Zoom in for an article I wrote in 1998 for the late, lamented NYPress. It’s about my first paying job as an actor - extra work on a Tim Robbins film. It’s a little bitchy, and some of the sentences make me cringe, but its an interesting artifact.

NY Press: Art of the Mind

“As the steamroller of development moves, seemingly unstoppable, through Manhattan, we see the loss of many things that lured us to the city in the first place. Amongst the first to fall have been music, performance and art spaces that once nurtured the young, the experimental and the under-represented in the arts. Imagine then, my delight at finding the Fountain Gallery, an unlikely gallery in a very unlikely location. Located on the corner of 48th and Ninth, nestled in the middle of a busy retail and restaurant neighborhood, the Fountain Gallery is an outpost of interesting and edgy art.”


Did Norman Foster design this New York City skyscraper?

Did Norman Foster design this New York City skyscraper?

The possible Norman Foster-designed tower in the NYC skyline. (Bauhaus Group via NYPress)

A 900-foot tower is coming to Manhattan’s high-end Sutton Place and it looks like Norman Foster is the architect behind the geometric tower punctuated by inset terraces and gardens.

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