All The Wrong Moves

Sorry for the wait! This is for @halfdreamingeverything as their gift for the Summer Festival Exchange! Fun fact, this was actually my tenth-ish draft, and the prompt I went with was:

Human AU where Alfred and Arthur are both nervous for their first date and they both want it to work out well but it doesn’t. 

I went a teensy bit overboard with this (about 6k+ words!!) so I hope I still stuck to what you’d asked for! 

(Thank you Drones for beta-ing this, you are an actual lifesaver).

The librarian was hot.

Alfred found himself sighing, lashes fluttering shut momentarily before snapping back open to frame wide cerulean eyes.  

No! The library was hot! Yes, the building! Certainly not the wiry man he’d seen on his way in, with hair like spun gold and the pinkest, softest lips sipping from his thermos-

Alfred took a quaking breath, carding through his hair in a half-hearted attempt to make himself presentable. Caramel strands had been swept and unkempt by the relentless gusts he’d trudged through to make it in the building- If he’d known he’d risk a terrible first impression by leaving the house in wrinkled clothes, he never would’ve shown face in public like he was doing now.

Well, not that he usually cared for his appearance. He’d been told on numerous occasions just how effortlessly flawless he was, but Alfred found that hard to believe as green eyes met his for just a second, and he was swimming in the perfect peridot pools that belonged to who had to be the world’s most alluring librarian.

Actually, the correct term was drowning.

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How It Works

Soulmate AU where whenever your soulmate writes something on themselves, it will appear on your skin as well.

1p2p PruCan Poly

Matt had mild thoughts about the whole soulmate thing. His cousin practically rejected the idea and the family in turn rejected them. Matt isn’t too sure how they would react to his situation so he tells them nothing, just a little afraid of what they would say to knowing he has three soulmates instead of just one.

He researched the possibility and it hadn’t been rare but uncommon still. Some had every person involved being connected while others had certain links to each other or one person had multiple soulmates but none of the others were connected. Matt considers himself lucky they are all together.

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