The Talons are a mercenary organization based on Omega. They are highly organized, setting them apart from other gangs like the Blood Pack, but just as dishonorable. Its members sport prominent red facepaint.

Prior to the plague of 2185, the Talons were an obscure group with negligible influence, but the devastation of the plague combined with Commander Shepard’s actions against mercenaries on the station resulted in a power vacuum that the Talons rapidly filled.

Under Nyreen Kandros’s direction, the Talons are transformed from a small-time gang into an organized force whose members fought for a higher purpose: to protect the people of Omega.”

I’ve been thinking about what might have happened if Nyreen hadn’t died at the end of the Omega DLC.

She and Aria could have run Omega together, butting heads but keeping the peace and maintaining the freedom of its citizens. Nyreen would have helped her round up the last of the Cerberus troops before exiling them from the station, and then maybe they both would have celebrated over a glass of Noverian Rum.

Nyreen and the Talons could have become a War Asset, aiding Aria in her contributions to the war.

Or, what if Nyreen had come on board the Normandy?

Imagine Nyreen discussing her biotic abilities with Liara and both of them learning from each other’s strengths. They find common ground in their loyalty to their comrades and their desire to do good.

Imagine Nyreen meeting Kaiden and them sharing stories about the time when their biotics were developing, both experiencing fear and uncertainty in their futures. They both understand the terror of not knowing if you can control your own abilities, and what it means to be controlled by the whims of others.

Imagine Nyreen meeting Garrus, the only other turian on board the Normandy. At first they don’t say anything to each other, both surprised at the sight of another turian on the ship. The silence wanes into questions about Garrus’s past and how he came to join Shepard. Eventually the two are talking about their histories and how they became distant from turian society, but managed to find new footing in unfamiliar places.


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