The DOJ has replaced the team reviewing Eric Garner’s death

The Department of Justice recently moved to replace the New York-based team of agents and lawyers investigating Eric Garner’s case. The FBI agents handling the case were swapped out for agents from outside New York. In order to mount a civil rights case, the investigating agents need specific evidence.

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Erek Smith joins the show to talk improv, Karl Rove declaring Trump can't win, and Indiana officials targeting a black voter registration drive
  • Erek Smith joins the show to talk improv, Karl Rove declaring Trump can't win, and Indiana officials targeting a black voter registration drive
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Erek Smith (@erek_smith) joins the show to discuss improv, the NY AG not investigating the NYPD killing of Deborah Danner, Karl Rove declaring Donald Trump can’t win, Eric Trump saying his father will accept the results of the election “if it’s fair,” Maniac Mail about California propositions on the ballot, and Indiana officials targeting a black voter registration drive on a technicality

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New Yorker Tyeesha Mobley was at a gas station near her Bronx apartment with her two sons when she caught the older boy, aged nine, stealing $10 out of her purse. Thinking this was a good opportunity to teach him a lesson about honesty and consequences, she called the police, asking them to help her communicate the seriousness of stealing.

When the police arrived, however, Mobley’s Arrested Development-style lesson quickly escalated into a terrifying situation. Three of the four officers who arrived at the gas station apparently understood that this was a lighthearted call. 

“They started asking Tyleke what did he take,” said Mobley. “He told them. And about three officers was joking around with him, telling him, ‘You can’t be stealing, you’ll wind up going in the police car.'”

The fourth cop, however, had different ideas. He began yelling: “You black b—-es don’t know how to take care of your kids … why are you wasting our time, we aren’t here to raise your kid … why don’t you take your f—ing kid and leave?”

When she tried to follow his order, Mobley says the fourth officer arrested her, refusing to give a reason. While she and her children cried for him to stop, one of the other officers attempted to intervene, saying, “We are not supposed to act like this.”

He replied, “Black b—-es like that … this is how I treat them.”

After her arrest, Mobley was hospitalized for the bruises she’d sustained on her legs thanks to the fourth cop kicking her during the arrest. She successfully fought off child endangerment charges—a pretty interesting charge given that the “endangerment” in question seems to have been calling the police.

Mobley’s two children were placed in foster care for four months, where they reportedly received sub-par care. Now, having recovered her children—who have undoubtedly learned a very different lesson than the one she intended to teach—Mobley is suing the NYPD.

And, to paraphrase J. Walter Weatherman, that’s why you don’t call the police.


We asked a cop why people were being arrested for nothing he said “If we could arrest all of you we might"

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Man Detained, Choked and Thrown to the Ground by NYPD – For Dancing Behind A Cop

“What are you dancin’ in the street for? What the f**k is wrong with you?” barks the NYPD cop as he assaults a man for dancing.

New York, NY — A harmless and humorous dance challenge by TV personality Ellen Degeneres, goes brutally awry after the NYPD gets involved.

Ellen’s #DanceDares have brought humor and laughter to so many people, until now.

The premise for the #DanceDare is simple, dance behind someone without them noticing.

Most of these interactions simply make people smile, or at worst walk away. However, when YouTube personality, Alexander BOK attempted this playful stunt behind an NYPD officer, he was accosted and assaulted.

Accosted and assaulted for dancing in the street on Christmas Eve.

In what looks more like a gang bullying than a police detainment, BOK is immediately thrown up against the NYPD van while a hand clinches his neck – for dancing.

The NYPD ‘Slowdown’ Is Unintentionally Benefiting The People

One of the most confusing political protests is currently taking place in New York City, and it is unintentionally benefiting average citizens.

Furious at embattled mayor Bill de Blasio, and at what Police Benevolent Association chief Patrick Lynch calls a “hostile anti-police environment in the city,” police officers are refusing to arrest or ticket people for minor offenses – such arrests have dropped off a staggering 94 percent, with overall arrests plunging 66 percent.

The protesting police have decided to make arrests “only when they have to.” In other words, the NYPD is abandoning their ‘Broken Window’ policies to anger the mayor, the very policies that is being protested by anti-brutality demonstrators. 

It’s incredibly ironic that the police have chosen to abandon quality-of-life actions like public urination tickets and open-container violations, because it’s precisely these types of interactions that are at the heart of the Broken Windows polices that so infuriate residents of so-called "hot spot” neighborhoods.

So keep it up down NYPD!! We’re enjoying a harassment free NYC.