Activists win access to NYPD’s Black Lives Matter surveillance files

  • A New York judge has ordered the New York Police Department to divulge files showing how it surveilled Black Lives Matter demonstrations two years ago, a group of activists announced Wednesday.
  • According to a written decision by Judge Manuel Mendez, the NYPD must release records of the undercover surveillance it conducted on BLM protests related to the police-involved death of Eric Garner
  • The activists, whose initial request seeking the records was initially denied by the NYPD, learned through court documents in September that officials have files that match their request, as well as records of communication between the undercover officers assigned to the demonstrations and officers’ handlers. Read more

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After her NYPD arrest, Eric Garner’s mother Gwen Carr says its her duty to fight Trump

  • Gwen Carr’s daughter teased her, once she learned her mother had been arrested protesting outside of Trump Tower in New York City.
  • “You’ve been around 67 years — you wait until you get 67 years old to get arrested?” her daughter joked.
  • Carr was among more than a dozen National Action Network demonstrators arrested by the NYPD on Tuesday night for blocking traffic on a busy and highly surveilled street in Manhattan.
  • But Carr says that, given the threat Trump poses to civil rights, policing reform and other social justice causes, her arrest was necessary.
  •  In July 2014, Carr’s son Eric Garner, was killed in an interaction with New York City police that’s slated for a Justice Department review under the new administration. As such, she said she will keep up the pressure on the people who make the decisions. Read more

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NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio denounces Islamophobic harassment of off-duty Muslim NYPD officer Aml Elsokary.

A man who authorities said shouted “go back to your country” at a Muslim woman wearing a religious head covering may have picked the wrong target: a decorated New York City police officer.

Those people bullying Muslim women just for being Muslim are sick!
This woman has done more good than these islamophobes will ever do! This girl does a positive contribution to serve this country while they are getting mad.

Woman,  Muslim,  NYPD officer: 

doesn’t get much braver than that.

Sikh, Muslim police officers in New York City will now be able to wear turbans and beards.

The new policy will provide religious accommodations for uniforms and allow beards to grow up to one-half inch, the New York Times reports. Religious head coverings are also permissible to wear in uniform as long as hair is neatly and tightly pulled back under the fabric. Turbans must also have a hat shield of the NYPD seal. Officers would first have to seek approval from the Equal Employment Opportunity Office. Read more.


NYPD sergeant kills Deborah Danner, a 66-year-old black woman who neighbors say was mentally ill

A black woman said to be living with a mental illness was shot and killed by a New York police sergeant in her Bronx, New York, apartment Tuesday evening. Police officials say the woman allegedly wielded a bat at a police sergeant. Commissioner James O'Neil admitted the officer didn’t follow protocol.


Bronx man Ariel Galarza dies after being Tasered by NYPD

New York City police stunned 49-year-old Bronx man later identified as Ariel Galarza to death Wednesday after he allegedly threatened officers with a glass bottle. An upstairs neighbor told the Daily News the man was a deli worker and “a real good man.”

The incident marks at least the second time in recent weeks that an NYPD officer has killed someone reported to be experiencing a mental health crisis.