Random thought

I totally see NyoDenmark as the type of girl who be a cheerleader or a popular sports girl (maybe soccer, hockey or something like that) and NyoNorway the kind of person who doesn’t really give a shit about anything, maybe writing poems/short stories during breaks.

Maybe in a class they are forced to work together for a project and the first thing that NyoNor says is “Great, the air-headed girl…” She has zero hope that NyoDen will do anything.

But NyoDen actually tries her best and gets teased by her friends  because she is working in the library with the “emo” girl. 

NyoDen doesn’t care because she has met the most interesting girl in the world and now wants to know more of her.

Maybe she asks her out but NyoNorway says no because it’s probably a fucking prank. Because why the fuck a popular girl would want to hang out with her?

anonymous asked:

If you're not too busy, could you please draw some Denfem!Nor? I love your art style by the way ❤

It seems like I’ve been neglecting my dennor liking followers so why not, have a little doodle which I made while taking a break from drawing commissons. And thank you♥