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Activists win access to NYPD’s Black Lives Matter surveillance files

  • A New York judge has ordered the New York Police Department to divulge files showing how it surveilled Black Lives Matter demonstrations two years ago, a group of activists announced Wednesday.
  • According to a written decision by Judge Manuel Mendez, the NYPD must release records of the undercover surveillance it conducted on BLM protests related to the police-involved death of Eric Garner
  • The activists, whose initial request seeking the records was initially denied by the NYPD, learned through court documents in September that officials have files that match their request, as well as records of communication between the undercover officers assigned to the demonstrations and officers’ handlers. Read more

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After her NYPD arrest, Eric Garner’s mother Gwen Carr says its her duty to fight Trump

  • Gwen Carr’s daughter teased her, once she learned her mother had been arrested protesting outside of Trump Tower in New York City.
  • “You’ve been around 67 years — you wait until you get 67 years old to get arrested?” her daughter joked.
  • Carr was among more than a dozen National Action Network demonstrators arrested by the NYPD on Tuesday night for blocking traffic on a busy and highly surveilled street in Manhattan.
  • But Carr says that, given the threat Trump poses to civil rights, policing reform and other social justice causes, her arrest was necessary.
  •  In July 2014, Carr’s son Eric Garner, was killed in an interaction with New York City police that’s slated for a Justice Department review under the new administration. As such, she said she will keep up the pressure on the people who make the decisions. Read more

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NYPD is investigating online threats made against Muslim activist Linda Sarsour

  • On Tuesday, the New York Police Department’s Hate Crimes Task Force announced it’s investigating a threat made on social media against prominent activist Linda Sarsour, the New York Daily News reported.
  • A man identified as Glenn Maccioli asked to find Sarsour’s home location on Facebook so he could “spit in her face.”
  • “This bitch is in Brooklyn,” Maccioli reportedly wrote. “Anyone know where? I would like to spit in her face.“
  • Maccioli reportedly took issue with Sarsour referring to President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as "bigoted peas in a hateful pod.” Read more (2/21/17 7:30 PM)

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NYPD officer pictured ‘putting seven-months pregnant woman into a chokehold for illegally grilling outside her apartment’

An advocacy group has released images which claim to show an NYPD officer putting a seven-months pregnant woman into a chokehold for illegally grilling on the sidewalk in front of her apartment. 

NYPD officers have been banned from using the chokehold since 1993, but an officer can be seen in the pictures wrapping his arm around 27-year-old Rosan Miller’s neck in the Saturday incident. 

Her young daughter is also in the pictures, watching the arrest unfold.

Illegally grilling on the sidewalk! What a hardened, dangerous criminal! And I bet that little girl now has a very solid grasp on who she can trust and what’s ok to do to women and/or people who are physically weaker than you!


Officer who killed Ramarley Graham resigns. Graham’s family says justice wasn’t served.

  • NEW YORK CITY — Richard Haste, the New York City police officer who fatally shot Ramarley Graham, a black and unarmed teen, in 2012, has resigned from the New York Police Department.
  • An internal trial that found Haste guilty of wrongdoing and recommended his firing, officials announced on Monday.
  • But for Graham’s family, who for five years remained in the dark about disciplinary proceedings against Haste, the resignation is just another slap in the face.
  • Constance Malcolm, Graham’s mother, said the fact that Haste was allowed to resign without facing any criminal charges in civilian courts is shameful.
  • “I think the whole of New York City should be appalled with this decision,” Malcolm said during a press conference at NYPD headquarters on Monday. “There’s no way a cop should break in your home, kill an unarmed person and walk free, let alone get a pay raise every year from the time he killed my son.” Read more (3/27/17 1:35 PM) 

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NYPD officer who killed Deborah Danner in October arrested, charged with murder

  • A New York City prosecutor on Wednesday announced charges against the police officer who killed Deborah Danner, a mentally ill woman, in her Bronx apartment in October.
  • After a more than six-month investigation, NYPD Sergeant Hugh Barry was arrested on Wednesday.
  • Barry has been indicted on charges of second-degree murder, first- and second-degree manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide, the New York Times reported. 
  • Barry, who has been suspended without pay, was stripped of his badge and placed on modified duty following the Oct. 18 incident.
  • He is expected in a New York City court for arraignment Wednesday afternoon, the Times reported. Read more (5/31/17)

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By Ned Leeds

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the Lizard’s attack on Manhattan and the death of Captain George Stacy, of New York City Police Department’s Major Crimes Unit. Stacy was a decorated police veteran who left behind a loving wife and four children. In this Daily Bugle exclusive we spoke with the Stacy family, Helen, who lost a heroic husband that day, and Gwen, Phillip, Howard, and Simon, who lost their father.

Daily Bugle: Helen, is this a hard anniversary to commemorate?

Helen Stacy: It’s hard to believe George died a year ago. That night, that call, it still hurts as if it happened five seconds ago.

DB: Does your family take any solace that Curt Connors will spend the rest of his life in prison?

Helen Stacy: I think that would have mattered much more to George, just to know Connors is paying for his crimes. He cared very deeply about the law and about justice.

DB: Gwen, your graduation from Midtown Science High School is coming up and you are the valedictorian. How proud would your father have been?

