((Here, have the Magic Trio.
You have no idea how much I struggled with Arthur’s armor srly
I used the Awakening desings for the first two, and for Vlad I used the Fates one ‘cause I… I honestly don’t like the other one tbh.
And I didn’t even like the Fates one more, but I thought I could make it work out so here ya go :3c))


beautiful film of skateboarders on the frozen sand of norway’s northern coast.

but i also think this is something even would do: get jonas to round up a crew, head north on a school break, shoot a very cool documentary.

anonymous asked:

Heyy!^^ How would the Nordics calm down their s/o, who mostly shakes, trembles and whimpers when they are scared or stressed? (Oh god, i am so sorry if i wrote anything incorrectly ><)

Hello!! Everything was written perfectly, don’t worry c:

Denmark (Matthias Køhler): He’s not the best when it comes down to dealing with others and their feelings! This poor baby will be so panicky himself, just trying to get his love to calm down. He’ll hold them and let them cry, play with their hair, rub their back– just anything to get them to stop the whimpering and crying and shaking. Seeing his S/O in such terrible distress causes him distress too but he makes sure that doesn’t show. When they’re done, he’ll bombard them with questions.

Norway (Lukas Bondevik): This boy understands. Matthias has dealt with him. He tends to whimper and shake whenever he’s crying and stressed out. He can’t stand to see his S/O like this. He’s not the best with his emotions, so he’ll most likely do what Matthias does- except he doesn’t bombard them with questions. He’ll ask them if everything is okay, and if they need anything.

Sweden (Berwald Oxenstierna): Thanks to Tino, he’s quite good when it comes down to dealing with things like this. He’ll pull them aside into a safer spot and sit down with them. Depending on what they want, he’ll either give them space or be as close to them as possible. He just needs to be there with them so they know they’re okay, and so he knows that they’re okay. He’ll give them blankets, cuddle with them and give them some good food.

Iceland (Emil Steilsson): This poor boy… he’s the worst when it comes down to dealing with these sorts of emotions from others, despite understanding the feelings. However that doesn’t stop them from trying. He’ll most likely tell them to breathe while holding their hands and just… assuring them that they’re okay, and that nobody will harm them and that he’s there.

Finland (Tino Väinämöinen): It’s no surprise that he’s the best when it comes down to dealing with things like this. He pulls them into a safer space before covering them with blankies and putting on a good TV show. He makes them some good food and gets them a lot of water before laying down with- or around -them. If he’s laying down with them, he cuddles them and strokes their hair. He gets super close. When they ask for space and just want him around, he tends to stroke their hair without getting so close. Either way he’s saying sweet things and assuring them they’re okay.