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Just a little thing to show my love for these awesome guys!
They definitely deserve more - come on, just look at them! They are gorgeous, aren’t they?

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Edit by me | Art by Hidekaz Himaruya

Nyotalia boys as dads gif


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If it not any trouble, can you please draw slytherin Nyo! Iceland and Hufflepuff Nyo! Seychelles studying together?

Sure, I think this was cute sooooo….

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Could you draw Nyo!Icey with long hair? Also I now know of two people who ship Icesey! Its a cute ship and also I saw KorBela and I got excited. Your art is great! I particularly love the 1920s AU art.

I misread Nyo!Icey as Nyo!Icesey so have a bonus Nyo!Seychelles standing in the corner.

Awe, I really am glad that you like my artwork. 💕

nice things for you to think about

- belgium with long, poofy hair
- netherlands and denmark trying and failing to pull off each others’ usual hairstyles
- switzerland convincing liechtenstein to grow her hair out long again
- liechtenstein with long hair
- nyo russia with short hair
- monaco being frustrated about having short hair and not managing to grow it out
- france comforting her and even saying he could cut some of his own hair off for her
- monaco refusing because she loves how france’s hair looks
- poland with short hair begging lithuania to get short hair also
- poland with short hair
- poland with hair
- poland
- seychelles with tiny, short pigtails
- nyo norway getting fed up with long hair and cutting it like regular finland’s
- nyo denmark constantly mistaking nyo norway for regular finland
- nyo norway sighing and looking irritated every single time
- czech republic with long hair
- iceland doing literally everything he can and spending hours just trying to get his hair to not look so much like norway’s
- norway effortlessly moving his hairclip like an inch to the side and suddenly their haircuts are really similar again much to iceland’s frustration
- but he does it with a straight face and finland and denmark burst out laughing in the background at ice’s horrified expression and nor’s neutrality
- wy with really long wavy hair
- china and japan arguing over whether short or long hair looks better on japan
- ‘but china-san it didn’t really suit me though’ ‘mY BABY I MISS YOUR FLOWING LOCKS ARU THEY WERE BEAUTIFUL WHY DID YOU HAVE TO CUT THEM OFF’ ‘china-san prease’

Was bored and suddenly had this idea, based on hurrhurrr’s and foolishlittleshark‘s dancer au. A genderbend of Seychelles and America,  swing dancers.
Used this as a reference for the poses: http://hurrhurrr.tumblr.com/post/68710612824/the-swing-siblings-taiwan-and-hong-kong-are-the

Looking at hurrhurrr’s art makes me realize how much mine sucks, but ehh I don’t know, I guess it’s good.

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Hey Michelle! It's been a while, darling~

“I…didn’t mean to…ugh, stupid grey magic. S-sorry Olivia..” 


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nyotalia boys scenario wherein they met their newborn baby girl/boy pls

(Y’all really love your Nyotalia)

Nyo!Belarus/Nikolai Arlofsky: Belarus would be scared to hold his newborn child. What if he hurts them? What if they start crying? His s/o will have to slowly and gently show him how to carry the baby properly. Once he actually has the child in his arms, Belarus will unknowingly smile at the baby. They were beautiful, and he loved them so, so much.

Nyo!Belgium: Oh my gosh the baby is just so cute! Belgium might have to be restrained by the nurses before he starts tossing the newborn around in joy. He was so happy. He was a father, the delivery was a safe one, and his baby had to be the most adorable baby in the whole world!

Nyo!Hungary/Daniel Héderváry: Hungary had never felt prouder in his life. He held onto his bundle of joy, refusing to even hand the baby over to the nurses. They’d have to practically wrestle the newborn away from him. Once he doesn’t have a baby to stare at, Hungary would immediately start declaring this birth to the world. He’d call up all his friends and boast about what a lovely child he has. And start inviting them to the child’s 1st month, 1st year, 16th year and 21st year birthday.

Nyo!Liechtenstein/Hr. Noah Stein: Honestly no one in the hospital would believe that this boy was the father of the child. He’d have to pull out some official identification documents to prove that yes, he looks like a kid but he also has a kid now. When he’s finally allowed to see his newborn baby, Liechtenstein would have to learn from the nurses how to carry the child because he was shaking with nervousness. Once he gets a proper look at his child, though, he’d calm down. In fact, for him, the whole world would stop spinning.

Nyo!Seychelles: Seychelles would be lost in his own world upon seeing the child. Everyone would assume that he’s simply enthralled by the baby, but they’d be wrong. No, Seychelles was busy dreaming of all the fun things he’s gonna do with this child. He’d teach them surfing once they hit 7. He’d take them on their first fishing ride at 9. This was going to be so much fun.

Nyo!Taiwan: Taiwan was excited. He’d been looking forward to this day for so long. He was a simple man. He was just happy that everyone involved was safe. Taiwan would hold the baby close, humming an old folk tune. He would make this child the happiest child in the world.

Nyo!Monaco: Monaco had long prepared for the child’s birth. The things required for caring for a baby, the best schools in the country, what to watch out for once they hit their teenage years, he had all that data compiled. But nothing would prepare him for the utter rush of joy he felt when he saw the child. Yes, he had the newborn’s future planned out. But for that one moment, he was living in the present.

Nyo!Ukraine: His precious, precious child has finally entered the world. Ukraine’s heart practically exploded when he saw the newborn for the first time. He was scared, he was nervous, but no matter what, he’d protect his baby for their whole life.