Running for my dad.

Sadly there are no half marathons in my area for a long time. As I was browsing all the upcoming races I see “Healthy Kidney 10k” and click on it. My dad is on dialysis and has had two kidney transplants and is in need of another. I haven’t ran more than a mile or two straight in months but running for my dad would mean the world to me. I was surprised that I could simply sign up and be accepted right away so I got up and got my credit card lol. With shaky hands I hit the submit button and within seconds it was official. After two years I am finally running my first race. I don’t have much time to train and I can’t promise I will finish with a great time but my goal is to simply run for my dad. 

I can’t believe I just did this. Time to get to work. 

Brooklyn Half Marathon 2014 Race Recap: Part One It’s been a few days since 25K+ runners crossed the finished line at the Brooklyn Half. What an incredible race. I’m so grateful that I live in New York City and am able to experience such iconic events.  I think this race will always hold a special place in my heart. The Brooklyn Half was my gate way drug to endurance sport. Last year, I had a crazy idea to run in it, after never going more than 3 miles all at once in my life. After 10 weeks of training, I was able to finish at 1:57:29

This year, after having a few more races under my belt; completing both the Ironman 70.3 Timberman and the NYC Marathon, the Brooklyn Half felt different. I trained hard for this race, with a better understanding in running and an actual running coach (Hi, Jess!), I walked up to the start with confidence. I took off 13 minutes from last year, finishing in 1:44:38. 

It’s funny how your perspectives can change. Last year, I would look at a 5 mile run as a huge ordeal; this year, 5 miles is a standard distance. Last year, I would scoff at any run over an 1 hour; this year, I feel like I start hitting my stride after 60 minutes. Last year, I didn’t vary my running workouts at all; this year, I experimented with tempo, hills, long slow distances and intervals. 

I say this a lot, but the body is a machine. It will adapt to whatever you throw at it. It will change, for better or for worse, given the circumstances you put it in. It is both incredibly empowering and incredibly scary. It is up to us how we want to condition our body, we just have to decide what we want. 

Brooklyn Half Marathon Training - Tempo Run

I’m typically a morning runner. I like to get to my workout first thing. I feel like when I get to work, I’m so focused at the task at hand that I feel like I don’t want to break my rhythm. Today, it was such a gorgeous spring day, I took an hour after lunch and ran on the West Side Highway. It was beautiful. 

Here was my workout:

I’ve done tempo runs in the past, but after actually having a run coach, I am now just realizing that all my tempo runs were too slow. I did read somewhere that amateur runners take the slow days too fast and the fast days too slow. You see improvement but you never reach your true potential. That was definitely going through my head as I was doing this run.

Being that it was my first tempo, it was painful. I was happy to hit the stop watch and didn’t go a second over the 25 minutes. 


Mile 1: 7:25

Mile 2: 7:39

Mile 3: 7:37

.3 miles: 2:19

I ran slightly faster than the prescribed time partially since I was running with a friend. It did feel a bit fast for my current level. Looking forward to seeing my numbers improve.


Week 1
November 1, 2014
1 Day Until TCS NYC Marathon

The time has come. Today went by in a blink. I did a little two mile shake out run at a very slow pace just because. Spent the rest of the day resting. I have everything in place for tomorrow. My breakfast is prepared. Gear is all good to go. I went over the course all day long. Trying to anticipate as much as I can. Reminding myself over and over again that marathon pace is going to feel easy at first. But I have to pull back and stay within my plan or else pay the price later. So as I finalize things in my mind..I flash back to the last 18 weeks of this Hanson Plan. I read the book a few times. Built my plan using those guidelines. Had the luxury of being able to watch other Hanson Planners execute their respective plans and ready all those recaps over and over. I’m as ready as I am going to be. This 18 week plan was no joke. Here are some statistics:

  • Ran a total of 875 miles
  • A total of 116:09
  • Total Average Pace was 7:57
  • Ran 6 days a week 18 weeks

During these 18 weeks, I set PRs at the following

  • 1 mile @5:38
  • 5k 19:54 6:24 pace
  • 4 Miles 26:31 - 6:35 pace
  • 5 Miles 33:54 - 6:47 pace
  • 10k 42:10 - 6:47 pace
  • 10 miles 1:09:33 6:58 pace
  • 13.1 miles 1:30:29 6:55 pace

A lot has changed since I started this program. For example I remember my first 5k during this plan I averaged a 6:55 pace. Towards the end of the plan I was able to manage that same pace for a half marathon distance. 

