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i know you're a hawks fan but do you know any good rangers blogs?? im a big rangers fan (hockey in general which is why i follow you) but rangers primarily and u seem like the right person to come to :-)

Oh jeez. Actually, I’m a huge Devils fan (I just haven’t really been able to blog about my own mediocre boys in awhile so the Hawks took over) but even so, I do follow some Rangers blogs! 

I’m just going to list people and if you blog about the Rangers and I missed you, reblog this for the anon.

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Marty St. Louis announced his retirement from hockey today.

Throughout his career with the Tampa Bay Lightning and the New York Rangers, St. Louis defied odds and accumulated a stat line of 391-642-1033 and carries with him 3 Lady Byngs, 2 Art Ross trophies and a Stanley Cup. 

Thanks for the memories.

carl hagelin said he had “many best friends” on the rangers. “they’re going to be close to making the stanley cup every year.”

thank you for everything carl hagelin. your contributions won’t be forgotten and we will appreciate you for a very long time after this. rangerstown will miss you x