Nastya as fem!Prussia

It’s not an old photoshoot. We did it in the middle of April, soooo it is still kinda fresh one, isn’t it? I hope, you’ll enjoy it.
My costume is used here. I have many costumes, that I haven’t photoshooted yet, but, as I can suppose, I should do it.
Wanted to add: it’s my friend, her name is Nastya (shorter one from Anastasia, a well-known name for you too, as I hope) and she is 14 years old.

I had a birthday on last Friday, the 16th of May, well, I’m a pretty big girl now (oh, God, I wish my parents could think the same, I’m 18, but they are just like “YOU ARE TOO SMALL TO DO EVERYTHING YOU WANT”), and Nastya seems to me so cute and a little bit loli in this cosplay :“D
I’ve been wondering why, maybe it’s because of my age? 

Whoa, while I was writting the upper text, I understood, that I have too explain you tiny pieces of a concept of this shooting.

We used the flag of Germany, because we wanted to show the devotion of Prussia to her brother Germany, and after that her death and rebirth as a part of him. 

And, as our little tradition, we’ve got a really interesting story, you know!

Our shooting was taking place in a small fake ship, before there has been a restraunt, but I don’t know, why it’s not working now. There was an old sweet lady, she is a concierge at that place. We were organizing my parts of the lightning, while my assistent Lyosha was waving with our flag to the whole world around (please, imagine: in our country while this political and ideological fuss you can be killed because of you wearing a ukrainian or russian flag ribbon) and the owner of the ship phoned that sweet lady, so we had to leave thanks, Lyosha.
And I have another story - while the shooting Nastya got that fake blood into her eye and she was in a terrible pain because of that. We had to take off her lenses quickly (she doesn’t know, how to do this), and we didn’t have a lens box, that’s why I thought that the best idea at that time was putting them into the bottle filled with water! 8D 

Thanks to my assistents as well, they won’t see this again, but I just want to tell this.
Thank you, Yana, and, thank you, Lyosha :‘3


Some of my favorite shots from the WCS Tokyo Tower event from earlier this summer, featuring me as nyotalia!Prussia (version 2), and the lovely Marioさん as nyotalia!France~!!

Had so much fun at this event with my costume that I literally made in 4 hours. X33


I guess this is goodbye…

((Thought I’d give you something sad because I’m lovely like that. This was my first attempt filming something like this so I hope it doesn’t suck too much. Feedback would be amazing please. Stay strong, stay awesome. xx))