Now lets talk about tomorrow. Because all the good training in the world does not guarantee results. First of all we are looking at maybe the worst weather in the city since Winter ended. It will be cold and the winds will be in the low 20mph range. This can throw a wrench into well laid plans. I am going to scale back goals a bit here and hope for the best. Forget about 3:10. That is just a wet dream. I would like to at least be able to break 3:20 even if by a second. Worst case scenario I need to have a BQ time of at least 3:24:59. I won’t beat myself up either way. I will take this is a learning experience to use for future marathons. I’m sure I won’t do everything right, but overall I am going to trust my training and look to start slow enough to not bonk late. I’ll keep it simple and try to make sure I don’t go out to hard. I have to remember that my marathon tempo will feel easy after I come off the Verazzano bridge most of brooklyn is flat. The temptation is to race faster than marathon pace during these miles because it will feel easy after the taper. This is a common mistake which will have an invoice at mile 20. I’ll look to be disciplined here hoping that my reward will be that i won’t be dead by mile 20. 

I want to thank all you tumlbrinos and tumblrinas for the words of encouragement and support. I feel the pressure of not letting you guys down. I should have kept my mouth shut about my goal times :). 

you guys are great. I hope to come back with good news when you next hear from me after the NYC Marathon. Holy shit its here. Just got to go to sleep and wake up, prepare…and get it on!



Went ahead and reserved sketchy hotel room near Central Park before they all filled up.  Send lots of lucky good vibes to Chelsea today so she gets in too! 

I signed up for the #nyrr Brooklyn half marathon this morning. This is such a special event for me since it’s the first race i ever did and awakened this running addiction in me. I run this race as a yearly celebration. It’s a victory lap through the city I love. So tonight, I couldn’t help but run past the race’s start. Who else is running this on May? (at Brooklyn Museum)


Week 14
88 Days Until NJ Marathon

I can’t believe how difficult its been for me to keep up on my tumblr…obviously this is unnacceptable. I’ll work on that. 

So to catch up, Week 14 came and went. It was uneventful yet productive. I did get some of my mojo back and started feeling a little like myself during last years marathon training season. Here is a breakdown of how the week went

Monday - This was supposed to be an easy day. But since we had a 3 day weekend, and last week I had so much trouble getting my interval workout in Central Park and super cold weather, I decided to do my interval work on Monday since I had the day to myself and the weather was downright balmy at 46 degrees. So i ran the 3 miles to clove lakes park where there is a 800 meter loop…nice and flat unlike central parks lower loop. And I went for 5x1200s with a 400m rest. They were hard, but I was right on the money with all but the last rep. That last rep killed me for some reason but I’m happy overall that I was able to stick to my mark. I then ran the 3 miles home..altogether it was a 10 mile hard working day but it felt great. 

I was back at work and the decision to do intervals on Monday proved to be a smart one. I ran an easy 10k and the weather was still nice in the mid 30’s. 

This was supposed to be my day off. I hit the gym for a killer crossfit and Leg workout. The squats and Clean and jerks are coming along nicely. Gotta fix my form with the CNJ’s. I started videotaping my Clean and jerks so i can start cleaning that up. My squat was super strong..i was able to Squat 225 for 6 reps for two sets. I feel I can squat heavier for a 1 rep max but I keep reminding myself that I am a runner first and the lifting is just to compliment my running. Although I can probably get heavier if I wanted to…no need right now. Eye on the prize. 
After the mean leg workout I hit the treadmill for 3 easy miles so technically…no day off this week again…its all good. I feel I’m doing a good job in building up that fatigue on the legs..

Tempo run…it was another mild temp day in central park. And I was able to hit my mark effortlessly. My 6th and final mile came in at 6:35 so yes i do feel like I am starting to get my tempo pace back to a respectable level. Can’t wait to step it up to 7 m iles starting next week!

Another effortless 6 easy central park miles turned into 8. Only problem was I was feeling too good..not sure why since the squats followed by tempo run should have been enough to have me tired for this run. I thought it was effortless, but when I checked my HR chart I saw that i spent 60% of this run in my zone 4 HR which is closer to a tempo run (80%). Next time I have to make sure to tone it down during these suckers. 

Today I finally felt the toll from the weeks work and i turned in an uneventful 10k. It was snowy and shitty out but I got it in and that is all. 

logn run dat„,12 miles..nice and easy. Crappy day but nice run. Got lots of people screaming at me to get off the roads because of the snow but hey…a mans gotta marathon train. 

Thats all folks. I threw in a few gratuitous pics up there..me and my bunny at a fancy birthday party.

My oldest son at his first powerlifting meet (he won first place in his age\weightclass) thanks for the advice. jenifersbody

My little papas fritas at an indoor track meet at the armory. 

And thats me making a tough guy face with a bitch ass dog sitting on my lap…but hey..thats my little baby girl and she got my back ok!

have a great week everybody.