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{ I said Nyo and 2p GerBelg was coming, so here they are and open for asks!

NYO UNIVERSE: Lotte (Germany) and Pepijn (Belgium)

2P UNIVERSE: Konrad (Germany) and Cleo (Belgium)

If you have an ask for any of these characters, make sure to use their names or specify if it’s a Nyo ask or a 2p ask!

Design for 2p Germany inspired by @ask-p2-germany and Nyo Belgium character belongs to @shoelace-and-friends 

Cleo/2p Belgium is a character that belongs to me and @lovelyleafeon​ }


All the personified nations and micronations that had appeared in the anime!


{ Hetalia Icons | Nyo!Boys Appreciation }

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Carmen: oh Nina, come here please! o v o Nina:?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

-sigh- He did.. The Inquisition however was forbidden to draw blood and at the time it was considered “The Most Humane Court In Europe”

They made an exception with me however. Due my status, as well as a certain incident with France I was considered more or less a demon. Also, since I a male too I was ruled the one who had tempted Spain into adultery. I’m sure she got some kind of punishment from Austria himself. However I don’t really recall if It was even /our/ Austria who gave me these lashes.

They still stung like hell though. A lot fires was started by some “rouge” Austrian soldiers in my place when I came back. I couldn’t tell my sister that I was punished for being an adulterer so I just told her that it was because they suspected of being a heretic and I couldn’t pay a dumb fine. She believed me…

But I’m pretty sure Romana was a little more than upset when I left. I usually took care of her when I was in Spain.

She knew something was wrong and that I was lying but she didn’t know why. Poor girl, I hurt her more than I should. She had no involvement in this but she cried the most.