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NYPD waited 20 minutes to report their killing Akai Gurley

New York Police Department (NYPD) officer Peter Liang waited nearly 20 minutes to report the shooting of Akai Gurley, a 28-year-old black man who was killed when Liang’s weapon discharged on November 20 in an unlit stairwell in Brooklyn, according to a prosecution motion released by the Brooklyn Supreme Court last week.

Officer Liang fatally shot Gurley, who was unarmed, while conducting a “vertical patrol” with his partner Shaun Landau in the Louis H. Pink Houses. Vertical patrols are an NYPD tactic in which officers walk up or down the stairways of public housing buildings. Liang conducted the patrol with his gun drawn and claims his weapon went off accidentally.

A grand jury indicted Liang on February 10 of second-degree manslaughter and lesser offenses. Last week Judge Danny K. Chun denied a motion by Liang’s lawyers to the dismiss charges. His trial date will be decided on September 29.

The prosecution’s document, which includes evidence presented to the grand jury, exposes the disregard shown by Liang and his partner Landau for Gurley’s life. After shooting him, neither Liang nor Landau checked on his condition. Landau “had heard the sound of running footsteps in the stairwell,” according to his grand jury testimony, but did not investigate what happened to the individual subsequently.

Instead, the officers bickered about who should call their superior officers. During this time, Gurley and his girlfriend, Melissa Butler, ran down several flights of stairs before Gurley collapsed due to his injury. Butler then knocked on apartment doors before being able to borrow a cordless phone from a resident to call 911.

An Emergency Medical Services operator gave instructions to Butler on how to administer CPR to Gurley, who had stopped breathing. Butler had no prior training in CPR. According to the document, at one point Liang and Landau—who both are trained to administer CPR—walked around Gurley and Butler, and did not try to assist her. Liang finally radioed for help, after witnessing Butler giving chest compressions to Gurley.


NYPD gets down during NYC pride (x)

NYPD Officer Gets Fabulous Instead Of Furious At Gay Pride Parade (VIDEO)

NYPD Officer Gets Fabulous Instead Of Furious At Gay Pride Parade (VIDEO)

Here lately, it seems all we hear and read about police officers is negative. We see horrific stories of brutality, sexual assault, and even murder, on a regular basis. To that end, the general public’s view of law enforcement is currently less than favorable, and that is putting it mildly. However, there is a good police story to be had from New York City’s Gay Pride celebration- a fun one of a…

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New Yorker Tyeesha Mobley was at a gas station near her Bronx apartment with her two sons when she caught the older boy, aged nine, stealing $10 out of her purse. Thinking this was a good opportunity to teach him a lesson about honesty and consequences, she called the police, asking them to help her communicate the seriousness of stealing.

When the police arrived, however, Mobley’s Arrested Development-style lesson quickly escalated into a terrifying situation. Three of the four officers who arrived at the gas station apparently understood that this was a lighthearted call. 

“They started asking Tyleke what did he take,” said Mobley. “He told them. And about three officers was joking around with him, telling him, ‘You can’t be stealing, you’ll wind up going in the police car.'”

The fourth cop, however, had different ideas. He began yelling: “You black b—-es don’t know how to take care of your kids … why are you wasting our time, we aren’t here to raise your kid … why don’t you take your f—ing kid and leave?”

When she tried to follow his order, Mobley says the fourth officer arrested her, refusing to give a reason. While she and her children cried for him to stop, one of the other officers attempted to intervene, saying, “We are not supposed to act like this.”

He replied, “Black b—-es like that … this is how I treat them.”

After her arrest, Mobley was hospitalized for the bruises she’d sustained on her legs thanks to the fourth cop kicking her during the arrest. She successfully fought off child endangerment charges—a pretty interesting charge given that the “endangerment” in question seems to have been calling the police.

Mobley’s two children were placed in foster care for four months, where they reportedly received sub-par care. Now, having recovered her children—who have undoubtedly learned a very different lesson than the one she intended to teach—Mobley is suing the NYPD.

