Meanwhile, in Spy!USUK
  • Arthur, speaking in code: The laundry is out of the basket.
  • Alfred: Washer.
  • Arthur: Excuse me?
  • Alfred: The code is: 'The laundry is out of the washer'.
  • Arthur: You know what I mean!
  • Alfred: This is a delicate mission!
  • Arthur: Fine! The laundry is out of the FUCKING washer!
  • Alfred:
  • Arthur:
  • Arthur: I'll tell you when it's in the dryer.
Am I the only one

Am I the only one who prefers it when gay and lesbian couples have one genderbent partner (although I really like it more when they stay their gender) that the according to fandom traditional seme in their relationship gets to be the other sex? It allows a difference in their dynamics. Imagine SuFin with female Sweden. Finland would be far more recognized as a man than the seriously feminine fanon depiction of him in regular SuFin.
I have gotten especially addicted to Nor/Fem!Den these days. Maybe because slowly, but surely Dennor is over coming FrUK and GerIta as my OTP.
Talking about those, Arthur/Marianne (my favourite human name for Nyo!France) sounds so cute. Yet I prefer Ludwig and Female Italy.
Is there anyone else who feels this way?

Arthur’s Delivery Service


Yes it’s exactly the kind  of AU that you think it is and you can’t imagine how much i love both the movie and this au and frankly since I’m basically Hayao’s bitch and USUK trash why not combine them. I’ll prolly do more crossovers in the future too since tbh I see my OTP everywhere. Prepare yourself it might get long. ( obviously im making some changes too like I wanna divide it in some of my favorite scenes ) 

 First Meeting

“Arthur… the cop said to wait there. Won’t we get in trouble?” 

“Shut up Francis and just keep walking.” Arthur held onto his broom tighter, pointedly avoiding to look back, that is until a boy came up to him on his bicycle, yelling at him to wait up. Sadly the boy caught up to him and was oblivious to the fact that Arthur wasn’t interested in talking to him.

He appeared to be around the same age as Arthur. With golden blonde hair and sky blue eyes and all smiles, how disgustingly friendly he seemed. 

“It worked out pretty good, huh? I was the one who yelled “Thief!”. It was a good way to get rid of him right?” 

Arthur kept walking, deciding on ignoring the boy. It seemed, however, that the boy hasn’t noticed that and just kept on babbling. 

“Are you a real witch? Cause you know, you’re wearing a black dress and you have a black cat and a broom so that pretty much means that you are a witch—”

“It’s not a dress it’s a robe.”

“Ah, so you do speak! Hey, can you let me take a look at your broom? Please?”

Arthur was just about to say that no, he couldn’t look at his broom ever when one boy that was hanging around in the streets with other boys yelled at them.

Alfred! Isn’t it early for you to be flirting?”

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anonymous asked:

Soulmate AU where the first words your soulmate speaks to you are written on your wrist? Maybe?

THREE LITTLE WORDS: (usuk, pg, there’s cursing but other than that its pretty clean. GREAT PROMPT i went too far as always with it //edit, had to put a readmore… the post was too long) 
Three words. Three words that change your life forever.
“I know you!”
“You are perfect.”
“I love you.”

Or in Arthur’s case, “What the fuck?”
He sighed irritably. As much as he loved fantasizing about the romantic realities his friends might experience when they met their soulmates, he had no such luxury. He was clearly stuck with some soulmate leftovers- some unromantic, rude, self-important jerk that God would naturally dump on his least favourite creation. 

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shattered-raine  asked:

Okay, what if Alfred tried really really hard to surprise Arthur for his birthday, and Arthur plays along because it's adorable, even though he figured it out a while ago. (Aight I did my best--take it and run lol)

Title: Surprise Party
Pairing: USUK
AU: Human
Word Count: 701
A/N: Thank you for the adorable prompt, I had fun writing this! :)

Alfred had tried. Arthur knew he had.

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  • England: so, how are you America?
  • America: haha
  • England:
  • America: hahAHAHAHHA
  • England: ???
  • America: Ḧ͚̏ͥ͗͋̚A̛̙͉̐́̎̋̈͛̚ͅH̴͒̀̉A͒ͯ̊ͭ͏̯͎H͆ͬͭͭ̚A̧̭̭̟͚̣̯H҉̯A̖̳͚͈̥̭̗̅̽͐̍̿H̙̲͈̭̪̜̎ͫ͋̓̓̔ͩͅH̲̖̣̗͊ͅA̴̜ͥ̽̽H̞̘̪̥̮̙̊͊Ȧ̞̋̉̚̚H̦̯̀̉ͨͫ̚A̤ͅĤ̠͍͍͎̠̓ͭ̑A̸ͯ̾́Ȟ̫̈A̍͆ͨͯ̍̌͗͏͈̫̬ͅH̙̒Ḁ̷ͮ̆̑ͩ̈ͦͅͅḤ͚̘͉͙̰̗̈̅͆̋ͬ̐ͣ͡A̮͆ͣ͘H̦̪̰̫̜̠̅̓͜A̸ͩ̓͆HA̧͇͑͐̎̽̑H̪ͭ̊A̜̥͍̘ͧͬ̅̉͆͘