Gwen Stacy: Very proud, I’m sure. (fighting back tears) And nervous for me, and concerned because he wouldn’t want me to be scared. And excited for my future. 

DB: Do you ever have any regrets that Spider-Man and your father saved the city but only one of them walked away that night?

Gwen Stacy: I think… (long pause) I think both of them did what they thought needed to be done without regard to the risk. I think both of them were heroes that night. I regret that my dad died, but not at the expense of anyone else.

DB: What about the kids? What do your classmates say about that night?

Simon Stacy: All my friends think that Spidey was totally cool, but that my dad was the coolest!


“I’m obviously talking about specific cases where it is murder, as far as I’m concerned.”

After Quentin Tarantino’s appearance at an anti-police brutality rally earlier this month, police labeled the director as cop-hating, and the NYPD and LAPD reacted by calling for a boycott of his films. Tarantino took to Real Time with Bill Maher on Sunday to defend his claims, citing that he is not anti-police but the largest problem within the institution needs to be discussed, rather than avoided by police defending themselves over the citizens they pledge to protect when becoming officers of the law. [x]

The death of a police officer is never something to be celebrated, let alone as retribution for a totally unrelated crime. Putting a target on the back of all police officers because of the poor judgement of some members of the force is no better than making unfair and unreasonable assumptions about an entire group people because of the color of their skin. Black lives matter, but so do the lives of police officers.

Those who are celebrating the shooting of the New York City cops as a win for #BlackLivesMatter are missing the point of the movement for police reform entirely. The goal of the protests isn’t to eliminate the police force, or to exact bloody vengeance from every police officer who walks the streets. It’s to reform an inherently broken system that’s plagued by institutionalized racism, inequality and the frequent use of unnecessary force by officers who aren’t held accountable by their superiors or the courts. It’s to ensure that we have more good cops than bad, not to make sure we have no cops at all.

Imagine that Eric Garner had been white. Imagine that he’d been living in Idaho. Imagine that the law-enforcement officers who killed him had been federal agents.

His death would be a Tea Party crusade.

Think about it. The police hassled Garner because he had a history of selling untaxed cigarettes. It’s the kind of big-government intrusion that drives Tea Partiers nuts. One of the events that helped launch the Tea Party, in fact, came in January 2009, when activists from Young Americans for Liberty donned American Indian garb to protest the soda taxes proposed by then-New York Governor David Patterson.

Garner responded to being hassled with a statement of “don’t tread on me” anti-government defiance: “I was just minding my own business. Every time you see me you want to mess with me. I’m tired of it. It stops today!”

A tussle ensued. The police put Garner in a chokehold, and he died.

The Garner case bears some resemblance to that of Cliven Bundy, the Nevada rancher who this spring prevented Bureau of Land Management agents from impounding his cattle after he refused to pay government grazing fees. Like Garner, Bundy was engaged in a form of commerce he believed the government should not tax. Like Garner, Bundy resisted law enforcement’s efforts to punish him for it. For many conservatives, this made Bundy a hero and the government that sought to penalize him a tyranny. Right-wing activists, including some Republican legislators, flocked to Bundy’s ranch as he stared down federal agents, and Nevada Senator Dean Heller dubbed these vigilantes “patriots.” “At the heart of this issue,” declared Fox’s Sean Hannity, is “my belief that our government is simply out of control.” Ted Cruz called the Bundy affair “the unfortunate and tragic culmination of the path that President Obama has set the federal government on” in which “we have seen our constitutional liberties eroded.”

To imagine how Fox News would be reacting right now had Garner been white, rural, and facing the feds, you need only imagine how it would have reacted had a BLM agent shot Bundy dead.

But Fox and the rest of the pro-Tea Party right aren’t reacting that way. Yes, some conservative pundits—noting the video that shows Garner being choked to death—have condemned the grand jury’s decision not to indict the police officer who killed him. Rand Paul has denounced the high cigarette taxes that Garner flouted.

Overall, however, conservatives have responded to the Garner case with a yawn.

—  The Atlantic, “If Eric Garner Were White”

NYPD officer found guilty of killing unarmed black man Akai Gurley

After three days of deliberations, a jury of seven men and five women has found New York City police officer Peter Liang guilty of second degree manslaughter for the 2014 shooting of Akai Gurley, an unarmed black man who was fatally wounded while walking up a stairwell in a Brooklyn housing project. Liang faces up to 15 years in prison. The unlikely coalition that formed in pursuit of justice.

NYPD allegedly forced Muslim woman to remove hijab, took photos of her after arrest

  • The New York Police Department is facing a lawsuit over allegations that officers strip-searched a Muslim woman, forced her to remove her headscarf and took photos of her after a false arrest.
  • According to the New York Daily News, 34-year-old Rabab Musa filed a lawsuit at the Manhattan Supreme Court where she claims she was unlawfully arrested on Sept. 6 at around 6 p.m. outside a Starbucks.
  • The suit claims she was “forced to remove the hijab in violation of her rights and the hijab was confiscated.” Musa said she was put in a holding cell with men, the NYDN reported. 
  • She also claims NYPD officers flaunted her across the station and took photos of her without the hijab. Read more (2/22/17 11:58 AM)

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