And, to paraphrase J. Walter Weatherman, that’s why you don’t call the police.


We asked a cop why people were being arrested for nothing he said “If we could arrest all of you we might"


When Jason Disitso saw Officer Jonathan Munoz walk up to his friend and begin inappropriately touching her, sticking his hand in her pockets and frisking her, he did what anyone concerned with her safety might do in the 21st century: He asked another friend for his cell phone and began recording Munoz.

Minutes later, Disitso was being driven away in cuffs. According to sworn testimony from Munoz, the March 12, 2014, incident escalated quickly when Disitso tried to punch him. But as the full video shows, that’s not what happened.



A police officer fatally shot an unarmed man during what police are calling a “violent struggle” in the East Village on Saturday. The shooting happened around 1:45 p.m. yesterday at what the Times refers to as “a supportive housing complex for people with mental illnesses” on E. 6th Street near Avenue A.

The 22-year-old victim, whom the Post has identified as Felix David, was the suspect in a robbery last Thursday at City College. 

Cops tracked him down to the East Village facility, and say David fled out a window on the sixth floor and down a fire escape. Although David was unarmed, cops say that “a struggle ensued between the suspect and the two detectives.” This ‘violent struggle’ involved a police radio, which David allegedly grabbed from one of the officers and used to strike both detectives on the head, causing lacerations.

During this one detective drew his firearm and fired once, striking David in the torso. He was taken to Beth Israel Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Both officers were taken to Bellevue with bruises and lacerations; both are in stable condition. Police add that the investigation is ongoing.

This shit is getting tiring

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So… the NYPD Just Broke an NBA Player’s Leg

At a moment when people across the country are reckoning with the deadly reality of police violence and the terror it imposes on black communities, the New York Police Department fractured the leg of a player in the National Basketball Association. The NYPD had an interaction with Thabo Sefolosha of the Atlanta Hawks, and they broke his damn leg.

Sefolosha’s damaged fibula comes after a season when NBA players spent last winter making statements against police violence, after the killings of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. It also comes at a time when police brutality is under an exacting microscope following the execution of Walter Scott by Officer Michael Slager in North Charleston, South Carolina. In the blinkered reality of the sports world, the big story is that the damage to Sefolosha has happened right when the Atlanta Hawks are about to enter the playoffs with the best record in the Eastern Conference, jeopardizing what has been a dream season.

Dave Zirin

I honestly do not understand, are cops complete dunce to behave so “awkwardly”? But really, the American public has completely lost faith in the police, probably NO ONE (except the ruling class) trust the cops.
The only emotion that causes the police is the fear for our lives, and not a sense of security.
And cops continue to publicly demonstrate their brutality, apparently they think that citizens will soon cease to overreact to such cases. I hope that this will not happen.

The NYPD may be editing the Wikipedia pages of people it killed

Computers linked to the department made numerous edits to pages on high-profile deaths

A report from Capital New York has traced edits made on the Wikipedia pages of three men killed by New York Police Derpatment officers to computers operating on the department’s network at One Police Plaza. Entries about the death of Eric Garner and Amadou Diallo were edited, while a piece on Sean Bell was submitted for deletion. “He [Bell] was in the news for about two months, and now no one except Al Sharpton cares anymore. The police shoot people every day, and times with a lot more than 50 bullets. This incident is more news than notable,” wrote a Wikipedia user operating from the NYPD’s network address.

Users editing Wikipedia entries about themselves to be less damming or more flattering is fairly common. There is an entire Twitter account devoted to cataloging edits about Congress made from Congress. But revisions swapping “most unqualified” for “youngest” in describing a politician are far less troubling than attempts to control the historical narrative around the violent deaths of unarmed civilians.

Computers on the NYPD network also edited an entry on its controversial “Stop and Frisk” program as well as deleting sections describing police misconduct, scandals, and corruption from Wikipedia’s entry on the NYPD itself. Wikipedia asks editors to avoid conflict of interest, but has little ability to meaningfully trace the source of most changes. The NYPD told Capital New York these edits were “under internal review.”