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Just a little thing to show my love for these awesome guys!
They definitely deserve more - come on, just look at them! They are gorgeous, aren’t they?

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Edit by me | Art by Hidekaz Himaruya

nice things for you to think about

- belgium with long, poofy hair
- netherlands and denmark trying and failing to pull off each others’ usual hairstyles
- switzerland convincing liechtenstein to grow her hair out long again
- liechtenstein with long hair
- nyo russia with short hair
- monaco being frustrated about having short hair and not managing to grow it out
- france comforting her and even saying he could cut some of his own hair off for her
- monaco refusing because she loves how france’s hair looks
- poland with short hair begging lithuania to get short hair also
- poland with short hair
- poland with hair
- poland
- seychelles with tiny, short pigtails
- nyo norway getting fed up with long hair and cutting it like regular finland’s
- nyo denmark constantly mistaking nyo norway for regular finland
- nyo norway sighing and looking irritated every single time
- czech republic with long hair
- iceland doing literally everything he can and spending hours just trying to get his hair to not look so much like norway’s
- norway effortlessly moving his hairclip like an inch to the side and suddenly their haircuts are really similar again much to iceland’s frustration
- but he does it with a straight face and finland and denmark burst out laughing in the background at ice’s horrified expression and nor’s neutrality
- wy with really long wavy hair
- china and japan arguing over whether short or long hair looks better on japan
- ‘but china-san it didn’t really suit me though’ ‘mY BABY I MISS YOUR FLOWING LOCKS ARU THEY WERE BEAUTIFUL WHY DID YOU HAVE TO CUT THEM OFF’ ‘china-san prease’


M!A: 1/5


oh…ahaha…seems like you visited at a weird time with me in this state of …dress…whoops!

oh? you’re still a guy? haha! have fun~!

oh, stop your stuttering and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

((omg who’s birthday is it?! i felt like doing a reinterpretation of this fanart i saw a long time ago~))