have some vintage lesbian swing dancing


Nyotalia / Genderbent USUK in swimsuits..~
Their hairstyles are different from Himaruya’s illustrations, and are based on a roleplay! Yes, (Nyo) America’s thighs can kill a man,,, t h i c c,,,
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“As I reached out my hand to you, hoping that we could both share for show how our tender hearts yearn and mourn and the sweet pink kisses we trade”

“But you looked at me with a tearstained heart and my own understood that your hand would never be reach out towards mine, Not of artificial love but of the fear that nestled a home in your heart” 

“With all that I could summon from the deep corners of my heart, I continued onto the path I set for myself, to put for show what I had been hiding from everyone but you” 

“I continued because this was only a secret love that we could reach, together”