new years resolution

v, when this relationship ends please please do not jump into another one. i need this advice, i need to remember this. i need nights with no texts and no snapchats. to lay in bed without thinking/overthinking about another human. i deserve to find out what truly makes me happy, other than kisses and affection. i need to keep creating my soul and shaping my life into what i want it to be. i beg you not to, i beg you to first keep trying to create yourself without anyone by your side

The Signs as Hockey’s Unproblematic Faves

Aries: Johnny Gaudreau
Taurus: Jonathan Toews
Gemini: Daniel & Henrik Sedin
Cancer: Henrik Lundqvist 
Leo: Mats Zuccarello
Virgo: Sidney Crosby
Libra: Gabriel Landeskog
Scorpio: TJ Oshie
Sagittarius: Eddie Lack
Capricorn: Nick Foligno
Aquarius: Carey Price
Pisces: Zach Parise