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I’ve recently started watching Skam (which I catch up on just 2 days haha) and I’m in love with it and all the characters. So here’s one of them aka my bb Even. Idk yet but I might do some of the rest of the characters (Isak maybe *wink wink*?) :) Hope you like it!☺✨


Mercy, the landscapes in this shot are spectacular.

“Nord” is an aerial adventure that was captured entirely on Drone. All footage was captured during a summer trip to Norway and Iceland in august 2016. Despite some weather and timing problems (we really wanted to see everything at once since this is our first trip in such a picturesque paradise) I’m looking forward for a second trip to enjoy the sunsets, auroras, take some hikes in the mountains, shoot some timelapses and make a selfie with a puffin.

America, stop...

why the Norwegian version will definitally be better:

-the acting is pure and doesn’t even feel like acting.
-no overdramatic crying/screaming scenes
-actual high school boys or students playing high school boys
-Norwegian is a beautiful language
-People actually like the show for what it is and not because it is hyped up in the media
-Tarjei & Henrik have an amazing on screen chemistry
-Tarjei’s smile
-Henrik’s eyebrows
-All the other actors who play Jonas, Magnus, Eskild, Sana etc. aren’t annoying not understanding friends but actually have their own important part in the series
-Waiting anxiously for the english subs
-They actually use beautiful shots and it doesn’t feel like it was shot in a box like bold and the beautiful

I could go on forever

Okay but imagine

Isak going to evens house and even is a mess. He hasn’t slept, eaten washed or anything. Just getting high and drinking. So isak makes Even a cheese toastie with extra cardamom on it, changes evens beds sheets then runs him a warm bath because it’s winter and he doesn’t want Even to be cold. They then have a bath together and isak gently washes evens hair and body making sure he doesnt miss a spot. Then uses a hair dryer to make evens hair soft and fluffy. They then lie in bed together, no words, just holding eachother until isak whispers to Even ‘I love you’

People seem to have really mixed feelings about this American version of SKAM. I thought I’d add my thoughts on the matter.

The idea of it, is cool. As an American I agree that we need more shows like SKAM. Shows that encourage finding common ground in the face of diversity, girl power, and all around progressive views! Sign me the fuck up!!

Here’s the problem:

We aren’t Norway.

We are a country that just elected a known sexual predator who has been endorsed by the KKK.

We are a country founded in capitalism that refuses to veer away from this ideal of money and power over love and peace.

Until we face these issues and completely uproot our discriminatory system that doesn’t give a fuck about minorities, the poor, transgender folks, and women, a show like SKAM cannot authentically exist and would just be another money making scheme disguised as something progressive.


America needs to stop being so ethnocentric and deal with its shit show of a country instead of pretending we’re all living the American Dream.