAY. …RIGHT NOW!” I whispered into her ear pulling her by her hair close to me.

“Why? Her bitch ass boyfriends air my fucking brother!” She spat pulling away from my grip.

“But did your physio ass brother die?” I was really getting irritated by the amount of hate she had for them. I couldn’t believe I was in her place years ago. Acting the same way towards their love. I could care less about her brother right now especially after what happened to Ren.

“What are you talking about?”

“Stupid hoe.” I mumbled. “Because of you and your fucking brother causing all that stress she lost the baby.” I mumbled through clench teeth trying to fight back the urge to kill her and cry at the same time.

“What??” She said in complete shock. “Does Trey know?” She asked.

“Why should he! It wasn’t his baby! Now Aug is in jail and Ren doesn’t even know she isn’t pregnant anymore. I hope you’re happy!” I yelled finally in tears.

“What happen, Nik?” She mumbled through her trembled voice.

“Fuck you! Tell them and I’ll tell you!” I said walking back down the hallway into the room.

I cleared my face so it wouldn’t be obvious that I had cried. No one knew about this except for me. To be honest I really don’t think anyone knew that they took a DNA test to figure out who’s baby it was.

“You cool?” Tae whispered as she paced near the door with Chris away from the group.

“Yeah…. I’m just gonna go back in. How’s she doing?” I asked.

“Better since Aug is here but she still doesn’t know.” She said looking worried.

We all walked back into the room as Aug was crammrd into the same bed holding AirRen as she slept.

“AUUUUGUST!” She yelled sleeping.


I couldn’t believe this. I killed someone’s baby. How? Why? What happened?” I pondered as the questions filled my head. I have to go see my brother.

I walled into the dark room. The only light was coming from the heart monitor that glowed and added a slight sound to the silent room.

“Tremaine?” I whispered gently taping his shoulder. I didn’t want to see his face especially since Aug shot him directly in it. I was scared for my brother but once I knew that we caused a mother to lose her child that was the finally break.

“What!” He growled turning to face me. His eyes were hazy and he had a scar surrounding his left cheek and the side of his mouth.

“Why the hell did you break into their hou-”

“Cuz she had that niggah near my unborn son!” He spat groaning as he tried to sit up.

“Trey …. You and I both know that baby wasn’t yours!” I whined.

“What did the results say?” He grinned. “She’s gonna have my son …. leave that niggah and we will be married!” He smiled looking off into space.

“Trey no! Who changed those results? Your never gonna have a real family with her.” I was tired of being scared of my brother. He ruined my nursing career pulling this stunt.

“Fuck you!” He roared getting up trashing the room.

“Trey the baby’s dead!” I mumbled as he stopped throwing things around the now destroyed room.

“What?” He mumbled. “Nah …. You just saying that shit! You don’t want me to have a family cuz you don’t have one!” He spat as his voice trembled.

“Trey …. She was too stressed …. She had a miscarriage.”

“I need to see her. I wanna comfort my baby.” He said weakly.

“Trey …. You don’t understand … She’s with August. That was their baby and we took him away from her.”

“That was my son …. it was-” He cried into the pillow making my eyes tear up a little.

“I’m telling her Trey …. I’m telling her what we did.” I announced walking out of the room before he could protest.

I walked down the hallway coaching myself and preparing to get killed. I knew August would be there so I knew Trey and Chris would be around. I was regretting the whole thing but it was too late to holding back now. I could hear her crying and silence.

“Lord be with me …. Here goes nothing.”


“AUUUUGUST!” She screamed in her sleep as I held onto to her tightly.

“I’m right here baby.” I whispered kissing her cheek as tears fell from her eyes.

“August … don’t leave me.” She whispered holding onto to my bloody wife beater. “What happened?” She asked. I looked around to find everyone’s eyes on me. I took a deep breath twisting my curls nervously.


“Co I swear if you peed on me again I’m kicking yah ass out the bed.” I mumbled laughing as I pulled the covers off of us. My boxers and and white sheets were drenched in bloody goo.

“CoCo!!! CoCo … AirRen! Baby stop playing!” I spat shaking her attempting to wake her up. Her life less body rolled over reveling her bloody legs.

“Baby wake up!” I yelled nervously listening for her heart beat. I looked under the shirt seeing a head of curls slowly pushing out. I pulled my ‘Def Jam’ hoodie from the chair gently attempting to coaching the bloody figure out of her.

I heard the front door open then someone coming up the stairs. “What the Fuck!” I mumbled pulling the sheets over Co and grabbing the gun I stashed at Ren’s house heading to the side of the door. I watched the door creep open as I shot not giving a fuck who it was. I watch the body fall to the floor with blood leaking for his face. I pulled the hood back reveling Trey.

“What the fuck!” I yelled pacing back and forth until I heard a low cry. I rushed over to Ren peeling the covers back looking at our baby move slowly between her legs. I wrapped our son in my hoodie bouncing him gently in my arms.

“We gotta get momma safe.” I cooed grabbing my phone attempting to dial 9-1-1 through my shaky hands. As I place myself under Co kissing her and rocking our son while Trey lied lifeless on the floor.

I hadn’t eve realized I was crying until the ambulance and police came in to recover the bodies. The police grabbed me putting handcuffs on me.

“What the FUCK!” I yelled through tears trying to break free.

“August Alsina your under arrest for the shooting of ….” was all I heard before my attention was brought to Co and Treys body being put on a gurney but our son along with my hoodie was zipped in a medical disposal yellow bag.

****Flashback over****

“Our son’s dead?” She asked with tears on the brim of her eyes as she touched her now empty belly. All I could was nod. I knew I would break down if I spoke. I looked around the room to see everyone in tears.

“I’m so sorry.” I whispered with tears streaming from my face.

“It’s not your fault baby. I love you.” She said kissing my lips.

“I love-” I was interrupted by the door opening. A beautiful light skinned girl with a short blue hairstyle came towards us. She looked so familiar but I couldn’t figure out who She was.

“How she doing Lolita?” The asked grabbing the chart from her fingers.

“Pause … Lola yah name’s Lolita?” Ny asked. “And your a nurse.”

“Hold the hell up … I knew you looked familiar!” Tae said as me and Ren’s heads popped up.

“Wait … your my fucking nurse bitch!” Ren spat getting angry.

Lola just stood there looking in a daze. She had tears rolling down her cheek onto her scrubs. Her hands were shaking and the way she bit her lips they were gonna fall off.

“TELL THEM!” Nikkei spat.

‘What the hell is going on?’ I thought looking at Ren’s facial expression.