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All the personified nations and micronations that had appeared in the anime!


{ Hetalia Icons | Nyo!Boys Appreciation }

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Edit by me | Art by Hidekaz Himaruya

romantichetalianthings  asked:

Zdravo~!I am sorry for my dumb English, but I was wondering could you please do a Nyo Belgium, Nyo Belarus and Nyo Hungary headcannons? I don't know if you do Nyotalia requests, so I am sorry if that's against the rules! Have a nice day! 💖💎🌹

Zdravo is Slovenian, right? Your English is perfectly fine, so don’t worry! I do write for Nyotalia, it’s just that no one’s ever requested them before ^^ 

Nyo Belgium:

-He’s ridiculously friendly, and loves to make you laugh. He quickly becomes your best friend, though he hopes that you’ll want to be more than just friends. He’s also overprotective, and frequently lectures you when you do something reckless or don’t take care of yourself. Really though, he’s just worried that something bad will happen to you, especially when he’s not with you. He’ll be more than pleased if you listen to him and take his advice.

-He loves to cook for you. Actually, he loves to cook waffles for you. It’s one of the only things he can make, but you’re not complaining. Belgium’s waffles are the best you’ve ever had. He has a tendency to slip a little of his saliva into the batter, just for the satisfaction of knowing that a part of him is inside you. If you’re eating his waffles, then he’s going to feed them to you himself. He’ll steal your fork and refuse to let you eat until you let him feed you. 

-It takes a lot to flip his switch, but when it happens it’s a bloodbath. He may be nothing but sweet to you, but if someone’s seriously trying to take you away, then they won’t survive. He’s brutal and efficient, and the victims are usually too mangled to identify.

Nyo Belarus:

-He doesn’t bother to hide how crazy he is about you, since he wants you to know how much he loves you. He’ll follow you around all the time, cling to you if you let him, and will threaten anybody who tries to get too close to you. Be prepared to lose all your friends, because Belarus will scare all of them away. When this happens, he’ll try to make himself look more appealing by saying that your friends have abandoned you, but he never will. He’ll always love you, and will always stay right by your side. 

-He’s a volatile mix of over-protectiveness and abandonment issues, which is why he’s so obsessed with the idea of marriage. He’s terrified of you leaving him all alone, and he firmly believes that marrying you will make you stay. If you do manage to escape him for a time, he’ll frantically start searching for you in a state of near-panic. And once he finds you again, he won’t let anything stand between you and him. 

-He would never dream of hurting you, but any rivals should consider fleeing the country. He gets jealous easily, and he knows how to throw knives at any unfortunate soul that manages to make him angry. He’s usually cold and calculating when it comes to getting rid of rivals, but he’ll go berserk if someone tries to hurt you.

Nyo Hungary:

-He’s muscular, and likes to subtly show off in front of you. He’ll purposefully wear shirts that are a bit too snug, or keep the first few buttons undone so you get a peek at his chest. If you stare and blush, then you’ll make him the happiest man alive. Really, he just enjoys knowing that you find him attractive. 

-He’s kind to you, but he acts pretty aloof around other people. He’s constantly keeping an eye on you, and he’s surprisingly good at stalking you. He’ll monitor your social media, and will go through your phone whenever he can to see what sort of things you’ve been saying to other people. 

-He’s not the sort of yandere you want to mess with. He’s brutal when it comes to getting rid of any rivals, and once he has his heart set on you, almost everyone becomes a rival. He doesn’t really want to hurt you, but he can be a little rough with you if he gets jealous and wants to prove that you belong to him.