First of all, I just search the gif that I want to make, for example: ‘’my emotions gif’’, ‘’eat ice cream gif’’ or ‘’jump out the window’’ Just search what do you wanna put. 


FOR THIS GIF, I USE PHOTOSHOP CS5. Then you have to draw the face of your character or yours or whatever you want (For example I drew Oliver). IMPORTANT: Make sure you don’t have background, it has to be transparent.

Then paint it! 

NOTE: You can paint it better, I just paint like this.

Open the gif in another tab.

Put the face of your character! BUT HEY! Make sure that the face of your character is on the top of the other layers!

Also, make sure that the real face doesn’t show up!

Thennnnn you have it!

Sorry I don’t know If you understand it, I’m so bad explaining things! If you have a problem just ask me! (If it’s possible on Munday xD)