nypk representatives


Hey everyone,

The cold is slowly setting in–which means the season of intensive conditioning is also starting.  (Not that you shouldn’t be conditioning all the time anyways–but especially more so in winter.)

The weekly SU saturday sessions are going well, with lots of newcomers.  The ladies sessions are also proving to be fruitful. I look forward to a fun year.

In personal news, my knees are recovering still (getting stronger every day) and my shoulder is at 80%.  This is great!  I’ve been able to do a bit of training even.  Also, this past month I was offered a place on the NYPK Jr. Rep Team.  I was very surprised by the offer and am equally excited to see what can become of this relationship.  I never trained very much in the community and never really thought much about teams or groups or yada yada.  I always was just there for myself.  I see this as just an extension–a move forward

Hope training is going well for all of you out there!  If you have any videos or pictures of yourself doing parkour, feel free to share them here!