nyonya laksa

Celebrating Cultural Diversity through Food (Sept Special)  | Laksa Nyonya

Melaka – the state where it all began! Melaka is known for being one of the first places in Peninsular Malaysia where the early Chinese migrants settled in the 15th century when Princess Hang Li Poh married the Sultan of Melaka. The state could potentially be the birth place of Laksa – the most popular Peranakan Chinese dish.

To those that keeps getting confused over who the Peranakan Chinese are, they are an ethnic group that have successfully integrated Chinese and Malay customs into their everyday lives. They are also known as the Straits Chinese but in Malaysia, they are locally referred to as Baba-Nyonyas. Following the integration of the Chinese and Malay cultures, this results in a unique cuisine with a marriage of traditional Chinese ingredients & Malay spices and herbs, as well as a mixed selection of Chinese & Malay cooking methods. 

(Photo by @jaiyan at flickr.com)